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Adding the GoHighLevel Chat widget to your website will help you actively engage your site visitors and get more leads without a dollar spent on ads.

In this post, we’ll take a dive into the HighLevel live chat widget, what it does, the step-by-step process to add it, and its benefits for your business.

GoHighLevel Chat Widget

GoHighLevel chat widget is a customizable feature that offers a way for small businesses and marketing agencies to engage site users, open up an SMS conversation and capture leads.

Unlike old-school live chat plugins with long response times and bad user experience, the GoHighLevel site chat widget serves as a gateway to a 2-way SMS conversation with a prospect.

This is just one of the reasons we rate GoHighLevel so highly among marketing all-in-one tools.

gohighlevel homepage

When your site visitors enter their details and send a message, it triggers an entire conversation via the chat widget so you can reply and keep them engaged even after they’ve left your site!

It’s a fantastic GoHighLevel feature to integrate directly on your agency or clients website.

When enabled at the bottom corner, it’s a quick and easy win that will turn your online business website or your clients' websites into a well-oiled lead generator.

No coding knowledge or tech skill is required to set it up.

What does Chat Widget in GoHighLevel Do?

The chat feature allows you to have a conversation with a site user long after they’ve left your site.

Rather than chatting with a user live, the widget opens a two-way SMS chat on the website visitors phone. This reduces lengthy wait times and ensures the user stays engaged in the conversation even after leaving the website!

This is one of the most intriguing aspects of the GoHighLevel chat widget.

Plus, if there’s no one available to chat with the user, you can use automated responses so they don’t feel ignored and an opportunity is never missed.

How Do I Add a GoHighLevel Chat Widget to my website?

GoHighLevel is easily customizable and can be installed on web pages for user engagement and lead generation. You need to have a phone number to do this integration.

Whether you’re using HighLevel, WordPress or a custom CMS, you can add it to your website.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to add the chat widget to your site.

GoHighLevel Website/Funnel

To add the live chat widget to your GoHighLevel website or funnel, here are the steps to follow:

  • While you’re logged in your HighLevel sub-account, click on the Sites tab.
  • Click on the Chat Widget link to set up the widget. Use the Chat Bubble, Widget Window, and Acknowledgement Settings options to customize the appearance of the widget. Hit save once it is well set up. 
  • Next, click on Websites, then select your website, and go to Settings. Switch the widget toggle to enabled.
  • Hit the Save button.

Now, refresh your website and you’ll now see that the GoHighLevel widget is active on your site.

WordPress Website

Setting up GoHighLevel chat widget on WordPress requires you to set up the LeadConnector plugin.

  • While in the WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and click on ‘Add New Plugin’ button. Search for LeadConnector, install and activate the plugin.
gohighlevel wordpress_install leadconnector plugin
  • Head to your GoHighLevel sub-account. Click on Settings and copy your Agency API key to clipboard.
  • Go back to your dashboard and click on the LeadConnector. Then, paste the key into the box field provided.
  • Hit Save and refresh your site.

Once you refresh, you’ll see the widget at the bottom-right corner of the site.

Custom Third-Party System

What if your site is built on a custom or third-party CMS that’s not WordPress?

  • You can add a chat widget by grabbing the GoHighLevel chat script code.
  • Go to your HighLevel sub-account and click on Sites.
  • Next, click on the Chat Widget tab at the top and copy the script code.
  • Go to your site and paste the code in the body section of your source code.

Where Should I Add my GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

When the widget is integrated on your site or funnel, it will display at the bottom-right corner of the page. But you can change its design or placement the way you like.

The GoHighLevel chat widget was built to be placed on your sites but it can also be used on your funnels.

The site widget can also be added to your:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Third-Party Custom CMS (Duda, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace)

For custom setups and third-party CMS, you’ll have to copy and paste the script code in your HighLevel CRM sub-account.

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How to Customize The GoHighLevel Chat Widget for Better Performance?

GoHighLevel allows you to customize your chat widget so you can provide a good user experience to site users.

There are three customization options:

1. Chat Bubble

This allows you to set the widget to automatically greet users with a pop-up or ask questions when they land on the page. You get to set up the intro message that the pop-up displays for interaction along with a custom avatar image. And you can also allow custom greetings for returning users.

2. Widget Window

This option allows you to set up the widget window template that displays when your users click the chat icon. You can set a header, intro, legal and email field. Also, you can choose to add agency branding at the bottom and customize the widget color.

3. Acknowledgement Settings

This option lets you customize the response that’s displayed when a user fills and submits the form on the widget. You can add a custom acknowledgment greeting and message. Also, you can display your contact number for customer support.

Verdict: Is The GoHighLevel Chat Widget Worth Using?

If your business has a big online audience and you want to generate leads without advertising spend, you should set up the HighLevel chat widget on your site.

GoHighLevel Chat Widget

It doesn’t matter whether your site is running natively on the GoHighLevel platform, WordPress CMS or any custom third-party platform. Setting up the chat widget allows you to engage your users during office hours, open a two-way conversation via SMS, turn them to leads, and allow them to book an appointment.

Using the chat widget on your website is easy to do and a quick win for your sales and marketing processes.

Get your 30-day free trial here.

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