Are you throwing your money away buying Token Metrics, or tapping into a AI-driven advantage in the crypto markets? Find out in our review.

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Token Metrics Review Summary

In our Token Metrics review, we found that Token Metrics is a legit source of cryptocurrency analysis and a solid platform for investing in crypto assets, but isn't for everyone. On one hand, they provide accurate price predictions, on the other hand, they receive mixed reviews online for customer service and pricing. We gave Token Metrics 3.7/5 stars. 

Overall Rating: 
3.7/5 stars






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Token Metrics Pros & Cons


  • Large and diverse amount of analytical functions.
  • Intuitive platform design.
  • Development is done by experts in their field.


  • Large number of functions and features can be overwhelming for newer investors.
  • High prices, especially for the higher-tier options.
  • Customer service needs improvement.

Key takeaways from our review:

  • Token Metrics uses advanced technology to provide a large variety of analytical tools that will help you evaluate cryptocurrencies to invest in.
  • Token Metrics is not a cheap suite of investment tools that’s accessible to every investor. 
  • Token Metrics is best suited for day traders, long-term investors, and cryptocurrency novices who have the money to spend on higher-end software.

What Is Token Metrics?

The Token Metrics platform is a cryptocurrency research platform that uses AI to provide users with price predictions for the cryptocurrency markets. By using Token Metrics, users can get fundamental analytics, technical indicators, expert opinions and other information about various crypto coins. 

what is token metrics?

The team at Token Metrics built a comprehensive offering that uses algorithms and machine learning to help give you the crypto investment options that you need. All this information is shown using graphs and other visualization methods to help you easily understand all the information you’re getting. 

Who Founded Token Metrics?

Token Metrics was started in 2018 by Ian Balina. Ian, who gained notoriety in the crypto markets in 2017 for his ICO calls and YouTube channel, is the source of much controversy in the Crypto world, especially on Twitter, but we're unsure if any allegations made against him are substantive or just the work of online trolls. These days Ian can be found as a regular appearance on the likes of CNBC News and other financial news channels.

The Token Metrics team is full of experienced engineers as well as crypto experts and is constantly growing. They are currently located in Austin, Texas, and provide their services to customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Company Information

Token Metrics Company Information 

Token Metrics Website: 






Token Metrics Address:

7600 Chevy Chase Drive, Suite 300, Austin, Texas, 78752, USA

Token Metrics Pricing

Let's go over Token Metrics pricing: how much does it cost, is it worth the money, and how do the different plans compare?

Token Metrics Pricing Plans

Free Trial

You can get a free trial for all the plan tiers except VIP. That means you can get a 7 day free trial for the Basic, Advanced and Premium plans.

If you pay for a yearly subscription upfront, you can get a pretty hefty discount on all of the available Token Metrics plans.


The Basic plan costs $19 per month or $199 per year, and gets the most complaints online due to how limited it is.

With the Token Metrics Basic plan, you get: 

  • Crypto Ratings
  • NFT grades
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Thought Leadership
  • Basic Plan Community Benefits
  • User Coaching 


The Advanced plan will cost you $99 per month or $999 per year.

With the Advanced plan, you get everything from the Basic plan, plus:

  • Crypto Research & Analytics
  • More Portfolio Tracking Options Than The Basic Plan
  • Model Portfolios
  • Thought Leadership With Additional Benefits
  • Advanced Plan Community Benefits


The Premium plan costs $299 per month or $2999 per year. 

With the Premium plan, you get everything in the Advanced plan, plus:

  • Advanced Crypto Research & Analytics (adds correlation, sentiment analysis, onchain analysis)
  • More Portfolio Tracking Options Than The Advanced Plan
  • Model Portfolios
  • Premium Plan Community Benefits 


The VIP plan costs $749 per month and $7499 per year.

With the VIP plan, you get everything from the lower tier plans, plus: 

  • VIP Plan Community Benefits:  Exclusive Telegram Group, and access to other crypto market leaders, including Ian Balina (CEO of Token Metrics), the TM team, and senior researchers and analysts. 

Token Metrics Discounts, Offers, and Promotions 

There currently aren’t any offers or promotions available for any of the Token Metrics plans. This section will be updated if any good deals pop up!

The best way to get a discount on Token Metrics is to sign up for a yearly plan, which gives you 2 months free on any plan.

Token Metrics Products & Features Breakdown

Token Metrics provides users with analytical, fundamental and technical data on crypto assets using machine learning as well as AI. All the Token Metrics information provided will be extremely useful to crypto investors who are looking to improve their trading strategies and build successful portfolios.

Token Metrics Products & Features

Token Metrics provides its users with useful research and investment tools such as prediction models, in-depth ratings, price forecasts and investment ratings. They even have a trends indicator and past performance rating table for you to use!

This section will break down what features you’ll be getting with each of the different subscription plans and hopefully help you pick the plan that's best for you.


The Basic plan comes with 5 main tools and benefits for subscribers. They are: 

Thoroughly Tested Crypto Ratings

With the Basic plan, you get data, proprietary ratings, and trading signals on the crypto market that are all provided with the power of AI.

Portfolio Tracking

The Basic plan helps you to build, track and do analysis on crypto portfolios easily.

Thought Leadership

Subscription to the Basic plan gives you access to Token Metrics Navigator and Token Metrics TV. Token Metrics Navigator is a weekly newsletter that’s full of the latest insights on the crypto market while Token Metrics TV (TMTV) is a service that provides daily videos from the Token Metrics team of crypto experts.

Basic Plan Community Benefits

Subscribing to the Basic plan gives you access to the Token Metrics Basic Telegram Group. The Basic Telegram Group gives you access to the Token Metrics community of cryptocurrency investors and the Token Metrics in-house group of crypto specialists.

User Coaching

The User Coaching feature gets you access to weekly webinars and coaching for building winning crypto portfolios.


With the Advanced plan, you get everything in the Basics plan along with a substantial amount of extra features and benefits.

Crypto Research & Analytics

The Advanced plan gives you various AI-powered research and analytic tools. 

You get technical analysis tools such as Profit and Loss, Resistance and Support Levels as well as Visual Trend Indicators. You also get Price Predictions, Scenario Analysis and Automated Summary (Fundamentals, Technology Analysis, Performance Metrics) tools.

More Portfolio Tracking Options Than The Basic Plan

On top of the portfolio tracking options you get in the Basic plan, you also get extra portfolio tracking features in the Advanced plan. 

For example, you can sync your already existing exchange and wallet to track your portfolio in real-time. You can also automatically add to your portfolios from your already existing exchange and wallet.

Model Portfolios

With the Advance plan, you gain access to various samples of model portfolios that you can learn from. These portfolios make use of different time horizons and are built using 5 different exchanges.

Thought Leadership

On top of what you get in the Basic plan, you also get instant email alerts on any important crypto news that Token Metrics has to offer. You also get access to TMTV+.

Advanced Plan Community Benefits

You gain access to the Advanced Telegram Group which means you get to connect with digital asset gurus and crypto experts that you wouldn’t have access to in the Basic telegram group.


The Premium plan includes everything you get with the Basic and Advanced plans while also including a bunch of other benefits as well.

With the Premium plan, you get all the features and benefits in Basic and Advanced along with

Even More Tools For Crypto Research & Analytics

You get various extra tools with the Premium plan. You get Correlation Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and On-chain Analysis on ETH as well as BTC.

Premium Plan Community Benefits

With the Premium plan, you get into the Private Network which is a Telegram group for bigger crypto enthusiasts, the leadership at Token Metrics, and various other exclusive crypto specialists.


The VIP plan is the highest tier plan available with Token Metrics. The VIP plan offers everything that Token Metrics and its team have to offer.

With the VIP plan, you get everything available in the Basic, Advanced and Premium plans along with:

VIP Plan Community Benefits

If you subscribe to the VIP plan, you gain direct access to the leadership of Token Metrics including the founder, Ian Balina via the VIP Telegram Group. You also gain access to a host of other exclusive crypto researchers, analysts, and experts.

The number of allowed members in the VIP Telegram Group is limited. Once the allowed number of members is reached, the VIP plan and Telegram Group will be closed.

Token Metrics FAQs

How much does Token Metrics cost?

Token Metrics has 4 different pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $19 per month, the Advanced plan costs $99 per month, the Premium plan costs $299 per month and the VIP plan costs $799 per month. You can get a discount on all of these plans by paying for a full year upfront.

How many subscribers does Token Metrics have?

As of this writing, Token Metrics has over 200,000 subscribers. 

How do I cancel my Token Metrics subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, just go to the “Settings Page” and look for the “Manage Your Plan” section. Then select the “Cancel” option to cancel your subscription. 

Is Token Metrics a good investment?

If you’re a bigger investor, Token Metrics is a good investment because of all the tools you get with your subscription.

Where is Token Metrics based?

Token Metrics and the Token Metrics team are based in America, specifically in Austin, Texas.

Who Is Token Metrics For?  

Token Metrics is a good choice for new investors in the cryptocurrency space who are looking for an extra edge on the competition and have some extra cash to spend on a subscription product, and advanced traders who are looking to add new data and networking opportunities to improve their current trading activities. 

If you need streamlined technical analysis for day-trading, the trustworthy team at Token Metrics and their crypto investment platform is definitely going to help improve your trading strategy.

That being said, if you’re a long-term investor, Token Metrics would be a useful tool for you as well. You can use Token Metrics as a tool to look for assets that will steadily go up in value over time.

Who's it not for?

Crypto investors looking for a budget-friendly investment tool should probably look elsewhere. While there’s a free trial and Basic plan available, the Token Metrics cost in general is pretty hard on the wallet for smaller investors.

Verdict - Should You Get Token Metrics?

Token Metrics Review

Token Metrics is a costly platform but if you’re a slightly larger investor with money to spare, the solid service that Token Metrics offers is worth the price of admission.

Depending on your needs, you could make due with the Basic plan but the Advanced plan offers almost everything that Token Metrics has to offer while not being the most expensive option available. 

If you think that you could make use of the artificial intelligence provided data and analytics provided by Token Metrics, you should give them a shot.

Please remember that your investment strategies can only be assisted by AI tools and you need to do your own research yourself.

If you’re on the fence, make use of their free trials to see what you’re getting before you buy!

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