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"Sam is a funnel and content wizard, I have worked with him to start three different companies. In working with Sam, he has directly generated over 2000 interested parties to my business with value of over $200k in revenue all from work in and around funnels, ads, and creative writing. Highly recommended."

Travis Piepho - President of Prospectr Marketing

How I Lost My Day Job And Started My Own Passive Income Generating Machine... So I Would Never Have To Worry About Losing My 9-5 "Security" Again. 

Hey! This is Sam, let me take you back to September of 2018...

I was suddenly let go from my 9-5 as a Director of Marketing at a marketing agency... After my boss broke the news to me (gently), I had a moment of panic and allowed myself to wallow in self pity for exactly 48 hours... what was I going to do now? 

Then it hit me: 

I'd allowed myself to become complacent, which put me in a bad position, but the good news? 

I'd developed 8 years of marketing experience and made a ton of money... 

For other companies and entrepreneurs.

So why not do it for myself and build my own online business so I would never face the fear and uncertainty of losing my "secure" job again? 

I resolved right then and there to strike out on my own and start a blog that explored my passions that would also build a recurring passive income machine for myself via affiliate marketing and infoproduct sales, and that's exactly what I did. 

I distilled all my years of content marketing experience, launched this site, and haven't looked back... and it's been a crazy ride.

I want to help you do exactly the same thing, and while it won't be easy - it wasn't for me - the opportunity is massive:  


The best part? 

I've figured out an easy to follow formula so anyone can build a blog with the potential to make money even if they have zero technical experience and don't have a clue where to start... and who knows:

Stick with it long enough, take massive action, and it may even set you free. 

If you want to join me (and get access to an exclusive, passionate community of bloggers and affiliate marketers all earning online), click the button on this page and sign up for my free 5 Day Blogger Bootcamp and I'll see you there.  

Ready To Start A Blog That Makes Money?

Get Access To My 5 Day Blogger Bootcamp Training, Completely Free! 

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