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With its affiliate program, GoHighLevel offers a rewarding opportunity for its customers and affiliates. You can earn 40% recurring commission for life from your direct referrals and a 5% monthly recurring commission from your second tier (the customers of your referrals).

In this guide, we'll deep dive into the GoHighLevel affiliate program, its benefits, and how much you can make.

Key takeaways:

  • 40% monthly recurring commissions from your referred clients
  • 5% monthly recurring commissions from your second-level referrals
  • Monthly reimbursements towards the purchase or lease of your dream electric car  

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

GoHighLevel runs an affiliate program that rewards you with commissions for bringing referrals to the all-in-one marketing platform. When you promote the software with your affiliate link and anyone clicks to purchase, you’ll get paid.

GoHighLevel Affiliate homepage

There are two tiers with different commission structure:

Tier 1

In the first tier, you earn a 40% monthly recurring commission for each customer you refer to the software platform. This means you’ll receive 40% of their subscription fee of all your referral users every month, for as long as they remain an active GoHighLevel user.

Tier 2

GoHighLevel also pays out a 5% monthly recurring override commissions for every customer signed up by any affiliate that have signed up underneath you. You receive second level commission from the referred user signed up by your direct referrals.

Since 2020, HighLevel top affiliates have earned over $25M+ sharing their affiliate link and promoting the software to their audience.

GoHighLevel also maintains a juicy bonus for affiliates that meet certain referral milestones.

Get started and sign up here.

HighLevel Supercharged SaaS Program

The Supercharged SaaS Program is a bonus challenge and can be accessed in your affiliate account.

When you hit specific referral milestones, you’ll get a particular amount of money every month towards the purchase of your dream electric car.

Likewise, there are two reward tiers in the Supercharge SaaS Program; Supercharged and Fully Supercharged level.

#1: Supercharged — Level 1 Electric Vehicle Bonus

The first level rewards you with $750 monthly towards the purchase of your electric vehicle when you get at least 50 active HighLevel PRO accounts. Examples of electric vehicles you could purchase on this level include Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach - E.

GoHighLevel Affiliate Electric Vehicles

Once you hit 50 Active HighLevel PRO accounts, you qualify for this tier and can purchase or lease any of these electric vehicles. HighLevel will reimburse you with $750 into your account plus any initiation fees (up to $1,500) you incurred to get the vehicle.

Join HighLeve's affiliate program here.

#2: Fully Supercharged — Level 2 Electric Vehicle Bonus

In this level, you earn $1,300 every month towards your desired electric vehicle when you get 75 active HighLevel PRO accounts.  

Examples of such electric vehicles you can get include Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Audi eTron.

For as long as you hit at least 75 active HighLevel PRO accounts, you’ll be paid $1300 (and up to $2,500 in initiation fees) as payment reimbursement for the purchase or lease of any of these electric vehicles.

For every month that you remain above the target referral milestone, you’ll keep getting these payments into your affiliate account.

As a HighLevel affiliate, you’re get instant access to the Supercharge SaaS Program. No need for any extra registration. To promote HighLevel, you can spread the word on your Facebook groups, blog or youtube channel.

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a CRM and marketing platform for marketing agencies and businesses to get and keep more customers. The software’s primary goal is to help business owners to find more customers, nurture more sales leads, keep the customers they currently have and grow their businesses with smart marketing tools.


The company and product name is actually “HighLevel,” but the company wasn’t able to get that domain, so ended up with “GoHighLevel.com,” resulting in some confusion, but the end result is many call the software GoHighLevel.

With a website builder, CRM, landing page and funnel builder, email marketing and marketing automation (call tracking, SMS, voicemail drops), and more all available in one easy to use digital marketing and sales platform, GoHighLevel stands out as one of our favorite new SaaS tools in the marketing landscape for the last few years.

Instead of having many different services for your marketing and sales needs, GoHighLevel bundles all those tools together on one easy to use platform. It streamlines the process for you so you can focus on fulfilling your customers' needs.

HighLevel is filled with tons of useful tools and the web app is pretty easy with a quick learning curve. These features work together seamlessly to make helping customers a smooth and rewarding experience for both sides.

All of this makes GoHighLevel a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to promote. With tons of features, and a fast-growing company with a lot of hype around it's offerings, GHL is a great SaaS product for software affiliates.

Who is GoHighLevel for?

GoHighLevel prides itself on being made for marketing agencies by an agency.

It can help marketers, agencies, sales teams & pros, entrepreneurs, small business owners, local businesses, and anyone trying to find marketing and sales solutions. It is a complete online marketing platform for everyone who wants to maintain and grow their company. 

High Level is an excellent system for anyone who wants to consolidate their marketing resources. If you feel like you are spending too much time and money on various marketing tools, this single platform can make your marketing activities more efficient and save you time. 

Affiliates with software and marketing audiences will be able to easily promote the program. If you have agency customers, it's a no-brainer to get them on HighLevel.

Sign up for their affiliate program here and earn 40% recurring commissions for life on each customer referred.

Looking for our GoHighLevel bonuses Worth Over $1,000?

When you use our affiliate link to start a new plan or upgrade, you're eligible for the below bonuses after your first payment to HighLevel.

  1. Free lifetime access to our Discord community of affiliates, SEOs, and Solopreneurs - The Dungeon. Value = $19.99/month (free).
  2. Get instant free access to FunnelCoach, our GPT-powered AI coach for funnel builders and marketers trained on ClickFunnels, HighLevel, and direct response marketing. Value = $99.00 (Free).
  3. Get my GoHighLevel LinkedIn profile funnel template and convert more profile views into leads and appointments. Value = $497.00 (Free).
  4. Get 3-months Facebook Messenger support access to Sam for free to discuss any of your GHL needs. Value = $297/hour (Available 9-5 PST).


Why GoHighLevel Affiliate Program is the best?

GoHighLevel offers an amazing opportunity for its agency customers to bring in extra income by earning a 40% monthly recurring commission on each referred user and an additional 5% on all second-level referrals. Plus, you also get payments for your electric vehicle when you meet referral milestones.

How to become a HighLevel Affiliate?

To join the HighLevel affiliate program and get an affiliate link, go straight to the affiliate portal and sign up. You don’t need to be user to become an HighLevel affiliate!

How much can I earn in HighLevel Affiliate Program?

You can earn $38.8 monthly for each referral on the Agency Lite plan and $118.80 monthly per referral who goes on the Agency Unlimited plan. Also, you’re paid 5% commissions from the users brought in by your referred user.

Verdict: Should You Promote The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program?

GoHighLevel built an amazing all-in-one software suite and offers a highly rewarding affiliate program that pays up to 40% recurring commissions for life.

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

You earn 40% of the amount paid by your referred customer and 5% from your second-level referrals.

Plus, you also get monthly payment reimbursements for your dream electric vehicle after meeting milestones.

In conclusion, GoHighLevel’s affiliate program is an awesome opportunity and one of the best affiliate programs out there for SaaS software affiliates.

Sign up for HighLevel's affiliate program here.

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