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Project 24, offered by Income School, will help you build and scale profitable blogs FAST.

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Project 24 Review Summary

Project 24 is the high-end training option that’s offered by Income School that teaches you how to make content that’s both high-quality and profitable. In our Project 24 review we found that this is a legit course and great for beginners if you have the budget. We gave Project 24 4.5/5 stars in our review.

Course Creator: Ricky Kesler & Jim Harmer of Income School

Price: $449 per year

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Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Ricky Kesler & Jim Harmer of Income School

Project 24 was made by Ricky Kesler, one of the founders of Income School. Ricky launched Income School back in 2015 and has been making niche sites since all the way back in 2010 with Income School’s co-founder, Jim Harmer.

Who is This course for?

Project 24 is best for beginner to intermediate bloggers who want to scale their blogs with SEO and monetize their sites with ads and affiliate marketing. Income School leans heavily on strategies for Amazon affiliate sites and ad revenue sites.

Project 24 isn't as expensive as some of the courses we've reviewed (Authority Hacker or Blog Growth Engine, for example), but it's still on the pricey side at $449. That said, it’s an extremely comprehensive course with a lot of in-depth content. If you want to get serious about monetized blog content creation, you should consider getting and using Project 24. This course is great for anyone interested in blogging for profits, especially if you want to learn Amazon affiliate blogging.

If you don’t have the budget for it, you should consider getting something other than Project 24 to learn about content creation monetization. We suggest looking at a site like which has tons of low cost, great courses for bloggers and affiliates.

What you'll learn

Here's a broad overview of what you're going to learn in Income School's Project 24:

➡ How to choose the niche that’s best for you.
➡ How to pick the best topics for your content.
➡ How to execute your content strategy successfully.
➡ Processes to help you become more efficient and successful with your blog.
➡ How to monetize your content for maximum profits.

Project 24 Review From a Verified Buyer

Meet Joe Onifade

Meet Joe Onifade, an ex-Google software engineer and expert in online marketing with over a decade of experience. He has created multiple small niche YouTube channels, info products, services, and software, leveraging his technical skills to develop systems that align with his marketing strategy. You can follow his blog at

Joe Onifade

Income School's Project 24 is one of the most popular beginner-to-intermediate collections of courses that people take to learn how to create a profitable and scalable online business. 

Its popularity and numerous positive success stories led me to try out the course myself. 

I'm a software engineer by trade but have recently ventured into the marketing space with the goal of earning a passive online income. 

Income School's Project 24 was the first premium blogging course that I bought to learn internet marketing, and I didn't have any serious prior experience with search engine optimization, blogging, or making money online.

In Income School's Project 24 blogging course, I learned a lot about the theory behind SEO like fulfilling a searcher's search intent and building authority, and I also learned a lot about practically applying search engine optimization principles and doing keyword research.

After going through the majority of the course material, making money online through my blog and online marketing seemed like a reasonable thing I could do.

Project 24

Key takeaways from my Project 24 review:

  • Income School's Project 24 is a comprehensive video-based course that teaches beginners how to create a profitable online business through high-quality research and content instead of focusing on active link building.
  • The course covers topics such as choosing a niche, creating content, executing a content strategy, becoming more efficient and successful with your blog, and monetizing your content for maximum profits.
  • The blogging and YouTube modules are particularly well-done and provide valuable information on niche selection, keyword research, and content creation.

How I rated this course:

  • Quality: 5 Stars - all videos in the course are polished, professional, and easy to understand.
  • Pricing: 3 Stars - You get a lot of value for the price you pay, but $500 as a recurring payment can be considered something you might need to save up for and may deter some from buying the course.
  • Support: 4 Stars - there are a lot of avenues for you to get support through the community and interacting with the staff.
  • Content: 4 Stars - for beginners, the content is amazing. Sadly, they don’t cover much on the topic of active backlinking though which imo is important for traffic.
  • Community: 5 Stars - the community was really helpful for me and engaging in the forums.

Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive and video-based course
  • Teaches high-quality research and content creation instead of active link building
  • Covers topics such as niche selection, content creation, content strategy, efficiency, and monetization
  • Relatively expensive
  • The target audience is limited to those who don't know anything about search engine optimization or creating online businesses
  • Some may find the pace of the course too slow or too fast for their needs

What Is Project 24?

Income School's Project 24 is a collection of video-based courses that teaches you how to make a full-time income (defined as $4,000 per month) in 24 months with an online business. 

Project 24

Initially, the program only included content related to making a full time income through blogging, but it has recently expanded to include courses on generating income through YouTube channels, marketing, monetization, and more. All Income School content mainly focuses on creating an online business through high-quality research (which they call search analysis) and content instead of focusing on active link building.

The target audience for this course is anyone who is familiar with how to generally use the internet but doesn't know anything about search engine optimization or creating online businesses.

Who’s Behind Project 24?

Income School's Project 24 is a suite of courses to help you make money online and create a successful online business was founded by two internet entrepreneurs: Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler.

Project 24 creators

Jim Harmer is a successful internet marketer who started his career working at a dollar store. He listened to podcasts on internet marketing while working the night shift and that eventually inspired him to create his own niche sites. He attended law school while building his site, and eventually he chose to pursue internet marketing full-time as it began to generate more income. 

He recently left Income School to focus on his own sites and a different successful online business he's started.

Ricky Kesler worked in a variety of roles before his online marketing role as a blogger and as a co-founder of Income School Project 24. Previously, he worked in a research laboratory, as an engineer in a manufacturing plant, and as a marketing analyst. Ultimately, he felt unfulfilled by his prior jobs and that led him to focus on Income School Project 24 full-time with Jim, helping other people with making money online.

What Exactly is Included in Project 24?

In order to determine whether you want to get Income School's Project 24, you'll probably want to know what's included in their courses.

Over their 26 total courses, here's what they offer topically within Income School Project 24:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Marketing
  • Monetization
  • Other

Modules covered in project 24

Let's deep-dive into my experience with each one of these topics that they cover within their marketing courses that help you to create an online business.


I would consider the Income School's Project 24 blogging courses as the best courses Income School has on its platform. 

They used to have a smaller blogging course on creating niche sites, but that eventually evolved into the suite of blogging courses that they currently have to help you develop a successful blog.


Income School has a main blogging course called The Blogging System

Here, Project 24 educates you about its current approach to creating niche sites in 2023. They cover everything you need to know from picking a domain name, setting up a domain name and hosting (step-by-step), picking a profitable niche, doing search analysis, tips on passive link building, affiliate marketing, and more.

If you follow all the steps within The Blogging System, by the end of the course, you should understand the fundamentals that are necessary to determine what makes a profitable niche, create successful niche sites, and earn money online.


Income School's Project 24 has decent courses on developing a brand and creating additional income through creating a YouTube channel.


Specifically, I think Project 24 does a great job in teaching you how to pick ideas with search analysis for YouTube videos that'll actually get views and teaching an efficient and cheap content creation process for a YouTube channel.

Personally, I've learned more in this module in 2 weeks than I've learned in 2 years of trying to learn YouTube marketing on YouTube. Arguably, the YouTube video module is worth the Project 24 investment amount because it truly teaches you what's necessary to create a successful YouTube channel.

In summary, Income School Project 24 teaches you how to incorporate YouTube channels and videos as a part of your niche websites, and they teach you how to successfully build YouTube channels separate from a blog. This means you have the choice of learning how you want to make money online based on whether you're interested in creating YouTube channels, niche websites, or both.

Also, they really do practice what they preach. You can check out their growing income school youtube channel to see a preview of where you can get with following the video lessons they teach. 


Without this collection of courses in Income School Project 24, I wouldn't have understood the importance of developing a brand and authority within a niche.


This handful of video lessons will teach you some of the fundamentals of marketing on your affiliate site. Specifically, you'll learn about email marketing, learn how to establish online credibility in the eyes of search engines like Google, and learn how to develop your personal brand to increase conversions on your sales.

Essentially, the Income School Project 24 video modules about YouTube are what you need to create an authoritative YouTube channel or authority site. It doesn't matter if you're like most affiliate marketers and plan on monetizing your site through ads, online courses, or affiliate marketing.

This section of the course is a must-watch because it teaches you how to go from creating a successful site to a successful business.


Monetization is a separate topic that Project 24 discusses in detail.


Project 24 has video lessons that include affiliate marketing courses, monetization with ads, creating info products, monetizing through lead generation, and monetizing through Patreon. It doesn't matter if you own a successful blog or YouTube channel, these monetization methods that project 24 teaches can be utilized for a variety of online businesses.


pinterest and other courses

The Project 24 courses within the "other" category as nice-to-watch videos. Namely, I personally liked the protecting the downside and success mindset video courses.

The video lessons within these Project 24 lessons are important for aspiring online business owners to understand in order to be successful in generating a full time income through content-based businesses.

Project 24 Pricing - Is it Worth The Cost?

The price for the entire Income School platform is nearly $450 a year. There is no other payment plan.

I think that the closer you are to being a beginning blogger or content creator on YouTube, the more value you'll get out of the course. At the very least, the course has enough information and support that can help you create a niche site that generates a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Basically, the Income School Project 24 course is worth the money if you follow through on the courses and use everything that's available to you because you should be able to make your money back and more (even if you don't reach what they consider to be a full time income of $4,000 a month in 2 years).

My Experience & Results With Project 24 

Personally, I've been a part of Income School Project 24 for about 2 years. However, I've only seriously and actively been adhering to their blogging system methodology for about 4 months (starting late 2022). Without any link building to my niche site that I created, I was able to start seeing some good results by getting organic search traffic from Google with around 80 articles.

Project 24 results.

In the future, I might plan to add more content to my niche site and try strategies beyond what Income School teaches (like active link building), but I'm just going to wait for some more time now until I'm out of Google's sandbox period that suppresses your real search engine rankings for 4 to 12 months.

While I wouldn't say I'm one of the best success stories of Income School, I think I'm well on my way to making $4,000 a month in 2 - 5 years if I continue to stick with the strategies that Income School lays out. 

My overall experience with Project 24 and Income School has been great though. The courses go by slowly because it's tailored more toward beginner bloggers, but that was what I needed when I purchased the course.

Whenever I was stuck or needed advice, another thing I loved about Income School was the forums that had other income school students. The forums had project 24 and Income School veterans who could answer any and all theoretical questions that weren't officially updated or covered in the course.

An example of something that's discussed in the forums but not the course is the topic of using AI content writing software on blogs to make more money faster. The topic is too new to talk about. Again, this is something I really liked.

Project 24 Forum

Project 24 Online Reviews & Ratings

I think that most people who actually took the Income School Project 24 course would leave good reviews on it. 

The main criticism that the course receives is that ranking on Google and other search engines are increasingly becoming more difficult with the Project 24 blogging strategy.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about where Jasper, a blogger and member of the Project 24 community, reviews project 24 and criticizes it for some of the course's members having declining traffic:

online reviews

Fundamentally, I personally don't think there's anything inherently wrong with what you learn in Project 24 because they teach you how to do things that are in line with what Google wants you to do as a niche site owner. 

In the long run, if you are following Project 24's methods to create a niche site, you will likely be rewarded by the Google algorithms and succeed.

Project 24 Alternatives

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TASS by Authority Hackers is without a doubt one of the best blogging courses out there. Start and scale an authority site into the $1k - $5K range.


Is Project 24 suitable for beginners?

Project 24 is a great course for beginners who want to learn to create and scale a small niche site into an authoritative online business.

How long does it take to complete Project 24?

There is a lot of material within the Project 24 Income School course, so if you listen to the recommended pacing of the course you can expect to fully finish the course in about a year. Otherwise, if you're just looking to consume all of the content, you can probably finish watching it in about a couple of months if you dedicate an hour or two to it each day.

What does Project 24 cover?

Income School Project 24 covers all the fundamental material you need to know to create an online business revolving around blogging and YouTube that generates anywhere from 3 to 6 figures every single month. Depending on how you spin the methods they teach, you can potentially make more or less.

What support is available for Project 24 participants?

Project 24 offers its support primarily through its private forum. Once you register for project 24, you get access to their forum at no additional cost. Within the forum, other online business owners and the Income School staff answer all the questions people ask. From my experience, they're extremely responsive and friendly too.

Project 24 Review: Does it Deliver Results for Bloggers and Content Creators?

Project 24 Review

In conclusion, Income School's Project 24 is a comprehensive collection of courses that teaches beginner to intermediate bloggers how to create a profitable and scalable online business through SEO and monetization strategies. 

While many people may consider it on the pricey side at $449 per year, it is a great course with a lot of in-depth content related to blogging, YouTube, and marketing which makes it a great investment for those serious about monetizing content creation.

The course covers everything from niche selection and content strategy to execution and monetization, with a focus on affiliate marketing and ad revenue sites. 

Overall, Project 24 is a great option for anyone interested in blogging for profit, particularly those interested in learning about Amazon affiliate blogging.

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