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The HighLevel Certifications Program is designed for anyone looking to excel and upgrade their GoHighLevel skills.

The program comes with in-depth training courses for you to learn advanced knowledge about the platform.

After going through the program, you’ll need to pass the required exams before you receive digital badges of excellence. You can showcase this badge to your network on LinkedIn or any other social platforms.

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What Is The HighLevel Certifications Program?

HighLevel certification program offers you access to a private community for serious, like-minded business owners. As a member of this community, you can read real posts, collaborate, gain insights, and grow together. You’ll also get listed on a directory for certified HighLevel users. 

Whether you're a beginner just starting with the platform or an expert who needs to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, the certification program will take your skills to the next level.

highlevel certifications program home

Who is HighLevel Certifications for?

No matter your skill level, HighLevel Certification has been designed to cater to your needs.

You’ll learn advanced knowledge about the software platform and get access to up-to-date, latest marketing strategies.

Here are some categories of people who will greatly benefit from the certification program: 

1. Agency Owner

The HighLevel Certification Program is suited for agency owners who want to level up, grow their knowledge, and explore various ways the software can grow their business.

Apart from the learning content, you’ll also get access to a community of marketers and agency owners at all levels to gain insights, collaborate, and even get business partners.

2. SaaS Entrepreneur/Business Owner 

If you run a SaaS business and use the GoHighLevel, this certification program will help take your skills to the next level.

Also, you also get to read real stories from other SaaSpreneurs and practical takeaways you can implement in your business.

3. GoHighLevel Administrator

The HighLevel Certification Program is designed for both beginners and experts who want to grow as a GHL Administrator.

As a subscriber, you get the required training to fully understand the platform. Plus, you also get to earn digital badges as a way to prove and showcase your skills in using GoHighLevel.

It’s the perfect space for you to belong as a GoHighLevel admin.

How Many Certifications Does HighLevel Provide?

HighLevel Certification offers a bunch of courses to upskill and take your GHL skills to the next level.

One of the courses you get access to as a member of the program is the Certified Admin course.

highlevel certification digital badge

This is the first course you should take as it is a prerequisite for obtaining additional badges.

In the foundational Certified Admin course, you get training that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the onboarding process.

You’ll understand how to get started and hit the ground running with GoHighLevel.

When you complete the exams for the Certified Admin course, you'll get a badge and be able to complete additional lessons to showcase your specialized skills.

HighLevel Certification Pricing

HighLevel Certification offers two pricing options for you to choose from based on what works best for your budget.

There’s a monthly plan and an annual plan that lets you save 20% every year.

Apart from the yearly savings, no specific benefits are separating each plan. You get access to the same courses, features, and community.

highlevel certifications pricing

Also, don’t forget that you need to have an existing, active GoHighLevel plan to be able to get on the HighLevel Certification subscription.

 Now, let's take a look at each of the HighLevel Certification plans.

1. Monthly - $97/mo

The HighLevel Certification Monthly Plan goes for $97 which is paid every month.

It is perfect for individuals and small business owners who want to explore the program for a short period.

2. Annual - $970/year

For $970 every year, you’ll get access to the HighLevel Certification Annual Plan.

This plan has a 20% DISCOUNT which allows you to save about $194 compared to the monthly tier.

It’s perfect for you if you want to be locked into the program for a long time. You’ll get limitless access to all premium features.

Here’s how to sign up for the HighLevel Certification:

  • Once you’ve chosen your preferred pricing plan, click the Sign-Up button. You’ll see a multi-step pop-up that lets you enter your business details and make payment for the subscription.
  • In Step #1, you’ll be prompted to enter your details including Company Name, Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  • Next, click the Go To Step #2 button.
highlevel certifications subscription sign-up

  • You’ll be required to choose your preferred plan ($97 Monthly or $970 Annual) and enter your card details.
  • Finally, hit the Complete Order button. 

Once you’ve subscribed for the program, you’ll be added to the private community and can now start taking the certification course.

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Benefits of HighLevel Certifications

If you’re serious about leveling up and becoming a GHL expert fast, the HighLevel Certification program is where you should belong.

Here’s a list of benefits you stand to gain as part of the program:

1. Access to Advanced Knowledge

As a member of the program, you get access to the necessary skills and knowledge you need to become a recognized GoHighLevel expert.

The certification program has an extensive curriculum that covers in-depth training so you can have a strong understanding of the GoHighLevel platform capabilities.

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to effectively leverage the various features HighLevel offers including: 

In addition to all these, you’ll also learn essential digital marketing strategies and techniques that you can leverage to grow your business in the real world.

2. Digital Badge of Excellence To Show Expertise

When you successfully pass your exams for each certification program, HighLevel will provide you with a prestigious digital badge.

This digital badge is used to show expertise and let your network know that you’re now a GoHighLevel expert.

HighLevel Certifications

You can display your badge on LinkedIn or any other social platform to prove the legitimacy of your GoHighLevel skills.

3. Access to Private Communities

The HighLevel Certification Program has a private community where you can make genuine connections with real business owners. 

Inside this community, you get to read high-quality posts, share insights, and connect with like-minded business owners. 

The community also serves as a space to collaborate and grow together with a network of professionals who are as committed to success as you are.

4. Get Listed on the HighLevel Certified Directory

As a subscriber to the HighLevel Certification Program, you get a chance to join a directory of experts who are HighLevel certified.

Being listed on this HighLevel Certified Directory brings some added benefits.

It makes you visible and puts your name/expertise on the map. This exposure will ultimately fetch you more clients, business partners, and revenue.

5. Adds Trust and Reliability

Having a badge of excellence makes you appear more professional and trustworthy in front of clients. 

The HighLevel Certification becomes a mark of excellence and clients will be confident and assured that you have the knowledge and skills to help them reach their goals with HighLevel.


Will you get a certificate to share on different platforms?

After you complete the course, you will be given a digital badge as a mark of excellence and professional expertise. You can showcase this badge to your network on Linkedin or any other social platform. 

How long does the certification take?

At a regular pace, most members spend about 7 - 10 days on average to complete the course material. If you go through courses quickly, you can finish the materials more quickly.

Does the digital badge and certification expire?

Yes, it does. If you don’t renew your monthly or annual subscription, your certification and digital badge will become inactive and you’ll be unlisted from the GoHighLevel Certified Directory.

HighLevel Certifications - Is It Worth It, Or Not?

Rounding up, the HighLevel Certifications Program is a valuable resource perfect for anyone who wants to be more proficient with the GoHighLevel platform. 

Whether you are a marketer, an agency owner, a SaaS entrepreneur, or a GoHighLevel administrator looking to improve your marketing strategies, I think the program is worth your subscription.

HighLevel Certifications

In this certification program, you’ll get a variety of courses, including the foundational Certified Admin course, designed to help you level up your essential Marketing and GoHighLevel skills.

And that’s not everything. Upon completing the exam after each course, you’ll earn digital badges of excellence that you can proudly showcase on LinkedIn. 

Plus, you’ll also be invited to join a high-quality community of like-minded professionals and the HighLevel Certified Directory for more visibility and potential clients.

The HighLevel Certifications Program offers ALL these benefits and is a worthy investment. I highly recommend it if you desire a long-term commitment to the GoHighLevel platform and want to grow in the digital marketing field.

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