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"Today's the day!" you tell yourself, pumping yourself up to FINALLY start that home business you've been dreaming about for months...

Then you sit down at your computer, and like so many times before, start with a few Google searches, motivated and eager to get your site up.

And then... like so many other times before, overwhelm creeps in. The headache is back!

"Ugh!" you tell yourself... "next time I'll finally make some progress!"... because there's always next time right? RIGHT?

You're not alone. The internet is an infinite wellspring of information and overwhelm. It happens to us all.

Starting your own business from home is hard, but it's within anyone's reach. 

I don't care if you work and parent full time, live in a developing country, or have zero experience with internet marketing or sales... 

Anyone can start their home-based business and eventually 100% replace their income. 

You just need grit, determination, and focus. And trustworthy resources and guides from people who have actually been there and made it happen already.

So if you've made it this far, I may have some insight into your situation already...

You want real freedom from employment. Maybe you've fallen for a few online get rich quick schemes already. You're ready to buckle down and build your empire, and you know something the freebie seekers don't yet... 

Working from home, blogging, affiliate marketing... these are real businesses and must be approached as such. 

I know this about you because I've been there before, too. I've tried it all. Fallen for all the tricks. Tried every "One Thousand Dollar Per Day" opportunity under the sun... 

Finally I got fed up, and created this blog as a place to distill everything I learn, test, or fail at... Yup. I'm actually doing this stuff, and if it works, I'll let you know. If it doesn't work, I'll detail exactly why it failed.

Chill Reptile is an online resource for bloggers, marketers, and 9-5 escape artists seeking to join the ranks of online “homepreneurs” who are finding job and life freedom through the internet.

This site aims to cut through the online noise in the “work from home” space with real guides and examples so that new bloggers, affiliate marketers, advanced marketers, startups, and almost anyone at all can put theory into practice and start achieving real world success with proven formulas, strategies and courses.

I also have a huge passion for CRYPTO and Bitcoin... so you'll see lot's of that on here, too.

We review products, create step-by-step guides, and share what works for us through our blog and social media accounts. If you find value in what you see here, or know someone that can benefit from our blog, please share our site with them!

See you on the other side?

-Sam​ Rexford

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