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So you're thinking about becoming a coach and you've been researching the Jay Shetty Certification School...

Is it right for you, will it help you become a coach, get new clients, serve your current clients and further your coaching career... and will you be able to justify the cost?

Well, you’re in luck!

All these questions and more will be answered in this post.

Let's dive right into the review. 

Full Jay Shetty Certification School Review - Plus Bonuses

In this complete Jay Shetty certification school review I'm going to reveal to you everything you need to know about the program, plus I'm going to show you how you can also receive exclusive bonuses from me just for signing up for his program.

Here’s the high level overview of what we’ll be covering in this post: 

So what is the Jay Shetty Certification School, who is Jay Shetty, and what will you accomplish and learn if you participate in the program?

Read on for all the details.

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Who Is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty is an internet personality, influencer, life coach and course creator who has helped hundreds of people find their passion and turn it into a business via coaching and other online tactics and strategies.

Jay Shetty is perhaps best known for his life story of going from a monk to an internet celebrity, and reaching millions of people with his online platform.

Jay has a variety of programs including his course Live Your Passion (recently renamed to Live Your Passion, Build An Income), the Genius Coaching program, Purpose MBA, Social Media Growth, and now the Jay Shetty Certification School, which helps you launch a coaching career. You can read our full Live Your Passion review, Social Media Growth review, and our Purpose MBA review to learn more about these programs.

Jay has interviewed - and been interviewed by - tons of celebrities including Oprah, been a guest on shows like The Today Show, and changed the lives of millions of people via his online platform.

But, you're here to learn about Jay’s Certification School so let's dive deeper into that.

What Exactly Is The Jay Shetty Certification School? 

Jay Shetty Certification School

The Jay Shetty certification school is a training program that will teach you how to become a coach, how to get coaching clients and build your business, and how to serve your clients.

The school consists of two main programs:

The first is the free Pathway To Life Six Day Program which is essentially a six day mini training program consisting of a daily video designed to help you assess whether or not coaching is right for you. We go into that in more detail in the next section.

The actual certification school is an accredited program consisting of 120+ hours of training by Jay Shetty and his team which focuses on 3 core pillars of coaching: 

  1. Becoming a Coach - Learning the foundational coaching frameworks and methodologies developed by Jay Shetty. 
  2. Coaching Clients - Learn Advanced methods of coaching so you can help your clients achieve their desired outcomes in specific areas of their lives.
  3. Building a Coaching Business - Dive into the nuts and bolts of building a coaching business. Learn marketing basics, administrative and record-keeping skills, and everything you need to know to turn your coaching career into a full-time business.

The certification program consists of five different components totaling more than 100 hours of video training and a final assessment which takes 3 hours to complete.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate by the Jay Shetty team, certifying your completion of the program.

And since the program is accredited and backed by the Association of Coaching® (AC), this certificate carries more weight than your average online training certificate.

Along with the actual training, you'll also receive a ton of support materials in the form of PDFs and downloads, templates and coaching tools that Jay Shetty recommends, as well as access to a community of other aspiring coaches that you can interact with in order to get support and help.

We cover everything that you need to know about the actual certification program in detail below, but let's quickly dive into the free Pathway to Life program. 

Free Pathway To Life Six Day Program Overview

So what exactly is the free Pathway to life coaching program taught by Jay Shetty?

If you're thinking about joining the Jay Shetty Certification School, you might first consider joining Jay's free Pathway to Life program.

The pathway to Life program is a 6-day free training that will essentially help you discover if becoming a coach is right for you, or not, and ultimately, if you should sign up for the full certification school.

Jay Shetty Pathway

Because the coaching school training is fairly intense as well as a significant financial investment, going through the Pathway program first will help you get a good sense of Jay's teaching style, what you will learn, and if coaching and the certification school are a good investment for your time and money.

So what will you learn? 

The Pathway program will help you get clarity on a career as a coach (if it’s right for you) and consists of six lessons spread out over six days. 

Here’s an overview:

Jay Shetty Pathway To Life Coaching Program

If you're considering joining Jay’s coaching certification program and on the fence, we suggest that you first go through the Six-Day Pathway Program and immerse yourself in his teaching style and the world of coaching.

You can join the free Pathway program here.

How Much Does The Jay Shetty Certification School Cost? 

Currently the price of the program is not listed on their website and may be subject to changes from time to time as the program evolves. There may also be other expenses related to the program, for example for any supplies or online tools you may need. JSCS does have multiple payment installment plans, however, for more details, see below.

For specific pricing information, you'll need to set up a call and speak to one of their program advisors. They can help you find the right option for you. The cost of life coaching programs in general typically fall into the three ranges below, with Jay's Coaching School probably landing in the mid-range pricing category:

  • Lower cost - Typically $1k - $5k (This range might include everything from low-cost on-demand video courses to one-on-one training, but are probably less intensive)
  • Mid-range cost - Typically $5k - $10k (JSCS probaby falls in this range. It's rigorous, intensive, and super detailed and you'll get everything you need, but you won't be breaking the bank)
  • Most expensive - Typically $10k - $25K (these programs are pricey and may include on-site training, housing, meals, etc. - think college-level bootcamp and pricing)

Jay Shetty Certification School Pricing and Options

Jay Shetty's certification school offers six payment plan options depending on your budget and needs. You can pay a one-time price, or choose to go with a monthly installment plan.  

No matter which payment plan you choose you'll have access to the exact same content as everyone else, however, it's important to note that if you choose a payment plan you'll likely end up paying slightly for your total cost of the program. As far as I know, the one-time payment option, while a larger up-front investment, is a lower total price than if you choose an installment plan. I assume this is to incentivize prospective students who know for certain they want to join and to weed out tire-kickers.

Here's what's included in all plans: 

  • Over 120 hours of self-paced powerful coaching training, including 4 components (modules), and a final assessment exam that you must complete in order to receive your certificate. Once completed, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and become a certified Jay Shetty coach, be given the opportunity to become a member of the Association for Coaching® (AC), and become eligible to be listed on the Jay Shetty coach platform.
  • You also get: Dozens of training videos, weekly group coaching calls, quizzes, demo coaching sessions by Jay, PDF study guides, implementation exercises, a dedicated forum, guided reflection journaling sessions, supervised coaching practice, observed peer coaching exercises, external coaching practice exercises, feedback and mentorship, student support, a dedicated support channel, and more.

Here are the payment plan options: 

  • Pay Once - with this option, you pay a one-time fee.
  • 3 Monthly Installments - pay for the program over a 3 month period.
  • 6 Monthly Installments - spread your payment out over a 6 month period. 
  • 8 Monthly Installments - spread your payment out over an 8 month period.

The best way to figure out how much Jay Shetty's Certifcation school costs is to jump on a call with one of their advisors. They will walk you through pricing, help you find the right option for your needs, and discuss any additional expenses you might incur. 

What Will You Learn & Accomplish During The Certification School? 

All right, so now that you know the basics, let's get down to the details and what you actually came here to learn.

What are you going to actually accomplish as a student in Jay’s Certification School?

Keep reading, because it's a doozy.


At a high level you'll be learning how to become a coach, grow your coaching business, and serve your coaching clients via a series of training videos taught by Jay Shetty and arranged into 4 Separate components.

There are 120 hours of training videos, which broken down should take you approximately 8 weeks to finish, assuming you can dedicate at least 3 hours per day for five days per week, for the entire 8 weeks.

As you go through the training you will also receive support and additional learning in the form of PDF downloads, implementation exercises, guided reflection journaling sessions, supervised coaching practices, feedback and mentorship, a dedicated members learning forum, student support and interaction, and so much more.

Jay Shetty has truly left no stone untouched in this remarkable program.

Because this training is so in-depth, you’ll really need to prepare yourself to buckle down and dedicate serious time and effort to get it done.

What Will You Learn In Jay Shetty's Coaching School?

Now let's go over what you will actually be learning during the certification school.

To start with, you’ll learn Jay’s 10 core skills that he considers essential to becoming a coach: 

  1. Meet ethical, legal, and professional guidelines.
  2. Establish a coaching agreement and outcomes.
  3. Above all, do no harm; respect the client’s dignity, autonomy, and boundaries.
  4. Undertake continuous coach development.
  5. Maintain forward momentum and evaluation.
  6. Design strategies and actions.
  7. Raise awareness and insight.
  8. Communicate effectively.
  9. Self-manage and maintain a strong coaching presence.
  10. Build a trust-based relationship with the client.

The entire course is built around what Jay calls his “ABC Coaching Framework.” 

So what is the ABC Framework? 

Here’s a  quote from the brochure on the program: 

“He has shaped his model and style of coaching since living as a monk across Europe and India for three years. Through many hours of meditation, reflection, and humanitarian work, Jay honed his craft, building the skills and techniques to help others discover their passion and purpose. Jay has codified his method into the ABC Framework, which combines his unique philosophy with a systematic process for enabling change.”

Essentially, by following the framework, you’ll learn the 9 Jay Shetty coaching steps that form a “staircase to success.” 

The 9 steps are as follows: 

There are further 9 learning outcomes that you will be expected to show competency in in order to complete the program: 

What is Jay Shetty's Certification School

As we mentioned above, the bulk of the training is centered on three main objectives: 

  1. Becoming a Coach
  2. Coaching Clients
  3. Building a Coaching Business

Working on all three of these objectives should give you a holistic view of coaching as a career, and give you the framework you need to create a viable business as a coach. 

The course itself is divided into 5 components: 

Jay Shetty Certification

Let's go over what each of these components cover:

Component 1 - Coursework & Assessment (40 Hours Estimated To Complete) 

  • 12 modules of video lessons (120 hours) 
  • Demo Jay Shetty coaching sessions
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Module quizzes

Component 2 - Self Study (33 Hours Estimated To Complete)

  • Additional Reading
  • PDF Study Guides
  • Implementation exercises
  • Contemplative Learning with peers and supervisors through a dedicated forum

Component 3 -  Coaching practice (20 hours estimated to complete)

  • Guided reflection journaling for in-depth self-discovery, realization and self assessment throughout the program

 Component 4 - coaching practice ( 20 hours estimated to complete)

  • Supervised coaching practice
  • Observed peer coaching exercises
  • External coaching practices
  • Feedback and mentorship

Component 5 - comprehensive exam ( 3 hours + prep time estimated to complete)

  • Written component: case study analysis and essay
  • Oral component: “my coaching practice plan” online presentation to the panel

What’s Actually Included in Jay Shetty's Certification School? 

Here is everything that’s included in the Jay Shetty certification training school:

  1. Dozens of training videos (120+ hours total - 8 weeks of course work)
  2. Weekly group coaching calls (Get your questions answered every week)
  3. Quizzes so you can test your knowledge
  4. Demo coaching sessions by Jay (Jay will demo his coaching techniques)
  5. PDF study guides so you can easily print and follow along with assignments
  6. Implementation exercises so you can put your learning into practice
  7. A dedicated forum so you can ask questions and get answers
  8. Guided reflection journaling sessions so you can reflect on your learning
  9. Supervised coaching practice (Hands on expert review sessions)
  10. Observed peer coaching exercises so you can get feedback from other coaches
  11. External coaching practice exercises so you can get practical experience
  12. Marketing resources (you’ll learn to build a marketing funnel, for example)
  13. Feedback and mentorship so you’re always improving
  14. Student support and interactions so you can learn from your peers
  15. 50+ ready to use unique templates for your business
  16. A dedicated support channel, and more. 

Update - New Perks Added: The below perks have been added as of October 2020. You get all the above and everything you see below. 

  1. A welcome box sent to you.
  2. Unlimited peer coaching for every student during the program.
  3. Facebook Live interview after graduation.
  4. Monthly live Zoom call with Jay Shetty. 
  5. Two one-on-on sessions with a dedicated coaching supervisor via Zoom.
  6. Over 70 hours of additional niche training on coachging skills and business building.
  7. 1 year of inidvidual coach accreditation with Associate for Coaching covered by JSCS.
  8. Coach profile listing on Jay's main website. 

No matter which pricing installment plan you choose when you purchase the certification program, you'll get access to everything above.

What’s Special About The School? 

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that this is just another online course.

In fact, it's so much more than that.

Think about the Jay Shetty Certification Program as a real school with all the benefits that go along with that.

  • Learning
  • Community
  • Dedicated Support
  • Resources (Marketing Resources, Downloads, Videos, & More.)
  • Networking
  • Life long relationships
  • Mentoring
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • And more...

Most online courses can’t offer something on this level.

Yes, the learning is primarily delivered over a digital format in the form of videos, downloads, etc., however you really get so much more out of this program then you would in your average online course. 

Along with the community, the training, and the incredible expertise imparted by Jay Shetty and his team over the training material, you'll also get the opportunity to become an AC (Association For Coaching®) accredited coach certified by Jay. 

Once completed, you'll also get the opportunity to be listed on his marketplace for coaches, giving you additional exposure opportunities to reach new clients. 

Certifications & Accreditation

So, let's talk about certifications and accreditation.

Is the Jay Shetty Certification School accredited? 

Yes, the Jay Shetty certification school is accredited by the Association for Coaching® (AC), at the AACT level, and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

In fact, I've verified the accreditation status of the JSCS myself by searching on the associationforcoaching.com website:

Jay Shetty Association For Coaching

Members of the Jay Shetty School receive individual student membership into the AC, with all the associated member benefits and honors.

That means that not only is the Jay Shetty School for coaching legit, it's been given the seal of approval by the Association of Coaching®  itself. 

As a graduate, you'll receive a certificate of completion by Jay Shetty which certifies your completion,  which can help you in a variety of ways throughout your career.

This is one thing that I actually really love about this program. Most online schools offer nothing like this. In fact, most schools simply sell you the videos and the expertise of the teacher and that's it!

With the Jay Shetty School of coaching, you can rest assured that the entire curriculum has been approved and certified by the Association of Coaching®.

What I Like & Don’t Like About The Jay Shetty Certification School Program (Pros and Cons) 


  • Accredited - The fact that this program is accredited by an esteemed body - namely the Association for Coaching® - is an awesome aspect to this program. I don't know any other program of its kind being offered by an individual that can offer that level of credibility.
  • Certification - I absolutely love that Jay Shetty certifies everybody that successfully completes the entire program. This adds a nice layer of authenticity and credibility to the experience.
  • Placement in the Jay Shetty Coaching Marketplace - once you've successfully completed the program you will have the opportunity to become an approved Jay Shetty coach in his marketplace, giving you the added opportunity for additional exposure to new clients.
  • Community - one of the best things about this program is the community and the peer support you get along the way. Participants are encouraged to engage with each other and support each other and that means that you're creating lifelong friendships and business relationships. This alone could be well worth the money for your future career as a coach.


  • Pricing transparency - you have to setup a call with one of their advisors to get a quote. While there are good reasons for this, and their pricing does change from time-to-time, it's still inconvenient.
  • No self-pay options - similar to the above, no option to pay yourself online is inconvenient. You have to setup a call with an advisor and sign up on the phone.
  • Self Paced - While you might think “self paced” is a good thing, it can actually be an achilles heel for a program like this. It’s actually more engaging to be forced to complete a program in a certain time period and there’s a higher likelihood that participants will give up left to their own devices. Self paced = self disciplined, and not everyone is great at motivating themselves. 

Conclusion - Should You Join The Certification School?

In conclusion, is the Jay Shetty certification school right for you and should you join the program?

There's no doubt that the Jay Shetty certification school is an amazing program. We've seen some amazing stories from some of the participants, but it takes real dedication, resources and time to be able to get the most out of the program.

Think of the program like school instead of an online course, and that should give you an idea of the level of personal involvement and dedication you will need to see the program through.

If you have a budget, are 100% sure you want to become a coach, and you're willing to devote a significant amount of time to complete the program then Jay Shetty's Certification School is one of the best coaching programs for the money online. 

If on the other hand, money is tight, and you don't have a lot of time on your hands, and you need to work right now to pay the bills, then this program is not for you, you may want to check out one of Jay shetty's other programs like Live Your Passion (Passion To Paycheck) to get started building your online business at a lower price point.

Either way, you should definitely join the Free Pathway Six Day Program to get a better sense of what you will learn in the full certification school.

Quick thought experiment on cost and value: 

If you were to invest in a college degree, it could cost you $100,000 and a significant time investment, for a much lower price point you can become a Jay Shetty certified coach, start living the life of your dreams and start building a highly rewarding career as a coach.

If that sounds like the dream that you want to pursue then I highly recommend doing your research, and checking out Jay's Certification Program, I believe that if you approach it with the right mindset it can be an amazing experience for you and your career.  

Sign Up Bonuses 

Now let's talk about bonuses! 🙂

I offer a number of valuable bonuses for anyone who signs up to the program via my link.

In order to qualify for my bonuses, all you have to do is sign up for the Jay Shetty certification program via this link, then send proof of purchase via my contact page here.

Bonus # 1 - Free Website Builder + FREE Consultant website template

Once you finish Jay's course, you're going to need to build your consulting website. Normally you'd have to pay someone thousands of dollars for a nice looking mobile responsive site... But, when you buy Jay's course from this page, you'll get access to my free website builder, PLUS my free consultant website homepage template so you can quickly get your site online and start getting clients. You don't need hosting or even your own domain to take advantage of this (100% free access).

Value: $997

Bonus # 2 - Full Access To My Start A Blog Bootcamp (Plus The Paid Upgrades)

Learn how to build a blog and website for your coaching business. You'll get full access to my start a blog bootcamp training course, including all the paid upgrades and upsells.

Value: $1926.28

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