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eToro offers a trusted, innovative platform for investing in stocks, crypto, CFDs and other financial instruments - but figuring out eToro fees can be difficult.

For each investment service provided, the online brokerage maintains a range of fee structures for customers in the ecosystem.

If you plan to stick with eToro.com for long, this guide will explain eToro fees and help you navigate how much your trading strategies will cost.

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eToro Fees

Exchange fees can be complicated, hence an entire blog post on the subject (and we cover it in-depth here)… if you're looking for a more general review of eToro, including features, pros and cons, etc., you should check out our review of eToro.com instead.

Most online and traditional brokerages charge you for various trading and investment activities. The trading costs incurred are usually used to process your transactions and keep their platform running.

eToro does not have general trading fees for all of its products. In fact, the depending on whether you're selling cryptos or stocks on eToro, you can expect different fee structures.

Some of these fees are:

  • Withdrawal fees — charged when you withdraw your funds out of the platform to cover international money transfer costs.
  • Deposit fees — charged to send funds into the platform.
  • Spread fees — charged for CFD trading. The fee is calculated from the difference between the BUY and SELL prices.
  • Overnight fees — charged for trading CFDs overnight.
  • Inactivity fees — charged when you don’t log into your eToro trading account for over a year.

Let’s dive into each of these fee structures.

eToro Withdrawal Fee

You incur a withdrawal fee of $5 when getting your assets off of the platform. This fixed fee is necessary to cover the expenses involved in international money transfers.

Also, eToro minimum withdrawal amount is $30 which means you can’t withdraw less than that. Also, members of the eToro Platinum, Platinum +, and Diamond Club are not subject to withdrawal fees.

eToro Deposit Fee

Most online brokers don’t charge any deposit fee and eToro is no exception.

Whether via bank transfer, wallets, or credit/debit card, you don't incur any deposit fee when you deposit money into your eToro account.

You can get started here with fee-free deposits.

eToro Minimum and Maximum Deposit Limit

When sending money from your bank account into your trading accounts, eToro has its minimum and maximum deposit limits based on the country. 

If you’re from the UK or USA, the eToro minimum deposit is $10.

Some countries like Australia, France, Portugal, and Germany can have a minimum first-time and subsequent deposit of $50.

For all other eligible countries, you’re expected to have a first-time minimum deposit of $200. And later on, you can deposit a minimum of $50.

For countries such as the Cayman Islands, Kuwait, and Jersey Island, your first-time deposit needs to be at least $1000. And in Israel, you need to deposit at least $10,000 for the first time.

etoro minimum deposit amoun

The minimum deposit amount is also depending on the payment method.

Deposits via Bank Transfer must be at least $500. If you’re paying via any other method, you stick to the above-stated deposit limits.

Also, when signing up for a corporate account, you’re required to pay a minimum first-time deposit of $10,000.

For maximum limits, eToro maintains a maximum deposit amount of $10,000 per day for every trading account. But if you haven’t completed eToro’s account verification, you’re restricted to a maximum deposit of $2,250.

eToro Currency Conversion Fee

eToro charge conversion fees when you deposit or withdraw money in other currency. 

The multi asset platform operates with United State Dollars (USD) as its base currency while supporting other currencies such as GBP, EUR, GBP, AUD, and more.

So to withdraw or deposit funds in a supported currency, you will incur a currency conversion fee. However, if it’s a currency that eToro doesn’t support, the conversion fee will be charged by your payment provider.

Currency conversion fees on eToro are calculated according to PIPs.

PIP means percentage in point or price interest point. By definition on Investopedia, a PIP is the smallest unit price move that an exchange rate can make, based on foreign exchange market convention usually to the fourth decimal place.

Here’s how currency conversion fees are charged based on PIPs.

Let’s say you want to deposit 1000 EUR into eToro for trading. 

To begin, you’ll need to decide on a payment method that’s available for the currency (EUR): Debit/Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, eToro Money, Wallets, or Online Banking. 

Let’s assume you choose Bank Transfer and the EUR/USD exchange rate is 1:0.9814. This means you should get 981.4 USD in your eToro account after depositing 1000 EUR.

For EUR deposits via bank transfers, Etoro charges 50 PIPS (or 0.0050 or 0.5%). The PIP amount will be deducted from the exchange rate: 0.9814 - 0.0050 = 0.9764.

The resulting amount is the actual exchange rate that will be used  — 1:0.9764.

Therefore, depositing 1000 EUR into the forex broker would get you 976.4 USD after the conversion fee of $5 is removed.

No currency conversion fee is charged when you deposit or withdraw funds in USD.

Also, remember that this conversion fee structure only applies to customers in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier.

Customers on the Diamond, Platinum and Platinum+ tiers are eligible to enjoy discounts on conversion fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Do Conversion Fees depend on your payment method?

eToro charges its conversion fees based on the payment method (and eToro club as well).

For instance, the conversion fee you’ll incur when you deposit funds in EUR via bank transfer is 50 PIP. It becomes 150 PIP when using debit/credit cards.

etoro currency conversion fees

Deposits via eToro’s native wallet, eToro Money are free from any conversion fee.

So before performing any transaction in the trading platform, look through the conversion fee chart and use a payment method that’s more affordable.

Likewise, if you're interested in the CopyTrader platform on eToro, fees may be different.

eToro Fees Calculator

eToro doesn’t have an official fees calculator that calculates the costs you’ll incur on the platform. But you can easily create one in a spreadsheet using this post as a guide. 

Otherwise, check out this eToro fee calculator created by PunchSalad. You can use it to calculate fees for GBP/USD conversion, transfer fees, spread fees, and withdrawal fees.

eToro Trading Fees

As mentioned, eToro trading fees are separate for their portfolio management service and various investment vehicles: stocks, crypto, CFD, and forex spreads.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

eToro US Stocks Fee

Trading stocks on eToro is commission-free. You don’t incur any rollover fees, management fees or ticket fees. And you can invest in global stocks by buying in bulk or in fractions (as low as $10).

However, this does not cover short or leveraged positions. And other fees (FX fees on non-USD deposits and eToro withdrawal fees) would still apply.

eToro Forex Spreads

The eToro platform charges spread fees for forex trading on different currency pairs.

etoro currencies spread fees

For the EUR/USD and USD/JPY trade markets, spread fees are only 1pip. However, they could be as high as 1000pips for the USD/RUB pair.

eToro CFD Fees

eToro CFD lets you trade various assets with high flexibility. This means you’re able to trade with leverage and short selling.

When trading CFDs, you’ll only incur spread fees and overnight fees.

  • Spread fees — charged immediately when you open a CFD position. It is the difference between the Buy and Sell price of any asset.
  • Overnight fees — charged for trading CFDs through the night.

These fees have been described in detail below. 

eToro Crypto Fees

eToro charges a transparent fee of 1% for trading crypto assets on the platform, regardless of the particular asset or amount. 

Let's say you're trading Bitcoin on eToro and buy $100 USD worth of Bitcoin. You will immediately pay a 1% fee, and end up with $99 worth of BTC in your eToro Crypto Money Wallet. You can see the USA-eToro Bitcoin markets here.

The flat fee is calculated and included in the market price you see on the platform after you open or close a position (Bid-Ask spread). So don’t be surprised when you open a new position and immediately see that the position has incurred a loss.

eToro Spread Fees

You incur spread fees when you purchase stocks, currencies, crypto, or other financial instruments on the platform.

The spread is the difference between the Buy and Sell prices of a certain asset and is a common way most trading platforms charge fees. 

It is incurred when you make a new trade on eToro and is usually included in the buying price that’s displayed on eToro.

Spread fees vary by financial instrument and are also dependent on market volatility. Currencies and commodities are charged in pips while Spreads on stocks are in percentages.


The platform charges 1pip in spread fees for currencies such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Spreads could be as high as 50pips for USD/ZAR or even up to 1000pips for USD/RUB.


You incur spread fees from as low as 2pips for commodities such as COPPER. Commodities such as OIL and SILVER incur 5pips while PALLADIUM incurs up to 20000pips.

etoro commodities spread fees


For Indices, Spreads are charged by points which is an indicator of how price changes left of the decimal point. eToro charges 0.04points on USDOLLAR, 0.75points on SPX500, and 2.4points on NASDAQ100.

etoro indices spread fees

Stocks and ETFs

For CFD trading (stocks) with short and leverage orders, these transactions do not involve ownership of the underlying asset. So you incur a spread fee of 0.15% for either side (BUY and SELL)

eToro Overnight Fees

The platform charges a small overnight fee for trading CFDs (leverage or short) during the night. This is like paying the broker to hold your asset classes through the night period.

eToro overnight fees vary per asset class (commodities, stocks, and crypto) and they are charged in USD, per night per unit.

etoro stocks cfds overnight fees

For instance, let’s say you open a short sell order on one unit of APPLE stock with an investment of $1000.

The formula for calculating overnight fees on stocks is (eToro annual fee + LIBOR rate)/365 * Units * Price.

The eToro fee for a short sell order on stocks is 2.9% + LIBOR rate. LIBOR, which stands for London Interbank Offered Rate, is the interest amount at which banks borrow from other international banks. The LIBOR rate for 1 month is 1.55%.

So for your above order, you’ll have: (0.029 + 0.0155)/365 * 1 * $1000 = $0.12

This means you'll incur an overnight fee of $0.12 on your position in one month. Be informed that all investments involve high risk and past performance does not guarantee future results. 

You can see the eToro fees page for examples on overnight fees for currencies, crypto, ETFs, and commodities to avoid losing money rapidly.

eToro Inactivity Fee

If your eToro account is inactive with no login activity after 12 months, you incur a $10 monthly inactivity fee on your available balance.

The period of inactivity starts counting from the last date you last logged into your account. During this period, all open positions will not be closed so they can cover the necessary inactivity fees.

Does eToro have high fees?

No, eToro just charges a 1% when buying and selling cryptos. And eToro have no hidden fees.

Is eToro best for beginners?

Yes, eToro is best for beginner traders. With simple UI, unique opportunities and training, you get the best chance to kickstart your trading journey.

Why I can't signup on eToro?

This is usually because you are trying to access eToro from blocked countries. eToro has a list of countries where eToro platform is inaccessible. Check out the full list here

Conclusion - Are eToro Fees Affordable?

etoro fees

Overall, eToro operates an easy, affordable, and transparent fee system when you invest in crypto, stocks, currencies, and commodities.

The online brokerage and trading platform uses a range of simple fee systems for each service provided: deposit, withdrawal, currency conversion, spread, overnight, and inactivity.

No ticket fees, management fees or hidden commissions. Plus, not all fees mentioned above affect your transactions. So be sure to go digest this guide and understand each fee structure before making your first or next order.

 eToro is our top rated copy trading exchange 

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