EasyWins.io Review – Will It Help You Grow Your Site Faster?

October 14, 2021

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I’ve been bumping into Mushfiq, The Website Flipper, on Twitter a lot recently... and since we run in similar circles, I couldn’t help but start paying attention to his tweets and threads.

And that’s how I came across his awesome new product, EasyWins.io

As a former growth hacker and current SEO-business owner, I was immediately intrigued. 

A database of Easy Wins to squeeze more revenue, traffic, and authority out of my website? 

Ok, sounds good so far...

I mean, who doesn’t love easy-to-implement hacks to make more money from your current traffic and sites?

So of course I had to get access to the product and see for myself what it was all about...

And in this EasyWins.io review I’m going to break down everything I’ve learned so all of you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Let’s go!

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Complete EasyWins.Io Review

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Product Rating Summary

In this EasyWins.io review, I'm going to pull back the curtains on Easy Wins by Mushfiq, a database of growth hacking strategies designed to help you get more conversions, leads, and sales from your websites and traffic. Is it any good and will it help you grow your website faster? Read on to find out.

Overall Rating: 
4.4/5 stars






What Is EasyWins?

EasyWins.io is a sortable AirTable database of actionable “wins” (growth hacks) that you can quickly implement on your website to get more conversions, leads, and sales. 

The Easy Wins range from SEO tactics to CRO (conversion rate optimization) tactics, to affiliate marketing hacks... all laid out in a refreshingly simple AirTable spreadsheet that you can sort by various factors like “Effort” (how hard it is to implement).

Yup, that’s it. It’s pretty simple, but super impactful, as you’ll see if you keep reading my EasyWins.io review.

EasyWins.io Summary - What Exactly Will You Get?

Let’s keep this simple: 

EasyWins.io is a relatively simple product, with a big impact for site owners, bloggers, affiliates, and SEOs. 

What you actually get is an online database of growth hacks, which you can filter in various ways. 

Wait! What's a growth hack? "Growth hacks" (growth hacking) is just a fancy word for cool marketing tactics that help you get better results from your current strategies. Famous examples are referral programs from companies like Uber, and the now infamous "Sent from my iPhone" line that was automatically attached to outgoing emails from iPhone users. Each of these simple "hacks" had BIG marketing impacts, with low effort and cost to implement.

Each growth hack is sorted by:

1. Difficulty (Effort it will take to implement the growth hack. Some are super easy, some require more time). 

2. Win Type (Revenue, Traffic, Site Structure, On-Page SEO, etc.) 

3. Win Impact (Very High, High, Medium, and Low) 

With each growth hack (easy win) strategy, you get a description (details), as well as examples (not all include this), and the tools you can use to implement the strategy, and more. 

Here’s an example:

EasyWins Database

Overview of Mushfiq's EasyWins.io Database

As you can see, clicking on the item opens up the details and resources needed to implement the strategy.

In this example, "Analyze Google Search Console Performance To Find Pages To Optimize," Mushfiq is giving you the step by step instructions needed to get actionable intelligence from GSC. 

With a difficulty score of 4 out of 5, this is one of the more involved strategies, but well worth it if SEO is a focus for you.

Everything you need, including real life examples (when available) will be right there on the card. 

One of my favorite "Easy Wins" is implementing an exit pop on money pages (like the one on this page) is listed as Easy Win #1.

I use this exact easy win on my own site to increase clicks on affiliate links and sell more products. 

Check out my exit pop on my Adam Enfroy course review

Exit Pop Easy Win

It truly is an “easy win” and has helped me get way more traffic to my offers. 

You get 120+ more strategic conversion-rate optimization strategies just like this in the EasyWins database, plus, if you opt for the higher tier price point, you’ll get a strategy call with the owner, Mushfiq, to do a teardown on your website where he’ll help you identify failure points in your site.

Who is Mushfiq?

easywins.io review

Mushfiq (Mushfiq The Website Flipper on Twitter) is the founder of EasyWins.io, EasyDilligence.io, The Website Flip newsletter, and a ton more products.

He’s primarily known for having successfully bought and flipped over 200 websites profitably... he’s built quite a following on Twitter of webmasters, affiliates, and SEOs who are interested in learning how to buy and flip websites.

According to his bio: 

“Website due diligence is the #1 challenge for niche site creators or investors when looking to buy a website. Without a battle-tested due diligence framework, you may end up buying a bad deal on your first try… Since 2008, I’ve successfully flipped 200+ websites. But I’ve also analyzed over 1,000+ sites to hone down on the few that pass a strict due diligence system.”

And with all that experience he’s been able to successfully create some pretty cool products related to his expertise, and that’s how EasyWins.io was born

Check out this interview with Mushfiq by the team at Flippa below:

Pricing - How much does EasyWins.io cost? 

There's a couple different options for buying EasyWins. There are no payment plans, however, only one-time payment options.

easywins.io pricing

Let's go through the options:

Option 1 -  EasyWins Database, $279

Price: $279, one time payment. 

What you get: Full lifetime access to the EasyWins.io list of growth hacks plus access to any updates. 120+ growth hacks to grow your websites. Sort all the easy wins for ease of use.

$50 discount active here for a limited time.

Option 2 - EasyWins Database + Custom Teardown Video

Price: $379, one time payment. 

What you get: Full lifetime access to the EasyWins.io list of growth hacks plus access to any updates. 120+ growth hacks to grow your websites. Sort all the easy wins for ease of use. You also get a personally filmed teardown video of your website by Mushfiq.

Here’s what the website says about the video:

“I will do a video teardown of your website, sharing the easy wins I recommend. Save time by knowing exactly which high-impact wins to start with.” 

$50 discount active here for a limited time.

EasyWins Coupons + Discounts

Currently there is a $50 discount live on the sales page that you can access here. This discount will go away and the price will increase once a certain amount of customers purchase EasyWins.

Refund Policy

There’s a very generous 100% refund policy. If you don’t get value from EasyWins, you can reach out to Mushfiq and ask for your money back.

EasyWins Pros and Cons

Alright, we’ve covered the basics on what you need to know about the product in this EasyWins review: What is Easy Wins, how much does it cost, etc.

So let’s get to the pros and cons. 


  • Proven strategies (I use multiple of these to great success on my own websites)
  • Super actionable, no-fluff, easy to implement strategies
  • Perfect “low hanging fruit” wins for SEOs, affiliates, and online business owners


  • A bit pricey for some website owners, but the ROI can be worth it
  • Some strategies haven’t been updated in a while (and they may not need to be, not all strategies evolve, some are simple and evergreen).
  • Not all strategies have case study screenshots available 
  • It’s basically just a spreadsheet (which is kinda also what makes it awesome!)

EasyWins Alternatives

This is a tough one... I don’t feel like there are any real competitors to EasyWins, at least none that I can find. 

If you find some, send them my way and I can update my review. 

The thing about this product is that it's so simple that I would be surprised if anybody else has created a reasonable competitor. 

As mentioned above, the simplicity of EasyWins might be considered a con if you're used to fancy courses, ebooks, and subscription products and services...

But at the same time what some may consider a con, others like myself consider a... ahem... win. 

For myself, I love the fact that this is a simple database that's easy to sort and easy to implement and I don't have to spend hours of my life going through some fancy course. 

And because of the simplistic nature of the product, there's almost no competitors that I can find other than blogs about growth hacking, forums for growth hackers, YouTube etc.

Who Should Buy EasyWins.io?

So.... who is EasyWins.io actually for? 

Let’s break it down. 

You should buy EasyWins if: 

  1. You already have an established online business, affiliate site, or content/SEO site that’s driving traffic, and;
  2. You have the budget to invest in a new info product, and;
  3. You aren’t the type to waste your time and money by buying products and then refunding them because you didn’t take action, and;
  4. You want to make more money from your current content sites through a series of strategic content growth hacks.

If that’s you... then buy EasyWins!

It’s an awesome info product with easy to implement, actionable strategies and ZERO fluff.

What Kind Of Results Should You Expect? 


Seriously, don’t expect results if you’re not going to take action.

Sounds obvious, I know, but most people buy infoproducts like this and never take action and complain that they never got any results. 

Each of these hacks has the potential to help you get more sales and traffic out of your websites, but it’s up to you to implement them. 

So buy Easy Wins, implement some of the top recommendations, and watch the magic. 

For me, one of the greatest ROI-boosters on my site to-date has been through one of these “easy wins”. 

I simply created an exit-pop on my high-value pages to capture more traffic as it left my site and it resulted in a substantial increase in ROI on each page. 


Frequently Asked Questions About EasyWins.io

Who created EasyWins.io?

EasyWins was created by Mushfiq Sarker, the founder of TheWebsiteFlip, EasyDilligence, and more. Mushfiq is known for buying and selling over 200 websites profitably. Learn more about Mushfiq here

What can I expect from EasyWins.io?

With EasyWins.io, you can expect high-impact growth hacks delivered in a super easy to consume format. This isn't your average infoproduct. You're not getting 17 hours of video, a 32 page ebook, or a whitepaper. Refreshingly easy to consume, EasyWins is built on a sortable AirTable database that will help you find the right growth hacks for your site based on your needs.

How much does EasyWins.io cost?

There are two primary payment options for EasyWins.io: $279, and $379. With the $379 option you get the added bonus of Mushfiq Sarker sending you a teardown video for your website. He'll go through your site and content and lay out what he thinks are the best "easy wins" you can implement on your site. Learn more about EasyWins.io pricing.

What is the main benefit to purchasing EasyWins.io?

If you already have a website generating traffic, EasyWins.io will help you uncover golden opportunities for getting more value out of your current traffic. Many of these growth hacks you may already be implementing, but with years of experience, and 200+ websites purchased and flipped at a profit, Mushfiq has learned a TON about maximizing revenue, traffic, and authority from sites in order to grow their profitability, and with EasyWins.io you can benefit from his years of experience in an easy-to-consume infoproduct.

Conclusion - Should You Buy EasyWins.io Database? 

Here’s the straight dirt on whether or not you should buy Easy Wins:

  • If you’re a blogger with an established site, affiliate looking to increase revenue from your sites, or anyone building an online business with SEO and content... 

Then you should definitely buy EasyWins.io.

This refreshingly simple infoproduct will help you get more money out of your current traffic, and the guarantee helps, too. 


  • If you’re new to online marketing, don’t have an established website or blog online, and aren’t already converting traffic from content into sales and revenue...

Then you should NOT buy EasyWins.io.

Go create your online presence first and come back to buy this awesome product once you’ve got traffic already coming in. 

My Easy Wins Bonuses (Get These Free Bonuses When You Buy EasyWins.io)

Are you on the fence about buying EasyWins.io and need a little incentive to push you over the edge? 

I've prepared the below bonuses just for you, fence-sitter! 

In order to receive these bonuses, you'll need to purchase EasyWins.io via my affiliate link here, and I'll deliver them to you automatically when you purchase Mushfiq's awesome-sauce Easy Wins database.

Each of the below bonuses will help you make more money from your current online marketing and site-building activities... so let's dive in: 

Bonus # 1 - A month of personal Facebook Messenger access to Sam for EasyWins coaching!

This is usually my most popular bonus... and for a good reason! If you purchase EasyWins via my link, I'm going to give you personal Facebook messenger access to me for ONE MONTH! Chat with me directly anytime from 9 am - 5 pm (PST) about anything related to Easy Wins. I'll help you troubleshoot and get started launching your first Easy Win! Now, I usually charge $500/hour for coaching, so getting personal chat access to me for one month is a crazy deal!*

*does not include phone or screenshare meetings, this is FB chat only.

Value: $997 

Bonus # 2 - Steal My Blogging Editorial Calendar!

Another banger of a bonus and a super simple growth hack for your content strategies! When you purchase Easy Wins via my link, I'm going to send you my exact blogging editorial calendar that I use in Trello. Trello is a free service that let's you create awesome project management campaigns, and send them to your friends! With one-click you'll get access to my exact editorial process, checklists, and management system.

Value: $97

Bonus # 3 - My spreadsheet of 91 high DR technology blogs that accept guest posts!

Getting back links from high-DR websites is super hard, and finding sites that accept guest posts can be a royal pain in the you know what! That's why this bonus is so valuable. I've done all the hard work for you and found 100s of high-DR websites that accept guest post pitches. With this bonus, all you have to do is start reaching out to these sites and land the pitch!

Value: $97

Bonus # 4 - Access to my holy grail spreadsheet of recurring, high-paying affiliate programs

I refer back to this spreadsheet all the time when I'm looking for new affiliate programs to promote. With this spreadsheet, I've done all the hard work for you to find the most lucrative, high-paying affiliate programs that pay recurring monthly payouts. Sell once, get paid for the lifetime of the customer account!

Value: $97

Bonus # 5 - A Five Minute Exclusive Website Growth Hacking Audit (Shared via video)

With this bonus, you'll get some expert advice delivered for free in a bite sized video for your website! I will give you a ~5 minute video teardown of your website and give some actionable advice on how to convert more traffic into sales, leads, and customers.

Value: $197

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