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GoHighLevel University is a learning hub built for marketing agencies and professionals to get detailed training on using the software platform. It shows you how to leverage and maximize each feature for your business growth.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what exactly is inside GoHighLevel university and how you can get access to it.

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What Is GoHighLevel University?

GoHighLevel University is an education hub built to help HighLevel users get started quickly with the platform and maximize the built-in features for their business.

GoHighLevel University

Currently, the university offers two courses that show quick wins you can explore for your business while getting started and how you can get more leads into your business.

Who Is GoHighLevel University Designed For?

GoHighLevel University was designed for marketing professionals, agencies, and small business owners who want to gain in-depth knowledge about GoHighLevel and get better results.

The courses will help you deeply understand GoHighLevel and implement strategies to gain more customers for your business or clients.

What’s Inside GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel University offers two courses to level up your knowledge and scale your business.

These courses are:

The Quick Wins Playbook

The “Quick Wins” playbook offers in-depth HighLevel knowledge and shows you how to maximally utilize different tools to meet your business needs.

This course comes with 12 videos which include:

Lesson 1 — Getting Started Overview

This lesson introduces you to the Quick Wins playbook and what to expect in each training video that follows.

Lesson 2 — Unlock the Power of SMS with a HighLevel Number

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to buy text-enabled phone numbers in GoHighLevel and also send a test message that you can view and reply to in Conversations. Implementing this quick win will help you engage your customers seamlessly and get more sales.

Lesson 3 — Never Miss Another Call with the Missed-Call Text-Back

Many small businesses miss over 60% of phone calls every day and this results in lost business opportunities. This lesson talks about the powerful Missed-Call Text-Back feature which lets you immediately send a text message to all unanswered inbound calls.

Lesson 4 — Run Your Business from Your Pocket With Your New Mobile App

This lesson is all about LeadConnector, the "gray-label" version of GoHighLevel's mobile app that you can rebrand and sell to your clients as yours.

When your clients use your HighLevel gray-label mobile app, you’ll be able to retain them for a long time.

Lesson 5 — Streamline Conversations With Social Chat Consolidation

In this lesson, you will learn how to integrate HighLevel with Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. This will help you to read DMs, reply, create bots for messages, and manage conversations across multiple social media accounts in HighLevel Conversations.

Lesson 6 — Capitalize On Free Leads From Google With Google Business Chat

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to connect Google Business Profile with HighLevel. You’ll also learn how to automatically activate your Google Business Chat so you can read, reply, and build chatbots for GBP chats in HighLevel Conversations.

gohighlevel university quick wins playbook youtube

Lesson 7 — Increase Rankings & Convert More Customers With Reputation Management

Having a steady stream of positive reviews will impact your search rankings on Google and keep customers coming in.

This lesson will show you the step-by-step process to send review requests to customers in HighLevel Conversations and how you can read and reply to new reviews while in the platform.

Lesson 8 — Take Back A Ton Of Time With Auto-Reply Chat Bots FAQs

Lesson 7 teaches how to quickly build chatbots that automatically reply to frequently asked questions (FAQs) via SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, Google Chat, and more!

Lesson 9 — Generate Free Leads Off Your Website With The Web Chat Widget

When installed on your website, the Chat Widget provides an easy way to engage web visitors. This lesson will teach you how to configure the HighLevel Chat Widget on your HighLevel websites, WordPress, or custom-built website.

Lesson 10 — Generate More Leads Off Your Website with CTA Forms

You can generate leads from your website by using a pop-up form containing a specific call-to-action. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create CTA-specific forms in HighLevel and install them on your website.

Lesson 11 — Turn Your Social Profiles into Lead-Generating Machines with Linktree Pages

This lesson teaches you how to create mobile responsive Linktree pages with CTA forms. Doing this allows you to turn your social media profiles into a lead-generation machine.

Lesson 12 — Automatically Turn New Leads into Hot Leads with the Fast 5 Lite Recipe

The odds of connecting with a new lead drop the more time goes and you don’t send a first-time reply fast enough. The Fast 5 Lite Recipe solves this by allowing you to send an email, text message, or ringless voicemail to a lead within five minutes of joining your pipeline. You’ll learn how to activate the recipe in this lesson.

The Lead-Gen Playbook

The Lead-Gen course goes in-depth on lead generation and shows how you can use GoHighLevel to generate more prospects for your business.

With over 69 training videos, the playbook was designed to help marketing agencies or consultants get more leads, no matter the industry.

gohighlevel university lead gen playbook course

If you want to keep your leads pipeline active and use GoHighLevel to increase customer revenue, this is the course for you.

Here’s a rundown of the nine modules contained in the playbook:

Module 1: Launchpad – Easy, Automated Wins for Every Client

The first module shows you how to set up and automate essential parts of your business, such as Facebook messenger replies, the web chat widget, and more. It contains multiple videos that hold you by the hand and walk you through the setup.

Module 2: Scheduled Success with HighLevel Calendars

With 15 training videos, Module 2 takes you through the process of successfully setting up the HighLevel Calendar and scheduling tools for business success.

Module 3: Visualizing the Funnel with Pipelines

It teaches you how to create a sales pipeline and visualize your entire marketing funnel.

Module 4: Liftoff with Reactivation Campaigns

The next module is all about reactivation campaigns. In case you have churn or drop-offs, you’ll learn how to set up and launch a “reactivation” campaign to re-engage past customers. The module has over nine videos.

Module 5: “The Fast Five”

Module 5 contains six training videos and shows you how to set up GoHighLevel automation processes to successfully nurture new leads. You’ll learn how to create various automated workflows for nurturing hot, cold, and long-term leads.

Module 6: The Ultimate Appointment Automation

In Module 6, you’ll go through different training videos that teach you how to set up appointment booking automation on GoHighLevel. You’ll also learn how to build an AI-powered booking bot that will engage your contacts and ensure they make a successful booking.

Module 7: Crystal Clear Reporting

This module teaches you how to clearly show results to your clients. You’ll learn how to use GoHighLevel’s reporting feature to deliver reports and demonstrate successful ROI from your digital marketing strategies.

Module 8: Scaling at Lightspeed with Snapshots

GoHighLevel Snapshots are pre-built sub-accounts that contain funnels and systems you can use to run your clients' business. In this module, you’ll learn all you should know about using Snapshots for your client. 

Module 9: Activating SaaS Mode

The final module goes all in on how to set up and use GoHighLevel SaaS mode. This plan allows you to rebrand the GoHighLevel platform as your own and sell it to your clients. This is a surefire way to boost the value of your offer and increase revenue for your business.

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How To Get Access To GoHighLevel University?

You can get easy access to all of the valuable content in GoHighLevel University as a HighLevel user.

Here are the steps to follow:

gohighlevel university sign in page
  • Enter your HighLevel login details in the box provided.
  • Click the “Sign In” button.

Voila! You now have access to the two courses at GoHighLevel University.

Not a user of GoHighLevel?

You’re in luck! GoHighLevel has uploaded all the content for FREE on YouTube.

Simply head to the HighLevel YouTube channel, subscribe, and look out for the desired playbook playlist.

Verdict: What Does GoHighLevel University Teach?

GoHighLevel University simply teaches you what you need to know to get the most out of the platform.

Whether you’re a marketer just starting out or an experienced online business coach, the GHL online education hub comes with two courses that show you quick wins you never thought of and also teach you how to attract more leads for your agency. 

GoHighLevel University

To access the training content, log in via the GoHighLevel University page. Otherwise, check out their YouTube channel to watch the content for free if you’re without a GoHighLevel account.

Want to get started with GoHighLevel today? Take advantage of our special 30-day free trial offer.

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