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GoHighLevel Workflows let you build visual workflows to automate various tasks once an event is triggered.

Using GoHighLevel, it's easy to automate things that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to do manually.

For example, you can create an automated workflow that automatically:

  • Sends a thank-you email to a lead who fills out a form.
  • Adds a contact to a marketing campaign after they schedule a call.
  • Sends a follow-up reminder with a lead who hasn't responded to an email.

If you're not sure if GHL is right for you, our GoHighLevel review has our detailed breakdown, or you can click here to start a free trial and test it yourself.

In this article, we're just covering HighLevel workflows: you'll learn how to create a workflow in GoHighLevel, the difference between workflows and recipes, and a lot more.

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GoHighLevel Workflows Builder

GoHighLevel Workflow Builder is a powerful and intuitive feature that allows you to easily create visual workflows to automate your marketing processes.

Using the Workflow Builder, you can connect any of the GoHighLevel modules: Forms, Leads, Contacts, Scheduling, and Marketing. Then, you can set up triggers, events, and actions to create complex automation.

Should You Use GoHighLevel Workflows?

GoHighLevel Workflows are great if you want to set up automation systems that save time and improve your results.

Here are some examples of how you can benefit from gohighlevel workflows:

1. Automate Lead Nurturing

With GoHighLevel Workflows, you’re able to send automated emails and keep your leads engaged while they move through your sales funnel.

These personalized emails could be based on the actions of your leads OR the time they've been in your pipeline.

2. Automatic Appointment Scheduling

Save time by automatically scheduling calls or appointments with leads and sending reminders and follow-up messages hassle-free. This process will be automatic and based on their availability.

Adding this automation will drastically improve your lead conversion rate.

3. Automate Follow-Up Process

When you automate your email or SMS follow-up process, you get to stay top-of-mind with your leads and keep them moving through your sales funnel. Depending on how they engage with your content, you can send various personalized messages.

Not sure where to begin? GoHighLevel offers a library of pre-built automation workflows that you can use as a starting point. You can also find help and a ton of tutorials on the GoHighLevel website.

How to Create A GoHighLevel Workflow

Let us walk you through the GoHighLevel Workflows Builder so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

Here are four steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Go To Your Automation Dashboard

Navigate to your Automation dashboard page in your GoHighLevel sub-account.

gohighlevel automation dashboard

This dashboard shows all of your published and draft workflows. You can also edit, delete, or copy existing workflows.

Step 2: Create A Workflow

To create a gohighlevel workflow, click the +  "Create Workflow" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

create gohighlevel workflow

Then, choose the type of Workflow you want to create. You can choose a template from pre-existing ‘Recipes’, import events from an existing campaign, or build your workflow from scratch.

What is a GoHighLevel recipe? HighLevel recipes are pre-built workflows with all the automations and page templates you need already in place to start building out your own workflow fast. Skip ahead to our section on GoHighLevel Recipes.

While inside the Workflow Builder, you can rename your workflow using the pencil icon next to the title.

For this tutorial, we'll choose the Appointment Booking recipe to get get started. If you're following along, click "Select" to get started on the recipe.

gohighlevel appointment booking recipe

Step 3: Add & Customize Your Workflow Triggers

You'll now be taken to the workflow builder page. On this page:

  • Rename your workflow (click the pen icon in the name in the nav bar)
  • Add a start trigger (the action that triggers the start of the workflow)
  • Add automation steps to trigger marketing actions
  • Publish or put your Workflow in draft mode
  • Create branching steps
  • Select your desired settings
  • View automation execution logs, and a lot more

Let's start by setting a new worflow trigger:

In the builder's top gray box, click the "Add New Workflow Trigger" button.

This lets you set a Trigger name, select your preferred type of Trigger, choose the workflow trigger, and customize any required filters. After that, click the Save button and the trigger will be added to your workflow.

gohighlevel workflow builder

One of the advantages of this Workflow feature is that multiple triggers can activate the same sequence of events.

Step 4: Customize Your Workflow Actions

After creating your triggers, you’ll need to set up and customize your workflow actions. While on the Builder tab, click the + icon to create a new event and add it to your workflow.

That will open up a side panel of actions you can select: 

gohighlevel actions

There are tons of GoHighLevel actions you can choose from, including adding tags, Facebook Messenger, add to notes, and so much more.

Next, select an action you want, and customize the details for this action. For instance, you’ll need to include the Name, Email Address, Subject, and Message fields for an action that sends a confirmation email to your leads in the workflow.

After setting up your action, click the Save button to confirm your changes, and your workflow is now created. Then, you need to toggle the Workflow from Draft to Publish mode to activate it.

Step 5: Test and Publish Your Workflow

To test your workflow: 

  1. Click the "Test Workflow" button in the top of the page
  2. Select a contact to go through your workflow (usually a test email or your own email)
  3. Click "Run test"

If you've set everything up to your needs and you've tested your workflow, the only left to do is publish your workflow.

Click the "Publish" toggle in the top right and you're good to go.

GoHighLevel Recipes 

GoHighLevel Recipes contain common automation workflows that you likely need for your business processes. You can easily customize them in the Workflow Builder to suit your specific needs.

Here are some of them:

  • Appointment booking: automatically send your prospect an appointment scheduling link.
  • Appointment confirmation and reminder: follow-up with leads that have booked an appointment.
  • To follow up with new prospects, send them a confirmation of the appointment, a reminder, a post-call survey, and a request for a review.
  • Auto missed call text-back: follow-up with a lead by sending an automated message after a missed call.
  • Birthday template: give your leads promotions and discount offers on their birthday.
  • FAQ auto-reply: automate responses to your most frequently asked questions.
  • FB messenger: respond to leads via Facebook Messenger.
  • Fast 5 lite: nurture your leads within the first five minutes using email, SMS, and voicemail drops to follow up.
  • Fast Five: send follow-up messages to a lead within 5 minutes after becoming active.
  • GMB business message: respond to leads via Google Business Messaging.
  • List reactivation: used to find positive responses and reactivate your email list.
  • Send review request:  follow up with a review request after the customer has been marked as ‘won’.
  • Webinar registration confirmation and reminders: send follow-up reminders leading up to the webinar after a prospect has signed up.
  • No-show template: follow-up if a prospect is a no-show.

Common Triggers for GoHighLevel Workflows 

GoHighLevel offers a wide range of workflow triggers that are fired when an event takes place. Here are some of the available triggers grouped according to their category:


  • Appointment status: is fired when the status of the appointment changes.
  • Customer booked appointment: is fired when a customer books an appointment.


  • Birthday reminder: is fired on the birthday of a contact.
  • Contact changed: is fired when a contact's details is updated in GoHighLevel.
  • Contact created: is fired when a new contact is created.
  • Contact DND: is fired when a contact is added to the Do Not Disturb list.
  • Contact tag: is fired when a contact is tagged.
  • Custom date reminder: is fired on a date or date range specified in GoHighLevel.
  • Note added: is fired when a note is added to a contact.
  • Note changed: is fired when a note is changed in a contact.
  • Task added: is fired when a task is added to a contact.

Contact Actions

  • Customer replied: is fired when a customer replies to an email or message.

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Form Submissions

  • Form submitted: is fired when a form is filled and submitted.
  • Form field change: is fired when a value in a form field is updated.


  • Call status: is fired when the status of a call changes.
  • Email events: is fired when an email is sent or received.


  • Facebook lead form submitted: is fired when a lead form is submitted on Facebook.


  • Category completed: is fired when a contact completes a category in a membership.
  • Membership new sign-up: is fired when a new user signs up for a membership.
  • Offer access granted: is fired when a user is granted access to an offer in a membership.
  • Offer access removed: is fired when a user is removed from an offer in a membership.
  • Product access granted: is fired when a user is granted access to a product in a membership.
  • Product access removed: is fired when a user is removed from a product in a membership.
  • Product completed: is fired when a user completes a product in a membership.
  • User login: is fired when a user logs in.


  • Opportunity status changed: is fired when the status of an opportunity changes.
  • Pipeline stage changed: is fired when the pipeline stage of an opportunity changes.
  • Stale opportunities: is fired when an opportunity has not been updated in a while.


  • Invoice: is fired when an invoice is created.


  • Abandoned checkout: is fired when a customer abandons a checkout in Shopify.
  • Order placed: is fired when an order is placed in Shopify.
  • Order fulfilled: is fired when an order is fulfilled in Shopify.


  • Video tracking: is fired when a video is tracked.


  • TikTok form submitted: is fired when a form is submitted on TikTok.

FAQs: Common Queries Related to GoHighLevel Workflows

What is a pipeline in GoHighLevel?

A pipeline in GoHighLevel lets you monitor your leads from the first interaction and see how they are moving through your funnel. It contains a series of automation that prospects encounter as they progress. You get to see the value of leads, opportunities, and conversion rates across each interaction point.

What are the advantages of GoHighLevel Workflows?

GoHighLevel Workflows provides numerous benefits for your business. You’ll be able to design workflows to automate your appointment scheduling and booking, email messaging, reminder, and follow-up processes. The GoHighLevel Workflows platform saves you a lot of time and also replaces other webhook and automation tools like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and Klaviyo.

Can you access GoHighLevel workflows on a free trial?

Yes, you can access GoHighLevel Workflows on a free trial. It’s a core feature of GoHighLevel and is available on all subscription plans.

Are there pre-built workflows available in GoHighLevel?

Yes, there are various pre-built automation workflows made for you to use in GoHighLevel. These templates are called Recipes and can be customized to fit your specific business needs.

Can You Save Time with GoHighLevel Workflows?

GoHighLevel Workflows

With an intuitive interface and ready-to-use recipes, GoHighLevel makes it easy and fast to build automation workflows useful for your business.

These workflows will help you spend less time on monotonous tasks so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Here are some more examples on what you can do with gohighlevel workflows:

  • Sending a reminder to leads that booked an appointment.
  • Adding a contact to a marketing campaign immediately after they fill out a form.

That’s not everything. You can make your processes frictionless with the help of automated engagement and follow-up workflows. It will eventually lead to more sales and revenue from your business.

GoHighLevel Workflows are the best choice for any business who wants to save more of their working hours and spent it towards tasks which really needs their personal attention.

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