Augusta Precious Metals Review Summary

Augusta Precious Metals is one of our top recommendations for Gold IRA providers in 2024, and in this our Augusta Precious Metals review you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the company in order to make an informed decision for your investment and your retirement.

Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars






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The Highlights of my Augusta Precious Metals Review: 

  • Inflation and eroding buying power is concerning many Americans. Typical gold IRA investors often cite retirement security and capital preservation as their number one motivation for investing in precious metals, and Augusta Precious Metals, with zero online complaints and high ratings is one of the highest regarded precious metals IRA firms available. 
  • You want the absolute best for your investments. With an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, and the highest ratings of any gold IRA company we’ve reviewed, Augusta is a top choice for peace of mind.
  • With Joe Montana actively seeking out Augusta to be their ambassador after his team vetted their operation, you’ll be in great company with an elite tier of customers.

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What Is Augusta Precious Metals? Company Background & Overview

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA provider that has a range of precious metals IRA products designed to help customers who are looking to hedge against inflation risks (or simply diversify their portfolio) with precious metal products. 

Customers must have at least $50K saved up for retirement accounts such as IRAs or 401ks before they can get started with Augusta.

What is Augusta Precious Metals

Joe Montana, Celebrity Ambassador For Augusta Precious Metals

Gold IRAs work a bit differently from your standard IRA, and companies like Augusta Precious Metals have built their offerings around simplifying precious metals IRA onboarding. 

According to my friend Ilir Salhi of, gold (and precious metals) IRAs have 3 moving parts:

  1. You need the gold company (to purchase the metals).
  2. You need a self-directed IRA custodian (because your current 401k or IRA likely does not allow precious metals). Related: See our 401k to gold IRA rollover guide.
  3. Finally, you need a storage company (because you can’t hold retirement investments or physical gold bullion in your personal possession)

Let’s go over the company leadership. 

Who Is Isaac Nuriani?

Isaac Nuriani Augusta Precious Metals CEO

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in 2012 by Isaac Nuriani. The company founder and CEO is a graduate of the University of Los Angeles. 

He holds a degree in Economics, is a member of Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA),, and has more than two decades experience helping retirees diversify their investments into precious metals.

Who Is Devlyn Steele?

Devlyn Steele Augusta Precious Metals

Devlyn Steele is the director of education for Augusta Precious Metals. Steele is a member of the Harvard University analytics program. He's been a financial analyst since 1983, and has sat on the board of several Silicon Valley and technology companies, and is passionate about precious metals and is a Gold Bull. 

He’s designed the personalized webinars that Augusta’s agents present for their customers, and will be one of the first people you speak to if you choose to start your gold IRA journey with Augusta. 

Watch the below video to get to know Devlyn better:

Where To Learn More About Augusta Precious Metals Offers

The best place to get up-to-speed fast on Augusta Precious Metals is via their webinar. 

In Augusta’s webinar, you’ll learn about current economic conditions, and how precious metals might fit into your portfolio. 

It’s important to note this isn’t a pre-recorded video. 

You’re able to speak directly with Steele or someone on his team to discuss your concerns and ask questions. 

It’s a no-pressure presentation, and at this time, I don’t know of any other firm that offers this level of customer service in their approach. 

After you request your gold IRA guide from Augusta’s website, someone will reach out to schedule your webinar.

Here’s a quick teaser on what you can expect from your Augusta Precious Metals webinar:

Joe Montana: Augusta Precious Metals Celebrity Spokesperson

Many companies seek out endorsements from celebrities or industry thought leaders. One thing unique about Augusta Precious Metals is their celebrity spokesperson came to them. 

A few years ago, Joe Montana consulted with his team of experts about ways to protect his investment portfolio. They suggested that he invest in precious metals. 

He tasked them with finding a reputable gold and silver company for him to work with. 

Joe Montana Augusta Precious Metals

Joe Montana requested information from the company, and anonymously registered for their one-on-one webinar. 

Devlyn Steele did not know he was talking to legendary quarterback Joe Montana when he held the presentation!

Joe Montana decided to become a customer with Augusta, beginning his relationship with the firm. 

He was so impressed with the company and their mission that he reached out to them about representing Augusta as their celebrity spokesperson.

Augusta Precious Metals IRA Products and Services

Some gold companies work with everyone and anyone, selling everything from gold jewelry to fulfilling small direct purchases of collectible coins. 

Augusta Precious Metals is almost exclusively focused on 401(k) to gold IRA rollovers (Gold IRAs).

If you want to buy a few collectible proof coins, this isn’t the company for you. 

As mentioned above, they have a minimum of $50,000 for new accounts and the majority of their customers are interested in moving retirement funds into precious metals - with that in mind, the coins they offer must meet IRS requirements for inclusion in an IRA. 

Their products aren’t as much for hobbyists and collectors, as serious investors who want to hedge against inflation with gold and silver.

The company can facilitate cash sales, but for the sake of this Augusta precious metals review, we’re focusing mostly on their gold IRA offer. 

Before we go through the options, let’s first briefly cover what a gold or silver IRA actually is so you know what you’re jumping into!

What Is a Gold Or Silver IRA? 

Gold and silver IRAs allow you to buy IRS-approved physical precious metals (gold and silver in this case) within a tax-advantaged retirement account

Augusta Precious Metals makes this process super easy (we outline it below), and gives you security by storing your precious metals in a highly secured, insured, depository for safe keeping. 

They help you walk through the process to get set up and make it super easy to fund your first gold or silver IRA.

If there are specific IRA-eligible bars or coins that you’d like to purchase, Augusta Precious Metals can source it for your gold and silver IRA. 

The company is capable of sourcing any IRS-approved products including platinum, or palladium bars and coins, but know that Augusta puts most of their focus on gold and silver.

Let’s go through Augusta’s product offerings.

Physical Gold & Silver IRA

A Gold IRA account can be a great way to hedge against inflation and protect your net worth for the future. 

Augusta Precious Metals gives you what they call their “Self-directed IRA.” 

Augusta Precious Metals Self Directed IRA

A typical precious metals company makes funding your gold IRA difficult, but with Augusta, you can expect a simple, straight-forward process and in 3 easy steps you’ll be able to fund your new gold IRA. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Create your new Gold IRA using Augusta’s self-directed IRA custodian.
  2. Fund your precious metals IRA with dollars from your existing account.
  3. Purchase gold or silver from Augusta’s order desk.

It’s really that simple! 

The ease in which customers can fund their gold IRAs is one of the reasons Augusta Precious Metals is consistently rated as one of the best gold IRA providers on the market.

Gold and Silver Coins

Here are some of the gold coins or silver coins you can buy via Augusta Precious Metals:

  • Gold or Silver American Eagles
  • Gold or Silver American Eagle Proofs
  • Gold American Buffalos
  • Gold or Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagles
  • Canadian Silver Eagles with Nest
  • Australian Striped Marlins

This is not an all-inclusive list. 

Your account representative can review your different options which also includes gold and silver bullion bars.

Let’s go through some of the options below and take a sneak peek at the offering.

Augusta Gold And Silver Bullion 

If you’re looking for physical gold and silver (Bullion), then Augusta has you covered. 

With multiple options available, from gold and silver bullion to premium gold, and a ton of gold coin options, Augusta really stands out as a great place to purchase physical gold and silver. 

Take a look: 

Augusta Precious Metals Gold  and Silver Bullion

Here’s just a few of the options: 

  1. Gold Bar, 10 oz.
  2. Gold Bar, 1 oz.
  3. Gold American Eagle (1 oz. Coin - Random Year)
  4. Austrian 1 oz. Gold Coin (Random)
  5. Gold American Eagle (.25 oz - Random Year)

And there are so many more! 

Check here to view the options yourself and set up a call if you want to speak to an IRA gold advisor.

Premium Gold and Silver 

If you want to purchase premium gold or premium coins, Augusta has a ton of great options. 

A lot of people love the idea of buying physical metals (something tangible about it makes purchasing gold more enjoyable?), and when they’re weighing their options for their precious metals portfolio, premium gold and silver coins are often discussed with their advisor. 

Augusta precious metals customers enjoy a ton of great options for premium precious metals. 

Take a look at some of the Augusta gold and silver options: 

Augusta Precious Metals Premium Gold and Silver

Augusta Gold IRA Reviews From Around The Web:  Reputation and Complaints

We’ve checked the web for verified Augusta Precious Metals reviews from customers, and at this time, we were unable to find any Augusta Precious Metals complaints. 

They do, however, have a ton of great reviews from ratings firms around the web.

  • The firm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Augusta has an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).
  • Augusta has a 5 star average rating on TrustLink with almost 300 customer reviews.
  • Augusta has earned a 4.8/5 star average rating on Google Reviews based on 152+ customer reviews.

See more Augusta gold IRA reviews below: 

Augusta Precious Metals Online Reviews and Ratings

Customer complaints and reviews are important to check before investing with any precious metals IRA firm. 

Sites like the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, TrustPilot, and Yelp are your friends when performing due diligence on a company. 

augusta precious metals bbb

We’re pleased to see that Augusta is highly rated online. 

This played a big role in our decision to recommend Augusta Precious Metals to our readers.

Security - Is Augusta Precious Metals Secure and Safe?

The whole reason companies like Augusta exist is so you don’t have to store physical gold under your floorboards...

That said, security is a big concern for almost all of Augusta’s customers, so let’s dive into that a bit in this section. 

First, “where are Augusta’s physical gold storage centers and can I visit them?” 

Augusta storage centers can be found throughout the country. They have relationships with the biggest and most trusted depositories in the U.S. You can choose the one closest to you if you plan on making a visit (and, yes! Visits are arrangeable with the custodian):

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Springfield Gardens, New York
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Dallas, Texas
  5. Nampa, Idaho
  6. And many more... 

As far as security goes, I’ll let their website do the talking: 

“You can rest assured that the fortified depository facility where your precious metals are stored is one of the most secure in the industry. Among the many physical security features of each depository are rigid access-control protocols and state of the art security systems.” - From the Augusta Website.

Request more information from Augusta here.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees and Pricing

If you’re looking for info on Augusta Precious Metals fees, we’ve got you covered in this section. 

Here’s the overview: 

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

Minimum Purchase Requirements:


Setup Fees:

Typically $50 (Covered by Augusta)*

Annual Custodian Fees:

$80 (Covered by Augusta)*

Annual Storage Fees:

100 (Covered by Augusta)*

Shipping Costs:

No cost for customers (Covered by Augusta)*


5% (on bullion products)

*Augusta will cover all annual fees for up to 10 years (depending on the size of your account - starting at Silver Account level and up).

You also get some great free perks like lifetime customer support: 

Augusta Precious Metals Account and Support

One advantage of working with a gold IRA company is that these firms have done the due diligence in finding the best gold IRA custodians and private storage depositories in the U.S.

These gold IRA companies do high volume in sales and can sometimes negotiate lower fees than if you approach a custodian or vault storage facility directly. 

It’s also important to note that Augusta Precious Metals will cover 100% of your initial setup fees and your account’s annual fees for up to 10 years (depending on account size)

Make sure to ask about this promotion or any other promotions they may offer customers - request more info here.

Gold IRA Custodian

Augusta Precious Metals recommends using Equity Trust as your gold IRA custodian. Equity Trust is an IRS-approved self-directed IRA custodian with a 45+ year track record of excellence in serving clients. 

When working with Equity Trust, customers can expect to pay a $50 account set-up fee along with an annual custodial fee of $80.

Gold IRA Vault Storage

Despite what you may hear from some gold companies, the IRS doesn’t allow you to take personal possession of your retirement investments

The precious metals in your self-directed IRA must be held in an IRS-approved storage facility.

Augusta Precious Metals recommends Delaware Depository for your gold IRA storage. Delaware Depository is a highly secure, non-governmental depository storage company. 

Delaware Depository charges an annual fee of $100 for commingled vault storage of your gold and silver investments (covered by Augusta). 

If you’re looking for segregated vault storage, simply add $50 to this annual fee. With Delaware Depository, your investments are insured by Lloyds of London for up to one billion dollars.

Important to note that you have the option of choosing your custodian and storage facility if you feel strongly about using a different provider. And again, these annual fees are not paid to Augusta, but paid directly to your custodian and storage provider.  

Augusta is the only firm we’ve reviewed that is willing to cover 100% of your custodial and storage fees for up to 10 years. 

Augusta does not charge any annual fees, and they will provide support for the lifetime of your account. 

If and when you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to your Augusta team.

Gold Buy-Back Program

What happens when you want to sell your gold IRA investments

If you need to make a RMD or choose to liquidate your account, Augusta can buy-back your metals. 

You can be assured that there’s never any challenge in finding a buyer. 

You have the option of finding a buyer on your own, but keep in mind that Augusta is able to offer very competitive pricing to buy back your gold or silver investments.

Augusta Precious Metals Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best gold IRA company to buy gold from, we’ll be creating more gold IRA company reviews soon, so stay tuned. 

For now, here’s a brief list of Augusta Precious Metals competitors for you to review: 

  1. GoldCo (Read our Goldco review, or read our Goldco Vs Augusta comparison)
  2. Regal Assets (Read our Regal Assets review)
  3. Birch Gold (BitIRA) (Read our Birch Gold Group Review)
  4. Advantage (Read our Advantage Gold review)
  5. iTrustCapital (Mostly cryptocurrency IRAs, but they do have precious metals. Read our iTrustCapital review)
  6. Noble 

We will be creating reviews of all these products and brands soon, so stay tuned!

Augusta Precious Metals Pros And Cons


  • The company has a stellar reputation, an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and hundreds of 5 star reviews.
  • We are unable to find many customer complaints against them. The company has low fees, their bullion products are competitively priced, and Augusta will cover 100% of all IRA fees for up to 10 years depending on the size of your account.
  • Many companies will hold your hand through the gold investment process. One thing unique about Augusta Precious Metals, is their focus on personalized attention. They offer a one-on-one webinar where they explain everything and answer all of your questions. This individual attention puts them above many competitors for customer service.


  • Our only Augusta Precious Metals complaint is that the firm has a $50,000 minimum for new accounts. Some competitors will open your gold IRA for as little as $10,000 - which may be more accessible to the average investor. If you meet their minimum qualifications, we believe Augusta is worth considering for your gold and silver investments.

FAQs About Augusta Precious Metals

Is Augusta precious metals legit?

Yes. In our review, we found that Augusta Precious Metals is legit. In order to invest in precious metals IRAs wisely, it is important that you have an experienced company like Augusta Precious Metals on your side. With their clear values and commitment towards customer satisfaction, and great online reviews, they stand out as a great option in the Gold IRA space!

What is the best precious metal to invest in now?

What are the best precious metals to invest in? Gold bullion bars and coins are a popular choice for precious metal IRAs, ranking second only to silver among investors who prefer metal investments. Silver coins and rounds rank high on many people's lists. Many American investors like American Eagle proof coins in their IRA. 

Popular with both investors and collectors, these proof coins come at a higher markup than bullion American Eagles. Ask your gold rep the pros and cons of different products they have available. Some investors like diversifying into platinum, and some gold IRA dealers recommend palladium for IRAs. Perform your own due diligence to decide what products you’re interested in owning.

Are precious metals still a good investment?

Precious metals have been gaining popularity as an investment hedged against the risks of inflation. Precious metal prices often keep pace or even rise above the rate at which money is losing its worth. This makes them an attractive option for investors who want their investments to hold value long-term. Precious metals are a diversification play, a way to invest outside of the banking system, and outside of “paper assets” like stocks and bonds.

What is the most profitable precious metal?

What's the best precious metal to invest in? All investments carry risk and investors should diversify in different metals to minimize risk. For many buyers, gold is king. It has been a major trading asset for thousands of years now and this should continue for years to come. Runners up include silver (which isn't really new) but also platinum and palladium - in the 2020s, metals are a popular choice among Americans and Wall Street bankers hoping to hedge against the U.S. dollar and a volatile stock market.

Who Should Become An Augusta Precious Metals Customer? 

Let’s briefly cover who I believe should become an Augusta Precious Metals customer, and who should not.

You should consider an Augusta gold and silver IRA, if:

  • You’re looking into alternative IRA accounts
  • You want to diversify your portfolio into precious metals
  • You have at least $50K in capital to get started
  • You are worried about hyper inflation eroding your retirement funds
  • You’re looking for a company with excellent reviews and a great track record, and;
  • You need a more white-glove experience (hands-on advisor and great customer service) 

You should NOT schedule a call with Augusta, if: 

  • You have less than $50K to fund your new precious metals IRA
  • You aren’t concerned with inflation or the dollar eroding
  • You are more risk tolerant and looking at more volatile investments
  • You haven’t done your due diligence on gold IRAs and are leaping in

Get started with a gold IRA investor kit here.

Augusta Precious Metals Review - Is It Right For YOU?

Augusta Precious Metals Review

There are hundreds of precious metals IRA companies doing business in the U.S. It can be difficult to decide which company to contact for your gold IRA rollover

We like Augusta Precious Metals for a number of reasons stated above. To recap:

  • Augusta has been in business 10+ years (they will still be around in 10 years)
  • The company has top ratings and zero complaints filed on the BBB, BCA, or TrustLink (these sites show verified customer reviews)
  • Augusta doesn’t just sell gold or silver, they provide a unique one-on-one educational webinar for each customer (nobody else does this)
  • The company has a generous gold buy-back program (you’ll never have a problem selling your metals at a reasonable price)

If you’re planning to transfer or roll over at least $50,000 into a precious metals IRA, we believe that Augusta Precious Metals is a company you should consider. 

Visit their website and request more information. 

Someone from the company will reach out to set up your one-on-one webinar with Devlyn Steele or someone from his team. 

Be sure to ask questions and take notes. Opening a gold IRA can be a simple process if you work with the right team. 

You’re in good hands with a company like Augusta... request more info from them here to get started!

augusta logo
  • Highest rated, most trusted gold IRA company
  • Best education and customer service
  • A+ BBB rating and 5/5 Trust Link Rating
  • We gave Augusta Precious Metals 5/5 Stars

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