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The GoHighLevel affiliate program is a lucrative affiliate program, with top GoHighLevel affiliates earning a whopping $10K - $150K per month.

As an affiliate, you get paid a 40% monthly recurring commission for every agency customer you refer and an additional 5% monthly recurring commission from every customer signed up by your referrals (Tier-2 affiliates).

Many agencies and entrepreneurs have jumped on the GoHighLevel affiliate train to get more referrals and this led to a lot of competition among affiliates.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top GoHighLevel affiliates who are killing it and earning between $10K to $150K per month.

Top GoHighLevel Affiliates - What's Their Strategy?

GoHighLevel has an affiliate leaderboard that displays the monthly rankings of the top GoHighLevel affiliates.

These rankings may change slightly from month to month. What's really interesting is the different strategies that each top affiliate uses to get more sign-ups and referrals.

gohighlevel affiliate program page

Some of these successful affiliates run their own marketing agencies and they ask their clients to sign up for GoHighLevel through their referral link. Others publish a ton of free content via YouTube or a blog and might even offer free courses and bonuses for HighLevel to get people to sign up through them.

We have compiled a list of the top GoHighLevel affiliates who earned the most affiliate revenue in the month of July (2023) - let's break down their strategies:

1. Jason Wardop

Jason Wardop is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, and one of the top GoHighLevel affiliates. In 2022, he won a NEW Tesla Model Y as a perk from GoHighLevel's Supercharged SaaS Program and he hasn’t slowed down since then.

Jason Wardop

In 2015, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to start his first software company and later had a nice exit from the company in early 2021.

Currently, Jason runs a big YouTube channel in his name with over 211K subscribers. He teaches how to start your own successful online business via his channel, even if you have no money, prior experience, or tech skills.

He recommends HighLevel as his software of choice for business, and points his subscribers to his GHL affiliate link to get them to sign up, and incentivizes them via bonuses and free courses.

2. Dominic Baptist

Dominic Baptist is a young entrepreneur who specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) with HighLevel. He is one of the company’s top affiliates, making over $100k per month from referrals.

Dominic Baptist

The 26-year-old marketer from Springfield, Illinois was working at a shopping mall for $15 per hour before getting into the marketing software industry and getting a big break.

Today, he also runs a YouTube channel where he shares content on GoHighLevel and teaches over 21K subscribers how to scale their SaaS business.

Like Jason Wardrop, Dominic has created free courses as bonus sign-up incentives for HighLevel, and uses his YouTube channel to direct viewers to sign up to his link.

As you can see, YouTube is one of the top traffic channels for GHL affiliates.

3. Max Perzon

Originally from Sweden, Max Perzon started his career in 2014 as a web developer. However, he found interest in SEO and affiliate marketing and pushed hard to become one of the most successful people in this industry.

Max Person

Today, he runs an online education business where he creates courses to teach people how to start, run, and grow profitable online businesses. He also runs SNMA (Super Niche Marketing Agency) where he works with solar and roofing contractors to generate more leads, appointments, and new customers.

His YouTube channel with over 53K subscribers features a lot of GoHighLevel content, cold calling tutorials, online business guides, and reviews of SaaS platforms.

4. Chris Record

Chris Record is an entrepreneur and top GoHighLevel affiliate based in Las Vegas, Nevada with a huge experience in the affiliate marketing industry. 

Chris Record

He’s a passionate business owner and is often known as the "entrepreneur artist”. On his YouTube channel, Chris creates inspiring rap and hip-hop music videos to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs looking to level up their lifestyles.

He also runs a marketing agency called LifePreneur where he manages a thriving community and offers advice to unlock entrepreneurial potential.

5. Samuel Fletcher 

Samuel Fletcher is one of the top GoHighLevel affiliate and the brain behind SupplyGem, a software review site that covers GoHighLevel extensively. In 2018, He co-founded the site along with Noel Griffith, an online business expert, to provide software advice you can trust.

Samuel Fletcher

He has substantial experience running online businesses and working with digital entrepreneurs to turn their knowledge into successful online businesses. On SupplyGem, he creates useful software reviews and comparison guides to help you successfully create, manage, and scale your online business.

6. Pavel Ketsuk

Pavel Ketsuk is a seasoned GoHighLevel affiliate and the founder of LIT - Leads on Demand, a successful lead generation agency.

At LIT, he works with home remodeling companies to get more high-quality leads and appointments every month.

He also runs his own YouTube channel, with over 39K subscribers.


7. Kasim Aslam

Kasim Aslam is an entrepreneur, Google Ads specialist, and top GoHighLevel affiliate. He is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, a top-ranking Google Ads agency in the US that helps businesses grow using Google Ads.

Kasim Aslam

He co-founded The Driven Mastermind, a premier global marketing mastermind, and co-authored “You vs. Google”, a top-ranking Amazon bestseller. Plus, he was the first traffic coach for DigitalMarketer.com’s ELITE coaching program and the co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

Kasim's insane expertise in Google Ads has helped him grow as a top GoHighLevel affiliate while working with numerous businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

8. Abigail O

Abigail O is ranked on No.8 for the month of July. We couldn't find any information about Abigail O and we can’t confirm how she promotes GoHighLevel.

9. Jasper Aiken

Jasper Aiken is a professional videographer, video editor, and one of the top GoHighLevel affiliates from the United States.

Jasper Aiken

He runs a YouTube channel with over 10K subscribers where he creates content on GoHighLevel while teaching you how to build a marketing software company and earn money from the comfort of your home.

10. Damian Player

Damian Player is the founder of Grind Village and is ranked as a top GoHighLevel affiliate.

Damian Player

As a serial entrepreneur, he created a community to help young entrepreneurs start their SaaS companies. To date, Damian has worked with over 4500 individuals in scaling their agencies using GoHighLevel.

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Verdict: How Can You Become a Top GoHighLevel Affiliate?

To become a top GoHighLevel affiliate, you need to help people solve their problems with GoHighLevel and show them how to use it to run their online businesses better and earn more income.

The top GoHighLevel affiliates are using these strategies to get sales and leads:

  • YouTube is top traffic strategy, followed by the agency model, and SEO
  • The top affiliates are building an audience of entrepreneurs, and recommending GHL as their software of choice
  • The top affiliates are building courses and other free incentives (bonuses) for business owners to sign up via their link

All of the top GoHighLevel affiliates are focused on helping their audience learn more about GoHighLevel, which is why they are so successful.

Top GoHighLevel Affiliates

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