Gohighlevel Pricing – Is It Worth The Cost?

March 25, 2021

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Planning to invest in GoHighLevel to help grow your business online but unsure whether it’s worth the cost?

In this post we're goint to cover GoHighLevel pricing in depth, who should be using HighLevel, the various pricing plans available, and what's included in each.

By the end of this post you'll know if GoHighLevel is right for you and if it's worth the investment.

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GoHighLevel Pricing - How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

Depending on the GoHighLevel pricing plan you choose, GoHighLevel offers several pricing options that will cost you between $97 - $794 per month.

GoHighLevel Pricing

Here's the overview of what we'll be covering in this HighLevel pricing guide:

  • The 14-day GoHighLevel free trial
  • Agency Starter Account, $97 per month
  • Agency Unlimited Account, $297 per month
  • White Label Account - This is an upgrade to the Unlimited Account and an additional $497 per month (Total is $794 per month
  • Annual Discount - none available at the time of this writing

The free trial is generous, with all plan features included, and you'll only be charged after the 14 days.

You can get a free 14-day trial for the Agency Starter Account, and then pay $97/ per month, or the Agency Unlimited Account, which costs $297/month after the trial.

As both accounts include the 14-day free trial period, going for the Agency Unlimited Account may be the best option to try out the full software suite - you can always downgrade later.

Is It Worth The Cost? 

GoHighLevel CRM helps you consolidate your marketing tools, develop websites, landing pages, and funnels in one go - you'll save money by ditching other tools like your email system, CRM, calendar tool, page builder, and a ton more. 

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

And, in comparison to the competition, GoHighLevel offers a relatively lower price without compromising quality.

In fact, looking at GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels (one of their top competitors in the funnel building space), GoHighLevel really stands out with it's focus on marketing automation and built-in CRM.

GoHighLevel features include CRM, marketing automation, email marketing system, and full website, funnel, and membership site system.

You can create automated and customized follow-up campaigns to engage your leads through Facebook Messenger, SMS, voice calls, voicemail drops, and other channels and increase response rates.   

Who Should Be Using GoHighLevel? 

Local businesses: Small and medium businesses with 1 to 1,000 locations are using GoHighLevel to attract more sales leads, expand their customer base, and grow their business. 

Agency owners: High Level is suitable for marketing agencies that want to save time, money, and marketing resources. GoHighLevel helps make your marketing activities more efficient with just a single platform.

Sales Teams: Perfect for sales teams that need a great all-in-one marketing and CRM follow up system.

Also great for: Entrepreneurs, SaaS, Marketers, Service-based businesses, coaches, etc.

If you are one of those local businesses, agencies, sales teams, and entrepreneurs seeking fast and efficient marketing solutions, then you should give GoHighLevel a try

GoHighLevel does not require you to be tech-savvy because it’s simple enough with a relatively easy learning curve. 

GoHighLevel Free Trial

To see if GoHighLevel satisfies your marketing needs, you can try the 14-day free trial period.

Simply visit the website, choose the HighLevel pricing plan you're interested in, and provide basic information, like company name, email, and phone number to create a GoHighLevel account.    

You can choose from the Agency Starter Account or the Agency Unlimited Account. Within 14 days, you can maximize all features offered in the account you have chosen and see if it can indeed help your business. While you're getting the service for free, it’s wiser to experience the perks of the Agency Unlimited Account.

Note that after 14 days, failing to cancel your membership means that you intend to continue with the account you have chosen and will be charged for the plan that you signed up for. 

Agency Starter Account, $97 Per Month

You can subscribe to the Agency Starter Account for only $97 per month. Suitable for a single business, this plan helps you enjoy most GoHighLevel features. 

For instance, you have access to all the main tools and to Twilio. This gives you access to the GoHighLevel API to allow two-way SMS texting.  

You can also create a Mailgun account. You just have to enter your own API to enable unlimited sending.

However, the Agency Starter Account gives you access to one account login only—either for yourself or for a client. To have unlimited sub-accounts, you need to sign up for the Agency Unlimited account.

The Agency Starter Account is a perfect fit for those who are new to marketing and trying to explore their options, or are using GoHighLevel for one business. 

Agency Unlimited Account, $297 Per Month

You can get access to the Agency Unlimited Account for only $297. This plan consists of all the features you get with the Agency Starter Account plus some benefits, like unlimited sub-accounts for your clients.

You are free to create as many accounts as you want for your businesses and clients. With the Agency Unlimited Account, you can also create a branded desktop app. You can use your own domain and achieve a more personalized look so it fits your brand or business.    

Regardless of the size of your business, the Agency Unlimited Account is a wise investment as it allows you to create a more personalized customer experience, making your brand more unique.

White Label Account, An Additional $497 Per Month

You can also opt to take the White Label Account as an add-on to the Agency Unlimited Account.

It's an additional $497, giving you a total of $794 per month. 

gohighlevel white label plan

With the white label add-on, you can make a customized white label mobile app that will give your customers a unique mobile experience. This app also lets you access your data from your phone. 

Another benefit is the custom Zapier setup.

GoHighLevel will create a custom zap specifically designed for your business. 

With the white label option, you also get a new potential revenue stream for your brand. You can sell the platform as your own subscription service to your clients for addtional income. 

Annual Discount

To date, GoHighLevel does not include an annual payment option, so there’s no annual discount available.

Both the Agency Starter Account and Agency Unlimited Account require monthly payments.

As there are no annual contracts, you are free to cancel your plan whenever you want. To cancel, login to the app, contact the team through live chat or email, and they will cancel the account for you. 

HighLevel Money Back Guarantee

Payments for HighLevel services are non-refundable. There are also no prorated refunds available for partially used accounts.

However, HighLevel may issue a refund in certain cases, such as when they modify their terms of service.  

Final Thoughts - Is GoHighLevel Pricing Right For Your Business?

GoHighLevel CRM and marketing and sales platform is perfect for marketing agencies, local businesses, sales teams, and entrepreneurs that need an all-in-one marketing software platform.

It helps you save time and resources while getting more clients and generating more sales leads.

The 14-day free trial allows you to experience the benefits of the Agency Starter Account or the Agency Unlimited Account with no risk.

What we love: GoHighLevel features include the White Label add-on, which let's you make a customized mobile app and use a Zapier zap to make your business more unique.

We hope that this GoHighLevel pricing guide has helped you see that GoHighLevel is worth the price for your business.

Visit the GoHighLevel website to start the 14-day free trial.  

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