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If you’re a current HighLevel user, you can activate Content AI in your agency settings right now and use the tool to streamline your content creation process. 

The Content AI tool offers you the ability to generate multiple content variations, quickly test which output resonates best with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly. 

As someone who struggles to create engaging content for my business, I was excited to try GoHighLevel's brand-new AI tool and I was impressed with the results.

Not a HighLevel user and want to try out the new GoHighLevel Content AI? Go here to start a free trial.

In this post, I’ll explore all the ins and outs of GoHighLevel’s Content AI and show you how to create an endless supply of content with it.

  • Best value for sales & marketing teams
  • Combine funnels with sales CRM
  • Best sales and marketing automation 
  • We gave HighLevel 4.5/5 Stars

What is GoHighLevel Content AI?

GoHighLevel Content AI is a built-in AI-powered writing assistant that can help your business generate better marketing content easier and faster.

With Content AI, your business can effectively create variations of content with specific tones and keywords in less time. When you use this tool, you scale content creation and get time to focus on other productive tasks.

You can access the Content AI tool alongside the social planner, email tools, and more as a GoHighLevel user.

With the usage of AI-text generation tools on the rise these days, it’s super convenient to have one integrated right into your GoHighLevel marketing dashboard.

Is GoHighLevel AI content any good?

I took the GoHighLevel Content AI tool for a spin and was honestly impressed with the quality of the content that was produced. I wouldn't say it's yet on par with using ChatGPT Pus (GPT-4) or Jasper.ai, but it's good, and the convenience of having it right in your GHL dashboard is worth it.

The writing was clear, concise, and engaging. The tool did an excellent job of targeting my audience and conveying my brand's messaging in the specified tone.

Benefits of GoHighLevel Content AI

Here are some benefits of using HighLevel’s new Content AI tool:

Create Content Faster 

Using the Content AI tool will help you generate content faster and more efficiently. You’re able to scale content output and save time to focus on other essential tasks.

Boost Your Productivity

Since Content AI lives in your GoHighLevel dashboard, you don’t have to rely on external AI tools to create marketing content. You spend less time creating more content and thereby increasing your productivity.

Better Quality

Content AI will help you create high-quality content that’s tailored to your audience's pain points and can convert them into customers. You have no cause to worry about a drop in quality.

Consistent Tone & Style

Your brand needs a cohesive brand image to stay familiar in the eyes of your audience. Content AI will help you achieve that by maintaining a stable tone and style across all your marketing content generated.

What Type of Content Can You Create With GoHighLevel Content AI?

You can leverage GoHighLevel’s new Content AI tool to create a range of marketing content for your business.

Here are some of them:

  1. Social Media Posts
  2. Email Marketing Campaigns
  3. Blog Posts
  4. Landing Page Copy
  5. Product Descriptions

How to Enable Content AI on GoHighLevel?

Enabling Content AI on GoHighLevel is a straightforward process that can be done right in the account settings.

Important: Before you get started, it’s important to note that once you enable Content AI in your account, it can’t be disabled. I’m not exactly sure why that’s the case, but there it is.

  • To enable Content AI, go to the Agency Settings and click on Company.
  • Next, click on Enable Content AI and confirm that you agree to the Content AI terms by checking the necessary box.
  • Once Content AI is enabled, you can start using the tool to create marketing content for your business.

See below:

GoHighLevel Agency Settings

Content AI Pricing - How Much Does GoHighLevel Content AI Cost?

Content AI charges you $0.09 per 1000 words on average in addition to your regular GoHighLevel payment plan. This will be debited from your Agency Wallet for each execution from any Sub-Accounts usages.

When Content AI is enabled in the Agency settings, you’ll receive FREE 500 words on your existing or new sub-accounts.

From the GHL website:

content ai pricing

When the free words are exhausted, an average rate of $0.09 per 1000 words is deducted from the Agency Wallet for each use by sub-accounts, unless re-billing is enabled. This rate applies to all content types for various channels such as social media, emails, and websites.

Content AI processes words based on their context within the data. It takes your prompt input, converts it, processes it, and then converts it again into response output. The cost is determined by the sum of the prompt content and the output variation.

Also, word length can range from 4-12 characters, and words may have sub-words, spaces, or different capitalizations, affecting the final cost.

Can You Resell GoHighLevel Content AI To Your Agency Customers?

Yes, you can resell (rebill) GoHighLevel Content AI to your agency customers as long as you are on the Agency SaaS Pro plan. If you aren't on SaaS mode, you can upgrade here (make sure to add "ch1ll" in the affiliate link input), or check out their annual discount info here

Once you activate Content AI in your agency account, it becomes accessible to all your clients. You can either charge clients at usage cost or add a desired markup.

To enable rebilling for clients, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ensure Content AI is activated for your agency in your account settings. 
  2. If the sub-account isn't in SaaS Mode, go to your Agency account and click on the Accounts tab. Look for the sub-account, click the three dots icon, and select "Switch to SaaS."
  3. In the Agency account, click the Accounts tab and scroll to the sub-account. Click on "View Details", scroll to the "Content AI Resell Settings" section, and toggle it on.
HighLevel Content Ai Rebill
  1. Move the slider to set your desired markup on the rebill amount and click "Save."
  2. Repeat the process for all sub-accounts where you want to enable rebilling.

How rebilling works for Content AI: 

  • Your agency pays GoHighLevel for using its platform and receives HighLevel-branded invoices.
  • Then, your clients (sub-accounts) pay your agency and receive agency-branded invoices. Payments from your clients are deposited into the Stripe account linked to your agency level. Learn how to connect your agency's Stripe account here.

The Content AI rebilling system works similarly to other products such as LC Phone or LC Email rebilling. It uses "credits" from both the agency wallet and the location wallet.

Start a free trial with GoHighLevel here to test out Content AI >>

How to Create a Social Post with Content AI on GoHighLevel?

Using Content AI to create social posts is a simple process that will improve your productivity and help you scale content creation.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to Marketing and click on the Social Planner tab. Click on New Post.

Step 2: Fill out the form with details of your posts such as ad post title, post description, keywords, tone of the content, and the number of variations.

Social Planner Tab

Step 3: After filling out the form, Content AI will generate variations of suggested prompts. Copy the variation you like best and it will immediately appear on the right side of the editor space.

Step 4: If the variation of the post fits your prompt and requirements, click Continue.

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How many tones does Content AI generate content in?

Depending on your specific situation, Content AI can generate content in different tones — casual, funny, witty, excited, professional, sarcastic, feminine, masculine, bold, dramatic, grumpy, secretive, respectful, and persuasive.

Where can I find content that has been previously generated by Content AI?

To find content that has been previously generated by Content AI, go to Automation and click on Content AI. You’ll find the content previously generated there.

Does GoHighLevel CRM provide language options for Content AI?

Yes, GoHighLevel is constantly improving its systems and will expand its scope to offer a broader selection of languages for content generation.

Will the GoHighLevel CRM provide long-form content generation in Social Planner with Content AI?

Yes, GoHighLevel has plans to expand its offering and provide long-form content in Social Planner.

Can GoHighLevel's Content AI Boost Your Marketing ROI?

GoHighLevel Content AI

GoHighLevel's Content AI can definitely be a game-changer for your business and agency, especially if you’re looking to improve your content creation process.

The AI tool will help you generate high-quality, engaging content more efficiently and productively.

With the ability to generate AI content right in your GoHighLevel dashboard, you’ll be able to save time and focus on other essential tasks while still pumping out rock-solid content. 

Enabling Content AI on GoHighLevel is the first step. Activate the AI tool in your GoHighLevel CRM and start creating quality marketing content that moves the needle for your business.

Get started with Content AI by taking their free trial here >>

  • Best value for sales & marketing teams
  • Combine funnels with sales CRM
  • Best sales and marketing automation 
  • We gave HighLevel 4.5/5 Stars

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