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Are you passionate about gold and silver as well as other different precious metals and looking for the best gold affiliate programs

Do you think that other people should be investing in gold and silver coins? Do you want to make some money off of your recommendations on gold and silver bullion coins?

TL;DR? Augusta is our top pick if you're looking for the best gold IRA affiliate program.

There’s tons of other great affiliate marketing programs for gold dealers, and in this article, we’ve outlined the six best programs for gold affiliates! 

As a gold affiliate you can get paid HUGE commissions to refer people to sales of gold and silver bars, gold coins, gold IRAs, and a ton more!

With some programs offering up to 10% commissions, and average sales being between $50K and $100K, you can make the big bucks FAST. It really adds up!

Let’s dive in and discover all this affiliate niche has to offer.

6 Best Gold Affiliate Programs

 gold affiliate programs

If you’re in a hurry, no worries. Here’s a quick summary of the 6 best gold affiliate programs that you can sign up for right now: 

Best Gold Affiliate Programs


Commission Rate

Our Rating

Sign Up Link

Augusta Precious Metals

8 - 10% + $165 per qualified lead

5/5 Stars

My Digital Money

Up to 75% of trading fees or 1% of the full investment amount


Birch Gold Group

$25 for every qualified lead plus 3% - 5% commissions

4.5/5 Stars

Noble Gold

3% on qualified sales

3.5/5 Stars

American Hartford Gold

3% commissions on sales plus 2% on second tier sales

4/5 Stars

Oxford Gold Group

We couldn't find this information

3.5/5 Stars

Call to join

These are all trusted companies that have a proven track record of paying out good commission rates to every member of their affiliate program. 

All of these companies are recognized by the Better Business Bureau and can be trusted with you and your potential customers' money.

Please read through the whole article. Doing your due diligence is a good habit to keep and you should still read up more about these companies before you sign up with them. 

augusta precious metals affiliate program

We’ve covered Augusta Precious Metals before and we still think that they’re one of the best companies in the precious metals industry. 

In fact, they're our number one pick for the best affiliate program for gold affiliates.

They have a solid reputation and are trusted by investors across the country. 

Augusta Precious Metals has been around since 2012 and is famous for their services involving precious metals as their name suggests. 

Potential investors have more than likely heard of Augusta Precious Metals and only need one final solid push before they’re convinced to invest in physical gold and metals the company. 

That’s where you as an affiliate marketer come in. 

Program highlights: 

  1. Highest commission rates in the industry.
  2. Get paid for qualified leads on top of commissions.
  3. Convenient to use affiliate tools, marketing tools, and programs such as auto-commissions. 
  4. High sales conversion rates as well as high dollar per trade amounts (their amazing sales team will handle your leads with care). 
  5. Long cookie duration (90 days long). 
  6. Fast payouts for affiliates - only 14 day cool down period before you can request affiliate payments. 
  7. Lifetime commissions for every customer you bring in, PLUS, you get all commissions from referred customers your leads bring in (happens often with families, for example, a husband could refer his wife, in which case, you get the lead).
  8. Augusta provides great customer service for both investors and affiliates. Affiliates can expect personal service and a consultation call.

Augusta Commission rates

  • 8 - 10% commission rate on all sales. Receive 8 - 10% commissions from high dollar trades. 

  • 1% commission for 2nd tier affiliates. 2nd tier affiliates earn 1% on any sales referred by affiliates that they’ve referred. 

  • Plus, you get $100 to $200 per qualified lead. Name, phone and email are required for call leads.

  • Plus, you get 8 - 10% commissions on anyone your leads bring to Augusta Precious Metals (unheard of in the industry).

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2) My Digital Money Affiliate Program

My Digital Money, a trailblazer in the Gold & Crypto IRA investment sector, offers a standout affiliate program that pays a very different commission structure than other affiliate programs listed on this page.

In fact, MDM pays affiliates 1% on ALL trades for a full year. MDM offers both fractional metals and cryptocurrencies for retirement accounts, with NO minimums, a first in the industry. With crypto, investors tend to trade continuously after their first purchase, as opposed to gold IRA investors who tend to buy and hold for the long term. This means recurring commissions for your leads!

My Digital Money Affiliate Program

Now, investors are increasingly turning towards cryptocurrencies for their IRAs, and My Digital Money is at the forefront of this trend. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to generate large commissions in this niche as it's much less competitive than gold.

Program Highlights:

  • Among the highest commission rates for Gold & Crypto IRA investments.
  • Earn commissions both on initial investments and with all future trades for a period of ONE year.
  • Access to a suite of user-friendly affiliate tools and marketing resources.
  • High conversion rates due to no minimums and great reputation
  • Dedicated sales team that skillfully handles leads.
  • Swift payment processing for affiliates, with a short cooldown period.
  • 1-year commissions for all trades on every customer you refer
  • Exceptional customer service for both investors and affiliates, including personalized support and consultations.

My Digital Money Commission rates

  • Up to 75% of trading fees or 1% of the full investment amount.
  • Opportunity for multiple payments over a year from a single lead.
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birch gold group affiliate program

Birch Gold Group is a gold IRA specialist and one of the better gold dealers out there that offers an affiliate program in order to bring in investors who want to buy gold and add it to an IRA. 

While their affiliate commission percentages aren’t the highest, Birch Gold Group is a very easy sell in comparison to some other precious metal IRA providers. 

Birch Gold Group has been in business for almost twenty years and is recommended for new investors who are just getting started investing in gold as well as other precious metals.

They have great relationships with storage services, great reviews across the web, and a great gold investing team to help your leads make the best decisions.

Program highlights: 

  1. Birch Gold is a famous brand which makes selling their services easy.
  2. High affiliate commissions on high dollar trades. 
  3. Receive payments on qualified leads and not just confirmed sales.
  4. Great affiliate tracking platform (HasOffers) that let’s you customize your affiliate link.
  5. Highly-trained back-end sales team means you need to do much less as an affiliate.

Birch Gold Commission rates

  • $25 for every qualified lead.

  • 3% commissions on sales from $10,000 to $50.000.

  • 4% commissions on sales from $50,000 to $250,000.

  • 5% commissions on sales from $250,000 upwards.

  • 1% commissions on 2nd tier sales.

  • Note: No commissions on sales below $10,000.

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4) Noble Gold Affiliate Program

noble gold affiliate program

Noble Gold Investments is a major player in the alternative investments industry that specializes in providing alternate investments for their clients. 

Many of the services they offer involve gold and other precious metals.

Noble Gold Investments is a relatively low-key company as far as gold IRA providers are concerned. 

Gold affiliates who join the Noble program can enjoy huge payouts fairly consistently as long as they can provide a steady stream of investors to Noble Bold Investments.

Program highlights: 

  1. Big payouts for high dollar amount trades. 
  2. Active partnership with the Noble Gold Investments company.
  3. Full access to affiliate managers as well as a media and asset library.

Noble Gold Commission rates

  • 3% on qualified sales
american hartford gold affiliate program

American Hartford Gold offers a gold IRA affiliate program with 3% starting commissions. They're an awesome company, well reviewed by affiliates and ratings companies alike, and willing to work with their affiliates to help them succeed. 

While their commission rates are low compared to many on this list, they seem willing to negotiate with successful affiliates to bump up commission rates. For that reason, along with their stellar reviews, we're happy to recommend them to gold affiliates.

Program highlights: 

  1. Get paid for qualified sales as well as 2nd tier sales from affiliates you recruit
  2. The affiliate team is engaged and willing to work with you
  3. American Hartford is very highly reviewed, making them an excellent and reputable company to promote

American Hartford Gold Affiliate Commission rates

  • 3% commission on sales above $5,000 (rate may be negotiable with the affiliate manager). 
  • 2% on second tier affiliate sales (recruit affiliates and earn from their sales).
  • Note: No commission given on sales below $5,000. 

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6) Oxford Gold Group Affiliate Program 

oxford gold affiliate program

Oxford Gold Group offers an affiliate program that pays out affiliates who can bring in paying customers and investors. 

While they offer slightly lower commission rates than the other companies on this list, they’re still a strong choice since lower commission rates can still be lucrative if you bring in big enough sales. 

The owners of Oxford Gold Group have more than two decades of experience working with precious metals companies. 

The company prides itself on their close relationships with their customers that invest in gold IRAs with them.

Sign up link: Can’t find one. Apparently you need to call and ask.

Oxford Gold Commission rates

  • We couldn’t find this information online currently, we will update this article if new information becomes available.

Everything You Need To Know About Gold Affiliate Programs

Here’s a rundown on all the questions that you might have about gold affiliate programs. 

Please note that all these answers may vary from affiliate program to affiliate program and company to company.

How Much Can You Earn With Gold Affiliate Programs? 

Gold affiliates can potentially earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars with gold affiliate programs

Gold affiliate programs are considered high-ticket sales because you’re potentially bringing in millions in revenue per month to gold companies. 

It’s not uncommon for a gold investor to invest $100,000 or more at once and you get a commission out of that sizable amount. 

In fact, some of the companies above have a minimum investment amount of $10,000.

What About Silver Affiliate Programs and Other Precious Metals Affiliate Programs? 

Gold affiliate programs tend to have all other precious metals rolled into it and under one umbrella. 

Most gold affiliate programs offer services that involve silver and other precious metal services. 

You get commissions on the sales of those precious metals as well. 

As long as you join a gold affiliate program that also offers other precious metal services, you’ll usually get commissions on silver and other precious metals as well.

Who Should Promote Gold Affiliate Programs?  

Affiliates dealing in the personal finance, investment and alternate investment niches should consider promoting gold affiliate offers. 

People who also deal with niches involving retirement should also give gold IRA affiliate programs a shot. 

What Is The Target Market For Gold Affiliate Programs?  

The target market for gold affiliate markets are older, conservative investors. 

This might seem a bit strange because gold is an alternative investment but older, conservative investors that are interested in diversifying their portfolio tend to flock to gold as well as other precious metals as an investment tool. 

They’re older and probably don’t think of crypto as a “safe” place to keep their money. 

However, that’s not to say you only need to target that demographic. 

Gold and precious metals are also becoming a popular investment for younger people who don’t have faith in the stock market or are too afraid of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

You can try and market gold to whoever you think would be interested in it.

What Products Do Gold Affiliate Programs Promote? 

Gold affiliate programs promote gold as well as other precious metals such as silver and platinum. 

The gold affiliate programs we mentioned above promote gold and precious metals as well as gold IRAs

This is great for you as an affiliate marketer because there’s potential to make commissions on some very high dollar amount trades.

How Do You Get Approved For Gold Affiliate Programs? 

Some of the programs above have very strict requirements for their affiliates while others will let pretty much anyone affiliate for them.

Getting approved for gold affiliate programs will vary from program to program as well as from company to company. 

However, you should be able to find the steps and conditions for joining these affiliate programs on all of their websites or by calling them then asking directly.

Final Thoughts - Which Is The Best Gold Affiliate Program? 

For us, Augusta, My Digital Money, and Noble Gold stand out as the top gold affiliate programs based on payout, high converting offers, and great affiliate management. Both of these companies go above and beyond to treat their affiliates well and create a great experience for every single affiliate. Both have solid tracking systems in place, responsive affiliate managers, and pay the highest commissions in the industry.

Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals company that we’ve repeatedly talked about and for good reason, and they come in for us as the #1 gold affiliate program

As we mentioned above, they take care of their affiliates and can be trusted to pay you handsomely if you can bring them paying customers and investors. 

Even if you don’t choose Augusta Precious Metals, as long as you choose any of the affiliate programs mentioned above, you’ll be in good hands.  

While the gold market is fiercely competitive and there’s never been more competition, there’s still a lot of potential to earn money online in this niche. 

If you have the skills to get traffic to these gold affiliate offers as well as the skills to make that traffic invest and buy, you should definitely give gold affiliate marketing a shot.

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