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About ChillReptile.com

ChillReptile is a resource for entrepreneurs and anyone looking for ways to create wealth online, learn how to invest (in assets and in themselves), learn new skills, prepare for retirement, find software to grow their business... and so much more! Notice something in common with the content and topics we discuss on ChillReptile? 

That's right: everything that we discuss relates to helping you create money and time freedom and escape legacy systems that are holding you back from your potential. 

What do we mean by legacy systems? Legacy systems are holding you back from your potential. If you're not happy in your career, it's holding you back. Traditional employment is a great example of a legacy system: it's a system that generations of people have had to navigate in order to exist and thrive, however, you don't control any of the leverage in this system. Creating your own company and revenue streams is how to break out of the 9-5 legacy system holding so many back. 

We all exist within our paradigms, and it's often hard to break out of those: 9-5 employment, banking and money systems, access to investing, learning how to start a side hustle or create an online businesss... these are all topics we explore on this website. Each of these is fundamental to individual sovereignty (being free to grow and progress beyond your current paradigm). 

It starts with investing in yourself, recognizing your potential, and taking action. Here's where to get started: 

Our Mission:

ChillReptile.com was founded as a resource to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone interested in escaping legacy systems that are holding them back from their potential. We want to help 1000+ individuals start an online business, create new income streams, escape their 9-5, and find ways to invest in themselves through education and asset investing.

How we make money:

ChillReptile.com is reader-supported and earns money primarily through affiliate partnerships, brand sponsorships, digital content sales, partnerships, and ads. We want to keep this site (mostly) ad free, and create the most relevant content possible. You can read more about our advertising policies here and our privacy policy here.

Sam Rexford ChillReptile.com

Sam Rexford

About Sam Rexford - Owner & Operator of ChillReptile.com

Hey - I'm Sam Rexford, and I'm the owner of ChillReptile.com. I'm an entrepreneur, blogger, and marketer. I'm interested in finance, marketing, and blogging. I got started as a copywriter in Seattle in 2010, and from there went on to freelancing as a social media manager and copywriter (2011), agency owner (2012), and later as CMO and Director of Marketing at several startups and agencies. In 2015 I bought this domain with a vague idea of turning it into a blog for crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Since then it's grown by leaps and bounds and we employ multiple writers, contractors, and professionals to help us get the word out to as many freedom-seekers as possible. 

To get in touch with Sam: 

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