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Marketing 360 Review Summary

In our Marketing 360 review, we will deep dive into the software and discover how useful it is for small businesses. The platform houses a bunch of essential tools you'll need to get more sales and grow your business. They also offer agency services on top of their software solutions if you want managed services. We gave Marketing 360 4.5/5 stars overall.

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars






Key takeaways from this review:

  • Suite of marketing tools need to grow your business.
  • Creative marketing services + creative talent available to solve your business needs.
  • Responsive support and useful Youtube channel to stay unstuck.

Marketing 360 Pros & Cons


  • Powerful suite of tools to run marketing campaigns and manage your business
  • Built-in CRM to manage sales process and customer engagement
  • Marketing services and on-demand creative talent to meet your needs
  • Responsive customer support via multiple channels


  • A bit expensive for small businesses, especially on higher tiers
  • Some features might be too overwhelming for beginners to understand

What is Marketing 360?

Marketing 360 is a comprehensive, integrated software platform that offers a suite of tools along with marketing services in one single place for small businesses to grow.

Founded by Madwire (the parent company) in 2009, the software platform provides everything a small business needs.

marketing 360 home

Whether you want to create a custom business website, manage contacts with a CRM system, set up automated engagement campaigns, sell products with an e-commerce shop, streamline your sales process, or receive payment (online or offline).

Marketing 360® offers everything you need to run and manage your small business. Over 15,000 businesses in various industries rely on the platform to manage their system and workflow.

And it’s not just about the technology tools you get. Marketing 360 also provides a bunch of marketing services, creative talent and dedicated experts. 

As a M360 customer, you can purchase various do-it-for-you marketing services necessary for your small business to grow. Some of these services include Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

And you can also hire their creative talents to assist with 3D video rendering, logo design, product photography, and more.

With the combination of their tech tools and services, Marketing 360 can serve as the go-to marketing solution you need to reach your business goals.

Who is Marketing 360 for?

Marketing 360 is suited for small businesses, no matter your niche or industry.

It’s an all-in-one platform designed to run campaigns, collect leads, convert them into customers, engage customers, and manage their team.

markting 360 list of target industries

Whether you’re a dentist, law firm attorney, fitness trainer, or restaurant manager, Marketing 360 provides the useful tools + creative assistance you need to streamline your system, boost brand awareness, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

If you fit into any of the categories shown above, you can take the tool for a spin with their free trial. Over 15,000+ businesses are currently subscribed and are using the platform to grow their business.

As long as your business NEEDS a software platform to nurture leads, convert them to customers, engage contacts, and manage relationships, Marketing 360 CRM is a must-have in your arsenal.

Marketing 360 Features

Looking to see if Marketing 360 has the required functionality you need for your business.

Here’s a rundown of the features available to get your business off the ground:

1. Marketing 360 CRM

Need a place to engage leads, manage your customers, and stay organized?

Marketing 360 has its built-in CRM suited for small businesses like yours.

With the easy-to-use customizable CRM, you can stay in absolute control of your leads, customers, team project tasks, and sales process.

marketing 360 custom integrations

Plus, it can seamlessly integrate with 5,000+ apps you are already using.

2. Marketing 360 Shop App

With the Shop App, you can build a sleek storefront for your business, display products, and sell online.

It comes with modern store design options to build a storefront that stands out, making it easy for customers to browse products and checkout.

The platform also makes it easy to manage your store, track inventory, offer promotions/discounts, and manage shopping options,

If you’re an e-commerce business owner, this feature is best for you.

3. Marketing 360 Website Builder

Every business that wants to be discovered by customers online needs a website. Marketing 360 takes care of that for you by providing a website builder called Websites 360.

This tool helps you build a modern website for your business. No matter your industry, you get access to a variety of modern templates that can be customized to fit your brand style.

marketing 360 website builder

With the website management features available, you can also make changes to your site easily and manage your online presence.

The best part is that your website is fully integrated with the rest of the Marketing 360 platform. This means you can seamlessly connect it with forms, payments and email automation, CRM and more.

4. Marketing 360 Point of Sale

With the point-of-sale feature, you can manage your business the way you want. The POS offerings range from appointment scheduling to inventory tracking and payroll management, it offers all you need.

You can accept payments (online or offline type), arrange appointments and offer rewards for client loyalty and handle payroll.

5. Marketing 360 Mobile App

Marketing 360 comes with a mobile app that allows you to manage your business on the go. At the gym or in the office—No matter where you are, you can stay on top of your business with the Marketing 360 Mobile App.

The app lets you accept payment fast, engage leads, close deals, connect with customers and monitor reports in a few clicks.

6. Marketing 360 Payments

With the Payments feature, Marketing 360 allows you to get paid more easily and faster. 

You can easily connect it with your bank account, start accepting payments online or offline, and get an instant payout. 

The feature also allows you to send invoices to clients with ease and create subscription plans for recurrent billing.

7. Marketing 360 Forms

Forms are useful for different scenarios such as for leads, surveys, feedback, payments, and more.

With Marketing 360, you can create and manage all your forms in one place. You can either choose to leverage a pre-designed form suited for your industry or create yours from scratch in minutes.

These forms can be used to collect customer info, files, and accept payments. One good thing is that the information collected can be automatically synced with your CRM system, payment, or any other relevant apps in the M360 suite.

8. Marketing 360 Email Marketing

With Marketing 360’s email marketing tool, you can stay on top of your audience's mind via email or text. 

It allows you to create targeted campaigns, nurture your leads, and communicate with your customers via effective email and SMS marketing.

marketing 360 email marketing

You can get started by creating a modern email design using templates and automation workflows suited for your business.

9. Marketing 360 Listings

With the Marketing 360 Listings feature, your business can be listed and discoverable on 50+ sites and directories. Some of these sites include Facebook, Top Rated Local, Google Business Profile, and more.

It also allows you to easily update your business information on these sites and manage your online presence with ease.

10. Marketing 360 Social

Marketing 360 can help you streamline your social media workflow and ensure your brand remains engaged online with little effort.

The platform allows you to connect all your profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), schedule eye-catching content in advance, drive engagement, see insights, and grow your audience from one dashboard.

11. Marketing 360 Content

You also get a tool to manage your content marketing efforts. Marketing 360 helps you improve your content game and grow your business organically with better SEO.

The platform offers the right tools and talent you need to create valuable organic content (search-optimized blog posts, website content, videos emails, infographics), track SEO performance, and monitor organic search rankings.

12. Marketing 360 Reputation Builder

Building a strong reputation is essential for any business that wants to stand the test of time.

marketing 360 reputation builder

With Marketing 360’s Reputation Builder, you can monitor ratings on relevant industry-related review sites, request reviews from satisfied customers, respond to reviews, build trust with new visitors, and build a strong online reputation in one place.

13. Marketing 360 Ads

Marketing 360 Ads can help you grow your business and customer base with multi-channel ads.

You can put your products in front of the right audience by running targeted advertising via Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and even Google Maps. Their dedicated Ad specialist can help you with digital billboard, radio, and TV ads to increase brand awareness.

14. Marketing 360 Intelligence

No more complicated charts and hard-to-read analytics dashboards. Marketing 360 offers in-depth business reporting that you need to restrategize and win.

The Intelligence dashboard shows insightful reports so you can make data-driven business decisions. It also allows you to track each lead, call, campaign, and sale to know what’s working for your business.

Marketing 360 Agency Services

Marketing 360 is more than JUST a software (SaaS) solution; the company also offers online marketing services for your business needs, acting like a typical agency.

Here’s a rundown of their agency services and their respective cost:

1. Content Marketing & SEO

Marketing 360 can work with you to scale your content marketing efforts and get better brand viability online.

They offer content marketing and SEO services to create SEO content, optimize your website, track rankings, and grow your business on search engines.

2. Social Media Marketing

From content creation to publishing and even running ads, this service has all you need to grow your business on social media. It goes for $595 per month.

The package is suited for you if you have little time and need to outsource social media marketing for your business.

3. Multi-Channel Ads

If you don’t have the skills or expertise to run targeted ads, Marketing 360 can help you out.

They have a team of Ad professionals ready to help you set up multi-channel ads, reach more audiences, and grow your business.

4. Design Services

Don’t have visual skills and expertise? No problem! Marketing 360 provides design services for your business as part of their agency side of things.

To subscribe to their services, you’ll need to pay $2,000 for the design package.

5. Website Design

If your business needs a custom-built website, then Marketing 360 can help you out. They’ll offer you a range of customizable web design templates to choose one and begin the process.

Their website design services cost between $3,000 to $20,000+ per website. The actual price will be based on the technical complexity of your desired site.

Marketing 360 Creative Services

On top of the suite of technology apps and agency services, Marketing 360 also provides access to US-based, on-demand creative talent for your business.

marketing 360 creative services

Here’s a list of Marketing 360 creatives services you can enjoy as a customer:

1. Logo design and branding

You get to work with talented designers and branding experts from Marketing 360 to create beautiful logos and branding materials that your business needs.

This creative service is great for fresh business and includes domain name research, business card designs, letterheads, and more.

2. Professional photography

No need to hire an expensive photography studio to create high-quality photos for your business.

Marketing 360 will offer you professional product photography services to impress your customers, elevate your brand, and make more sales 

3. Video production

Marketing 360 can also help you with video production.

Based on your needs and budget, they have video experts who’ll help you produce video commercials or interviews that meet your taste.

4. Custom animated videos

If you want to explain complex topics about your business to your audience, creating animated videos might be the best solution.

The Marketing 360 creative team can help with that by helping you out with your custom animation needs.

5. 3D product rendering

3D product rendering is a great way to showcase your product and make it more appealing.

If you don’t have the talent for it, you can rely on their creative team to create interactive product renders and showcase your product.

6. Swag & Apparel

Marketing 360 can assist with matching swag and apparel production for your team.

Just let them know exactly what you need, when you need it and they’ll create something that uniquely represents your brand!

Marketing 360 Integrations

To extend functionality and give you an added advantage, Marketing 360 has direct partnerships and integration with various third-party platforms.

Some of the most important Marketing 360 integrations include:

1. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you build and manage an online storefront. You can combine it with Marketing 360 to grow your business, track orders, and engage leads.

2. Google

With this partnership, you can easily set up your business on Google Business Profile and Google Maps and even get a better ranking on Google organic search results. This will put you in front of customers searching for businesses like yours.

marketing 360 integration partners

3. Stripe 

Stripe is the payment infrastructure of the internet. With this integration, you can use their API to receive payments from customers and send payouts easily.

4. Yext

With Yext Listings, you’re in full control of what information is shown for business across over 150 sites. This integration will allow you to manage your brand and ensure customers find accurate information about your business online.

Marketing 360 Pricing & Plans

Right now, information about Marketing 360 pricing plans isn’t publicly available anywhere on their website.

To see all the info I wanted, I had to sign up for a free trial account to view pricing information and take the software for a two-week spin.

So let’s talk about the free trial.

1. Free Trial

Marketing 360’s free trial period is 14 days.

This means you get started with the software platform and test all its features for 2 weeks with zero financial commitment. 

And to start with the free trial, you don't need to add a credit card to sign up. Only your email address and personal details are required.

To continue using the software after the trial period, you can choose any of the Marketing 360 pricing tiers available below:

2. Marketing 360® Basics

This Basics Plan provides DIY (do-it-yourself) essential marketing tools needed to build a web presence, manage contacts, and accept payments online for your business.

It costs $65/month, with an initial 12-month term ($780). After subscribing for a year, you can renew every month.

As a M360 customer on the Basics Plan, you get access to a range of features such as website builder, online payment processor, e-commerce capabilities, and mobile app to grow your business.

marketing 360 pricing plans

3. Marketing 360® Full-Platform

The pricing plan provides access to the entire Marketing 360 platform.

It goes for $395/month and offers you all you get in the Basics Plan along with a suite of additional apps including Nurture (text & email marketing for up to 100k contacts), Ads, Intelligence (for analytics), Social Media, and Content

One thing I love about this plan is that it provides an expert team to help you with business setup ($3,000 value). This team of experts will guide you on all your business needs, from custom web design to marketing automation.

If you need done-for-you business services and a suite of all apps that Marketing 360 offers, this plan is perfect for you.

4. Grow Your Business (Personalized) Plan

Priced based on your business needs and goals, the Grow Your Business plan offers all the available apps along with a dedicated marketing team to skyrocket your business.

Your dedicated team will assist with a lot more custom multi-channel business solutions including social media, research, strategy, creative, ads, content, and SEO.

To get started with this plan, you’ll need to schedule a meeting on Calendly with your assigned rep and discuss your goals.

Marketing 360 Reviews & Ratings

Over the years, Marketing 360 has received a ton of accolades and positive ratings from third-party review platforms.

For instance, they have been ranked in Glassdoor’s top 50 best places to work (4X), Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing workplaces, and Colorado’s top family-owned companies.

And there’s more. The software platform is also well-reviewed and rated on various review aggregators.

Marketing 360 enjoys a positive overall rating on GetApp, grabbing 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 1k reviews. This is a testament to how well real customers are satisfied with the tools and services. From the published reviews, most customers raved about the platform’s customer support, ads, and analytics features.

marketing 360 getapp reviews

On Capterra, Marketing 360 is currently rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 1k reviews. Looking through, I found positive reviews about the platform’s ease of use and vast suite of tools.

On Software Advice, Marketing 360 is ranked highly here too, with a 4.6 out of 5 overall rating and 1k+ reviews given so far. Most of the reviews I read praised the platform’s flexibility, personalized services, customer support, and ease of use.

With all these ratings and awards, I think it’s ok to say most customers are well satisfied with Marketing 360 and get great value for money!

Marketing 360 Customer Support

As an entity offering tools and services, is it essential for Marketing 360 to have responsive customer support. 

Looking through the levels of support available, it is clear the company takes customers seriously.

Here are the various ways to get support and stay unstruck as an M360 customer:

Online Help Center: The help center is a robust collection of walkthrough videos, tutorials, and best practices.

Each of the articles and videos has been arranged under the relevant categories they belong to such as Websites, CRM, Point of Sale, Ads, Shop, Content, and more.

marketing 360 online help center

I love this categorization because it makes it easier and faster to find the exact help guide you need.

And the combination of articles and videos in the help center will help you solve issues you’re facing and even learn more about the software platform.

Dedicated Customer Agent: As a Marketing 360 customer, you have a dedicated customer support agent who's ready to help you with their offerings.

You can reach out to your customer agent via phone call, text, email, or schedule a virtual call. The choice is simply yours.

Educational YouTube Videos: The Marketing 360 YouTube channel is a goldmine for educational videos about using the software platform and growing your small business.

marketing 360 youtube channel

Whether it’s customers' success stories, how to use the built-in CRM or digital marketing strategies for real estate agents, you’ll learn more about the software and get helpful ideas on how to grow your business.

Currently, they have over 450 published videos with 115k+ subscribers. And they’re consistently putting out more valuable content to help you on your business journey.

So you shouldn’t hesitate to subscribe. 

Marketing 360 Alternatives

Marketing 360 is just a top choice amongst software platforms for small businesses.

But if it doesn’t quite work for you, there are a ton of alternatives you can choose to work with.

1. GoHighLevel

Officially referred to as High Level, GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform created to help you get and keep more customers.

Built by an agency mainly for marketing agencies and businesses, the software has a combination of tools to help business owners nurture leads, convert them to customers, increase sales, and retain customers.

GoHighLevel suite of marketing tools is unrivaled. You get a website builder, landing page/sales funnel builder, CRM, email builder, marketing automation (call tracking, SMS, voicemail drops), reputation manager, and more integrated into one place.

gohighlevel features suite

It’s like having all your favorite marketing services under one roof so you can save time and focus strictly on your customers’ needs.

To get started with GoHighLevel, there’s a 14-day free trial and various pricing options including the Starter Account at $97/mo, Unlimited Account at $297/mo, and Pro (SaaS Mode) at $497/mo.

They also have a special White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap upgrade plan for $497/mo which allows you to rebrand the entire platform and sell it as your own.

GoHighLevel ticks most boxes you’ll need to grow your small business.

2. Systeme.io 

Founded in 2017 by Aurelian Amacker, Systeme.io is yet another all-in-one platform for small businesses. It’s easy to use and has the essential tools to create marketing campaigns and run your business.

Trusted by over 300k+ customers, Systeme.io is suited for individual creators, marketing agencies, freelancers, course creators, and small businesses.

systeme.io homepage

The platform comes with tools for your website, funnels, email campaigns, automation workflow, online courses, webinars, blogs, and even affiliate programs.

You get all these in one place at affordable pricing. You can use some of their features without paying a dime for the free tier.

They have a completely free along with three paid plans: Startup Plan for $27/mo, Webinar Plan for $47/mo, and Unlimited Plan for $97/mo. 

With this feature set and pricing, Systeme.io is a Marketing 360 alternative to consider, especially if you run your business on a tight budget.


Does Marketing 360 work?

Yes, Marketing 360 works and can help you grow your small business. The software solution comes with the right tools you need to set up shop, display products, run marketing campaigns, receive payments, engage customers, and manage your business reputation. On top of that, you also get access to marketing services (SEO, web design, social media marketing, etc) and on-demand creative talent to bring your ideas to life.

How does Marketing 360 compare to other marketing software?

Marketing 360 is way different from other marketing software because you don’t just get tools for your business but you also get agency services, creative talent, and a dedicated team. So if you want to build a business website, run campaigns, improve conversions, and manage your customer base, you can rely on their suite of tools. Otherwise, you can subscribe to their agency services and have everything taken care of.  

Does Marketing 360 have an affiliate program?

Yes, Marketing 360 runs a referral program that lets you earn ongoing commissions when you refer your clients to the platform. Whether you’re a consultant or agency owner, you get rewarded for onboarding small businesses to the all-in-one platform. Learn about the referral partner program here

Verdict: Is Marketing 360 The # 1 Marketing Platform for Small Business?

I believe Marketing 360 is a suitable marketing software for your small businesses.

The platform was designed with a suite of powerful tools to grow your business. From a website builder, form builder, payment processor, email automation tool, mobile app, and CRM system, you get all the functionality your business needs in one place.

Marketing 360 Review

They also provide you with essential marketing services and creative talent. If you don’t have the expertise for things like logo design, SEO, social media marketing, or 3D product rendering, you can easily outsource to their team and they’ll help you out.

Marketing 360 comes at $65/mo on the lowest tier. And you can upgrade to the Full Platform plan for $395/mo. This might be a hefty cost for new businesses but I think it’s worth the investment considering the tools you get in return.

It’s a great choice for small business owners who need a platform to run campaigns, convert leads to customers, and manage their businesses.

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