Withdrawal Fee: 0.0008 BTC | Taker Fee: 0.20%  | Maker Fee: 0.10%

Wire Transfer: Yes | Credit Card: Yes

US-Traders Allowed: No | Year Founded: 2012 | Crypto Markets: 164+

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BitFinex Review Summary

Bitfinex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering advanced trading features and margin trading. In our Bitfinex review, we found that it is one of the most popular and advanced cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a wide range of trading options and features. It is secure, intuitive, and provides high liquidity, making it an ideal platform for experienced traders. We gave Bitfinex 4.8/5 stars in our review.

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Overall Rating: 
4.8/5 stars






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BitFinex Review

Key takeaways from this review:

  • One of the oldest and best known exchanges, Bitfinex has been through it all and is still standing.
  • It offers a comprehensive range of trading options and tools.
  • Bitfinex has a reputation for high liquidity and low trading fees.
  • Bitfinex provides advanced security features to keep users' funds safe.

BitFinex Pros & Cons

  • Low trading fees
  • High liquidity & tons of markets 
  • Comprehensive range of trading options
  • Lack of regulation
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited payment options

What is BitFinex?

Bitfinex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform offering spot trading, margin trading, and derivatives trading services for a wide range of digital assets. It provides users with access to advanced trading tools, deep liquidity, and industry-leading security.

BitFinex Homepage

Bitfinex is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They've been around for over a decade, and have weathered tons of controversies. They offers a wide range of features, making it a great choice for both experienced and novice traders. 

BitFinex Product & Features

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular features on Bitfinex.

First, Bitfinex offers a wide range of trading options. Users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 160 cryptocurrencies. It also offers margin trading, allowing users to borrow funds to increase their trading power.

BitFinex Markets

Second, Bitfinex offers a variety of order types, including limit orders, market orders, stop orders, trailing stop orders, and fill or kill orders. This allows users to customize their trading strategies to suit their needs.

Third, Bitfinex has a range of security features, such as two-factor authentication, cold storage, and encrypted wallets. These features ensure that users’ funds are safe and secure.

BitFinex Mobile App

Finally, Bitfinex offers a range of tools and features to help users manage their portfolios. These include a range of charts and graphs, as well as a range of analytics tools.

BitFinex customer support

BitFinex has a team of experienced support agents who are available 24/7 to help users with any issues they may encounter while using the platform. Bitfinex's support team can be reached via email, live chat, or phone, and they are known for providing fast and efficient responses to customer inquiries.

Additionally, the exchange has a comprehensive help center that contains answers to frequently asked questions, guides on how to use the platform, and other resources that customers can use to find the information they need. Overall, Bitfinex's customer support is top-notch and is one of the reasons why the exchange has gained a loyal following among crypto traders and investors.

Can US Citizens Use BitFinex?

Bitfinex is not available to US-investors. Bitfinex does not accept customers from certain restricted geographic regions including the United States of America, the Province of Quebec in Canada, and certain other countries. Additionally, Bitfinex does not accept customers from countries that are subject to international sanctions. For an exchange available to US-traders, check out eToro.

BitFinex trading fees

Withdrawal Fees: Bitfinex charges a flat fee of 0.0008 BTC for all Bitcoin withdrawals. Other cryptocurrencies may have different withdrawal fees, and these are listed on the Bitfinex website. 

BitFinex Trading Fees

Maker/Taker Fees: Bitfinex charges a maker fee of 0.1% and a taker fee of 0.2%. Maker fees are charged for orders that add liquidity to the order book, while taker fees are charged for orders that take liquidity from the order book. The fees are calculated as a percentage of the total trade value. 

Overall, Bitfinex offers competitive trading fees, making it a great choice for traders looking for a reliable and low-cost exchange.

BitFinex Alternatives

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How to Sign up on BitFinex?

BitFinex Sign up Process
  1. Check BitFinex Website here
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your email address, username, country of residence and password.
  4. Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  5. Click “Create Account”.
  6. Verify your email address.
  7. Enable two-factor authentication.
  8. Start trading!
BitFinex Review

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