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Savage Affiliates Review - Summary

In this review, I'll pull back the curtains on Savage Affiliates 2.0, an online affiliate marketing course that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to drive traffic to your affiliate websites, affiliate landing pages, or blogs. With my detailed Savage Affiliates review, you'll get insights into this course’s pricing, modules, and where S.A. excels and lacks.

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Affiliate Secrets 3.0 - Looking FOr The Best All Around Affiliate Marketing Course?

In this Savage Affiliates review, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about Franklin Hatchett's affiliate marketing training course.

From what you'll learn in the course, to how much it costs, and what other people have said about this program, I can help you decide whether Savage Affiliates is worth your time and money.

The course teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and all the methods that Frank (the course creator) has used to generate affiliate income over the years.

This Savage Affiliates review will help you decide whether this is the best choice for your affiliate marketing journey.

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Pros & Cons - Savage Affiliates

  • Affordable pricing options for the amount of content that is covered.
  • Most modules are suited for beginners and also valuable for advanced affiliate marketers.
  • You'll learn more than your average "affiliate niche site"-type of course, including funnels, and more.
  • Some strategies are high-level and unsuited for beginner affiliate marketers.
  • No refund or guarantee policy.
  • There is a lack of credible Savage Affiliates reviews from students with actual results from taking this course.

Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates - Overview

Savage Affiliates Review

Short on time and looking for the TL;DR on Savage Affiliates, here's a quick summary of what you'll learn in this review: 

What is it? A 30-day affiliate marketing course to help you get started on your affiliate marketing business.

Pricing: A one-time payment of either $197 or $297 with no monthly fees.

What we love: The program is comprehensive with over 200 training videos and very affordable.

What we don't love: The lack of social proof from students that this course has earned them money.

Where to buy: You can check out the sales page for S.A. right here.

Final verdict: Savage Affiliates is worth buying if you want a comprehensive affiliate marketing course at an affordable price.

What Exactly Is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing course. This 10-module course includes videos that teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. It uses several teaching approaches and highlights different methods for generating traffic to your affiliate marketing promotions.

This updated version is available for free to customers who have purchased the first version, while new customers get 60% off either package they choose.

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is the creator of Savage Affiliates and a well known Affiliate Marketer and YouTube creator. He intended for this training course to be an informal training center for his close friends. 

Over time, he developed it into one of the top affiliate marketing training platforms.

Hatchett also designed and developed the eCom Elites program that helps people start with dropshipping retail businesses.

He highlights other methods of making money online on his YouTube channel, where he has at least 370,000 subscribers.

Savage Affiliates Review - Everything You Need To Know About The Savage Affiliates Course

Savage Affiliates Pricing Info - How Much Does Savage Affiliates Cost?

So... Is Savage Affiliates worth the money?

Savage Affiliates has two pricing options, starting at $197 for the standard package and $297 for the advanced version with extra features.

Both versions are one-time payment packages with no monthly fees to become a member. They accept all standard payment methods including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and American Express.

I went through each pricing option and compared them below.

Standard Plan - ($197)

Cost: $197 (one time); Normally $497.

What’s Included:

  • Over-the-shoulder affiliate training
  • Full niche research training using Franklin Hatchett’s methods
  • Complete website setup & training for building your website asset
  • Complete email mark
  • Marketing setup & training
  • Complete funnel setup & training
  • Complete ClickBank training & bonus funnels
  • Complete Amazon affiliate marketing training
  • Google SEO traffic mastery training
  • Paid traffic academy to explode predictable growth (includes discussions on Facebook ads, Google ads, and solo ads)
  • Organic traffic academy to explode organic growth
  • Private Facebook group with Franklin Hatchett & other members
  • Weekly videos, including Q&A sessions
  • Instant access & lifetime updates

Super Pack Plan - ($297)

Cost: $297 (one time); Normally $697. 

What’s Included: The Super Pack includes everything in the Standard Pack plus the following extra features:

  • Full step-by-step ClickFunnels affiliate academy
  • Franklin Hatchett’s secret done-for-you affiliate marketing funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels pre-made funnels
  • Launch jacking affiliate method blueprint
  • Web hosting affiliate method blueprint

How's it different from the standard plan? The Super Pack goes deep into funnel training and learning how to make money with ClickFunnels (one of the most popular affiliate programs around). 

Savage Affiliates Discount

There's no available discount for Savage Affiliates. According to the sales page, Savage Affiliates is already heavily discounted at 60% off. We'll update this review if a discount becomes available.

Overview - What Will You Learn In Savage Affiliates? 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 is marketed as an affiliate marketing course that helps you become an affiliate income veteran with the proper training. This course teaches you about building your website assets to make passive income.

Affiliate marketing involves affiliates or associates earning commissions for marketing another company’s products. When people purchase that company’s products after finding your site and clicking on your affiliate links, you make passive income because of the minimal effort it took to make money.

Franklin takes you through the step-by-step process to make you an internet marketer. In this 10-module course, you will learn the essentials, from creating your profitable online asset to harnessing a launch jacking method to capture traffic.

Purchasing the course grants you access to a private Savage Affiliates Facebook group. This community can help guide you through each module that collectively contains over 30 hours of video training.

Let’s get into exactly what you're going to learn in each module.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 - What Is Included In The Course? 

In the next few sections you'll learn exactly what is included in S.A 2.0. 

Module 1 - Affiliate Products To Promote

The first module discusses lucrative affiliate products and niches you can promote for high commissions. This starting point is mostly aimed at beginners to avoid choosing the wrong niches, thus wasting precious time and money.

Franklin shows you the best networks to find your profitable products. He also gives pointers on how to correctly create your online assets and make a solid affiliate site for them to generate passive income.

These are the necessary foundations in building a passive income generating machine.

Franklin coaches you through his step-by-step process with his no-nonsense approach. He aims to point you to the directions he took that brought him massive success in an easy-to-digest manner so you don’t miss anything.

Module 2 - Build Your Website Asset

In Module 2, Franklin Hatchett goes deeper into the discussion of building your foundation. In this section, he teaches you about growing your website assets, including web pages, blog posts, and landing pages. These become the business assets that help you make money.

As an extension of the first module, this section is helpful for newbies to the affiliate marketing scene. Franklin discusses what it takes to build a website, from buying a domain name to installing important plugins to creating web pages and landing pages.

This section also goes over building your email list as integral for your business. Email marketing is an important component of affiliate marketing because it gives you another channel that you control for generating income. Building an email list is essential for anyone who wants to make money online.

Module 3 - Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Training

Picking up from where he left in the previous section, Franklin takes you through the email marketing and funnel academy in module 3. 

This module walks you through the proper way to set up email newsletters and campaigns, a standard skill in online marketing. You will learn about email marketing and affiliate funnels until you can build your affiliate funnel for automated commissions.

I find this particular section extremely helpful for beginners and veterans alike. This section talks about setting up your fully automated income machine. This is where you learn how to get commissions automatically in the backend of your affiliate marketing business.

In affiliate marketing, email plays a crucial role in helping you reclaim customers who have bought from your affiliate links. To simplify, once you get your commission from a product’s owner, that customer is there's, and the best way for you to get repeat business from them is by having them on your email list.

Franklin discusses autoresponders that he uses to recapture leads. He focuses on the GetResponse autoresponder, a beginner friendly email system.

You need to understand how autoresponders work so you can continue to send offers to customers who have found your promotions and websites.

Module 4 - ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Training

This section contains 31 videos that cover everything you need to know to drive leads toward your affiliate marketing business, from tax requirements to building funnels.

Particularly, this module is all about training you to navigate ClickBank. This is one of the easiest ways to find the right products to promote for high commissions. You will learn how to build a profitable ClickBank affiliate marketing website and create profitable ClickBank funnels.

Franklin breaks down the process of finding the right products to make your online business. He offers his blueprints for free traffic and paid traffic. He also includes done-for-you funnels that he uses. These are essential knowledge if you want to make online commissions.

Once you get through this section, you will know what products to look for in ClickBank. Some products highlighted in this section include real-life examples, which you can use as a basis for finding a niche that works well for you.

Although you can promote the exact products presented in this section, I advise you to use them only as a basis for finding better ones that you can work with. Everyone who purchases Savage Affiliates might take the easier route of promoting the exact offers, so it wouldn’t help you that much. You will have to adapt and build from what’s already made.

Module 5 - ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Training

This two-part module is only available in the Super Pack version of Savage Affiliates. It contains 48 videos that further discuss how to correctly build and execute sales funnels.

Module 5 focuses on ClickFunnels (an online tool to build sales funnels), one of the hottest affiliate programs on the market, and teaches you how to master it.

Franklin guides you through his $100,000 affiliate funnel with ClickFunnels. He has a Two Comma Club award to back up his mastery over this affiliate program. ClickFunnels gives away this special award to its members who have earned at least $1 million dollars through a sales funnel.

Franklin provides a case study to further prove how real his process is. He walks you through the lessons concisely so you understand the proper way of setting up your funnel. With solid personal examples and an actual case study, this is one of my favorite modules.

This module gives you access to the actual funnel that Franklin used to earn him his ClickFunnels award. You learn how to master free traffic and paid traffic for commissions, essentially giving you a blueprint to replicate his process.

Module 6 - Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

This module takes you through Amazon’s affiliate program (the largest in the world) and teaches you how to navigate its affiliate network. You will learn how to build a profitable Amazon affiliate marketing website with 15 videos that uncover the best Amazon products to promote.

Once again, Franklin provides legitimate examples that have worked for him. You can follow his lead or build on his ideas to choose the right buyer keywords and find your niche of ideal Amazon products to promote.

Module 6 covers everything you need to know to set up your Amazon affiliate website correctly. By the time you finish, you’ll have learned how to layout and structure articles in your niche site while using the proper keywords.

Module 7 - SEO Google Traffic Training

We're big fans of SEO and search engine traffic at ChillReptile, so in this Savage Affiliates review we were very careful to vet the SEO training section. 

Franklin Hatchett teaches you how to flood your offers with organic traffic that comes with Google search engine optimization. He lets you in on the ranking method that helped him reach his status in the affiliate marketing world. He says that his method will get your website ranking over and over on Google and proves it with 29 videos all about SEO.

Just like the previous modules, this section is comprehensive. Franklin covers both on-page SEO and off-page SEO, which are important aspects of affiliate marketing. On-page SEO includes the factors on your site, while off-page SEO works in the background.

The section also discusses backlinks as part of its off-page SEO coverage. You will learn what backlinks Franklin uses to point back to his website. With his step-by-step guide, you will learn how to flood your site with traffic to earn larger commissions with affiliate marketing.

Module 8 - Free Traffic Training

This module picks up from the discussion on SEO, although it stands alone as its own topic. Free traffic and SEO are related topics, but Franklin explains in this section how they are different.

Franklin teaches you how to get traffic for free with his methods. Free traffic gets your website the attention it needs for you to make commissions in your affiliate marketing journey. Since it’s “free traffic,” all you need is a bit of effort to get started.

The module includes discussions on getting traffic from social media, forums, and YouTube (video marketing). You will learn how these platforms can help get you the clicks you need to boost your pages. You may get more insight into YouTube traffic, especially since Franklin has a big following on the platform.

Module 9 - Paid Traffic Training

This module discusses three paid traffic sources: Facebook ads, Google ads, and solo ads. 

Franklin gives simple instructions, making the entire section easy to understand. For beginners, this will be a great introduction. For veterans, this is an excellent refresher course to improve what you may already have by incorporating paid traffic in your systems.

Most of this section is dedicated to Facebook ads. You will learn how to track visitors to your website by setting up Facebook pixels, and you will learn how to properly track and manage your campaigns.

Franklin then introduces you to Google ads and solo ads where you will learn the best leads from other sources. These sections of paid traffic training cover keyword targeting, tracking, audience selection, and finding the best sellers to pay for ads for instant results.

Module 10 - Launch Jacking And Web Hosting Blueprint

This module is exclusive to the Savage Affiliates super version. It discusses launch jacking and web hosting—two powerful methods of making money online. The section includes Franklin’s step-by-step blueprints for setting up either method for your website.

With launch jacking, you get to capture future floods of traffic. Franklin shows you what you must do to achieve this attention for your blog or website.

Meanwhile, getting money with web hosting involves promoting products or services on their website. Franklin will teach you how you can make large commissions just by hosting a website alone.

Extras Included In The Super Pack 

  • Full Step-By-Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin Hatchett’s Secret Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre-Made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Other bonuses you can get when you act now include:

Other bonuses you get when you join include: 

  • Live Q&A Videos
  • Private Inner Circle With Other Members
  • Lifetime Updates

Savage Affiliates Testimonials - Is Anyone Getting Results With Franklin Hatchett’s Courses?

James Hussey, an Affiliate Marketer and friend of mine whose in my Facebook group, has gotten his hands on Savage Affiliates 2.0.

He has some thoughts as a former student on the Savage Affiliates course:

"Savage Affiliates 2.0 is the second incarnation from dream car winner, Franklin Hatchett, aimed at offering good foundation advice to those new to the affiliate marketing world. The training gives advice on SEO, Funnels, Ads and email marketing, allowing people to find a path that works for them." - James

This testimonial comes from my friend, so there may be some bias that puts you off. 

That’s understandable.

Let’s consider another testimonial from Frank's website:

“I can't recommend Franklin's products enough! After taking his course it helped me understand affiliate marketing better and how to use it in my Instagram business. Since enrolling I've gone from $0 to making my first commission and growing. growing! All of this is thanks to what I learn inside Franklin's online training and taking action. This training opened me up to a new online world!” - Brent James, Top Student

Brent James is one of Franklin’s top students in affiliate marketing.

FAQs - Savage Affiliates

Who is Savage Affiliates for?

Savage Affiliates is for affiliate marketers of any skill level, at any business, in any niche. Consider that this testimonial does not go into detail about whether they earned money from the course or not.

Is Savage Affiliates affordable?

Savage Affiliates is more affordable than the usual courses out there. You get a great deal for what it’s worth in terms of the lessons in each course. Savage Affiliates teaches you all the standard strategies you need for making money online, from SEO traffic, paid traffic, free traffic, and even social media traffic.

What is the refund policy of Savage Affiliates?

Refund policy is very flexible. It offers a month for you to decide whether the training suits you and your goals. So, if you are looking for an affiliate marketing course that covers just about everything you need to know at a reasonable price, consider Savage Affiliates.

Is Savage Affiliates Legit?

Savage Affiliates is certainly legit, however like all programs what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. How serious are you about building your affiliate business? How much effort are you willing to put in? You'll get access to loads of content at an affordable price and become part of an active community of like-minded affiliate marketers, but that doesn't guarantee that you'll succeed.

Final Verdict - Should You Buy Savage Affiliates? 

No. Right now I can't recommend this product, and while I don't have anything truly negative to say about it, I don't think it's the best (but it might be right for you depending on budget and other considerations)

S.A. is a decent introduction to affiliate marketing and building your website, but far from the best.  

Franklin goes over multiple methods, from ClickBank, ClickFunnels, and Amazon. You get to know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing at a good price, which is a sweet deal if you are a beginner or on a budget.

These points should be enough to convince anyone to buy Savage Affiliates, however... if you're looking for a well rounded affiliate marketing course and are less concerned with budget, the one that I recommend the most is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham. 

[Read my Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review

If you're looking for an SEO blogging affiliate marketing course, you might want to consider one of these top affiliate marketing courses that get a ton of love from their students. 

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