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If you want to create and sell courses or memberships to your audience, GoHighLevel Course Builder is all you need. Selling courses is a surefire way to make money online by monetizing your knowledge.

In this guide, we’ll look at different types of courses you can create in HighLevel and how to actually create them.

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What Is GoHighLevel Course Builder?

GoHighLevel Course Builder is a built-in tool in HighLevel that allows you to create, host, and sell courses to your audience.

Whether it’s one-time offers or a recurring membership, the platform provides a blend of features for online course creators to save time, create courses, make money, and run their online business.

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Once you create and host your courses within the GoHighLevel dashboard, you can integrate seamlessly with third-party payment processors to get paid and even add upsell offers.

You can infuse the suite of tools including website builder, funnel builder, automation workflows, reputation management, email marketing, SMS, and analytics features to manage your course creation business.

Stop by our detailed GoHighLevel review to learn more about the CRM platform.

How To Create Online Courses on HighLevel?

Once you have prepared your course content and materials in all relevant formats, the next step is to create and publish your courses on the GoHighLevel platform.

Here are the steps you should follow to create courses on GoHighLevel:

  • Step 1 — Login to your GoHighLevel account, go to the Sites and click on the Membership tab at the top of the screen. 
  • Step 2 —  From the dropdown menu, click the Products option and create a new product. You’ll see a list of done-for-you course blueprints you can use to build your own course.
  • Step 3 — Choose one of the course blueprints, set a course name, and customize it with your course details. Add a title, thumbnail, category, course content, and a description of the course.
  • Step 4 — Next, tweak the pricing of your course and decide whether it will be a free, one-time payment, or recurring subscription. Before setting a price for your offer, make sure you have integrated HighLevel with a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal.
  • Step 5 — Once everything is well set up, click the Save button in the top right corner and preview the course page.

Now that you’ve created a course, you can run targeted marketing campaigns to promote it. And also, don't forget to set up marketing automation and pipeline management workflows to manage your customers. 

What Courses Can You Sell On GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel comes with blueprints to create and sell different types of courses within the platform. These blueprints are pre-built course structures or templates that you can modify to create your own course.

Here’s a list of the blueprint options that GoHighLevel offers.

1. Sprint Course

The Sprint Course is a blueprint that guides you to create your own mini course. It was created to serve as an entry point to sell premium course bundles or paid memberships.

Inside the blueprint, all the necessary course elements are already arranged. You only need to modify the course details, add your content, and upload course materials. 

On each lesson page, you can include a video, description, relevant text, supporting documents, categories, and even an assessment if you want to be detailed.

Typically, courses created from this blueprint can be used as an introductory offer or an upsell offer.

2. Marathon Course

The Marathon Course is a blueprint to create detailed courses for your audience. Unlike the Sprint Course, this option contains much more in-depth content and course materials. And it is usually priced high.

Using the blueprint, you can add content to each section, modify details, upload materials, and delete unnecessary sections.

3. Membership Sites

This blueprint is for anyone interested in building memberships and selling subscription-based content to your audience.

Your customers can enroll and pay a membership fee every month (or year) to get access to all your existing content and future updates to the course. Instead of paying a one-time fee, they can pay a lower amount in regular installments for their membership.

It’s an ideal course option if you want to run regular live webinar sessions or if your course is on a topic that changes frequently. Your audience will get access to all training sessions as well as new content releases.

4. Build Your Own (Custom Product)

If you don’t want to use any of the above GoHighLevel course blueprints, GoHighLevel provides an option to create a custom product.

Basically, the blueprint lets you start with a blank canvas, and add lessons, sub-categories, and assessments to design a custom course for your audience.

The custom product is perfect for you if your course doesn't fit any of the blueprints mentioned above. 

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How To Receive Payments For Your Course or Membership Site?

Once you’re done setting up your offer, you need to promote it to your audience and start making sales.

Here are the steps to make money and get paid:

  • From the GoHighLevel Course Builder, click on the Get Link tab to copy the course signup link.
  • Head to your landing page, sales funnel, email, website, or wherever you want to promote the course. Use the link in relevant places so your audience can see it and sign up.
  • Clicking on the course link will take them to the landing page where they can enter their contact details, submit, and make payment.
  • On the payment page, the customer will enter their payment details and get charged.

Don’t forget that you need to have CRM software connected with your preferred processor (such as Stripe or PayPal) to process one-time charges or subscription payments.

If you want to use a separate payment processor, you can use Zapier to hook it up.

Adding Course Upsells

Upsells can offer customers the opportunity to purchase a more comprehensive or advanced version of a course, with additional benefits.

GoHighLevel has an upsell feature in its course builder. This would help you sell more courses and increase your revenue.

There are two course upsell options:

  • One-Click Upsell: This option allows you to sell a higher offer immediately after the customer initially buys a course. Once a customer makes an initial purchase, they’ll get an upsell offer on a new page with the option to purchase or ignore.
  • In-App Upsell: The In-App Upsell feature allows you to lock a portion of your course and release it for access only when the customer pays an additional upsell fee.

Verdict: Is GoHighLevel a Better Course Builder?

If you’re already using GoHighLevel for your business, you don’t need to pay for another course builder or management platform. The all-in-one marketing and CRM platform has everything you need.

GoHighLevel course builder is an amazing tool for building courses and memberships for your audience.

GoHighLevel Course Builder

Whether it's a one-time introductory course or a recurring membership, it has a blend of the features you need to sell courses and make money. Plus, you can run Facebook ads for your course, add upsells, and get paid for via Stripe, Paypal, or your preferred payment processor.

To get started using the course builder to create monetizable courses, jump on our HighLevel 30-day free trial.

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