GrooveStars Ascend Review – Is Angie Norris’ Program Right For You?

by Sam 

December 12, 2020

If you’re looking for a GrooveStars Ascend Review, look no further.

I’ve got the goods for you in this post.

You’ll learn everything you need to know before buying Angie Norris’ training program for GrooveFunnels affiliates.

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Full GrooveStars Ascend Review

First... What exactly is GrooveStars Ascend?

GrooveStars Ascend is a program developed by Angie Norris (a top affiliate for GrooveFunnels) to teach other GrooveFunnels affiliates how to make money from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Angie calls her program, “The simple, intuitive and powerful system to drive traffic to your GrooveFunnels offers.” 

At a high level, when you purchase GrooveStars Ascend, you’re going to learn: 

  • GrooveFunnels training and GrooveFunnels affiliate training (to sell Groove products)
  • Roadmaps for 50+ traffic sources - these are guides and workbooks on how to leverage various traffic sources.
  • A done-for-you arsenal of Groove Funnels assets like customizable funnel templates, and more.

Who is Angie Norris?

Angie Norris emerged as a super affiliate for GrooveFunnels during their launch, hitting #11 in sales in July 2020, and #8 in sales in June of 2020.

She sold over $100K worth of Groove software in her first 60 days promoting the program, earning over $50K in commissions.

She’s also a certified Groove Funnels ambassador and her mission is to help as many Groove affiliates as possible do what she has done.

In fact, Mike Filsaime himself (CEO of Groove Digital) did an interview with Angie on her new course: 

So, how much does GrooveStars Ascend cost?

GrooveStars Ascend Pricing 

There are several options available to buy GrooveStars Ascend, so if you're wondering how much GrooveStars Ascend costs, we've got all the details below.

You can purchase the program with a single payment of $997, or you can choose one of two monthly payment plans.

A word of warning: If you choose to go with one of the monthly payment plans, you are going to be paying more over time.

Pay Once ($997)
  • Cost: $997 (one payment).
  • What’s included: Everything. You get all the training modules, flight plans, and bonuses.
3 Payments of $497 ($1491 Total)
  • Cost: $1491 total over 3 monthly payments of $497.
  • What’s included: Everything. You get all the training modules, flight plans, and bonuses.
6 Payments of $297 ($1782 Total)
  • Cost: $1782 total over 6 monthly payments of $297.
  • What’s included: Everything. You get all the training modules, flight plans, and bonuses.

What Will You Learn In GrooveStars Ascend?

So, what exactly are you going to learn in GrooveStars Ascend?

Angie has really done an amazing job of putting together a complete course on making money with GrooveFunnels.

Coming from her own perspective, she's created training that reflects her own experience and will help you to do exactly what she's done, namely earn more commissions with Groove.

What’s included in the training?

GrooveStars Ascend Training modules

Groove Stars Ascend comes with 10 core modules that give you the baseline for learning how to make money as a GrooveFunnels affiliate, and 8 additional bonuses that will be unlocked as you go through the program.

You're going to learn Core Concepts such as getting started with GrooveFunnels, how to Skyrocket sales, how to take advantage of Groove’s affiliate program, and how to brand yourself to get more sales.

In addition to the actual training, you get what Angie calls her flight plans. These are 50+ road maps of step-by-step instructions for learning various traffic sources.

Every week a new flight plan is released for a new traffic source accompanied by all the assets you need to customize it and get it done for yourself so it's truly plug-and-play. 

Here’s the 10 core training modules: 

Module 1 - Welcome To The GrooveStars Ascend Program.

Module 2 - Getting Started With GrooveFunnels

Module 3 - Skyrocket Sales Simulator (Goal Setting)

Module 4 - GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Module 5 - Leading Sales With Software

Module 6 - Personal Branding Bootcamp

Module 7 - Downline Management 

Module 8 - GrooveStars Jet Fuel Arsenal (cool name!)

Module 9 - Super Groove Affiliate Secrets

Module 10 - Scaling & Beyond

GrooveStars Flight Plans

GrooveStars Ascend Flight Plans

What are the GrooveStars Ascend Flight Plans?

These 50+ traffic source breakdowns that will help you get started on the traffic source of your choice to earn more with affiliate marketing.

This is one of my favorite aspects of the program, and I think it really helps GrooveStars stand out from other affiliate marketing programs.

Included Bonuses

Along with the Flight Plans and the actual training modules you're going to get access to eight separate bonuses that Angie has put together to help you get more from her program.

I like to think of these bonuses as the icing on the cake to an already amazing course, great affiliate program, and great community.

As someone who has really stood out as one of the top Groove Affiliates, these bonuses will help you take it to the next level just like Angie.

Let's go through them real quick...

Bonus 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus 2 - GrooveStars Ascend Strategy Sessions

Bonus 3 - GrooveFunnels Super Use Secrets

Bonus 4 - GrooveFunnels Leadership Secrets

Bonus 5 - Secrets of a Funnelhacker

Bonus 6 - Earn Your Badges

Bonus 7 - Certification Program

Bonus 8 - Funnel Library Black Book

Pros & Cons - What I Like & Don’t Like About GrooveStars Ascend

  • You’re learning from the best. Angie is a top Groove affiliate.
  • This is a very in-depth course and gives you everything you need to succeed.
  • You’re getting access to Angie’s amazing community for help and support.
  • Pricing options - I wish there were more reasonable monthly pricing options.
  • GrooveFunnels - Groove is still in beta and can be buggy. Promote at your own risk.

Who’s The Training For?

GrooveStars Ascend is really for anybody  who wants to learn how to make money with the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

You learn exactly what Angie implemented to become one of the top Grove Affiliates.

She really holds nothing back and goes in-depth into her proven strategies 4 getting Groove trials and sales with Groove.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and Groove is your chosen offer to promote, you can’t get better than this.

Conclusion - Should You Buy GrooveStars Ascend? 

You should absolutely buy Groove Stars Ascend if you're interested in making money from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, and are relatively new to affiliate marketing.

If you're new to funnels, affiliate marketing, and marketing in general this will be a great primer course for you, and since it's specifically tailored to the Groove affiliate program, it will really take you to the next level fast.

On the other hand you're already well-versed in affiliate marketing and understand the marketing concepts behind direct-response sales funnels, then you probably don't need to buy this program, almost any great affiliate marketing program can get you to where you need to level up your business.

Final Verdict: Great course for aspiring GrooveFunnels affiliates! Check it out here.

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