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If you’re looking for a guide on how to create a Facebook Profile Funnel, then look no further, everything you need is on this page. 

One of the best ways to make money online even if you are a complete beginner is with the so called “social media sales funnel.

And specifically in this sales funnel tutorial we will be going over how to create a Facebook profile funnel so you can make money from your Facebook account by selling anything. 

Who is this guide for and what can you sell? 

  • Affiliate Marketers, Online Course Sellers, Bloggers
  • Coaches & High-ticket Offers (Sell your coaching services)
  • Sales, MLM (recruit new leads)
  • Agencies, Service Providers (get leads for your products)
  • Social Media Managers...

Basically, anyone selling ANYTHING can adapt this for their offer and create a new source of leads from social media.

You can adapt this funnel for almost any social media platform, but we’ll be specifically discussing Facebook here. 

This is hands down one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started making money online, and you can use this method to sell almost anything including affiliate offers, high-ticket services, your services, funnels, or anything else. 

In fact, I’ve made almost $2,000 from my Facebook profile in the last few months, and I’ll show you exactly how in this guide, along with what is a Facebook funnel, how to build your Facebook funnel (even if you have no experience), how to get a free social media lead gen funnel template you can use on Facebook and how to get traffic to your offer.

Let’s get started!

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What is a Facebook Profile Funnel?

A Facebook profile funnel is a social media lead generation funnel that’s been adapted for Facebook, and specifically designed to capture traffic directly from your Facebook profile, so you can earn money from a Facebook account. 

The FB funnel is perfect for beginners because all you need is a Facebook account, 2-page funnel, an offer, and some grit and determination.

Funnel Type: Lead Magnet Funnel, Social Media Sales Funnel

  • Make Money From Facebook
  • Free With My ClickFunnels bonus
  • 2 Page Funnel, Just Customize
  • Works With Facebook Account

The idea is to create a compelling offer for your products or services that are displayed via your Facebook cover photo and featured image which lead to a call-to-action to click through to your funnel. 

Once the visitor clicks through to your funnel your goal is to capture them as a lead. 

Your actual funnel can be built around anything you want, but typically it’s a lead generation sales funnel designed to capture leads via a lead magnet like a free report, presentation, etc. 

If you don’t know where to get started don’t worry, I’ve got a great social media sales funnel template ready to go that you can import into a ClickFunnels account in one click. 

You can scroll down to this section right here to check out the template.

Examples of Awesome Facebook Profile Funnels - Make Money From Facebook Account?

Take a look at some examples of Facebook funnels below to get some ideas on how to make money with your Facebook profile.

All these individuals have figured out how to make money from a Facebook account with free traffic.  

As you browse, notice these common elements: 

  1. The Facebook profile is set up to tease a valuable, targeted offer. 

  2. The CTA (call to action) leads to a funnel (not a company website).

  3. The funnel typically is a lead magnet (though I’ve seen webinars, etc.)

  4. Don’t send to a sales page, the selling takes place after the lead opts in (free value first).

Example 1 - Make Money From Facebook Account Selling Training Courses

In this example the profile funnel is selling a dropshipping training course.

facebook profile funnel

Clicking on his link takes you to his funnel, and if you're new to dropshipping, this would be very enticing.

social media sales funnel template

I love this example because it's so simple 🙂

Example 2 - Earn Money From Facebook account Selling Affiliate Products 

Now let's take a look at my profile funnel where I'm pitching an affiliate product and my group. 

My Facebook group is something I've been actively trying to grow lately, and the group leads to my affiliate products, so it's all one funnel.

Social Media Profile Funnel

Social Media Profile Funnel - Make Money With Your Facebook Account

Now if you click on my link to my One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses it leads to an affiliate funnel where I get commissions from anyone signing up for OFA... 

Affiliate Bridge Page Funnel

Pretty simple stuff right? 

Literally anyone selling anything can do this. 

How To Build A Facebook Funnel That Converts - Facebook Funnel Tutorial

In this section I’m going to show you how to generate free leads on Facebook with your profile funnel. 

The secret to getting free leads with a Facebook account is compelling graphics and a great offer and traffic. 

If your offer sucks, no one will click to your funnel. 

Likewise, if your copy and graphics suck, no one will click through to your funnel. 

If you can’t get traffic, you’ll likewise get no visitors or leads in your funnel. 

Your first step is to build your offer. 

To do that you need a deep understanding of your target audience.

If you’re building a course to teach affiliate marketing, you’d better know affiliates like the back of your hand, so do your market research first. 

What can you offer them that will feel like a lightning “AHA!” moment? 

What can you give them that will genuinely help them progress in their affiliate journey? 

Build your funnel and content around that and tweak it as you go and you’ll likely have a winner. 

Then you need to build the actual funnel and the graphics. 

I suggest using ClickFunnels (free trial here plus you get these awesome bonuses), it’s the easiest funnel builder online, but you can also do this with something like LeadPages, Builderall, Kartra, or Thrive Themes for WordPress as well. 

Fortunately I’ve got a free social media sales funnel template built with ClickFunnels that you can import into a ClickFunnels account with one click and start customizing immediately. 

(If you want to skip to the FREE FB sales funnel template go here.) 

Next up you need to build two compelling Facebook images including the profile cover image and feature image. 

Your profile header image should clearly show your offer and clearly state the action a visitor needs to take in order to get your offer, for example, “Click Here To Get Your Free Training.” 

Your featured image (the square image FB allows you to display on the left of your profile) should similarly provide clear value, offer, and call to action, but also direct mobile users to view the link above. 

Now don't skip this next step! You have to add the link to your funnei in the description area of the image, so when people click on the image, they see the link in the photo description.

You can build both of these graphics for free using canva.com (my preferred method). 

Or if you want to pay someone for a super fancy graphic, head over to Fiverr.com and pay a freelancer $5 - $20 for your graphics. 

Free Social Media Sales Funnel Template For Facebook (Or Any SM Account)

Now it’s time to turn it over to you so you can go build your funnel, and with my free social media sales funnel template, 90% of the funnel building work is done for you 🙂 

Take a look at the funnel below, you'll get this exact funnel template when you sign up for ClickFunnels here.

free lead gen sales funnel template

Free Lead Gen Sales Funnel For Social Media.

All you need to do is import the funnel into a ClickFunnels account and replace the placeholder text and images with your own awesome offer. 

How to get this free ClickFunnels Facebook Profile funnel template: 

There's three simple steps to get this funnel template free PLUS as a bonus you'll get instant access to my library of 45 more professionally built sales funnels templates ($497 value FREE):

  1. Important! Clear your browser cache first.
  2. Start a free ClickFunnels trial via THIS LINK.
  3. Enter your name and email on this page, and you'll get the funnel instantly (plus 45 more amazing funnels).

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How To Make Money From Your Facebook Account With A Profile Funnel

Now it’s time to get some free traffic to your sales funnel thanks to Facebook and start getting leads, sales, and money! 

If no one ever sees your funnel, you’ll never get sales. 

The process is quite simple. 

You need people to start viewing your Facebook profile (and your offer). 

You’re essentially trying to get people to click through and check out your profile.

If you have a big following, page, or group on FB, this will be a lot easier, but you can do this even if you have NO following and no one knows who you are. 

I assume you set up your funnel first (if not go back and do that now). 

Step 1 - Join Relevant Facebook Groups where people are hanging out and learning about the topic you are promoting. 

There’s tons of amazing Facebook groups out there where people want what you have to offer. 

For example, if you’re promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate, there’s tons of ClickFunnels-related groups on FB, including ClickFunnels Avengers and ClickFunnels Official. 

Join 5 - 20 related groups to start. 

Step 2 - Start Adding Value by participating in the conversation, helping people out, and networking. 

Notice I said “adding value” and not “start spamming your offer”?

This is key.

If you start dropping links you’ll just get kicked out.

Instead, what you want to do is genuinely help people with their related problems.

Answer questions, provide valuable feedback, help people out without reservation or expectations, and guess what, people will start to take notice and click through to your profile...

That’s when your awesome funnel captures them and you can now start to sell them on your offers 🙂

Do this for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and you’ll start getting traction.

Step 3 - Ninja Tip for more click-throughs to your profile funnel!

When you’re commenting and helping people out, leave a note at the end of each of your comments like, “I’m always available to help out, don’t hesitate to hit me up...”

The idea is that you are subtly offering to help out without spamming the group.

Use some variation of that on every post or comment and you’ll get more views to your profile and possibly even people hitting you up on Facebook messenger where you can sell them outside of the group rules.

Conclusion - The Best Way To Make Money From A  Facebook Account

Getting sales on Facebook is very doable if you have an irresistible offer, great Facebook profile funnel, and a genuine desire to help people with their problems.

I recommend this method to anyone just getting started making money online with sales funnels, affiliate marketing, b2b sales, MLM sales funnels, etc.

It’s a free method to make money online from social media and anyone can do this with a ClickFunnels account and a little grit and determination and in my opinion it's the fastest way to get started making money online. 

If you have 30 minutes to devote to this method every day you can create a nice little additional income stream for yourself using this method alone. 

Some entrepreneurs have used this method to build their entire business and laptop lifestyle.

Now to you. Claim your funnel below and send me the link to your social media profile funnel and I’ll give you feedback! 🙂

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