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If you run a restaurant and need ways to grow your online presence, get more customers, and increase revenue, you might be considering GoHighLevel.

This GoHighLevel for Restaurants guide will show you how you can use the all-in-one CRM software platform to attract and retain customers.

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Can You Use GoHighLevel for Restaurants?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing automation and CRM platform built to help agencies and businesses grow online. It can be used for restaurants looking to streamline their processes, reduce monotonous tasks, and drive more sales.

gohighlevel home

The software platform is packed with various features, pieced together to help you design funnels or landing pages, run effective email/SMS marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and manage your online reputation.

With GoHighLevel, you have all you need to engage your leads and deepen relationships with your customers.

GoHighLevel Features for Restaurants 

As a restaurant owner, GoHighLevel’s range of features can help you improve the way you attract prospects and manage customers.

Here’s a rundown of relevant features to streamline your restaurant marketing efforts.

Websites, Sales Funnel & Landing Pages

With GoHighLevel website page builder, you can build a customizable Restaurant website, and even landing pages and funnels for your restaurant. They can be customized with your brand materials to attract prospects and drive conversions.

Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

If you want to run seamless email and SMS campaigns in one place, GoHighLevel is the platform for you. Restaurant owners can use the software to collect contact information, engage leads, and launch effective email or SMS marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can use the software to send emails or text messages to your contacts about special promotional deals and offers.

Automation Workflows

Running a restaurant is time-consuming and can get stressful sometimes.

With GoHighLevel’s automation workflow, you get to automate a huge chunk of your tasks and keep your audience engaged. It’s like having an extra hard-working virtual assistant at your service. 

Setting up automated follow-up campaigns allows you to keep in touch with your prospects or customers, encourage them to visit the restaurant, and inform them of promo deals.


GoHighLevel has an appointment scheduling tool that you can leverage to manage restaurant reservations and ensure that your customers are efficiently served.

Reservation Management

You can use GoHighLevel to manage the seating arrangements of customers visiting your restaurant. This reduces customer wait times and ensures that tables are accurately booked.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

GoHighLevel’s CRM system enables restaurant owners to monitor their customer preferences and behaviors. This tool gives you insights to make data-driven decisions and drive tailored marketing efforts that improve customer retention.

Reputation Management

With the help of GMB (Google My Business) integration, you can manage all your local Google reviews and ratings in one place. This way you can engage with your past and newer customers to make sure they give you a good review and rating.

Loyalty Programs

Restaurants that want to reward their loyal customers can use GoHighLevel to set up and manage their loyalty programs. This program will offer incentives to customers for repeat visits and also drive customer retention.

GoHighLevel Snapshots for Restaurants

GoHighLevel Snapshots are pre-built sub-accounts that contain ready-made funnels, templates, and marketing campaigns for a particular industry. 

There’s a snapshot available for restaurants so you don’t have to build systems from scratch. This GoHighLevel restaurant snapshot comes with a Facebook ad for offering a free appetizer to your prospects when they join your mailing list.

gohighlevel restaurant snapshot facebook ad

After they click the ad, they will be directed to a done-for-you funnel where they can fill out a form to join the email list.

Next, they need to make a reservation to claim the free appetizer. After they make a reservation, you can add a high-end upsell offer on the Thank You page. This could be a meal, dish type, or wine that goes well with the appetizer.

Take a look at the restaurant snapshot here.

GoHighLevel Website Template for Restaurants

There are templates available in GoHighLevel if you want to set up a beautiful, user-friendly website for your restaurant.

Just go into your account, find the “Site” tab, and click the “New Website” option. Then, look through the restaurant categories and choose a befitting template in the library.

gohighlevel restaurant website templates

All the templates in a category have been designed and tailored to the full needs of that industry.

To customize any website template, there’s a built-in GoHighLevel website builder tool for that purpose, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. No technical expertise or experience is needed here.

If you want, you can also choose to build your website from scratch. And regularly, the template library gets updated so you’ll definitely see new stuff later on.

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Benefits of Using GoHighLevel for Restaurants

Now, let’s take a look at what your restaurant stands to gain from using GoHighLevel.

1. Save Time & Money

GoHighLevel marketing automation setup is a time-saver for your business. It allows you to streamline your processes and automate most of the boring, manual tasks.

When you implement automated workflows in your operations, you get to save time so you can focus on other things.

2. Better Customer Engagement

One thing I love about GoHighLevel is how it allows you to seamlessly follow up and engage with your contacts across multiple touchpoints.

You can launch email or SMS marketing campaigns to interact with customers and inform them of promotional offers or invite-only events. Not just any kind of campaign but personalized engagement campaigns that make them feel seen and valued.

3. Increase Revenue

The goal of any business is to serve their customeres and more money. GoHighLevel can help your restaurant drive business growth and boost sales.

The restaurant snapshots offer you proven systems you can use to scale. You get to run battle-tested ads that bring in a constant stream of prospects and convert them into customers. In addition, floating a loyalty program also allows you to retain your active customers, increase your bottom line, and achieve long-term business success.

Verdict: Can GoHighLevel Help Restaurants Grow?

GoHighLevel can help restaurants manage their processes and boost revenue. It is stacked with so many great features useful to run that kind of business.

Gohighlevel for restaurants

Whether it’s developing a delicious restaurant website, managing meal reservations in the built-in Calendar, or using done-for-you Snapshot to keep prospects coming in, GoHighLevel is perfectly primed to help your restaurant scale.

It’s an all-in-one solution that offers more and is much better than paying for multiple software to get the same results.   

Want to start using GoHighLevel for your restaurant business? Grab GoHighLevel's special 30-day free trial.

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