Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Review – No Hype Overview

June 11, 2021

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$90,000 Per Month From Blogging?

(That can’t be real, I told myself as I read over his blogging income reports...)

Shocker - Yes, it’s real.  

His name is Adam Enfroy and he grew his blog from 0 - 500,000 visitors and ~$90K/month in just two short years.  

He’s just released his course, Blog Growth Engine, and I received early beta access to the full course pre-launch as well as took part in his trial group to help work out any kinks in the program. 

As someone who has my own blogging course, and has access to many of the top affiliate, SEO, and blogging courses (like The Affiliate Lab)... 

I have to tell you that this is something completely different from the usual “make money blogging courses” out there.

(TL;DR? If you want to skip the long review and check out the course now, and get access to my $3,725.00 worth of sign up bonuses, go here now to watch Adam's presentation).

Let’s dive into the full Blog Growth Engine review.   

Full Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Review - Plus Bonuses

adam enfroy logo

Product Rating Summary

In this complete Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Review I'm going to reveal everything you need to know about his program, plus you'll also receive exclusive bonuses from me just for signing up via my link. I'll cover pricing, what you'll learn, who the course is for, and if it's right for you.

Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars






So let's get started!

As one of the original 10 beta testers of his new program and someone who’s spent some serious 1-on-1 time with him and his team, I can tell you this course blows away any of the courses on blogging and affiliate marketing on the market right now... 

You won’t be subjected to the usual fluff, hype, or same ol’ vague strategies that everyone else tries to pass off as their own...

This course is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense “what’s working right now to make real money blogging” expose of Adam's exact strategies that he’s developed for himself.  

And, if you grab the course from my link you get access to all my bonuses (conservatively worth $3,725.00)!

Here’s the high level overview of what you’ll learn in this Blog Growth Engine review

So what is the Blog Growth Engine course all about, who is Adam Enfroy, and what will you learn in the course?

Read on for all the details.

Who Is Adam Enfroy?

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy led a pretty normal and unremarkable life until recently.

He grew up in a middle class suburb, went to college, worked in a pizza restaurant for years making $9/hr, struggled with feelings of isolation in school, and finally decided he needed to do something (anything) to start getting ahead. 

He started learning digital marketing and began a successful career as a marketer, reaching salary levels he never thought possible, but something was still missing. 

But the more money he made, the more responsibility he was given, the more trapped he felt.  

That’s when he knew he had to start something for himself, something with no “job ceiling”, something that had the potential to help him exit the rat race for good. 

He started his blog in 2019 and applied the marketing strategies he learned working with startups, and realized that in order to really grow his blog, he had to think like a CEO, not a blogger. And that’s exactly what he did: he built links, learned affiliate marketing, started outsourcing content, and pretty soon started making enough to quit his job. 

Since then he's been featured in Forbes,, and many other publications.

From there he scaled his blog to $90K+ per month... and now, in his new course, he’s going to show you exactly how he did it. 

adam enfroy income reports

What Exactly Is Blog Growth Engine? 

Blog Growth Engine is an online training course created by Adam Enfroy that will teach you how to start, launch, and monetize a blog like a Startup CEO.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro, this course has something in it for you. Beginners will learn to start and monetize their blog from the ground up, and advanced bloggers and affiliates will be able to take advantage of Adam’s proprietary techniques and strategies to accelerate growth.

The training consists mostly of over-the-shoulder training videos filmed by Adam, downloadable content to supplement the videos, and exclusive group access for peer support.  

Here are the 3 basic pillars you will be learning: 

  1. How to start & launch your blog - for beginners or advanced bloggers, there’s something in here for everyone. You’ll learn all the foundational elements needed to start a profitable blog with serious over-the-shoulder content showing you step by step exactly what you need to do to get your blog off the ground. 
  2. How to monetize your blog like Adam - Adam is on pace to make one million dollars with his blog this year... What would 10% of that income do for you? Would it change your life? Adam shows you exactly how to monetize your blog the same way he did, with Affiliate Marketing. 
  3. How to grow your blog like a CEO - most bloggers get it all wrong: they treat their blog like a passion project, a journal, or an afterthought. Adam’s figured out all the secrets to turning your blog into a highly profitable business, in fact, with on average 90% profit margins, there are few personal businesses that can bring returns like blogging. Adam gives you all the details so you skip the learning phase and blog like a business.

Who Is Blog Growth Engine For? 

If you're tired of fluff courses, overpriced coaches, and guru's that sell the same old tired content over and over again... you'll be stoked on this course. 

Whether you're a brand new beginner or an advanced blogger, this course has something for you. 

New bloggers will the get the A-Z step by step framework they've been looking for to build a blogging business, and advanced markters, SEOs, and bloggers will learn new tactics to scale their business. 

This truly is a no-stone-left-unturned course that anyone can learn and profit from. 

It's easy to follow and if you're not very technical, you'll get the over-the-shoulder guides that you can easily follow along to.

Blog Growth Engine - Some Context

Blog Growth Engine launched to a select audience on June 21, 2021.  A beta group of 9 people helped Adam test the course material. 

Early buyers during the launch window received a whopping 60% off discount and payed $797.

As a member of his beta testing group, I know first hand that this course is well worth the price, for what you’re paying you’re essentially getting the best blogging and affiliate marketing course on the internet today. 

Getting to know Adam, I found him to be humble, genuine, and full of drive and passion for building his business, and if even 10% of his success rubs off on you from his course, it will be well worth the minimal investment.

Here’s me taking part in the beta program (yes, I’m the scruffy one in the hat):

Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Beta Group

Blog Growth Engine Beta Group

Because the training is fairly intensive and expensive at $1997, you’ll need to be prepared to invest your time wisely in order to get the most out of your investment.

If you’re someone who likes to buy courses and then not take action, I suggest not buying Adam’s course. 

This course is for serious individuals who want to improve their lives, grow a sustainable business, and exit the rat race for good... and that takes time, effort, and resources. 

So what will you learn? 

Blog Growth Engine will take you from start to finish, from zero to blogger, and will give you everything you need to build a blogging business empire using the exact same tactics that Adam has used on he holds nothing back. 

Here’s an overview:

what will you learn in adam enfroy's blog growth engine

If you're considering joining Adam’s course, but are still on the fence, I suggest you read his blog and income reports to get an idea of what is possible with blogging. 

You can get started with Blog Growth Engine here.

How Much Is Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine? 

So, how much is Blog Growth Engine and is it worth the money?

Blog Growth Engine currently costs $2,997 as a one time payment, however there are occasionally special webinar promotions taking place that can bring the price down to $1,497 (a whopping 50%), so it's worth registering for his webinar

Each option gives you the same access to the same content, the only difference is the price. 

Let's go through the pricing options real quick. 

Blog Growth Engine Pricing  

Let's go over the various pricing options for purchasing Blog Growth Engine. 

If you were to go straight to the main checkout page this is what you'll see:

blog growth engine main pricing option

Blog Growth Engine Pricing

However, as you'll see below, that might not be the best option.

Let's go over the options:

Pay Once ($2,997.00)

  • Cost: $2,997 (one time payment)
  • What’s included: Everything. You get 10 modules (called "Phases"), which consist of 52 videos dripped out over a series of weeks. They will also be regularly updating the course and you get lifetime access to all updates.
  • You also get: Google doc downloads to supplement your learning, access to Adam’s exclusive Facebook group for support, and all of my sign up bonuses worth $3,725.00 (learn more about my bonuses here).

Webinar Promotion Discount Offer $1,497.00 (One Time Payment Total)

  • Cost: $1,497.00 (One time discount - sign up for the webinar above to access this price)
  • What’s included: Everything. You get 10 modules (called "Phases"), which consist of 52 videos dripped out over a series of weeks. They will also be regularly updating the course and you get lifetime access to all updates.
  • You also get: Google doc downloads to supplement your learning, access to Adam’s exclusive Facebook group for support, and all of my sign up bonuses worth $3,725.00 (learn more about my bonuses here).

Blog Growth Engine Discount - (Occasional Discounts are offered)

Occasionally discounts and special promotions can be accessed by signing up to the webinar, click the "Check For Discount" link above, register for the webinar, and sign up via any special offer given during the webinar.

As new Blog Growth Engine discounts come available, we will post them in this review, or you can check this link

What Will You Learn & Accomplish During Blog Growth Engine? 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the details...

What exactly will you be learning and accomplishing during Blog Growth Engine?

It’s a lot, so let’s dive in.


At a high level you’ll be learning how to start and grow a blogging business just like Adam Enfroy.

You’ll learn: 

  1. How to choose your niche, start and launch your blog, pick a domain, and get online
  2. How blogs make money and everything about the unique business model of blogging
  3. How blogging as a business has changed over the years
  4. Basic and advanced strategies for SEO and keyword research
  5. Basic and advanced content creation strategies
  6. You’ll learn about affiliate marketing and monetizing your blog
  7. Adam’s specific content and research formulas that put him at the top of SERPs for high value keywords
  8. All about SEO and link building: you’ll learn Adam’s unique approach to link building at scale via guest posting (this section alone is well worth the cost investment)
  9. Optimizing your site and posts for SEO (on-page SEO)
  10. And so much more...

This training is incredibly in-depth, plan on setting aside time every week for at least 6 - 8 weeks to get this done.

What Is Blog Growth Engine By Adam Enfroy (And What Is It NOT)?

We covered the overview of the course... 

Now let’s go over what this course is and isn’t and deep-dive into the lessons and course content.

What Blog Growth Engine Is:

  1. A way to build a profitable blog
  2. A Google/Keyword driven business model training framework
  3. A way to stake your claim in the digital world
  4. A way to use and monetize your personal brand to extract value from the market
  5. A path to scale your online authority
  6. A step-by-step system
  7. A way to maximize your time as a side hustle

What Blog Growth Engine is NOT:

  1.  A way to make a hobby or passion blog
  2. A way to make “updates” for your readers
  3. A get rich quick scheme
  4. Social media marketing or paid advertising training
  5. A shortcut or magic bullet to internet riches
  6. A way to make money with ads or low value tactics
  7. A way to overplan and not take action
  8. A complete affiliate marketing course... it focuses on blogging. Check Affiliate Secrets if you're looking for other types of affiliate marketing. 

Here’s a  quote from another beta user:

“Adam's work brings to light the true effort it takes in the blogging world, but he gives you the step-by-step resources you need to leverage your strengths and make it work for you.”

In Blog Growth Engine Adam will introduce you to something called the “Niche Flywheel”, a powerful concept abstracting his personal strategy for growing and scaling his blog and expertise: 

adam enfroy blog growth engine niche flywheel

Using the Niche Flywheel strategy, you’ll be able to leverage your time, expertise, and content to extract as much value as possible from the market.

As mentioned above in this Blog Growth engine review, here’s the main themes of the course: 

  1. How to start & launch your blog
  2. How to monetize your blog like Adam
  3. How to grow your blog like a CEO

What Exactly Will You Learn In Blog Growth Engine?

There are 10 main phases of the course consisting of 51 total videos (plus a welcome video) and some exercises, and while it's designed to be self paced, some are dripped out over a period of weeks, so don't expect to be able to jump around too much in the training. 

Take a look:

Blog Growth Engine Course Curriculum

Each phase covers a different topic like: 

  1. Choosing your niche, domain, and setting up your blog
  2. SEO keyword research
  3. SEO backlinking strategies
  4. Guest posting and link building outreach
  5. Content strategies (best kinds of affiliate posts to create)
  6. Monetization - Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, leveraging your authority, and more

Each video is detailed, well produced, and covers the topic with authority and expertise. Adam and his associate Colin are engaging on camera and super passionate. 

Blog Growth Engine Review

Let's go over each phase and what's included:

Phase 0 - Welcome and Introduction

  • The welcome video. Sets the stage for the course and shows you what you can expect to learn, accomplish, and work on. 

Phase 1 - Your Niche

  • Overview video - 1:23
  • Niche Selection - 16:44
  • The Brand of You - 24:10
  • The Authority Flywheel - 25:21
  • The Authority Flywheel (Exercise) - 28:02

 Phase 2 - Your Mindset

  • Overview video
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Inevitable Pitfalls
  • The Devil on Your Shoulder

Phase 3 - Blogging Like a Startup

  • Overview video
  • The Startup Mentality
  • Blogging in 2010 vs Today
  • Pivoting
  • Feedback Loops

Phase 4 - Decoding Search Intent

  • Overview 
  • Seach Intent Decoded
  • Why Search Intent Matters
  • Search Intent In Real Life

Phase 5 - Minimum Viable Website

  • Overview 
  • Your Toolkit
  • DIY Website Design
  • Your Core Four Pages
  • Launching Your Site

Phase 6 - Keyword Monetization

  • Overview 
  • Keyword Monetization Matrix
  • Keyword Research Fundamentals
  • Keyword Research Step By Step and your first keywords

Phase 7 - Blog Content Creation

  • Overview 
  • The Content Assembly Line
  • The Startup Content Blueprint
  • Blog Post Structure
  • Creating a Bulletproof Outline
  • Your First Post
  • Bonus: Writing With A.I. Tools

Phase 8 - Link Building

  • Overview 
  • Link Building Fundamentals
  • The Link Building Machine
  • List Building & Contact Hunting
  • Outreach Done Right
  • Minimum Viable Guest Posts
  • Bonus: HARO For Link Building

Phase 9 - Affiliate Marketing

  • Overview 
  • Blog Monetization Timeline
  • Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Affiliate Tactics
  • Riding The Waves of Your Niche
  • Leveling Your Expectations

Phase 10 - Scaling & Outsourcing

  • Overview 
  • Scaling 2.0
  • Your Scaling Team
  • How To Hire "A" Players

What’s Special About Adam Enfroy’s Course? 

I thought this was going to be just another blogging course...

I was SO WRONG... In fact, it's so much more than that.

Think about Blog Growth Engine as the definitive framework for turning a blog into a business... delivered by someone who’s actually accomplished this goal to a level rarely seen in the blogging world. 

Not only are you getting the best blogging and SEO affiliate course in the industry, you’re also getting: 

  • Real strategies that work today (2021 and beyond)
  • Community 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Plug-and-play strategies for link building and SEO
  • Proven content and affiliate strategies
  • Adam’s proprietary strategies and techniques for hyper blog growth
  • And more...

Most online courses are regurgitated content repurposed and reused from courses that have been around for years...

It’s usually the same old fluff, but rarely shows you exactly how to accomplish the ideas shared. 

You’re often left to yourself to figure it all out. 

Not so with Blog Growth Engine...

Adam takes you by the hand and reveals strategies and techniques that only he knows... and will give you an advantage over the entire blogging sector. 

Check out BGE here.

What I Like & Don’t Like About Blog Growth Engine By Adam Enfroy (Pros and Cons) 


  • Adam is the real deal. This is a no-fluff, no-hype course that doesn’t hold anything back. You’re going to learn the exact techniques that Adam used to grow his blog from 0 - 500K monthly visitors and $90,000 per month in revenue.
  • Extremely detailed. No stone is left unturned in this intensive course. That could be a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for. If you want training by someone who’s really succeeded in blogging, and want the complete “brain download” from the master himself, this is for you.
  • Amazing content. I learned so much from this course and the beta program. My affiliate business does quite well, but I came out of this course with a foundation to 10X my business. The content is great, the production value is awesome, and Adam is passionate and it really shows. You’ll learn real strategies and get real-world tactics you can implement right away - and you can’t find this content anywhere else on the market.
  • Something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner with zero experience and no website, or an advanced affiliate like me, you’ll prosper with this course.


  • Expensive - this is a high-end product that is not cheap or easily accessible to anyone without a budget. That said, in my mind this can also be a pro. You get what you pay for.
  • Limited reviews available - Although Adam’s the real deal and quite transparent with his processes and business, because it’s a brand new product it’s hard to find real reviews from actual users. Do your own research.
  • Hybrid Self Paced / Drip Content - It's not always a good thing to have self-paced programs because people might give up when left on their own and it can actually be more engaging for participants if they are forced to complete the program in a certain time period. That said, there is some dripped content providing a nice schedule to get this done in a reasonable timeframe.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy Blog Growth Engine?

We covered a lot in this Blog Growth Engine review, and I'll be adding more to this review as they update the course... 

In conclusion, Blog Growth Engine is a great program with many benefits. 

However, it does require an investment of time and resources to maximize the potential value you will get out of this course. 

Think about what your goals are for blogging in general and then see if Blog Growth Engine can help you reach them!

Do you want to:

  • Create an online business that can eventually give you freedom from the rat race? 
  • Get proven techniques and processes from a blogger that’s truly succeeding? 
  • Create a recession-proof business in a sector that’s experiencing unprecedented growth?

If so, then Blog Growth Engine is for you. 

If you have the budget, are 100% sure you want to become a blogger, and you're willing to devote a significant amount of time to complete the program then this is one of the best blogging and affiliate programs for the money online. 

Sign Up Bonuses 

Now let's talk about bonuses! 🙂

I offer a number of valuable bonuses for anyone who signs up to Blog Growth Engine via my link.

I've carefully designed these bonuses to supplement your blogging business that you'll be creating with Adam. 

You'll get tools and training to perform guest post outreach, exclusive resources for blogging, my blogging editorial calendar template, and even direct messenger access to me for support while you're going through Adam Enfroy's course.

In order to qualify for my bonuses, all you have to do is sign up via this link, and I will send you your bonuses automatically, or if you haven't received them yet, you can email me via my contact page here.

Total value of my bonuses: $3,725.00

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