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I love automating my marketing stack.

There's nothing more satisfying then getting your tools to automatically send information to each other in a way that's never been done before...

It feels like magic!

Since we're marketing software geeks on this website, we test a LOT of tools.

So I decided to compare a newcomer to the automation scene (Pabbly) against an industry titan: Integromat (Make). 

In this article, I will compare Pabbly Connect VS Integromat in detail to help you decide which platform is right for you. 

Pabbly Connect VS Integromat 

Having now reviewed Pabbly Connect against Zapier as well as Integrately (and more comparisons coming soon), we have a solid understanding of the tool and how it compares with competitors.

Pabbly Connect is a powerful automation platform (albeit a newcomer and somewhat "beta" tool) that we've reviewed extensively, and part of the Pabbly software suite that stands out due to its extensive integration capabilities with over 1000 applications.

They also have a great API if you're a super nerd and trying to build your own automations and connections.

Pabbly Connect Homepage

It allows users to automate business processes effortlessly, even without coding skills. Notably, Pabbly Connect is the only platform that provides unrestricted access to all of its features, regardless of the subscription plan - instead, they limit your tasks per month depending on the plan you are on.

Make (Formerly Integromat) is one of the best alternatives to Pabbly Connect which helps in designing visualization and automating your work.

Pabbly Connect VS Integromat - Side By Side Feature Review

Here is the side-by-side review of Pabbly Connect and Integromat.


  • Pabbly Connect: 1000+
  • Integromat: 1500+


  • Pabbly Connect: Starts at $19 per month
  • Integromat: Starts at $10 per month

Free Plan:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Delay Module:

  • Pabbly Connect: No Limit
  • Integromat: Limited

Customer Support:

  • Pabbly Connect: Good
  • Integromat: Good

Workflow Limit:

  • Pabbly Connect: No Limits
  • Integromat: No Limits


  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Schedule Triggers:

  • Pabbly Connect: In 1 minute
  • Integromat: Instantly

Internal Links:

  • Pabbly Connect: Free
  • Integromat: Free

Google Reviews:

  • Pabbly Connect: 67
  • Integromat: 353


  • Pabbly Connect: 4.52/5
  • Integromat: 4.8/5

No Limit on Routers:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Easy to Use:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Easy to Set up Complex Workflows:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Wide Range of Apps:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Free Subscription Plan:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Reasonable Pricing:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Number of Integrations:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Sometimes Buggy:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Difficult Tutorials:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Limited Documentation:

  • Pabbly Connect: Yes
  • Integromat: Yes

Pabbly Connect vs Make (Formerly Integromat) Pricing

Both platforms offer a variety of pricing plans such as monthly, annual, and enterprise. There are key differences between the two platforms in terms of pricing and features.

Let's start with Pabbly Connect Pricing (that link is our uber-detailed, nitty-gritty guide to PC's pricing).

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect Pricing

  • Free forever plan: Costs $0/month to start, comes with 100 tasks per month, unlimited workflows, and no credit card required.
  • Standard: Costs $19/month to start, comes with 12,000 tasks per month, unlimited workflows, and does not count tasks for internal apps ($192/year, $180 on 2-year plan, and $168 on 3-year plan).
  • Pro: Costs $39/month to start, comes with 24,000 tasks per month, unlimited workflows, all features of the Standard plan, ($396/year, $372 on 2-year plan, and $348 on 3-year plan).
  • Ultimate: Costs $79/month to start, comes with 50,000 tasks per month, unlimited workflows, all features of the Pro plan, priority support, JavaScript & Python Module, and Auto Re-executions ($804/year, $1512 on 2-year plan, $2124 on 3-year plan).

For all Pabbly Connect plans, features include:

  • Unlimited Operations
  • Unlimited Internal Tasks
  • Instant Webhook
  • Iterator
  • Multi-Step Calls
  • Formatters
  • Delaying
  • Scheduling
  • Re-execute workflows
  • Email Parser
  • Filter
  • Unlimited Path Routers
  • Unlimited Premium Apps
  • Unlimited App Connections
  • Free Internal Tasks
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Enhanced Security
  • Folder Management
  • 1000+ App Integrations
  • Community (12K+ Members)

Make (Formerly Integromat) Pricing

Integromat offers alot of pricing plans according to your business needs. Let's check them out.

Integromat Monthly Pricing
Integromat/Make Pricing

Prices listed below are monthly.

Free Plan
  • For beginners trying automation with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Price: $0 per month.
  • Includes 1,000 operations per month.
  • Features:
    • No-code visual workflow builder.
    • Access to 1,000+ apps.
Core Plan
  • For individuals automating simple tasks.
  • Price: $10.59 per month (billed monthly).
  • Offers 10,000 operations per month.
  • Includes everything in the Free plan.
  • Additional Features:
    • Unlimited active scenarios.
    • Minimum 1-minute interval between scheduled scenario executions.
    • Access to the Make API.
Pro Plan
  • Ideal for those needing more advanced automations.
  • Price: $18.82 per month (billed monthly).
  • Comes with 10,000 operations per month.
  • Includes all Core plan features.
  • Extra Features:
    • Custom variables.
    • Scenario Inputs.
    • Full-text execution log search.
    • Operations usage flexibility.
    • Priority scenario execution.
Teams Plan
  • Designed for departments implementing automation for multiple users.
  • Price: $34.12 per month (billed monthly).
  • Provides 10,000 operations per month.
  • Includes all Pro plan features.
  • Added Features:
    • Multiple teams and permissions.
    • High-priority scenario execution.
    • Create and share scenario templates.
Enterprise Plan
  • Tailored for organizations using automation for key business functions.
  • Custom solutions available, speak to an expert.
  • Includes everything in Teams, plus:
    • Enhanced security.
    • Company single sign-on (SSO) for improved security and governance.
    • Auto-provisioning for new users.
    • Information security compliance support.
    • Always-on support.
    • 24/7 customer support.
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager.
    • Service Level Agreements.
    • Enhanced manageability.
    • Longer execution log storage.
    • Operations overage protection.
    • Custom scenario properties.
    • Advanced capabilities.
    • Custom functions.
    • Expanded use cases with enterprise apps.
    • Support for larger file sizes.

Pabbly Connect VS Integromat - Tasks

Unlike other integration platforms, Pabbly Connect does not charge for trigger and internal steps in your monthly task allowance.

While Integromat counts Webhooks, Filters, and Google Sheets as three tasks, Pabbly Connect counts them as one.

Pabbly Connect vs Integromat Task Difference

What Stands Out For Us When Reviewing Pabbly Connect Vs Integromat?

Here are some key differences between Pabbly Connect and Integromat:

1. Pricing

Pabbly Connect and Integromat both offer a free plan with limited features. Paid plans start at $19 per month for Pabbly Connect and $10 per month for Integromat.

2. Ease of use

Integromat is generally considered to be easier to use than Pabbly Connect, due to its more user-friendly interface and longer history as an integration tool.

3. Customer support

Both Pabbly Connect and Integromat offer good customer support. Pabbly Connect offers live chat and email support, knowledge base, while Integromat offers email support.

Pabbly Connect VS Integromat Reviews And Ratings

Software Advice gave Pabbly Connect a 4.5/5 rating based on 68 user reviews.

This is what one of user said about Pabbly Connect:

"Overall, I am super happy that I found out about Pabbly, I have two active integrations through it for this current client and I am planning to buy extra lifetime credits to use for future clients too. There's simply no way I would pay for Zapier in a future where we have Pabbly Connect."
Pabbly Connect reviews

Integromat was given 4.8/5 rating based on its 355 reviews on Software Advice.

This is what a user said about Make (formerly Integromat):

"The experience was neutral, I contacted the support as well regarding the integration to Google Sheets but they were not able to help."
Pabbly Connect vs Integromat reviews

FAQs: Pabbly Connect VS Integromat

Which platform is better for beginners?

Pabbly Connect is generally considered to be a better option for beginners than Integromat. Pabbly Connect has a more user-friendly interface and offers more video tutorials.

Which is better Integromat or Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is better for businesses on a budget, while Integromat is better for businesses with complex automation needs.

Verdict: Which is Best For Your Business? Pabbly Connect or Integromat?

I've tried them all at this point: Zapier, IFTTT, Pabbly Connect, Integromat, and more (I lost count).

Here's my verdict:

If you are looking for a no-code automation tool that is easy to use, has a wide range of integrations and is also affordable, Pabbly Connect is a good option. I think it's best suited for small businesses and small teams as it's a bit half-baked at this point.

On the other hand, if you need a battle-tested solution, with less bugs, and more integrations, but you're not budget conscious - Go with Integromat or Zapier. Both of these tools are better adapted for larger businesses and teams who need reliability and options.

One thing we LOVE about Pabbly Connect: their team is hard at work improving the tool and their business and it's getting better all the time. It might be worth checking out their Lifetime deal as an investment:

Pabbly Connect Vs Integromat

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