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Integrating QuickBooks with GoHighLevel allows you to automatically sync all new contacts that are created in QuickBooks to your built-in GoHighLevel CRM.

This comes with some benefits for your business such as streamlining your workflow and reducing manual data entry. 

In this post, I’ll show you how to connect both software platforms and explain what you stand to gain from the integration.

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GoHighLevel QuickBooks Integration

Here's how you can connect GoHighLevel with QuickBooks for your business:

Connecting QuickBooks with GoHighLevel Step By Step

Integrating QuickBooks with GoHighLevel is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few steps:

  1. Log into your GoHighLevel account. Go to the Integrations section in your account settings.
  2. You’ll find a list of apps on the Integrations page. Locate the QuickBooks logo and click the "Connect" button under it. Then, log in to your QuickBooks account.
  3. Accept all permissions and hit the "Connect" button.
Connecting GoHighLevel with QuickBooks

Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, your integration is complete. All NEW contacts created in QuickBooks will now be automatically synced to your GoHighLevel CRM. And upon payment, a review request will be automatically sent to them.

QuickBooks Pricing - How Much Does QuickBooks Cost?

Want to get QuickBooks for your business? Here’s how much you need to shell out for the business accounting solution.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the main platform for small businesses. It comes with three pricing tiers: Simple Start Plan for $17 per month, Essentials Plan for $26 per month, and Plus Plan for $36 per month. Right now, you can take advantage of the ongoing discount deal and pay only $1/month for 6 months on all QuickBooks Online plans. 

QuickBooks Online Pricing

Each of these tiers provides a range of features including invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll. 

QuickBooks Desktop

They also have a desktop software product that you can install on your computer after a one-time purchase.

QuickBooks Desktop App

For this product, there are four pricing tiers available: Online Plus for $42.50/month, Online Advanced for $100/month, Premier Plus for $799/year ($66.58/month), and Enterprise for $1410/year ($117.5/month).

QuickBooks Enterprise

This package is suited for larger businesses with more complex accounting needs. It offers advanced features including such as advanced inventory tracking, an integrated payroll system, and powerful business reporting.

QuickBooks Enterprise Pricing

There are four pricing tiers available: Gold for $1830/year, Platinum for $2250/year, and Diamond for $4400/year.

For new users, QuickBooks offers you a 30-day free trial to take the software for a spin. You can also purchase numerous apps, add-ons, and integrations to boost productivity and run your business seamlessly.

Benefits of GoHighLevel QuickBooks Integration

There are several benefits to integrating QuickBooks with GoHighLevel. Let's go through them one by one:

Save Time

Integrating QuickBooks with GoHighLevel will eliminate the burden of manual data entry and accounting discrepencies between your systems. You’ll save a significant amount of time and focus on other productive, customer-facing tasks.

Fewer Errors

Manual data entry can be prone to errors and this is costly for your business. When you automate this process using this integration, you’ll be able to avoid risks and mistakes.

Improved Customer Experience

With the QB > GHL integration, you can take advantage of features such as automatically sending a review request to your contact upon payment. Doing this would improve the overall customer experience of your business, lead to more positive reviews and increase customer loyalty.

Gain Better Business Insights

When you have all the data of your contacts in one place, you can gain better insights into your customers' behavior and preferences. This would inform your marketing/sales strategies and lead to increased revenue.

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Should You Use QuickBooks with GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel QuickBooks Integration

Connecting QuickBooks with GoHighLevel is super easy. If you're a QB and GHL user, it's a no-brainer.

You'll be able to save time, drastically reduce errors from manual data entry, offer improved customer experience, and gain better business insights.

By following the step-by-step process outlined above, you can easily integrate QuickBooks with GoHighLevel for your business, and start enjoying the benefits of a more streamlined workflow.

  • Best value for sales & marketing teams
  • Combine funnels with sales CRM
  • Best sales and marketing automation 
  • We gave HighLevel 4.5/5 Stars

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