Smart From Scratch Review

Smart From Scratch will help you find and validate a viable business idea.

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Smart From Scratch Review Summary

Smart From Scratch® is a comprehensive, hands-on course by Pat Flynn, aimed at teaching you how to develop, validate, and pursue a viable business idea. It's designed to help you identify your niche in both business and life, and test whether there's an audience for your idea. The course was validated with feedback from founding students.

Course Creator: Patt Flynn

Price: $199

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Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Patt Flynn

Pat Flynn is behind and is famous for posting his income reports right on his site. Pat’s been active for almost two decades and is currently doing his best to teach people to make money on his own site, on YouTube as well as through his various courses.

Who is This course for?

Smart From Scratch by Pat Flynn is ideally for entrepreneurs just starting out who want to skip the painful process of using trial and error to find their perfect niche. The course has a strong focus on helping you find a niche that’s a great business choice and a great life choice.

Smart From Scratch is great if you’re starting from scratch or if you’re thinking about starting over from scratch. You probably won’t get much out of this course if you already chose a niche that’s doing well and that you enjoy. Experienced entrepreneurs can look elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

What you'll learn

✔ You’ll learn how to brainstorm business ideas and niche choices effectively.
✔ You’ll learn how to gauge the potential of your business ideas.
✔ You’ll learn which niches are best to avoid.
✔ You’ll learn how to fine-tune your decision making processes.
✔ You’ll learn the best ways to effectively monetize various niches.

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