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If you want to start your own marketing agency and looking for best software to power your launch, GoHighLevel is an ideal choice.

With GoHighLevel, you can efficiently manage all aspects of your agency in one place: creating web pages, sales funnel, sending emails, and tracking of customers and sales, appointment setting, payments, and a so much more.

In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step process of building a marketing agency from scratch using GoHighLevel and why we think GoHighLevel for marketing agencies is a no-brainer.

Let's go!

  • Best value for sales & marketing teams
  • Combine funnels with sales CRM
  • Best sales and marketing automation 
  • We gave HighLevel 4.5/5 Stars

Build a Marketing Agency With GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is designed for marketing agencies and professionals, allowing you to customize it with unique branding tailored to your agency.

Quick note: If you're not already a GHL customer, you can read our in-depth review of HighLevel, learn more about pricing options here, or check out some alternatives to GHL here.

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a marketing automation software that helps businesses grow. It was originally created by agency veterans for marketing agencies. They understood the difficulties of using various tools to manage campaigns for multiple clients and knew they needed a dedicated all-in-one tool to set them free from multiple SaaS subscriptions. HighLevel was born out of that need.


GoHighLevel offers a wide range of powerful features for agencies:

  • Automation of customer follow-up through SMS, email (using Mailgun), phone calls, and Facebook Messenger integrations.
  • Build websites, sales funnels, order forms, membership sites, link-in bio pages, and just about any kind of front facing web page you can imagine. You can ditch tools like ClickFunnels and Kartra. You can even integrate WordPress directly into HighLevel.
  • Easy system for duplicating your agency settings for your clients (called Snapshots).
  • Website live chat functionality.
  • Efficient pipeline management via their built-in CRM.
  • Easy appointment scheduling via their built-in calendar tool (you can ditch Calendly goodbye).
  • Streamlined project management with a Trello-like interface.
  • Detailed sales forecasting and reporting dashboards.
  • Seamless integrations with popular tools such as Twilio, QuickBooks, Zapier.

Essentially, HighLevel has been designed specifically with agencies in mind: every feature and tool is designed to help streamline your workflow and ditch other costly tools.

What Makes GoHighLevel Stand Out from Other Marketing Software?

In a nutshell: GoHighLevel was originally designed specifically for agencies. While other businesses can get immense value out of the software, agencies will find that there is no other tool like this on the market.

The more time you spend on repetitive tasks, the less time you have to focus on what truly matters: crafting impactful campaigns and expanding your business. With GoHighLevel integrations and their all-in-one focus on features, managing everything for your marketing agency becomes remarkably effortless.

That's why I strongly endorse GoHighLevel for any marketing agency seeking to streamline their operations and allocate more time to their core work.

GoHighLevel CRM for Marketing Agencies

One of the key features of GoHighLevel is its all-in-one dashboard and CRM, enabling users to efficiently handle multiple clients, campaigns, and workflows from a centralized location. This dashboard simplifies the tracking of appointments, follow-ups, tasks, and other essential aspects.

Significant features include built-in CRM functionality for lead and customer management, along with email and SMS marketing capabilities. GoHighLevel's automation features are also incredibly robust: you can ditch tools like ActiveCampaign for your email marketing.


With GoHighLevel, you can create workflows that automate every step, from lead capture to follow-up emails. For instance, you can design a workflow that automatically sends a welcoming email to new leads and subsequently follows up with a series of targeted emails over time.

How to Get Started with GoHighLevel?

To get started with GoHighLevel, first, start a 14-day trial here. This should be plenty of time to get up to speed, plus, HighLevel starts out all new accounts with their free marketing agency snapshot.

Note: A "GoHighLevel Snapshot" is a fully-functional duplicate of someone else's account settings. You can import an entire account with one click with Snapshots, including websites, automations, content, and more. Integrations and sensitive information do not transfer over. Read our full guide on HighLevel snapshots here

GoHighLevel Signup

To enhance your understanding, take advantage of the available training resources, including video tutorials, webinars, documentation, and other materials tailored for GoHighLevel users.

After gaining some level of proficiency, it's time to build your marketing agency inside of GoHighLevel.

Best GoHighLevel Package for Marketing Agency

GoHighLevel offers four pricing packages to its customers. Since you would be running a marketing agency with several clients onboard, you would need a plan that fits all your needs.

You can also Agency Pro Account AKA the SaaS plan. With this plan, you can upsell it to your clients, covering both your monthly subscription and the initial cost of the software. Read our comprehensive GoHighLevel Pricing guide.

We prefer Agency Unlimited Account which offers:

  1. Everything in Agency Starter
  2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts
  3. Branded Desktop App

You would save $594 if you choose to go yearly with the Agency Unlimited account, which is currently priced at $2970. If you are just starting and don't want to go all-in, you can get the Agency Starter account for $970 and save $194 as well.

gohighlevel pricing

As a marketing agency, you would be spending a lot of money every month on software that is crucial to running your agency. Whereas GoHighLevel has made it much more cost-effective. Here is the pricing comparison:

GoHighLevel Pricing Comparison

Step By Step Build Your Marketing Agency With HighLevel

Now you understand why you should build your agency with HighLevel, so let's move on to the "how":

Step 1 - Build Your Agency Website and Funnels

To get started, you're going to need your agency website built and some funnels ready to go to start converting traffic into leads and sales.

Fortunately, HighLevel comes ready-to-go with marketing agency website templates. Check out our full guide on building a website with GoHighLevel for this step.

gohighlevel marketing agency website template

Once you've built your websiite, your going to want to create sales funnels designed to capture leads and boost conversions. These landing pages can be created using pre-designed GoHighLevel templates or customized with HTML/CSS code, enabling you to establish a distinctive brand presence.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Marketing Automations

With GoHighLevel, you can automate your email marketing using Mailgun and even your SMS marketing with Twilio.

This allows you to develop targeted email campaigns based on user behavior, demographics, and other variables. You can also track engagement metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of your campaigns.

With your website built, sales funnels ready to go, it's time to plug in your automations so you can follow up with leads and start booking appointments.

Step 3 - Create Your Brand Content

Now you've got your site and funnels up, it's time to create all your website content.

With GoHighLevel Content AI you can use the power of AI to automate this, or get it done yourself.

With Content AI you can also generate content for your clients websites, blogs and email newsletters.

HighLevel Content Ai

Here's how you can utilize Content AI:

  • Automate the production of various content types, including blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters.
  • Small businesses can streamline their content marketing efforts, improve brand messaging, and effectively engage their target audience, all while saving valuable time and resources.

Now, let's look at the pricing of Content AI:

content ai pricing

Step 4 - Start Getting Clients

Your whole brand is now built inside GHL, and there's only one thing left to do: start getting clients! 

With HighLevel, almost everything you need is at your fingertips for prospecting for your clients. HighLevel's CRM has all the features you need to track your contacts, manage your follow ups, and automate personalized marketing content. 

Step 5 - Measuring Campaign Success in GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel's analytics tools simplify the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation rates, and more.

To effectively measure campaign success with GoHighLevel, it is essential to establish clear goals from the outset that align with business objectives, such as lead generation or sales growth. Once these goals are defined, monitoring progress becomes much simpler.

If you want to delve deeper into advanced analytics, it is recommended to integrate Google Analytics with GoHighLevel.

Check out all of our GoHighLevel integration guides.

Scaling your Business With GoHighLevel

So, what's next? It's time to start scaling up your agency with HighLevel.

Using GoHighLevel's automation feature is the only way to streamline your processes and free up time to focus on growth.

Here are some strategies for scaling your marketing agency:

1. Automate Routine Tasks

GoHighLevel has the capability to automate repetitive tasks, including sending emails, scheduling appointments, and more.

To get started with automation, start by listing the tasks that consume the most time in your daily routine.

Then, look for ways to automate those tasks using GoHighLevel's built-in features or third-party integrations. For example, you could use Zapier to automatically send a follow-up email when someone fills out a contact form on your website.

You can set up automatic billing and invoicing using Stripe integration. You could also use drip campaigns and automated follow-ups to keep existing clients engaged and informed about new services or products.

Looking for our GoHighLevel bonuses Worth Over $1,000?

When you use our affiliate link to start a new plan or upgrade, you're eligible for the below bonuses after your first payment to HighLevel.

  1. Free lifetime access to our Discord community of affiliates, SEOs, and Solopreneurs - The Dungeon. Value = $19.99/month (free).
  2. Get instant free access to FunnelCoach, our GPT-powered AI coach for funnel builders and marketers trained on ClickFunnels, HighLevel, and direct response marketing. Value = $99.00 (Free).
  3. Get my GoHighLevel LinkedIn profile funnel template and convert more profile views into leads and appointments. Value = $497.00 (Free).
  4. Get 3-months Facebook Messenger support access to Sam for free to discuss any of your GHL needs. Value = $297/hour (Available 9-5 PST).

Start Selling GoHighLevel Subscriptions to Your Clients

You can create a profitable income stream for your marketing agency by offering GoHighLevel subscriptions to your clients. Provide them with a comprehensive marketing and automation platform that empowers their businesses to thrive.

By selling GoHighLevel subscriptions, you not only generate recurring revenue but also deepen client relationships and position your agency as a trusted authority in the industry. 

Why You Should Start Marketing Agency Specifically with GoHighLevel?

build a marketing agency with gohighlevel

Building a successful marketing agency with GoHighLevel requires a deep understanding of your niche market, utilizing the platform's various features and resources to create effective and data-driven marketing campaigns, and scaling your business using automation tools.

A successful marketing agency relies on a proficient team skilled in various areas, including copywriting, graphic design, social media management, and client relations. With GoHighLevel's project management and communication capabilities, managing remote teams becomes more effortless than ever before.

  • Best value for sales & marketing teams
  • Combine funnels with sales CRM
  • Best sales and marketing automation 
  • We gave HighLevel 4.5/5 Stars

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