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Increase ad ROAS by 30 - 60%, decrease ad spend, and scale your traffic with just a few clicks?

Alex Becker’s ad-tracking and optimization software company, Hyros, has certainly been making a lot of waves lately in the media buying community with some pretty big claims of increased ROAS (ROI) and decreased ad spend waste...

But is Hyros any good and will it help you scale your ads, decrease ad-spend, and increase ROAS? 

In this Hyros review, we’ll go over everything you need to know before signing up for Hyros. 

Let’s dive in! 

TL;DR: Ready to get started with Hyros and don't have time to read my review? Book a free call with Hyros here.

Hyros Review - Overview

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Product Rating Summary

In our Hyros review, we took a deep look at Alex Becker's ad tracking and optimization tool, Hyros. How much does Hyros cost, is it worth it, and will it help you scale your ads, increase ROAS, and reduce costs? We gave Hyros 4.4/5 stars. We'll go over exactly why in this review.

Overall Rating: 
4.4/5 stars






What Is Hyros? 

What is Hyros

Hyros is a digital ad-tracking and advertising optimization software platform that is designed to help media buyers get better intelligence on their ad-spend so they can make informed optimization decisions for their ad campaigns and optimize their sales funnels.

The CEO of Hyros is Alex Becker, a well known YouTuber and also the CEO of MarketHero.io

Alex started Hyros.com to essentially solve his own problem: 

As an accomplished media buyer spending $10K+ per day, Alex wrestled with poor cross-platform tracking which was resulting in missed opportunities, leaks in his funnels, and wasted ad-spend.

He wanted better data and insights into his advertising campaigns running across multiple ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

Solving that problem led to the creation of Hyros.     

What’s the main benefit of Hyros?

Benefits of hyros

With Hyros, you get highly accurate conversion data cross-platform on your ad-spend so you can make better optimization decisions.

You can track your ad-spend across Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook, email marketing, and more.  

In the age of iOS 14, it’s become even more important to be able to track your ads as many native ad tracking solutions and pixels are losing their effectiveness. 

Who Is Alex Becker? 

Alex Becker is a well-known YouTube influencer as well as the CEO of Hyros and Markethero.io (an email marketing company). 

Alex is known for his straightforward approach to creating informative YouTube videos detailing marketing strategies and various methods for making money online. 

More recently, Alex has become a well-known influencer in the crypto and NFT space, with his NFT-focused Twitter account, @ZssBecker, racking up over 300k followers and his YouTube account pivoting more into cryptocurrency-related content. 

Due to the success of his crypto influencer brand, Alex has also begun to venture into new business territory in the form of a blockchain based gaming company called Neo Tokyo

You can follow Alex’s social media accounts at:  

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram

Hyros Pricing - How Much Does Hyros Cost? 

Hyros pricing is hard to demystify as it’s not listed on their website and you can’t simply select a pricing option and start an account. 

You’ll need to schedule a call with Hyros to discuss your needs and get a pricing quote before becoming a customer.

If the Hyros team thinks you’re a good fit for the software, they will invite you to become a customer. 

Hyros is a premium software service and definitely isn’t cheap, so if you’re looking for an ad-tracking platform and are on a budget, this isn’t for you. 

Clearly, the confusion around Hyros pricing is a common issue: 

Hyros reviews online

Hyros Pricing Consultation

As mentioned above, you’ll need to book a free call with Alex’s team at Hyros in order to create a custom pricing plan for your company. 

The call is more than just a discovery call, however.

The Hyros team will work with you to create a custom plan of action to help you increase revenue, plug leaks in your funnel, and optimize your ad-spend once becoming a Hyros customer.

Take a look: 

Hyros pricing consultation

Here’s how to get started with Hyros:

Step 1 - go to this page and select a date and time that works for you for the free consultation call. 

Step 2 - meet the Hyros consultation team, go over your needs, create a plan of action for success with Hyros. 

Step 3 - If you’re a good fit for their service, Hyros will invite you to become a customer and give you a pricing quote. 

This all may seem like a pain in the you know what if you were hoping to just sign up to Hyros and start optimizing your ads, but I believe this process is actually in your best interest (as well as the Hyros teams’), here’s why: 

By going through the consultation process the Hyros team (and you) can get a strong sense of customer-fit and get a better understanding of whether or not the software is for you. 

I’m sure they make mistakes, but getting to know their customers on this level before onboarding them to the software ensures a much higher level of success, and that confidence really shows in the Hyros refund policy.

You can schedule your call with Alex and team here.

Hyros 90 Day Refund

Hyros has a very generous 90 day refund. I’ve almost never seen a refund period this long for a software company, with 14 - 30 days being the average.

They’re so confident that they can get you results, that they are willing to refund you with no questions asked anytime within 90 days from becoming a customer. 

How Does Hyros Work? 

Hyros is pretty simple technology, which is one of the reasons we recommend it. 

You’re not going to have to hire a developer to implement Hyros, and getting set up is super easy. 

So how does Hyros work? 

To start, you’ll receive a unique “watcher script,” (similar to a Facebook pixel or Google Tag Manager tag), which you will install everywhere on your website.

The script integrates with your landing page tools, checkout system, and all of your marketing tools.

The Hyros watcher script tracks your visitors' unique information like their IP address, browser and device info, sales data, phone number, cookie data, email data (and a ton more) and creates a database of customer information assigned to each user.  

Overall the Hyros watcher pixel tracks far more information than (for example) the Facebook pixel, giving you a much larger pool of data to pull from. 

Hyros is server-side tracking, a more accurate form of tracking than client-side tracking.

More data = more accurate tracking, which is the big selling point for Hyros. 

Hyros Features

Hyros has a ton of features to help you make better decisions with your paid campaigns.

Let's go through a few of the big ones now.

Ad Tracking

With Hyros, you can track all of your ads across multiple tracking platforms.

If you’re struggling to track your ad performance inside of several ad dashboards, Hyros is going to help you bring it all together. 

In fact, Hyros really shines when you have multiple traffic sources.

Hyros uses ad attribution technology called A.I. print tracking.  

What is AI print tracking? 

According to the Hyros website, AI Print tracking is “the most accurate form of ad tracking online,” and provides up to 50% more ad attribution signals than using just the native ad platforms tracking system. 

A.I. print tracking deploys A.I. learning models to generate better sales attribution data across your multi-channel marketing stack so you can make better ad optimization decisions. 

When you log into Hyros, you’ll get an overview dashboard for your ad tracking: 

Hyros dashboard

And when you drill down deeper into the reports section, you’ll get a granular view of all your ads, funnels, and metrics for your campaigns: 

Hyros Reporting Dashboard

Hyros ad tracking let’s you track: 

  1. Ad clicks, conversions, ROI, revenue etc.
  2. Organic traffic, calls, email clicks

Hyros & iOS 14 

Apple's new privacy feature in iOS 14 is a BIG deal for advertisers. 

It makes it super easy for users to opt-out of client-side tracking cookies and makes ad tracking a nightmare.

From Wired

The digital advertising business has been mostly built off of micro-targeting audiences. Facebook, as an example, has code embedded in millions of apps to collect data to target audiences wherever it wants as promptly as possible—and (iOS 14) cuts that off.

iOS 14 affects server-side tracking far less than client-side tracking, giving Hyros a massive advantage over using the native Facebook pixel. 

If you’re relying on the FB pixel or Gclid (Google Click ID) tracking alone, you’re going to miss out on a lot of data.

Hyros Email Tracking

Hyros Email Tracking

Not only is Hyros awesome for tracking your paid ads funnels, you can also track ROI on your email marketing activities and tie it back to your paid traffic.

Getting a 360 degree tracking view of your funnel is a massive advantage. 

Knowing which ad converted into an email lead, and which email converted that signup into a buyer and being able to attribute the sale back to the original ad is the holy grail of tracking for info product owners and Hyros has got it figured out. 

From their website: 

  • Hyros helps you separate organic email activity from paid advertising results (know which actions came from paid ads, and which came from organic traffic)
  • Easy to set up: just add the Hyros tracking parameters to your email links
  • Fully track every email and user in your funnel and attribute it to your paid ads 

Call Tracking

Hyros call-tracking let’s you track not only your email and paid ads, but also calls in your funnel.

In high-ticket info product funnels, it’s typical to ask the lead to book a sales call with your team, but attributing call conversions back to paid ads can be a massive headache. 

Hyros makes that easy with a simple snippet of code placed in the header of your site to track calls in your funnel.  

From their website: 

  • Set up call tracking in all major systems in seconds with special codes to automatically detect calls in your funnel and optimize call tracking
  • Easy to set up: just paste some code in your header
  • Connects with all major scheduling software like Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, Schedule Once, and InfusionSoft 
  • Track the user even if they change devices, change their email, and “even if they book 15 calls and a year later call from a pay phone” 

Hyros Chrome Extension (What is it?)

One thing that we love about Hyros is the companion Chrome extension. 

Using Google’s Chrome browser, navigate to the Chrome Marketplace, download the Hyros extension, and log in. 

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to open the extension when you are in the Facebook or Google Ads native ads platform and see Hyros data populate in your ad dashboard. 

The Hyros extension will help you save tons of time cross-referencing data between Hyros and your ads platforms. 

Hyros API

Hyros has an API that your developer can interact with if you need to build custom applications that connect with Hyros. 

If you need a more technical setup and have someone on your team who can work with APIs, you can connect your software to the Hyros API

Hyros Integrations 

Hyros has a lot of ways to make it easy to connect with other programs. You can use Zapier, the API, or native Integrations.

If you can’t find an integration with your software already enabled inside of Hyros, your next best bet is to use Zapier to send event information back to your software. 

Hyros integrations are listed under four categories: 

  • Ad integrations
  • Call tracking integrations
  • Checkout/Payment integrations
  • Landing page integrations 

Let’s go through them.

Advertising platform integrations

  1. LinkedIn Ads
  2. Snapchat Ads
  3. TikTok
  4. ManyChat
  5. Madgicx
  6. Facebook Lead Ads / Facebook Ads
  7. Google Ads

Hyros Call Tracking Integrations, Form Tracking, and Calendar Tracking

  1. YouCanBook.me
  2. GoHighLevel (also for landing pages) 
  3. Phone Close Forms
  4. Jotform
  5. Typeform 
  6. Acuity call booking 
  7. Schedule Once/Once Hub
  8. Calendly

Checkout/Payment Processor Integrations 

There are 20+ payment processing and checkout software integrations ready-to-go in Hyros, here’s a few of the most popular: 

  1. SamCart
  2. ClickFunnels Checkout
  3. PayKickstart
  4. Ontraport
  5. NMI
  6. Bigcommerce
  7. Magento
  8. PayPal IPN 
  9. ClickBank
  10. Authorize.net
  11. MemberPress
  12. Kajabi
  13. And a ton more... 

Landing Page Integrations (Funnel Builders, Website and Ecommerce, etc.) 

  1. LeadPages
  2. GoHighLevel (read our GoHighLevel review
  3. Unbounce
  4. ClickFunnels
  5. Convertri
  6. Shopify
  7. And several more... 

In addition to the services listed above, Hyros also integrates with multiple other services, including tag managers like Google Tag Manager so you can integrate your tracking scripts in any HTML page easily. 

Hyros Competitors 

There’s a ton of competitors to Hyros and some great alternatives, but we’ll keep it to some of the big names for this Hyros review. 

1. AnyTrack.io 

AnyTrack is a conversion-tracking platform that helps marketers automate their ad-tracking across their entire ad-spend. AnyTrack gives you full transparency and insight into your paid marketing performance. Whether you're looking for attribution or conversion tracking, they provide a single point of integration with out-of-the box integrations for all the major players — Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing Partners 360, Bing Ads — so that their clients get access to better data on every step of the customer journey.

AnyTrack pricing starts at $50/month and goes up to $300/month depending on your needs. 

2. Wicked Reports 

Wicked Reports is a tracking platform for cross-channel marketers built to help them gain better transparency over their ad-spend. 

Wicked Reports pricing starts at $597/month, and that includes custom setup, 1:1 consultations, unlimited tracking, integrations, etc.  

Who Is Using Hyros & Who Should Be Using It? 

Hyros has racked up an impressive list of customers, including Frank Kern, SamCart, ClickFunnels.com, and a ton more. 

Take a look at just a few of the big-name Hyros customers below: 

Who uses Hyros

The list reads like the who’s-who of the internet marketing world, with some of the biggest online advertisers and info product owners using Hyros to scale their ads. 

(See more Hyros customers here.)

So who should be using Hyros? 

While almost any performance advertiser spending over $10K/month can potentially get value from Hyros, the software is best for info product businesses and ecommerce advertisers. 

Hyros is for you, if:

  1. You’re spending over $10K and even better if you’re spending over $20k
  2. You’re using multiple traffic sources together and struggling with cross-platform attribution
  3. You’re scaling call-funnels, info product funnels, ecommerce sites
  4. You’re using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. 

Hyros is NOT for you, if: 

  1. You’re just getting started with paid ads and aren’t profitable yet
  2. You’re spending under $10k/month

Hyros Testimonials & Reviews

You can see quite a few Hyros testimonials and reviews simply by going to their website here

In general, Hyros reviews seem positive, especially from advertisers that are spending over $10K per month on cross-channel advertising. 

The general consensus online seems to be that if you’re already successful, and looking to scale, then Hyros is awesome, otherwise you should stay away from it until you’ve reached a larger ad-spend

Hyros Pros & Cons 

  • Amazing support: very knowledgeable staff, and support is fast and helpful
  • Chrome extension lets you layer on Hyros data inside of Facebook and Google Ads reports
  • Great for advertisers spending over $10K/month in cross-platform ad spend
  • Hyros is NOT for smaller advertisers, you’ll get the most value from this platform if you’re already spending $10K+ per month
  • Pricing is not transparent and you can’t sign up on the landing page. You’ll need to book a call to get a custom quote. 
  • You'll need to book a call and be invited to use Hyros (not ideal for everyone)

FAQs About Hyros 

Is Hyros real? 

Yes, Hyros is real software owned by Alex Becker. Hyros is an ad-tracking and optimization platform that helps performance marketers scale their cross-platform ad-spend. 

How much does Hyros cost? 

You’ll need to book a call with Hyros and get a custom quote to determine pricing for your needs. On average, you’re looking at spending $1k - $4k per month with Hyros. 

Does Hyros have a free trial? 

No. Currently, Hyros does not have a free trial. In order to sign up for Hyros, you’ll need to book a free call with their team to discuss your needs and see if you’re a good fit for their software.

Final Thoughts - Is Hyros Legit? 

Hyros review

Absolutely, Hyros is legit. 

Is it right for you? 

That’s another question. 

We recommend Hyros if you’re spending over $10k per month already, have a working funnel, and are looking to scale your ROAS, traffic, and sales. 

If that's you, book a call with Hyros now, you've got nothing to lose by hearing what their team has to say.

If you’re just getting started running paid ads, aren’t already profitable, and are looking for a magic bullet, this software isn’t for you. 

With a great team, innovative software, knowledgeable customer support, and software being actively deployed by some huge companies like ClickFunnels (not to mention an insane 90 day refund period), you can be confident that this is a real product that delivers.  

About the author 

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