Query Hunter Black Friday Deal 2023 (25% OFF)

Get 25% off on Query Hunter with the code BLACKFRIDAY

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Query Hunter Black Friday Deals

The 2023 Query Hunter Black Friday Deal is announced, you can get 25% off on all plans with code BLACKFRIDAY. Query Hunter helps you discover high-traffic keywords you can easily make money from. We rated this deal 4.5 / 5.

Who's the Creator: Query Hunter

Price: 25% discount with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY.

Duration: Active till Nov 28, 2023

Product Rating: 
4.5/5 stars





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Who's behind the deal?

Query Hunter

Query Hunter is your secret SEO weapon, offering a Chrome Extension that revolutionizes content optimization. Quickly connect to Google Search Console, discover high-traffic, easily rankable keywords, and use the Query Hunter Genie to generate relevant content. It's compatible with any CMS, including WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow.

Query Hunter Black Friday Deals - Overview

This Black Friday, Query Hunter, a renowned tool in the digital marketing sphere, is available at an attractive 25% discount. Regularly a staple for SEOs seeking to refine their content with low fruits and easy keywords they can rank on. Query Hunter's cutting-edge features are now more accessible than ever. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY to unlock this deal.

How to Get Query Hunter Black Friday Deals 2023?

  • Visit the Query Hunter website.
  • Choose the desired plan.
  • Enter the promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.
  • Enjoy the 25% discount on your purchase.

Query Hunter Black Friday Deal Terms & Conditions

This offer is valid only during the Black Friday period. The 25% discount applies site-wide on Query Hunter's services when using the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Why Get Query Hunter Black Friday Deal?

Here’s why you should jump on this amazing Black Friday deal:

  • Effortless Integration: Connect to Google Search Console in just 10 seconds.
  • Keyword Goldmine: Discover high-traffic keywords you can easily rank for.
  • Smart Filters: Quickly find golden keywords with user-friendly filters.
  • Content Creation: Leverage Query Hunter Genie for generating relevant content.
  • Boost Your SEO: Enhance rankings and increase traffic effortlessly.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, and more.
  • Seamless Onboarding: Quick and easy setup, taking about 30 seconds.
  • Chrome Extension: A convenient Chrome Extension streamlines your content optimization process.
  • Organic Growth: Unlock your website's true organic potential and refine top-performing pages.
  • Traffic Insights: Discover new opportunities to increase traffic with advanced analytics.
  • Content Optimization: Say goodbye to tedious tab-switching and data sorting for SEO.
  • Discover Hidden Queries: Find underserved queries that drive impressions but are not in your content.
  • Ranking Improvement: Elevate your site from page 2 to page 1 in search results.
  • Instant FAQ Discovery: Utilize the Questions Tab to find what your audience is asking Google.
  • Content Genie: Auto-generate content to cover underserved queries, amplifying your SEO efforts.

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