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iTrustCapital is a cryptocurrency IRA broker that also offers a precious metals IRA. In this review, we found that iTrustCapital is one of the leading choices when it comes to cryptocurrency IRAs because of its user-friendly platform for investing in cryptocurrencies, great service, and reasonably low fees.

Overall Rating: 
4.4/5 stars






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Looking for an honest review of iTrustCapital? 

You’re in the right place... in this iTrustCapital review we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the popular crypto IRA provider, iTrustCapital. 

By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what iTrustCapital has to offer and whether you should invest with them or not.

In this review, I found that iTrustCapital has competitive pricing, great customer support, an easy onboarding experience, and has great options for crypto and precious metals retirement accounts.

iTrustCapital Pros & Cons 

iTrustCapital is not a perfect platform. Depending on your particular needs, there’ll be pros and cons to investing using iTrustCapital.

  • The platform is easy to use, letting you purchase or sell assets and hold them in your retirement account in literal minutes. 
  • iTrustCapital provides investors with cryptocurrency IRAs that are tax-advantaged and cost effective, has no monthly maintenance fees, and is competitively priced.
  • They offer live chat as well as phone customer service.
  • iTrustCapital is a U.S. regulated broker.
  • iTrustCapital has a limited range of cryptocurrencies for you to invest in.
  • There’s a minimum amount of $2,500 you need to invest in order to create an account.
  • iTrustCapital has no mobile app currently available.

The platform offers precious metals as an investment option to hedge your retirement fund.

Highlights of my iTrustCapital review:  

  1. Allows investors to grow their retirement funds by investing in crypto IRAs and gaining exposure to the high growth potential of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Lets first-time cryptocurrency investors easily invest in different types of crypto assets using an easy to use platform.
  3. Investors will also be able to hedge their bets using the precious metals IRA that iTrustCapital offers.

Open an account here.

What Is iTrustCapital? 

What is iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital is a self-directed cryptocurrency IRA broker that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies in your retirement accounts to help diversify your retirement holdings. You can also invest in gold and silver using iTrustCapital. Once you reach your targeted retirement age, you can take your disbursements out in either cash or in the assets that you chose to invest in.  

They make it super easy to start a crypto IRA so you can easily add digital assets to your retirement portfolio. 

While the choices you have are a bit limited in terms of types of cryptocurrencies you can invest in, the iTrustCapital’s platform still has a decent selection for you to choose from and they are adding more options all the time.

What is a Cryptocurrency IRA? 

Basically, a cryptocurrency IRA is a tax advantaged retirement account where you can buy and hold cryptocurrency assets. 

The main benefit of investing in a cryptocurrency IRA is obvious: investing in crypto can potentially help you grow your retirement fund fast. Cryptocurrency returns are volatile but have the potential to grow your investments at a truly incredible rate and should be considered for your retirement strategy. 

When you invest in a crypto IRA, you’ll get some of the same benefits as investing in traditional retirement accounts. 

This means you’ll see some attractive tax benefits when you invest in a crypto IRA. The assets you invest in will typically be kept in a digital wallet or on a cryptocurrency exchange. In the case of iTrustCapital specifically, your assets are stored in a custodial wallet since your assets are kept on an exchange.

What is a Precious Metals IRA? 

A precious metals IRA is a self-directed IRA account that has a focus on investments in metals such as gold and silver as well as palladiums. 

Self-directed IRAs are “self-directed” because you as the investor get to choose to invest in a variety of unconventional assets such as precious metals, cryptocurrency or speculative real estate. 

Aside from the choice of assets to invest in, a precious metal IRA functions almost identically to a conventional IRA. 

Investing in precious metals is an attractive option for investors since these asset classes have historically been a great hedge against inflation. 

This makes precious metals a great option for retirement investing since it helps protect your wealth by having low volatility and being a great hedge against market crashes as well as inflation. 

Investing in precious metals using an IRA is also tax-efficient. 

How Do You Get Started With iTrustCapital? 

iTrustCapital account

One of the main selling points of iTrustCapital is that it’s simple for first-time investors to use. Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrencies or gold, getting started with a iTrustCapital account is a straightforward process. 

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can get started with iTrustCapital:

  1. Navigate to the homepage of iTrustCapital and click the “Open Account” button that’s visible on multiple parts of the homepage. 
  2. Fill in all the necessary information in the sign-up page and click “Create Account” at the bottom of the page.
  3. iTrustCapital will send you an email to confirm your email address. Open it and confirm your email address.
  4. After confirming your email address, you’ll be given the option to “Start your application”. 
  5. Fill in all your necessary personal information into the data wizard that pops up.
  6. Select the type of IRA that you want to set up as well as how you’ll be funding it.
  7. Fill in the particulars of your beneficiaries (who will inherit your IRA if you pass on). You must have at least one primary beneficiary.
  8. After doing all of the above, your application is now complete and submitted. Your initial funding event has been created. 
  9. If you wish to add more funds at any time, click the “Contribute” button. 

iTrustCapital Fees & Pricing 

iTrustCapital fees

In this review, we found that iTrustCapital has no hidden fees, and is competitively priced compared to other crypto exchanges and IRAs.

Here’s a basic pricing rundown of what iTrustCapital charges:

  • Monthly fees: $0 per month for personal accounts
  • Cryptocurrency Transaction Fee: 1.00% per transaction 
  • Gold Transaction Fee: $50 over spot per ounce 
  • Silver Transaction Fee: $2.50 over spot per ounce 
  • No additional fees for in-kind transfers to iTrustCapital accounts. 

An additional thing to note is that iTrustCapital requires a minimum investment of $2500

That’s considered pretty low in the world of IRAs but it’s still something to be aware of.

What does your iTrustCapital account include?

When you sign up and invest at iTrustCapital, your account will include:

  • The complete setup of your new iTrustCapital IRA.
  • The facilitation of all transfers, rollovers and contributions from your existing IRA to fund your new IRA.
  • The reporting of all necessary materials to the IRS for tax purposes.
  • No limits on storage with iTrustCapital and their institutional custody partners.
  • Round-the-clock platform support on the iTrustCapital platform support. 
  • As mentioned earlier in the review, no additional or hidden account fees.

iTrustCapital Products - Secure Cryptocurrency & Precious Metals IRAs

iTrustCapital has two main offerings for interested investors. Their cryptocurrency IRA and their precious metals IRA.

Let’s go through the options.

1. iTrustCapital Cryptocurrency IRAs

iTrustCapital offers crypto IRAs that are cost efficient and a tax advantaged retirement account. These are a form of a self directed IRA account (SDIRA) that allow you to choose which assets you are holding.

Like traditional IRAs (Roth IRA, SEP IRA, etc.), there are tax advantages to maintaining your crypto investments inside of a crypto IRA, which may (or may not) include tax deferred or tax free gains*.

How do you fund your iTrustCapital IRA?

You can transfer any existing IRA for your new account: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, Simple, Inherited etc.

You can roll over any existing employer plan (401K, 403b, TSP, 457), or you can contribute new funds using yearly guidelines.

*For more info on tax advantages like tax deferred gains, please discuss directly with an iTrustCapital account representative.

What Cryptocurrencies Does iTrustCapital Offer? 

While it’s been noted that iTrustCapital offers a limited range of cryptocurrencies compared to other brokers such as Coinbase, there’s still a decent selection available. The choices available to investors are also actively being expanded by the team at iTrustCapital.

  • ADA: Cardano
  • BAT: Basic Attention
  • ENJ: Enjin
  • ALGO: Algorand
  • ATOM: Cosmos
  • XTZ: Tezos
  • CRV: Curve DAO
  • SOL: Solana
  • AAVE: Aave
  • MATIC: Polygon
  • YFI:
  • SUSHI: Sushi
  • COMP: Compound
  • UNI: Uniswap
  • XLM: Stellar
  • EOS: EOS
  • BCH: Bitcoin Cash
  • DOGE: Dogecoin
  • LTC: Litecoin
  • DOT: Polkadot
  • LINK: Chainlink
  • ETH: Ethereum
  • BTC: Bitcoin
  • AVAX: Avalanche
  • MKR: Maker
  • SHIB: Shiba Inu
  • MANA: Decentraland
  • AXS: Axie Infinity  

See something you want to invest in? Open an account here to get started.

2. iTrustCapital Precious Metals IRAs 

iTrustCapital Precious Metals IRAs

iTrustCapital also offers precious metal IRAs. Precious metal IRAs are useful as a hedge against inflation and as a hedge for more volatile investments. 

For now, you can only invest in gold and silver using iTrustCapital.

Unlike some other precious metal IRAs, when you invest with iTrustCapital, you are investing in physical gold instead of securities, futures or other financial contracts. 

iTrustCapital uses investment-grade gold and silver that’s physically stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. All ownership records are managed using a secure blockchain distributed ledger. 

Start a precious metal IRA here.

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iTrustCapital Security - Are Your Assets Safe? 

When it comes to your investments, security should always be a top priority. Security is even more important when you’re investing in cryptocurrencies. 

When you invest in a cryptocurrency IRA with iTrustCapital, you’re leaving your assets in what’s called a custodial wallet that is controlled by them. 

iTrustCapital secures their customer’s assets with the help of a company called Curv. Curv uses institutional grade software to keep your assets safe. They also provide insurance against crypto exchange hacks with Munich Re. 

iTrustCapital has also partnered with Coinbase Custody for an extra boost in security and insurance against potential theft, and is guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint. 

Funds that you store using iTrustCapital are FDIC insured as long as they are kept in U.S dollars. Coinbase Custody also helps provide iTrustCapital with a $320 million dollar insurance policy.

iTrustCapital has all the personal account protections that you’d expect in order to keep your money safe. For example, they use two-factor authentication to make sure it’s difficult for would-be hackers to get into your account.

One thing that you should note is that iTrustCapital does not give out any information about what will happen to your assets if they have to close down. While this is pretty much the norm for cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s something you should be aware of since conventional IRAs don’t have this problem.

iTrustCapital Reviews From Around The Web

In this section, we'll quickly sum-up iTrustCapital reviews from ratings companies around the web. 

From their site, they claim that they have received 2,000+ 5 star reviews, and we found upon investigation that that is probably accurate. 

iTrustCapital reviews

As of this update (April 2024), iTrustCapital scores:

  • 4.8 stars from Google reviews from 1049 users.
  • 5 Stars from
  • 3.5 Stars from
  • A+ rating from BBB, however, with no reviews or complaints and not accredited, this doesn't tell us much (unless you consider zero complaints to be a great starting point)
  • 4.8 Stars out of 3,348 reviewers from (Considered excellent)

Here are some of the pros and cons of using iTrustCapital.

iTrustCapital FAQs 

Is iTrustCapital legit?  

iTrustCapital is a legitimate and trusted broker that has been in business since 2019. They are a U.S regulated company.

s iTrustCapital FDIC insured?

Yes, iTrustCapital is FDIC insured. However, only funds that you keep in U.S. dollars are insured.

Is iTrustCapital a self-directed IRA?

No, iTrustCapital is a self-directed IRA provider. iTrustCapital offers self-directed IRAs. Their self-directed IRA is called iTrustCapital IRA.

How old is iTrustCapital?

iTrustCapital was founded in 2019 and is 3 years old.

Can I transfer my crypto to iTrustCapital?

Yes, you can transfer to iTrustCapital as long as iTrustCapital offers the type of digital currency you have. iTrustCapital offers in-kind transfers.

Is there an app for iTrustCapital?

No, iTrustCapital currently doesn’t have a mobile app available.

iTrustCapital Alternatives 

If you’re looking for other cryptocurrency IRAs, we’ve got you covered in this section. 

Let’s go through some notable options.

1) Coin IRA

Coin IRA is offered by Goldco, was established in 2017 and is a great choice for investors who need a lot of coaching when it comes to investing in crypto while having a huge budget to play with. Coin IRA requires a minimum deposit of $20,000 compared to iTrustCapital’s $2500 minimum.

2) Bitcoin IRA  

Bitcoin IRA is a full-service Bitcoin IRA provider that offers all-around great service to investors. Like iTrustCapital, they offer 24/7 trading to investors who think sleep is for the weak. Bitcoin IRA has a reasonable minimum deposit of $3000 but it has many more additional fees compared to iTrustCapital such as asset conversion fees, selling fees and buying fees.

3) BitIRA 

Despite the similar sounding names, BitIRA is NOT the same thing as Bitcoin IRA. BitIRA is an attractive option because their main selling point is their high-level of security. They offer guarded offline storage as well as robust insurance coverage. BitIRA requires a minimum deposit of $5000 and requires you to work with one of their digital currency experts, whether you like it or not.

4) Alto IRA

Another popular cryptocurrency IRA provider, Alto IRA provides SDIRAs that allow you to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and other alternative assets. The Alto Crypto IRA is designed specifically for cryptos, and the Alto IRA is a self-directed IRA for alternative assets like artwork, real estate, and more. Alto boasts of simple, transparent pricing, no monthly fees, and simple onboarding. They get 4.4 stars at Our Alto IRA review is coming soon. Read our full Alto IRA review.

Check out Alto IRA here.

Moment of Truth: Who is iTrustCapital For? 

You should start an account at iTrustCapital, if: 

  1. You want an alternative to conventional IRAs that provide minimal growth potential.  
  2. You want an investment vehicle that doesn’t just keep up with inflation but can potentially beat it 10 times over.
  3. You have the guts to handle the ups and downs of investing in cryptocurrencies. 
  4. You want to start investing in cryptocurrencies but have been scared off by how complicated it usually is. 
  5. You have current retirement accounts that you want to roll over.
  6. You have more than the minimum amount needed to invest with iTrustCapital. 

You should NOT start an account with iTrustCapital, if: 

  1. You don’t have the minimum amount required to invest with iTrustCapital.
  2. You don’t have the stomach to handle the volatility of crypto assets.
  3. You want an investment vehicle that’s less risky and don’t mind having less potential for growth. 
  4. You haven’t done any research on cryptocurrencies and are going in blind. 

Register a free account and get started with iTrustCapital here

Final Thoughts - Is iTrustCapital Right For You?   

iTrustCapital Review

There’s a lot to be cautious about when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. However, you should really consider investing in a cryptocurrency IRA with iTrustCapital, and here’s why:

  • The potential returns on investing in cryptocurrency long term is huge, if you can stomach the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. 
  • iTrustCapital is a known and trusted provider of cryptocurrency and precious metal IRAs that’s cost-efficient as well as easy to use.
  • iTrustCapital is a U.S. regulated broker that’s trusted by countless investors online. 
  • iTrustCapital allows you to easily hedge your bets with crypto by investing in gold and silver. 

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency but don’t want to dive headfirst into it while betting everything you own, a cryptocurrency IRA might be a good choice for you. 

Do you want to explore creating an individual retirement account or learn more about investing in crypto with iTrustCapital? 

You can learn more and get started with iTrustCapital here.

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