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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche teaches you how to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest Marketing.

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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review Summary

In this Pinterest Traffic Avalanch review by a verified buyer, we found that Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is still relevant for 2024 if you're looking to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest. The course is competitively priced and you'll get step by step guides to get more traffic from Pinterest.

Course Creator: Lauren and Alex

Price: $197

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Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Lauren and Alex

Lauren and Alex are the founders of Create and Go, a website that teaches people how to build and monetize their very own online businesses.

Who is This course for?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is great for any blogger who has tons of Pinterest-friendly content on their site. It’ll teach you how to drive traffic to your site quickly and extremely cost-effectively since Pinterest Marketing relies on organic traffic, not paid ads.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is not suited for people with sites that aren’t suited for Pinterest. Also, if your site doesn’t have much blog content on it, you’ll have a tough time making use of the lessons in this course.

Here’s the list of Pinterest Friendly Niches:

• Cooking
• Women’s Fashion
• Men’s Fashion
• Animals
• Gardening
• Electronics
• Architecture
• Parenting
• Wedding
• Travel

What You'll Learn

At a high level, here’s what you’ll learn with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go:

✔ How to create an effective Pinterest profile.
✔ What you need to do to optimize your Pinterest profile.
✔ What makes a great Pinterest pin?
✔ How you can finetune your pins for a better clickthrough rate.
✔ Easy Pinterest strategies that will help popularize your pins, Pinterest account and site.
✔ Awesome techniques to automate Pinterest posting for maximum efficiency.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review From a Verified Buyer

Meet Jo Larsen, Verified Course Buyer

Jo Larsen has been in the blogging and online business world for more than 15 years. She believes that with the right guidance anyone can achieve success.  Whether it is improving your blog, becoming more financially savvy, or simply learning to enjoy life more, be sure to check her out at

jo larsen

As a blogger who has been eager to drive more traffic to my website, I jumped at the chance to test out Create and Go's Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

The promise of driving organic traffic without having to spend a lot on paid ads sounded too good to be true, but I had heard enough success stories that it was worth a try.

After taking Create and Go's Pinterest course and trying out their strategies, I can confidently say that it lives up to its promise! Not only did I see an increase in my website traffic, but also in the engagement on my pins, leading to more followers and a greater presence on Pinterest. This review will provide you with an overview of what's included in the course and how it worked for me.

Key takeaways from my review:

  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche offers a step-by-step guide to help bloggers effectively drive organic traffic from Pinterest.
  • The course includes real-life examples and easy-to-follow instructions to optimize your pins for increased clickthrough rate.
  • With automated pinning strategies and optimization tips, you can get more followers and increased engagement on your pins.

Pros & Cons


  • The course is a self paced online course so you can go at your own speed
  • Contains in depth coverage of Pinterest SEO which is very important for driving organic traffic
  • The strategies are easy to understand and implement quickly


  • If you don't have a "Pinterest friendly" niche, this course won't help increase engagement
  • You need a lot of blog posts to be able to create a lot of pins for it to work
  • It's focused mainly on boosting your reach with Pinterest, not increasing conversions

What Is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a comprehensive course by the team at Create and Go that teaches you how to drive organic traffic to your site through Pinterest.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The course covers everything from setting up an effective Pinterest profile, optimizing pins for clickthrough rates, and automating the pinning process.

It also addresses SEO techniques within Pinterest and provides tips on ways to increase follower engagement and get the most out of each pin. The course is self-paced, so you can go at your own speed and focus on the areas that are the most important for your blog or website.

Who’s Behind the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is created by the team at Create and Go, a blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and make money through blogging. The course was developed by Alex and Lauren, two successful bloggers who have grown their own websites with Pinterest.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Creators

Before they got into blogging, Alex was a fitness trainer and Lauren was a CPA.  After creating their own successful websites, they decided to share the knowledge and strategies that helped them grow with others.

Alex and Lauren draw from their own experiences as well as insights from other successful bloggers to create a comprehensive course on how to drive organic traffic with Pinterest.

Editor's Note: Alex and Lauren have created multiple other courses. Check out our review of Six Figure Course Creator and learn if creating an online course is right for you.

What Exactly is Included in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche By Create & GO? 

Here is what is included in the course curriculum and what you will learn in each module:

Welcome + Introduction

In this welcome module, you learn about the private support group, mastering the beginner checklist, maximizing your reach with a viral pin checklist, scheduling pins efficiently with a planner, and being given a list of favourite resources.

Frequently Asked Questions and Topics

Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Pinterest. What happens if my traffic starts to decline? How many accounts should I have if I run two blogs? Is it better to join group boards or use Tailwind communities? And what can I do if someone is stealing my pins - or even worse, my account has been suspended or blocked? 

The Foundation for Pinterest Success

The Foundation for Pinterest Success module provides training on a variety of topics related to the power and potential of the platform. You will learn exactly who is using Pinterest and how they are engaging with it. In addition, you will understand how "guy-focused" brands can make use of the platform, as well as build up a strategy focused on using a wide view before narrowing it down over time. 

Getting Started + Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

Setting Up your pinterest account

The Getting Started + Setting Up Your Account module will teach you how to create your Pinterest account, convert it from a personal profile to a business profile, clean up your account of any errors, claim your website for rich pins, take a crash course on how the platform works, and design an irresistible profile and boards

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research and Optimization

Pinterest SEO is critical to your success and this module includes:

  • SEO 101: Overview + Why It Matters
  • SEO 201: Keyword Research and Optimization
  • SEO 301: Ranking in the Algorithm

Creating Viral Content and Pins

While the goal of creating viral content and pins may seem intimidating, this Pinterest course module can help make it easier. By focusing on creating content with a purpose and exploring viral topics and headlines to increase clicks, you'll have everything you need to make pins that stand out.

You also learn important techniques concerning stock photography, how to create a pin using Canva, Tailwind Create, as well as increasing reach with video pins. Finally, the module shows how to create idea pins that are both interesting and engaging, helping you build an engaged audience and share ideas with them.

Creating Your Pinning Strategy

In this module, you can quickly learn best practices so you're able to optimize your boards successfully, as well as glean informative tips on nailing that all important sharing timing. Soon enough you'll be confidently showing off your brand new blog posts while tracking whether your content is ranking or not - plus FAQ's to make sure everything runs like clockwork!

Finally, so you don't have to learn the hard way, there's also a critical lesson in avoiding spamming and suspension which can land you in Pinterest jail - no one wants that!

Scheduling Your Content on Pinterest

If you are looking to get the most out of your Pinterest profile, this content scheduling module is here to help you achieve that goal! It covers how to efficiently schedule pins for maximum impact, from understanding the basics of scheduling pins using Tailwind, to using an Excel pin plan planner. 

Pinterest Tools and Automations

The Pinterest Tools and Automations module is so important as it teaches you about Tailwind Communities and Group Boards, how to best use them, when to let go of them, plus an overview of SmartLoop and its new feature – SmartGuide. Additionally, you'll gain access to analytics and tracking progress tools like Pin Stats.

Pinterest Analytics

This online course module will teach you all kinds of vital information on the Pinterest algorithm,  Google Analytics and Tailwind Analytics. It will provide you with invaluable insights into how to track page views, demographics, geographic origins, and referral links of visitors to your profile.

Pinterest Analytics

Creating a Promoted Pin Campaign

The first step in creating Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads) is understanding the fundamentals of ROI and getting acquainted with the basics of setting up an effective campaign. With this module, you’ll learn how to set objectives, build an audience relevant to your niche, and how to maximize your budget while still achieving maximum payback all in one place.

Other Pinning Tools

  • Social Sharing Icons on Your Blog
  • MiloTree

Pinterest Ninja Secrets [Bonus Lessons]

  • Email Collection Strategies
  • Pain Before Gain

Other Traffic Platforms [Bonus Lessons]

  • Secrets to Growing an Instagram Account
  • Boost your traffic with Google Web Stories

BONUS: From Six-Figure Course Creator

  • The Strategy Behind a Six-Figure Blogging Business
  • Getting Clicks to Your Sales Pages

Become an Affiliate for Create and Go

  • Create and Go Affiliate Program
  • Images (for Affiliate Use)

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Pricing - Is it Worth The Cost?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche costs $197.  You get lifetime access to the Pinterest course and all of its modules, bonus content, support from the community, and bonus resources.

You can also pay in 2 installments of $107 each. It is a good value as some other Pinterest courses go for $497 and up.

If you are serious about upping your Pinterest strategy and are willing to put the time and focus in, then I would say that this course is worth it.  The bonus content and lifetime access to the course is a great investments.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with your purchase – they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. 

My Experience & Results With Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

When I first got the Pinterest Avalanche course, I was growing my blog at the time which was in the women's wellness and lifestyle niche. In my blogging journey,  I was already familiar with Pinterest, but this course helped me understand it much better and gave me the tools to grow my traffic exponentially.

The main thing it helped me with was to realize that Pinterest is mainly a search engine, so you need to optimize your pins for search, not just focus on promoting them. This meant that I had to create new pins for each blog post and make sure those pins were optimized for the keywords related to my niche - just like SEO for blog pages. 

The course also taught me how to correctly use hashtags with my pins, which helped increase their visibility (and save me tons of time). 

Does Pinterest Traffic Avalanche work? 

After just a few weeks of following the modules in this Pinterest course, I was able to see significant increases in my daily pageviews. I also noticed that more followers were engaging with my content - which really helped boost my Pinterest profile.

I have also had success with the Tailwind communities and SmartLoop feature, which has enabled me to increase my reach and visibility on the platform.

Before I took the course I was at 68,471 monthly viewers

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Results - Before

I was able to grow my audience to over 500,000 views!

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Results - After

I have since sold that blog and credit my Pinterest traffic to being able to grow my audience and make it profitable. 

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this course if you are looking to gain more visibility and engagement on Pinterest!  It will definitely help take your blog or business to the next level.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Vs Other Blogging Courses 

Overall, I was very impressed by what the Create and Go team had created. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of driving organic traffic with Pinterest. That said, the focus is on Pinterest and mastering Pinterest only. They briefly touch on other traffic platforms in the bonus lessons but no means is this a blogging course. 

Editors Note: we're reviewing tons of blogging courses courses for bloggers to improve their business and sites. From SEO to affiliate blogging courses, check out all of our reviews of online blogging courses here.

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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Online Reviews & Ratings

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has received a great reception from both seasoned bloggers and those starting out. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Create and Go website, with many reviewers saying that it was exactly what they needed to gain more traction with their Pinterest traffic.

The Facebook group also has glowing reviews, with members praising the content and support from the members. It comes out ahead of other Pinterest courses on the market. 


Is Pinterest still good for traffic?

Yes, Pinterest is still a great source of organic traffic. It can be highly effective when used correctly, and the strategies outlined in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course have been proven to drive increased traffic to websites.

How do I get massive traffic on Pinterest?

The best way to get massive traffic on Pinterest is by using the strategies outlined in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. These strategies include optimizing your pins, leveraging group boards, and creating content that resonates with your target audience.

Is the Pinterest audience mostly female?

Yes, as of January 2022, women represented 76.7% of Pinterest users, while men represented just 15.3% of the platform's users. While Pinterest does have a primarily female user base, they have been making efforts to attract more male users.

How do I become a Pinterest blogger?

To become a Pinterest blogger, you need to create and optimize content for the platform, build your Pinterest following, and start leveraging group boards. Additionally, the strategies outlined in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course can help you increase your organic traffic from the platform. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Create & Go offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on all of their courses.

Verdict: Is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Legit and Still Relevant For 2024?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

As of 2024, Pinterest had over 498 million active monthly users worldwide and is continuing to grow significantly every year. Further, the platform has also been actively evolving its features to make it more tailored to its users and offer better opportunities for businesses and bloggers to connect with their target audiences. With the help of a course like Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, you can leverage the power of Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your blog or business and take it to the next level.  

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to reach your target audience and you have an established blog or business and want to build up your presence on Pinterest, this course is ideal for you. The lessons are well-structured, informative and easy to understand. Plus, Create & Go offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the course risk free. 

If you want to maximize the potential of Pinterest and get more organic visitors, then try out Pinterest Traffic Avalanche!

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