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Pabbly is the all-in-one sales and marketing software that's easy to use, even for non-techies. But it can still be confusing to get started.

I created this guide to show you exactly how to use Pabbly to create robust workflows and automations to help you supercharge your business.

Getting Started With Pabbly (How To Use Pabbly)

First of all, if you're still on the fence about signing up for Pabbly, you should take a close look at our in-depth Pabbly review and decide if it's actually the right tool for your needs.

After you sign up and complete the payment process, you'll be taken to the Pabbly Dashboard. This gives you an overview of all the core features of Pabbly, which you can access by clicking on "Access Now."

Pabbly Dashboard

Choose a tool you want to get started with, click on the "Access Now" button, and it will take you to the dashboard for the feature you selected.

Pabbly Product Guides

Right now, Pabbly offers 5 different tools (I've hyperlinked our review of each tool below):

  1. Pabbly Connect
  2. Pabbly Subscription Billing
  3. Pably Email Marketing
  4. Pabbly Form Builder
  5. Pabbly Email Verification

Let’s go through each Pabbly feature individually and learn how to use each feature like a pro.

1. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool similar to Zapier that connects and automates apps and workflows with over 1000+ integrations.

Here is a list of 5 menus you will find there:

  • Dashboard
  • Workflows
  • History 
  • Setting
  • Get help

Note: you can purchase Pabbly Connect separate from the other tools if it's the only one you're interested in and there are some pretty great deals on Pabbly Connect available.

Pabbly Connect Dashboard

If you click on Pabbly Connect you will be redirected to Pabbly Connect’s dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can view your allotted tasks, tasks consumed for the month, tasks remaining and free tasks consumed.

Pabbly Connect Dashboard.
Pabbly Connect Workflow

In the workflow section, you can create your own custom Pabbly Connect workflows. To do this, simply click the "Create Workflow" button and name your workflow.

Pabbly Connect create Workflow.

Let us say our workflow name is XYZ. After entering your workflow name you will be directed to this page:

Pabbly Connect workflow.

When you click on “Create Workflow”, you can choose the app you want to apply a trigger on.

Next, choose which actions you want to be performed on that trigger.

For example, "send an email with ActiveCampaign." 

If you're familiar with Zapier or Integromat (Make), you'll be right at home with this setup.

Pabbly Connect Triggers
Pabbly Connect History

The app also shows the history of your remaining tasks and finished tasks.

pabbly connect history.
Pabbly Connect Settings

In settings, you can access to task summaries, connections, team members, time zone, API and webhooks.

Pabbly connect settings.
Pabbly Connect Tutorials

In this corner, you can get help from Pabbly’s experts, their videos and tutorials. If you have any problem with your setup, connect with the Pabbly support team, which is available for 24/7.

Pably connect help

2. Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a recurring payments management tool that automates payments, reminders, and taxes.

Again, it's important to note, you can purchase and use Pabbly Subscription Billing separately from the main Pabbly subscription.

Subscription Billing dashboard

Here you have to provide your company name, currency and phone number. Then you will get access to:

  • Dashboard
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Sale
  • Subscription
  • Invoice
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Dunning
  • Settings
Pabbly Subscription Billing Dashboard

After logging in to your Pabbly Subscriptions account, you will be able to access the dashboard. This dashboard works as a central hub to manage all aspects of your subscription business.

billing dashboard

To create a plan, first enable the test gateway, then add your product, and then click the "Create New Plan" button. This will take you to the product page, where you can create your plan.

Pabbly Subscription Billing Product

Now it's time to add a product. Also, add a plan for the product on how you are going to sell the product. 

You can set up recurring billing for your product, charge a setup fee, and offer a free trial.

Billing product.
Pabbly Subscription Billing Customers

You can navigate to the customer section of this feature, where you will get access to customers.

There are two ways to add customers:

  1. Manually
  2. Automatically
Pabbly Subscription billing customers...

To add a customer manually, click on the "Add Customer" tab. If the customer makes a purchase through the checkout page, they will be added automatically.

Or you can add customer information manually and you will be all ready to go forward.

Pabbly Subscription Billing Sales

Pabbly tracks sales in the system whenever a customer makes a purchase, regardless of the payment method used. It also displays the status of each payment. This information can be used to track revenue, identify payment trends, and troubleshoot any issues with payments.

Subscription billing sales...
Pabbly Subscription Billing Subscriptions

There are two ways to add subscriptions: manually and automatically.

To add a subscription manually, you can do so by clicking on the "Add Subscription" tab. Subscriptions are also added automatically when a customer purchases a plan through the checkout page.

Subscription Billing Subscription
Pabbly Subscription Billing Invoice

Invoices are orders that are generated and sent to customers automatically by the system for every transaction.

Subscription Billing Invoice...
Pabbly Subscription Billing Affiliate Software

Set up an affiliate program to allow other people to promote your products and earn a commission for each sale they make.

Subscription Billing Affiliates
  • An affiliate program is a marketing strategy where you partner with affiliate marketers to promote your products or services.
  • Affiliates earn a commission for each sale they make.
  • The commission rate is typically a percentage of the sale price.
  • Affiliate programs can be a great way to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

You get access to all of these features:

  • Overview — This section provides a summary of your affiliate performance, including your total commissions, number of referrals, and click-through rate.
  • Affiliates — This section lists all of your affiliates, along with their contact information and commission rates.
  • Affiliate Settings — This section allows you to configure your affiliate program settings, such as your commission structure, cookie lifetime, and referral link.
  • Commissions — This section lists all of your earned commissions, along with their status (pending, paid, or declined).
  • Referral Clicks — This section lists all of the clicks that your affiliates have generated on your referral link.
  • Monthly Affiliate Payout — This section shows you the total amount of commissions that you will be paid out in the current month.
Pabbly Subscription Billing Dunning

Track the status of all invoices that are past due and are being recovered through the dunning process.

You can see the number of dunning attempts that have been made, the email open rate, and the date and time when the invoice was finally paid.

Here you can get access to failed payment, dunning setting and dunning email customization.

Subscription billing Dunning
Pabbly Subscription Billing Setting

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a comprehensive billing software that can track your invoices, subscriptions, customers, and tax settings. This helps you focus on your business processes and keeps everything running smoothly.

Here is a brief overview of all the features of Pabbly Subscription Billing:

Billing Subscription Settings.
  • Global settings: In general settings you have to add your company name, address, and contact information, as well as the default currency and language.
  • Invoice settings: This setting controls how invoices are generated and sent to your customers. These settings include the invoice template, the due date, and the email notifications that are sent.
  • Payment gateway: This integration connects your business to a payment gateway. This allows you to accept payments from customers online.
  • Custom domain: Here you can manage all of your business domains. This allows you to create a more professional and branded look for your business.
  • Client portal: This portal is built for customer where they can see their account information and invoices.
  • Tax settings: This section helps you understand how taxes are applied to your business. These settings include the tax rates that you charge and the tax jurisdictions that you are registered in.
  • Email notification: In this section, you can control all the email notifications you and your team members receive. These settings include the emails that are sent, the recipients of the emails, and the frequency of the emails.
  • Webhook: Webhooks helps you connect your software with other business platforms which helps receive notifications from other applications. These notifications can be used to automate tasks or to keep track of activity.
  • API settings: This is a kind of technical section, API helps you interacts with other software applications. These settings include the API keys and other credentials that are required to access your business's data.
  • Team members: You can add or remove team members here. This section also controls the level of access that each team member has to specific software features.

3. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing lets you send emails using its built-in SMTP server, SMTP routing, custom fields, and automations.

You can quickly launch your email newsletter or email campaigns on Pabbly Email Marketing and start interacting with your audience.

pabbly email marketing software

Here are the core features of Pabbly Email Marketing:

  • Free templates
  • Email Marketing and Newsletters
  • Subscribers
  • Delivery server
  • Automations
  • Integrations
Free Templates

You will get access to different types of templates like fashion templates, corporate business templates, real estate templates, food and restaurant templates and many other templates.

Pabbly Email Marketing free Templates

After selecting one of the templates, you will be directed to Create Email.

Create Email

Now click on each block you want to customize and start creating the design of your choice.

Pabbly email marketing designer

Subscribers are the foundation of your email marketing campaigns. They are the people who will receive your emails, and they are the people who will ultimately determine the success of your campaigns.

You can add subscribers in the subscriber area.

There are two ways to add your subscriber list, either you can choose to import a CSV file or you can add emails manually (copy-paste from somewhere else).

Email Marketing subscribers.
Delivery Server

You can create a dedicated delivery server to send your emails. A dedicated server (meaning it's not on a shared IP) is a great way to improve email deliverability.

You can use Amazon SES to send emails from Pabbly Email Marketing. The software subscription comes with a free SMTP server that has a daily email sending limit that depends on the plan you have subscribed to.

Pabbly email marketing deliverability
Email Marketing Automations

In the "Automations" area, you can send bulk emails to your subscribers, and set up complex automations similar to a tool like ActiveCampaign. You can create a sequence of emails via Workflows by setting the events and actions that will trigger each email.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers many integrations, including one with Google Analytics that allows you to track user behavior on your email campaigns. You can also use their developer API to import subscribers, create templates, and send emails.

Pabbly Email Marketing Integrations.
Pabbly Email Marketing Tutorials

Pabbly Email Marketing offers a number of YouTube tutorials to help you get started with your email campaigns. These tutorials cover all aspects of setting up and using Pabbly Email Marketing, from getting started to sending your first email.

Pabbly YouTube channel has over 5.8k videos with 29K+ subscribers. You can check these video tutorials here

Pabbly Email Marketing Tutorials

4. Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder offers a comprehensive set of features for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Form embeds anywhere, any website
  • Track submissions
  • Share forms with anyone
  • Tons of customization settings 
  • Integrations with popular apps
  • Video tutorials and training
Pabbly Form Builder Dashboard

From the dashboard, you can create any type of form for your business needs. Clicking "Create Form" on the dashboard will take you to this page to create new designs.

You have access to more than 200 templates to create your own forms and embed them on any website you own.

Remember, the free plan lasts for 7 days.

Pabbly Form Builder Create Form.
Pabbly Form Builder Submissions Page

From the Submissions page, you can submit a test form, check the form submission details, track record, analytics, and reports.

Pabbly Form Builder Submission
Pabbly Form Builder Share

You can embed a sliding form, a full form, or a pop-up form on any website. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using a direct link provided on the share page.

Pabbly Form Builder Share
Pabbly Form Builder Settings
Pabbly Form Builder Settings

You can customize settings for these sections:

  • Thank You Page
  • Conditional Redirect
  • Email Notification
  • Autoresponder
  • Automatic Reply
  • Team Members
  • Form Scheduling
  • Payment Success Message
  • Social Icons
  • Set Time Zone
Pabbly Form Builder Integrations

This feature is not available in the free trial.

Form Builder Integrations.

Through integrations, you can:

  • Create webhooks that connect with other apps
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Transfer data via integrations
  • Connect your form to Dropbox to automatically save uploaded files to your Dropbox account.
Pabbly Form Builder Video Tutorials

Pabbly YouTube channel has more than 5.8k videos and over 29K subscribers. You can watch these video tutorials here.

Pabbly Form Builder Video Tutorial

5. Pabbly Email Verification

Pabbly Email Verification software assists in verifying, cleaning, and maintaining your email lists.

You get credits that don't expire, MTA validations, detailed status codes, and it supports both drag & drop and CSV import. Additionally, there's 24/7 customer support.

Pabbly Email Verification

The Email Verification menu includes:

  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Credits
Pabbly Email Verification Dashboard

Before proceeding with cleaning your list and verifying your emails, you have to buy credits on the dashboard.

To get started, you need to provide the following information:

Pabbly verify email list
  • Your credit card number
  • Its issue date
  • CVV code
  • Click "Pay Now" and your credits will be available in your account

Once done, you can verify your email list.

Pabbly Email Verification Reports

Get reports of total emails, safe to send emails, invalid emails and unknown emails. You also get an email verification summary.

Pabbly email verification reports
Pabbly Email Verification Credits

From the "Credits" page, you can access your credits, and pay for more if needed and get a record of used and remaining credits.

We have a full guide to Pabbly email verification pricing you can review to find the right plan for you.

Email Verification Credits.

Verdict: Is Pabbly a Beginner-Friendly Marketing Software?

Pabbly is a user-friendly marketing software designed for beginners. It offers simple steps to create and automate your workflows. There are numerous video tutorials available to guide you through any challenging steps.

Pabbly makes it easy to create forms, perform email verification, send emails, manage your subscribers, and track your results. You can also access their documentation and get support through email and chat for assistance.

How to use pabbly

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