Jarvis.ai Mastermind Review (Adam Enfroy + Jarvis?)

December 14, 2021

Jarvis.ai + Adam Enfroy as the mastermind coach on a new collaboration training zone?

In this Jarvis.ai Mastermind review, I'm going to break down what I know so far about this super-collaboration between Adam Enfroy and Jarvis.ai.

Jarvis.ai just announced an insane collaboration and new Mastermind learning area with Adam Enfroy as the lead "Mastermind Coach."

You may know that I'm friends with Adam, and have written about his couse, Blog Growth Engine already, so you may be wondering how this collab with Jarvis differs from his main course... 

Let's break it down. 

Jarvis.ai Mastermind Review - Summary

Here's what we know so far: 

Adam Enfroy, the wildly successful blogger at AdamEnfroy.com (Doing $90K/month in affiliate revenue), and the course createor of Blog Growth Engine, has teamed up with Jarvis.ai to bring his course material and coaching expertise to their community.

It's a dream mash-up, honestly. 

Jarvis.ai let's people build content at scale with automated copywriting and blogging software, and Adam teaches you what it really takes to grow a profitable blogging business (like a CEO). 

From what we know so far, with the Jarvis.ai Mastermind, you're getting all of Adam's content from Blog Growth Engine (rebranded to The Content Profit Engine Course for this collaboration), plus a ton of perks from Jarvis, like 50,000 free words to get started with their software, and $19,000 worth of total bonuses from the Jarvis team. 

Need more info on Adam Enroy? Check out our Blog Growth Engine review.

Take a look here at the full details. 

What Is The Jarvis Mastermind?

what is the jarvis Mastermind

The Jarvis Mastermind, hosted by Jarvis.ai, is a training and membership zone that brings together the course material from Adam Enfroy and Jarvis.ai, and combines that with a coaching experience, community area (private FB group), and access to discounts and perks for the Jarvis suite of software. 

When you purchase the Jarvis Mastermind, you get all-access to all the training material, plus a range of bonuses (worth $19,000 according to the sales page), as well as 50,000 free words with Jarvis.ai.

From the landing page: 

"The community, education, and ongoing advice you need to start and grow a profitable content business in 2022." 

Jarvis.ai Mastermind Pricing

The Jarvis Mastermind is a subscription, with two main options for now: pay monthly, or pay annually. 

Currently both options are on a discount until December 21st, when the price increases dramatically. 

Take a look: 

Jarvis Mastermind Pricing

Let's go through the Jarvis.ai Mastermind Pricing options as of December, 13th. 

1. Pay Annually ($1,400.00)

  • Cost: $1,400 (recurring annual payment)
  • What’s included: Everything at the Founder Members Deal price (Save $1,000, deal ends on Dec. 21st). Adam's course ($3k value), Elite Community Access ($2k value), Jarvis Insider Access, and a ton of bonuses. Total value = $19,000.
  • Discount: You get a $1,000 discount if you purchase before Dec. 21st. The annual price goes up to $2,400.00 at that time.
  • Grandfathered price? Unknown currently. 

2. Pay Monthly $199 ($2,388.00 Per Year)

  • Cost: $199 per month (recurring monthly payment), approximately $2,388.00 per year.)
  • What’s included: Everything at the Founder Members Deal price (Save $1,000, deal ends on Dec. 21st). Adam's course ($3k value), Elite Community Access ($2k value), Jarvis Insider Access, and a ton of bonuses. Total value = $19,000.
  • Discount: You get a $100 monthly discount if you purchase before Dec. 21st. The monthly price goes up to $299.00 at that time.
  • Grandfathered price? Unknown currently.

3. Jarvis Mastermind Discount - (Valid Until December, 21st)

Currently the Jarvis Mastermind discount is only available until December 21st, 2021. Check the above pricing options for the details on the discount. We will edit this as we go to add in any additional discounts. Check here now to see if the discount is available.  


What's Included In The Jarvis Mastermind With Adam Enfroy?

Let's break down what you get with the Jarvis Mastermind.

1. The Content Profit Engine Course (Adam Enfroy's Course, also known as Blog Growth Engine)

the content profit engine course with adam enfroy

As far as I can tell, The Content Profit Engine Course ($3,000 Value), is exactly the same as Blog Growth Engine, just deployed within the Jarvis Mastermind membership area.

With Adam's course, you get 40+ hours of video content across 10 modules and 30+ lessons. Adam perfected turning a blog into a business, and regularly makes $90K per month from his blog, and he breaks down his entire process in his course.

You should read my Blog Growth Engine review if you want all the details, for this review, I'm going to summarize only.

Here's an overview of the content you get in Adam's course:

  1. Module 1 - Discover your brand and niche. 
  2. Module 2 - Mindset.
  3. Module 3 - Blogging like a startup.
  4. Module 4 - Decoding search intent.
  5. Module 5 - Keyword monetization.
  6. Module 6 - Blog content creation.
  7. Module 7 - The Link Building Machine.
  8. Module 9 - Affiliate Marketing and monetization strategies.
  9. Module 10 - Scaling and outsourcing. 

Over 400+ have purchase this course as Blog Growth Engine, most paying $2,999, and included with the Jarvis Mastermind, it's a pretty great deal. 

I personally was a member of their beta while building the course, and can say that it's easily the best blogging course on the market today. 

2. Community - Advanced Mastermind Community, Q&A's, and More

When you purchase the Jarvis Mastermind, one of the biggest perks is access to their exclusive mastermind community. 

Let's take a look: 

1 - More Advanced Community: get an exclusive community experience only for the Jarvis Mastermind. Network with other bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. ($2,000 Value).

2 - Quarterly Events in Texas: You'll get access to Jarvis events at the Jarvis Headquarters in Austin, Texas. You'll meet the team and other Jarvis Mastermind members in person for networking and strategy sessions. ($2,000 Value).

3 - New Jarvis Features: Get first access to new Jarvis features. ($3,000 Value).

4 - Regular Live Q&A's: Join Adam and other coaches live every week to get your questions answered fast and solve any issues you have blocking your progress. ($3,000 Value).

5 - Backstage With The Jarvis Founders: You'll get access to Adam and the founders of Jarvis.ai as they learn and share new strategies working for them in their businesses. ($3,000 Value).

6 - Contractor Rolodex: Access their official book of vetted writers, editors, marketers, and more, for all your contractor needs. ($2,500 Value).

3. Jarvis Mastermind Bonuses

When you purchase the Jarvis Mastermind, you also get access to two pretty awesome bonuses: 

1. 50,000 bonus Jarvis words to add to your Jarvis account. ($50 Value). 

2. 1:1 Coaching Call To Create a Pesonal Gameplan ($1,000 Value). Meet your coaches and get clarity on your business plans moving into 2022.

Sam's Blog Growth Engine Bonuses

On top of all the awesome-sauce included in the actual mastermind, you're also getting access to all of Sam's Blog Growth Engine Bonuses if you purchase the Mastermind through this link. 

Jarvis Mastermind Bonuses

You can see all the details on Sam's bonuses here.

To get access to my bonuses, purchase the Jarvis Mastermind here, and send me an email via my contact page with proof of purchase, and I will send them over.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy The Jarvis Mastermind With Adam Enfroy?

Jarvis Mastermind Review

My opinion: This is one of the best deals on the market right now if you're looking to build a profitable content business. 

Not only do you get the best blogging course out there at a huge discount, you get access to the Jarvis team, Adam Enfroy, and their amazing network to kick start your journey. 

With the Jarvis Mastermind, Adam's teaching, and the software perks, you're getting everything you need to to build a profitable blogging business. 

About the author 

Sam Rexford

Hey! I'm Sam, owner at ChillReptile.com. I'm a 9-5 escape artist marketing geek, sales funnel freak, blogger, and affiliate marketer. You can learn more about me here.

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