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Learn how to launch a six-figure online course with Lauren and Alex from Create and Go.

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Six Figure Course Creator Review Summary

In this Six Figure Course Creator review by a verified buyer, we found that overall this course packs a huge punch for the price. Courses are hard work to set up, and Create and Go will help you succeed with great content, support, and community. Craig Adam gave SFCC 4.5/5 stars in his review.

Course Creator: Alex and Lauren

Price: $297

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Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Alex and Lauren

Lauren and Alex are the founders of Create and Go, a website that teaches people how to build and monetize their very own online businesses.

Who is This course for?

Six-Figure Course Creator is designed for entrepreneurs who already have their own platform that is generating income.

If you already own a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast that is generating income, this course will help you to create, launch and start selling digital products of your own.

The sales page mentions that they have helped thousands of students to finally bridge the gap between earning $300-$400 per month and $3000-$4000 per month and above.

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or need your handheld while starting a business, then this probably isn't for you.

What You'll Learn

Six-Figure Course Creator teaches students how to create an online course that is valuable, in demand, and profitable.

The course creators' key focuses are::

✔ Building a six-figure framework
✔ Generating ideas and planning out a course
✔ Building a course from scratch
✔ Creating high-converting sales pages
✔ Targeting paying customers to your sales pages
✔ Scaling sales with marketing sales funnels

They cover how to write articles or create content to attract your audience, pricing strategies, launching a course successfully, and driving sales even after launch.

Students will also learn best practices for marketing their courses and setting up their own automated sales funnels.

The course also includes a comprehensive section on setting up a compelling sales page and how to build relationships with potential customers.

Six-Figure Course Creator Review From A Verified Buyer

Meet Craig Adam, Verified Course Buyer

An ex-construction worker turned multiple 6 figure eCommerce seller. Founder of writing about eCommerce, Amazon FBA, and Entrepreneurship.

craig adam

My name is Craig Adam, I've been a full-time FBA seller since 2015.

I purchased the Six Figure Blogger course because I currently run my own blog on entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and selling on Amazon, and I wanted to monetize my blog by creating online courses. Since then, the course has been revamped and is now called Six Figure Course Creator.

I’ve invested in many digital courses before, one of them being an Amazon FBA course that mentored me to a multiple six-figure business, so I knew the value that a well-created course can deliver to the right entrepreneur.

I discovered Alex and Lauren, the course creators, on YouTube.

I was impressed by the success that they had achieved with their health and wellness blog, their blogging courses, and their blogging business.

They obviously had "skin in the game" as they clearly shared their entire process of starting their blog in the very beginning, turning it into a six-figure online business, as well as all the wrong things that they had done in the process.

Their transparency was attractive, and so I decided to invest in the Six Figure Blogger Course (the name of this course before they changed it).

After investing in numerous online courses in the past, I was pleasantly surprised with the value of the Six figure blogger course.

Key takeaways from my Six Figure Course Creator review:

  1. You should have traction already with a successful online business prior to investing your time, energy, and money into launching your own online course.
  2. Done is better than perfect. Create something that is good enough to launch with, and build on improving the digital products as you go.
  3. Creating and launching your own products isn't for everyone!

Pros & Cons


  • Reasonably priced for the value you receive and future earning potential.
  • Good track record of successful students.
  • Created a step-by-step process on the teachable platform to avoid overwhelm.
  • One-time fee gets you lifetime access


  • Inactive Facebook group - requires more coaches/mentors to increase online community engagement.
  • Briefly touches on driving traffic to your sales pages - could definitely focus more on generating traffic to your online course.
  • Specifically designed for intermediate bloggers.

What Is Six Figure Course Creator?

six figure course creator

Six-Figure Course Creator is an online training hosted on the Teachable platform that teaches students how to create profitable and high-converting digital products.

Six Figure Course Creator used to be called Six Figure Blogger, but as the blog grew in popularity, the team diversified their income streams and created separate digital products for the different aspects of running a highly profitable blogging business.

This course includes step-by-step instructions on idea forming, planning out your course, building it from scratch, building landing pages, creating high-converting sales pages, and getting targeted visitors to your sales page.

The Create and Go team has multiple courses, including SEO Blueprint for Bloggers, Launch Your Blog Biz, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, and the Pro Blogger Bundle (which includes all of their courses).

It also covers scaling your sales with an email sales funnel and building relationships to increase sales.

Who’s Behind the Six-Figure Course Creator?

The Six-Figure Blogger Course is created and owned by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, the founders of Create and Go.

Six Figure Course Creator Author

They are an award-winning pair who have built a successful six-figure business through blogging and digital products.

Alex is an ex-personal trainer, who developed a passion for web design, marketing, and creating YouTube videos.

Lauren is an accountant by trade but has grown to become an experienced copywriter and content creator.

They started their blogging journey with a health and wellness blog named Avocadu, which they grew to over $30k per month in sales.

They then decided to launch Create and Go as an education blog on how to start a highly profitable blogging business. 

Their background gives them a unique perspective on online business success, which they share through their own blog as well as their successful courses.

What Exactly is Included in Six-Figure Course Creator? 

There are 10 modules in The Six-Figure Course Creator:

  1. Introduction, Expectations, and Resources
  2. Your Business Mindset
  3. The Six-Figure Framework
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Generating Ideas and Planning Your Course
  6. Creating Your Course From Scratch
  7. How to SELL: High-Converting Sales Pages
  8. Getting Visitors to Your Sales Page
  9. Email Marketing Mastery
  10. Final Thoughts and Bonuses

It's predominantly a video course which is great, as you get to see Alex and Lauren implement everything that they are teaching you through the slides on the screen.

Here is a breakdown of each module and what you will learn:

Module 1 - Introduction, Expectations, + Resources

This module is mostly an introduction to the resources that you will need to use to build and launch your digital course, and you also get access to the private support group.

Module 1 - Six Figure Course Creator

They finish this module with a detailed video on how to get the most from the course, how to avoid perfectionism, and setting realistic expectations.

Module 2 - Your Business Mindset

Having the right mindset is essential to starting a successful blog, and treating your blog like a business from day 1 will ensure you're making money as quickly as possible.

This module helps to get the student into the best frame of mind so they approach the course with the right mindset.

Module 2 - Six Figure Course Creator

Alex covers some valuable points in this section covering what it takes to become the expert in your niche, how to build a brand that stands out, become a business owner and not just a dreamer, and how to problem-solve in your journey to creating your own digital products.

Module 3 - The Six-Figure Framework

This lesson is on the importance of building the right framework behind the products that you are selling to your audience.

It covers:

  • Identifying your target customer.
  • Creating a digital product around that one person that solves a need that they have.
  • Building a sales funnel around your online course that is designed to build trust with that person.
  • Getting people into the funnel through content designed for this one person.
  • Continue to improve your course and funnel as you receive more feedback from your target market.

The module then continues to explain in detail the equation of traffic to sales and the traffic numbers you need to achieve.

Module 3 - Six Figure Framework

They also go through the customer journey and experience, and how to make this process as streamlined as possible in order to build trust with your audience to generate more sales.

Module 4 - Affiliate Marketing

This section has the longest videos of the course as they go deep into how to generate affiliate income.

The first video covers:

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Why We Recommend Starting With It
  4. Affiliate Partnerships and Earning Six Figures and How We Use It

Module 4 - Affiliate Marketing

The rest of the videos cover the best places to place your affiliate links, how to generate affiliate commissions through email marketing, and how to find the best affiliate programs.

Editor's Note: We have a ton of content if you're interested in affiliate marketing. Check our detailed guide on the best affiliate marketing courses, mind-blowing stories from succesful affiliates, and browse through all of our reviews of affiliate courses.

Module 5 - Generating Ideas and Planning Your Course

This is where the course starts to focus on creating your own products and services.

Alex and Lauren cover some great points on competitor analysis and market research.

As well as surveying your audience and defining who your customers are, and what problems they need to solve.

Module 5 - Generate Ideas and Planning Your Course

This module then finishes off with setting deadlines to help you to stay on track.

Module 6 - Creating Your Course From Scratch

This module is where the course really gets into the action.

Alex and Lauren start to teach you how to create a content outline for your course, set up the structure of your course, and then go into more detail on actually creating the video content.

They cover topics like recording quality videos, delivery style, and how to create engaging visual slides.

Module 6 - Creating your course from scratch

The last video in this section is on editing your videos which is important if you want to take the time to make sure that everything looks professional.

Module 7 - How to SELL: High-Converting Sales Pages

In this module, Alex and Lauren teach you how to create high-converting sales pages.

They go into detail on creating a headline that will grab people's attention, the importance of telling your story and why it matters, building trust with your audience, making sure your layout looks professional and easy to navigate and getting the most out of social proof.

Module 7 - How to Sell -High Converting Sales Pages

The last video in this section is an example walkthrough showing how to set up a sales funnel from scratch using ClickFunnels.

Module 8 - Getting Visitors to Your Sales Page

At this point in the course the work starts to become real as the students have finished their product but now need to get it out into the world so they can start making money.

This module covers topics such as:

  • Creating a launch plan and timeline,
  • Setting up automated email sequences to continue building relationships with your students,
  • Promoting your course through media and influencers,
  • Using paid advertising to drive sales and why it is important for scaling your business,
  • Analyzing the data from each campaign so you can optimize for better results.

Finally, they cover the importance of continuing to find ways to add more value to their customers after they have purchased.

Module 8 - Getting Visitors to your sales pages

They give some great ideas on how to do this in order to increase customer lifetime value.

Module 9 - Email Marketing Mastery (Trust Funnels)

This module starts off by telling students why creating an email list is such a vital part of selling a digital course.

After all, most sales of digital products don't come from cold traffic.

Module 9 - Email Marketing Mastery

Most sales of digital products are generated through nurturing the sale over a series of emails, and this section of the online course covers all aspects of this.

Module 10 - Final Thoughts + BONUSES

Not only does this part of the training remind students of the key points covered, but they also offer 4 bonus sections too:

  • Free email templates to convert subscribers to buyers.
  • How to grow an Instagram account
  • Keeping track of blog finances
  • Boosting traffic with google web stories.

Module 10 - Final Thoughts + Bonuses

Six-Figure Course Creator Pricing - Is it Worth The Cost?

The Six-Figure Course Creator is a one-time fee of $297.

They also have a payment plan option, where you can make 2 payments of $157 spread over 2 months.

The course remains the same for both payment options, the payment plan is just in place to help to make the course more affordable for those who don't have access to $297 right away.

Is Six figure Course Creator worth it? - Absolutely!

Considering the earning potential of creating digital products can be six figures and beyond, I feel that $297 in exchange for the information you require to achieve this is very reasonable.

My Experience & Results With Six Figure Course Creator

My personal experience with this course was very positive and I took a lot of value from it.

Did I go on to achieve success with my own online courses? No, I didn't.

Having gone through the training myself, I came to the decision that building a digital course, and the infrastructure around growing a community and support team wasn't for me.

But I'm happy that I invested in the course because I believe the training on affiliate marketing and email marketing was fantastic, and that I drew enough value from those modules to justify the $297 price tag.

Six-Figure Course Creator Online Reviews & Ratings

There have been a number of successful students who have gone through this training and have managed to generate enough income from their course sales to make it their full-time jobs.

In fact, some students now own a six-figure blog because of this course.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from students who have created successful blogs that are now their full-time income:

Online Review 1 - Six Figure Course Creator
Online Review 2 - Six Figure Course Creator


Q: Does this course include additional resources and support?

A: Yes! Along with the 10 modules and 4 bonus sections, the creators of this course provide ongoing support and feedback to help you grow your digital product. They also offer free email templates to convert your subscribers into buyers.

Q: Is Six Figure Course Creator worth it?

A: Absolutely! Considering the earning potential of creating digital products can be six figures and beyond, I feel that $297 in exchange for the information you need to achieve this is very reasonable.

Q: Has anyone achieved success through Six Figure Course Creator?

A: Yes! There have been a number of successful students who have gone through this training and have managed to generate enough income from their course sales to make it their full-time job. This speaks volumes about how effective the course materials are and how achievable the goals are when you follow the steps correctly.

Q: Does Six Figure Course Creator offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes! The Six Figure Course Creator offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the course isn't right for you, then all of your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Q: Does Six Figure Course Creator offer a discounted price?

A: There are no discounts currently available on this program but they do have a payment plan option where payments can be split over 2 months making it more affordable in the short term. But with their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, there's nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Q: Is Six-Figure Course Creator suitable for beginners?

A: No not really, unless you already have a platform that can generate traffic to a landing or sales page, this course isn't for you.

They do have a course on how to start a blog called Launch Your Blog Biz designed for beginners.

Is Six Figure Course Creator by Create and Go worth it?

If you have a blog or online platform that is already generating around $1000 per month, then yes this course is absolutely worth it, and I believe that it will help you to achieve greater results with your business.

Is Six Figure Course Creator still relevant in 2024?

Alex and Lauren regularly update the course content to keep it highly relevant and current with what is going on in the digital space,

Once you purchase the training, you gain lifetime access to the course and all of the updates that are added.

Verdict: Is Six-Figure Course Creator Legit and Still Relevant For 2024?

Six Figure Course Creator Review

Overall, the Six-Figure Course Creator by Create and Go is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create their own digital courses or increase their income through affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Not only is the content highly relevant and up-to-date but it's also easy to follow and understand.

The tools, resources, and bonuses included in the course make it highly worth the cost and there are numerous testimonials from successful students that prove its effectiveness.

If you have an online presence, whether it be a blog or YouTube channel, then Six Figure Course Creator is an excellent resource to help you monetize your skills and knowledge.

Highly recommended!

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