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GoHighLevel comes with a stack of core AI tools to automate your chats, improve your content, and do more in less time.

For example, these tools allow you to automatically create social media posts, generate images, reply to SMS messages, and increase booked appointments.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into each of the GoHighLevel AI tools and see how they can be used to improve your business.

GoHighLevel AI Tools

GoHighLevel offers several built-in AI tools to streamline your business workflow. We will also cover popular AI integrations for GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel AI

At the time of this writing, they include:

  • Workflow AI
  • Content AI
  • Appointment Booking Bot
  • Image Creator AI

These tools combine functionality to reduce time spent on manual tasks, save more money, automate your processes, and improve customer experience.

GoHighLevel Workflow AI

GoHighLevel Workflow AI is a built-in tool that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify your business workflows and handle complex tasks efficiently.

This tool is a powerful addition to your CRM that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (GPT-4) to provide dynamic and context-aware responses to a variety of triggers and actions.

Basically, the Workflow AI Action uses the underlying ChatGPT model to generate relevant, contextual responses to workflow triggers activated by your users.

No more going through cumbersome manual processes.

Here are some example use cases and instances where Workflow AI can streamline your business:

  • Real Estate Opportunity Management — Once the 'Opportunity Status Changed' trigger is activated, the tool can automatically update Google Sheets with new data and send updates to potential customers.
  • Fitness Progress Updates — After the 'Lesson Completed' trigger is activated in your fitness workflow, a progress update will be sent to the user via SMS.
  • Course Completion Certificates — After the 'Product Completed' trigger is activated while your user is taking an online course, Workflow AI can automatically generate and send a congratulatory certificate or message to the user.
  • Automated Birthday Wishes — The tool will send a standard birthday wish to a contact via SMS once the 'Birthday Reminder' trigger is activated.
  • Automated Restaurant Reservation Confirmation — The tool can send an AI-generated confirmation message with booking details after the 'Customer Booked Appointment' trigger is activated.

There are many more use cases for Workflow AI Actions to create intelligent workflows, automate manual processes, and personalize user engagement.

GoHighLevel Content AI

The GoHighLevel Content AI tool allows you to leverage artificial intelligence for content creation.

You can see your Content AI output by navigating to Automation > Content AI > Text:

GoHighLevel Content AI

You can use the text generation AI tool directly inside of specific GHL apps, like the funnel builder or social planner tool.

The writing tool is suited for creating variations of emails, SMS messages, and social posts in different tones and keywords for your online business.

With this tool, you don’t have to battle writer's block or wait hours to get ideas on content creation. The AI-powered tool will create engaging content from your prompt and save time so you can channel your focus to other tasks.

Some benefits of using this HighLevel tool include:

  • Create Content 10X Faster — The tools allow you to create high-quality content output quicker. This saves your business a lot of time in brainstorming ideas, writing, and editing.
  • Productive Workflow — Using Content AI allows you to get more productive, grow your business, and do more in less time. 
  • Consistent Brand Image — The tool helps you set and maintain a specific tone and style when creating different types of content. This would ensure your brand image is consistent and appeals to your target audience.

GoHighLevel AI Appointment Booking Bot

GoHighLevel also comes with a built-in AI Appointment Booking Bot. This AI-powered tool is used to have automated SMS-based conversations with prospects and schedule an appointment.

It is integrated as a trigger action while setting up an automation workflow in GoHighLevel. When an appointment is booked, it is instantly sent to your calendar and you’ll be notified.

Here are some benefits to using the bot:

  • Respond Promptly — You can’t be available online to manually respond and engage your leads 24/7. The AI Appointment Booking Bot comes in by instantly responding to your prospects at all hours and ensuring they get the right information they need to book an appointment. It’s an insanely useful feature especially if you have multiple businesses or customers across different time zones.
  • Higher Booking Rates — When you use the AI bot to engage leads at all hours, you’ll have more appointments booked. You can also see where leads abandoned the chat and tweak your funnel and workflow.

GoHighLevel AI Image Generator

With GoHighLevel Image AI, you can now generate high-quality, unique hero images, banners, and product images for your brand.

You can find GoHighLevel’s image AI dashboard inside of the Content AI section:

You can use the image AI tool directly inside of your social planner, blog, funnels, website builder, email builder, and the media library.

The image generator has plenty of customizable templates to create custom images for your websites and funnels. These templates are tailored to your brand and agency’s preferences. 

Simply specify a prompt and the AI tool will create images tailored to your visual needs. The AI-generated images are stored in the “Content AI” folder inside the Media Library for easy access. 

Here are some benefits of using HighLevel’s Image AI Generator:

  • Better Visual Appeal — The AI-generated images will have an enhanced look and ensure your funnel or website is appealing to your audiences
  • High Engagement — With personalized images, your website will be more engaging to your users and they’re likely to take your desired action.
  • Save Time & Cost — With Image AI, you’ll reduce the amount of time used to manually create images. Plus, there is no need to spend money hiring an expensive graphic designer.

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GoHighLevel AI Integrations

GoHighLevel doesn’t have any native AI integrations.

However, via the Zapier integration, you can directly connect the CRM platform with ChatGPT by using the LeadConnector app (chargeable by trigger).

gohighlevel zapier leadconnector chatgpt integration

When ChatGPT is integrated with Zapier, you can create chatbots to engage customers and follow up on prospects.

If you’re lost for ideas on how to use ChatGPT in your digital marketing agency workflows, check out the GoHighLevel blog. You’ll find a handful of real-life examples and use cases for automation, marketing, and even sales.

Subscription Requirements for GoHighLevel AI

Agencies subscribed to any GoHighLevel pricing plan can access Content AI, Workflow AI, Appointment Booking Bot, and Image AI.

Some tools offer limited usage and you’ll have to pay an additional fee after exceeding the threshold.

  • For Content AI, you will get 500 words for free on every sub-account. When these free words are used up, you’ll be charged an average of $0.09 per 1,000 additional words. Plus, you can re-bill the costs of Content AI to your clients and make a profit if you’re on the $497 SaaS Mode plan.
  • For Workflow AI, each new and existing sub-account will have 100 free executions. After the free trial executions are exhausted, a charge of 0.03$ per execution will be debited from the Agency Wallet (unless re-billing to clients is enabled).
  • While Image AI charges $0.06 per image generated for use in funnels and websites, GoHighLevel requires an Agency Unlimited plan to integrate with ChatGPT.

Verdict: Should You Use GoHighLevel AI?

Every business owner wants to skip the monotonous tasks and save a chunk of time. GoHighLevel helps you to do so by  providing various built-in AI tools.

GoHighLevel AI

These GoHighLevel AI tools will assist you in creating content, generating images, engaging your audience, scheduling appointments. No need to spend more money hiring extra hands to do all that stuff. Plus, you get more free time to focus on other important business activities.

Want to start enjoying these benefits? Sign up for GoHighLevel by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial offer!

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