In this article, I'm going to breakdown what I consider to be one of HighLevel's best features: GoHighLevel Snapshots

What are Snapshots, how do you create one, how do you import one, and can they help your business? 

Let's answer this. 

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What is a GoHighLevel Snapshot? 

Simply put, a Go HighLevel Snapshot is a clone of a GoHighLevel account that can be imported into another account via a unique link. With a snapshot, you can import and duplicate an entire HighLevel account inside of a new account.

What's the point, you ask? Let me explain. 

Imagine you have all the landing pages, funnels, email marketing campaigns, automations etc. set up in one account and you want to duplicate that in another account. Maybe you want to send your setup to a client or build a fresh campaign in a new account based on that setup. With HighLevel snapshots, that's exactly what you can do. 

What Gets Transferred With a GoHighLevel Snapshot? 

The following settings can be imported from a HighLevel account with a snapshot with these default settings: 

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Custom Values (Specific values do not get imported do to privacy regulations, only the value keys)
  3. Triggers (Defaults to draft mode upon import)
  4. Trigger Links
  5. Surveys
  6. Forms
  7. SMS Templates
  8. Email Templates (Import multiple email templates)
  9. SMS (SMS template for reputation management)
  10. Email (Email template for reputation management)
  11. Custom Communications (Custom communication settings for reputation management)
  12. Campaigns (Start in "published" mode, Users are not copied over)
  13. Pipelines
  14. Calendars (Calendar settings included)
  15. Tags
  16. Folders
  17. Funnels (Products and tracking codes do not get imported)
  18. Automations
  19. Membership Products and Offers
  20. Workflows (Doesn't import 3rd party system data like Facebook, Google, Adwords, etc.)
  21. Teams (Imports, but not active by default; must be manually activated in the new account)

Here's the list of items that will not get cloned when using a snapshot: 

  1. Contacts
  2. Conversations
  3. Tracking codes
  4. Integrations
  5. Users
  6. Reporting data
  7. Reputation data
  8. Custom Values data
  9. Chat widget customizations
  10. Domains
  11. Company settings
  12. Existing tasks / manual actions

How do you create a HighLevel Snapshot?

Creating a new GHL Snapshot can be complex. You need to consider what settings you actually want to import over via the Snapshot.  

Here's the steps to create and export HighLevel snapshot so you can import it into a new account or send it to another GoHighLevel user: 

  1. From the Agency View, click on "Settings"
  2. Click "Account Snapshot" 
  3. Click "Create New Snapshot"
  4. Name your Snapshot whatever you want in the provided field
  5. Choose which account you want the Snapshot to based on in the dropdown field
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Copy the Share URL and send it to whoever you want

Here's a video tutorial on creating a new HighLevel Snapshot: 

How do you import a HighLevel Snapshot?  

It's easy. First you need a Snapshot share link. Once you have the correct Snapshot share link, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your GoHighLevel account. 
  2. Open a new tab in the same browser (making sure you're still logged in). 
  3. Copy and paste the unique snapshot link into the address bar of your new tab. 
  4. Hit "Enter", you'll land on a page asking if you want to import the snapshot.
  5. Click "Yes! Import now." 

FAQs About GoHighLevel Snapshots

Can you edit Snapshots? 

Yes. With Snapshots, you can edit and update them. Naturally your marketing strategy will evolve over time. Emails will get rewritten, automations will get reworked. Snapshots can be updated and refreshed to reflect those changes. 

Where can you find free GoHighLevel Snapshots? 

With Snapshots all you need is a link to import it into your account. Some are closely guarded and only used inhouse or given to an agencies clients, but some can be found online with a few Google searches. Try searching for things like "Free real estate HighLevel Snapshot." You can also find a number of free GoHighLevel Snapshots inside of HighLevel and in their support forum.

How do I add a snapshot to HighLevel? 

It's easy. First you need to get the Snapshot share link. Reach out to whomever controls the account you are trying to import and get the Snapshot URL from them. Next, log into on your browser. Staying logged in, open a new tab. Copy and paste your Snapshot link into the address bar of the new tab. Click "Enter". You'll be taken to a page asking you to confirm that you want to import the new HighLevel account and all it's setting into your account. Click on "Yes!" and you're all done.

Can you buy and sell HighLevel Snapshots? 

Yes, you can buy and sell Snapshots, however in my research it was unclear if this was allowed or not by the company. There are HighLevel buy and sell groups out there if you know where to look.

Download Free GoHighLevel Snapshots

We're collecting free Go HighLevel Snapshots on this page. Keep checking back if you don't see what you want! 

Chiro $39 New Patient Snapshot

Import a pre-built funnel for a $39 new-patient offer for your Chiropractor business.

Attorney Free Consultation

Get a free attorney snapshot designed to get free consultation calls.

Pest Control Snapshot

Get a free attorney snapshot designed to get free consultation calls.

Crossfit Snapshot (Free Week)

Import this crossfit gym snapshot and offer a free week to new customers.

Restaurant Snapshot (Free Appetizer)

Import a "free appetizer" snapshot for your restaurant to convert new customers.

Medical Spa ($250 Gift Card Snapshot)

Own a medical spa or related biz? Convert new customers with a $250 gift card.

Gym Snapshot (Free Week Membership)

Offer a free week pass to entice new member sign ups with this gym snapshot.

Coaching Snapshot (Free Discovery Call)

Run a coaching business and want to convert prospects on free calls? This is for you.

Solar Snapshot (Free Solar Quote)

Import this solar snapshot and offer a free quote to entice new solar business.

Mortgage Loan Snapshot

Looking for home buyers for your mortgage loan business? Try this free snapshot.

Yoga Studio (Free Week Offer)

Import this yoga studio snapshot and offer a free week pass for new sign ups.

Hair Salon (Free Cut or 30% Off Offer)

Import this hair salon snapshot and offer a free hair cut or 30% off your services.

Martial Arts Studios (Free Week)

Use this martial arts snapshot to offer a free week class to your prospects.

Real Estate Agents Snapshot

Import this Real Estate Agent snapshot to convert buyers and sellers.

Dentist Snapshot (Free Whitening)

Convert new dentist customers with a free teeth whitening offer.

Marketing Agency Snapshot

Every HighLevel account comes loaded with the free marketing agency snapshot.

Home Services $150 Off Coupon

Offer a $150 off coupon for your home services business with this free snapshot.

Day Spa $50 Gift Card Snapshot

Offer a $50 gift card to convert new customers to your day spa business.

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How Do GoHighLevel Snapshots Simplify Account Setup?

gohighlevel snapshots

GoHighLevel Snapshots are a game changer: 

Instead of rebuilding an entire account, you can send it via a link and one-click import it into any new HighLevel account with ease. For agencies, coaches, and B2Bs, this one feature can solve a lot of problems. 

If you're new to HighLevel, start a free trial here and play around with their Snapshots. If you already have an account and are looking for Snapshots to import, come back to our site soon as we'll be reviewing and adding any Snapshots we find. 

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