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Build an anonymous side hustle making money from products you've already purchased at Amazon.

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Anonymous Influencer Review Summary

In our Anonymous Influencer review, we took a hard look at Dom Bavaro and the Digital Marketing Misfits new course, Anonymous Influencer. Can you really make passive income from Amazon without even showing your face? In our review we tested the system ourselves, plus reviewed pricing, pros and cons, and more.

Course Creator: Digital Marketing Misfits

Price: $997 - $1198

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Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Digital Marketing Misfits

Anonymous Influencer was created by Dom Bavaro of, Mark Scott of, Jason, Regan, and Jamar. Collectively they're part of a group of online entrepreneurs known as the "Digital Marketing Misfits." The Misfits have a Twitch channel and a YouTube channel, and collaborated on the course together. You'll meet each of them in different videos.

Who is This course for?

Anonymous Influencer is great for beginning side hustlers who already have an Amazon account, already have made multiple Amazon purchases, and are willing to film 1 - 5 minute long video reviews of your product purchases. You should either already have a large social media following on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, or be willing to grow a following. Without the social media following, you won't get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program.

This course is not for someone who isn't willing to buy and review products from Amazon and grow a social media following.

Expertise level: Easy (no experience necessary).

What You'll Learn

Over the course of this 30 video online training course you will learn:

➡ Everything you need to know about the opportunity: What is Amazon Influencers, how much can you make, and what you need to be successful
➡ How to apply for the Amazon Influencer program and what to do if you get rejected
➡ How to film the videos, content templates you will need, and how to stay consistent
➡ Everything about Amazon commissions (how to make money from the Amazon influencer program) and what you need to do to scale your Amazon Influencer side hustle
➡ How to "tap into" Amazon's massive traffic network and leverage their customers to create a thriving passive income side hustle (with anonymous 60 second videos)

Our Full Anonymous Influencer Review Plus Our Results

The promise of a completely anonymous side hustle that can rake in thousands of extra dollars per month from products you've already bought sounds good, but is it legit? 

Takeways from our review: 

  1. Yes, you really can make money from Amazon with quick, 60 second videos, without showing your face or revealing your identity. We tested this system ourselves, and our results have been pretty awesome.
  2. No traffic system required. Leverage Amazon's own customers, traffic, and conversion systems and generate affiliate commissions without your own list, website, or traffic. 
  3. It's not a job replacer: while some have been able to turn this into a pretty lucrative system for generating a side income, I wouldn't quit your job anytime soon. Unless you go all in and start creating hundreds of review videos, you're looking at a slow steady side hustle, not a 9 - 5 replacement. Therefore, adjust your expectations and approach this course with an open mind. 

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Pros & Cons


  • Leverage Amazon's massive traffic network
  • Completely anonymous side hustle
  • Get started with zero startup costs
  • The training is thorough and actionable


  • To really scale you need to buy a lot of Amazon products
  • You won't replace your 9 - 5 anytime soon
  • It's expensive with multiple upsells (you don't need to buy those, however)

Anonymous Influencer: Watch The webinar Replay

What Is Anonymous Influencer? 

anonymous influencer

Anonymous Influencer is an online course and system to build an Amazon Influencer side hustle without showing your face, building an email list, or creating websites. The training teaches you how to create simple, fast review videos of products you have purchased that you upload directly to Amazon via the Amazon Associates Influencer program. When someone watches your video on Amazon and makes a purchase by way of your recommendation, you get a commission. 

The training is delivered almost entirely via videos in a secure membership area that you get access to once you purchase the course. You also get access to a community of users, regular live webinars, and past recordings. 

Who's Behind The Course? 

anonymous influencer dom bavaro and the digital marketing misfits

The Digital Marketing Misfits of Anonymous Influencer: Jason, Dom Bavaro, Regan O., Mark Scott, Jamar.

Anonymous Influencer was created by Dom Bavaro of, Mark Scott of, Jason, Regan, and Jamar. Collectively they're part of a group of online entrepreneurs known as the "Digital Marketing Misfits." 

The Misfits have a Twitch channel and a YouTube channel, and collaborated on the course together. You'll meet each of them in different videos. 

What Is The Amazon Influencer Program & How Do You Make Money From It?

The Amazon Influencer program is a part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, but geared towards social media influencers. When you sign up for the Amazon Influencer program, you can create your own dedicated storefront on Amazon where you can recommend products, and direct your social media audiences to your Amazon page. If they purchase one of the influencers recommended products, they get a commission.

You also get the opportunity to film review videos of Amazon products and place those videos directly on the Amazon product pages. When someone watches your video, and decides to buy, you get a commission. That's where Anonymous Influencer comes in: this course shows you how to tap into the pre-existing traffic on Amazon's own site to generate a steady flow of sales and commissions.  

What's Inside The Course?

anonymous influencer course content

Anonymous Influencer consists of 30 recorded videos that walk you through the process of setting up your anonymous Amazon side hustle step-by-step. You also get access to their users-only Facebook support group where you can network with other members and get support from the course creators.

While reviewing Anonymous Influencer, we found that the videos and audio are high quality with professional editing touches throughout and available to stream in an easy-to-navigate membership area. 

To get the most out of this training, watch each video thoroughly from start to finish without skipping any steps. 

Each video falls under one of eight categories.

Here's each category and the videos you will watch in order (click each category to expand and view the videos): 

Getting Started (4 Videos)

You'll meet Jamar and Dom Bavaro in the intro videos and get a walkthrough of the program, the opportunity, and Amazon Influencers.

  1. What is Amazon Influencers? (3:48)
  2. Amazon Influencer Pre-Requisites (3:04)
  3. How Amazon Commissions Work (11:45)
  4. The Linchpin - Onsite (9:35)

Qualifying as an Amazon Influencer (2 Videos)

In this video you meet "Regan O." (presumably since she doesn't offer her name).

  1. Becoming a Content Creator (10:10)
  2. Social Media Content Creation Live Call (1:49) This is a recorded live webinar with "Jason" and quite lengthy.

Setting Up Your Influencer Account (3 Videos)

  1. Apply To Amazon Influencer and Setup Your Storefront (3:22)
  2. Set Up Payment Information (1:50)
  3. Store Banner Tutorial (3:04)

Your First 3 Amazon Videos (7 Videos)

  1. Basic Lighting & Audio (6:43)
  2. Verbal Framework (11:36)
  3. Content Rules & Regulations (7:40) Includes written text component
  4. Upload on Phone (2:43)
  5. Upload on Desktop (2:58)
  6. What Products Qualify For Commissions (3:22)
  7. Upload Your First 3 Videos (1:46)

Shooting Videos (2 Videos)

  1. Thumbnail Creation (8:22)
  2. Basics of Video Editing (10:19)

Getting Past The Wall (3 Videos)

  1. How to Get Approved For Onsight Commissions (3:38)
  2. Create Your Bank (2:07)
  3. What To Do If You Get Denied For Onsite Commisions (4:41)

Maximize Your Results (5 Videos)

  1. The Amazon Profit Levers You Need To Pull (5:05)
  2. Understanding Sales Volume (6:57)
  3. Categories and Commission Rates (2:56)
  4. Clickbait Titles& Triple Tagging Products (11:34)
  5. Stay Consistent at $1/video/day (5:42)

Livestreaming (2 Videos) 

  1. What Is Livestreaming on Amazon? (3:14)
  2. How To Set Up Livestreaming on Amazon (20:35)

Anonymous Influencer Pricing Plans

So how much does Anonymous Influencer cost and is it worth it? 

Anonymous Influencer has two pricing plan options:

Option # 1 - a one-time payment of $997 which gets you access to everything in the course, without the upgrades. You can access this option here.

Option # 2 - a payment plan that let's you spread the payments out over two months for $599/month. The total cost if you choose the split pay route is $1198. You get the full course, without the upgrades. You can access this option here.

There are several upgrades you can take advantage of if you want them, but you don't have to purchase them.

Here they are in order: 

  1. Up-sell # 1: Order bump, costs $97: The Shoppable Template Pack. You can add this upgrade directly from the checkout page by checking a box. This is a list of graphics, templates, etc. that you can use in your Amazon videos. Presumably this will help you save time creating the assets you need to get started.
  2. Up-sell # 2: OTO (one time offer), costs $497: The Repurpose Mastery Course. With this course, you get 13 lessons on repurposing your Amazon review videos for YouTube, the worlds largest video platform. YouTube is an amazing opportunity for affiliates to extend their reach and get sales. Repurpose Mastery makes it easy and shows you how to take your successful Amazon Influencer business and scale it with YouTube. You'll land on this page directly after purchasing the course and can upgrade at that time. You don't have to though, find the button says you don't want the upgrade if you're not interested, and continue through the checkout flow.
  3. Up-sell # 3: Subscription offer, costs $100/month ongoing: This is a continuity subscription offer that gets you access to a program called "Skunkworks," a mastermind, community, and group chat with live Zoom calls every two weeks. If you want access to the team and to build a support network of other Amazon Influencer affiliates, this is your opportunity. I was a little confused about this particular program, so I asked Dom about it: 
anonymous influencer skunkworks

Our Results With Anonymous Influencer

Does Anonymous Influencer work and can you actually make money with as an Amazon Influencer?

The answer is YES, absolutely. In fact, we put this system to the test and the results are pretty awesome. We just couldn't resist. Everyone has a ton of Amazon purchases laying around, so getting started was super easy: armed with a smart phone and bunch of old Amazon products laying around, I got started.

When testing Anonymous Influencer's system, I wanted to find out:

  • Can anyone really do this, is it easy to get started, do you need any other training or equipment
  • Could I make money relatively quickly, by uploading simple videos, without a ton of fuss? (For example, succeeding with YouTube takes a lot of work: editing, filming, etc. - each video can take hours)
  • What kind of results could I expect to get with a baseline of ~20 videos? 

So here's what I did: I made about 22 videos, each 1 minute to 5 minutes long, of products I already had laying around the house (did not buy any new products), made a simple Canva thumbnail template so I could reuse it, and got to work. 

First, a caveat: the hardest part is getting approved by the Amazon Influencers Program - you need a social media following. I already had that on my YouTube channel, so getting approved for me was easy, but for most of you who don't already have a decent following somewhere, this will be the hardest part. Everything after that is a cakewalk.

Here's my results with Anonymous Influencer after approximately 2 months of live videos: I made my first 3 videos in early January after being approved for Amazon Influencers, then it took approximately six weeks to get approved for "onsite placements" (where your video gets placed on product pages). That was around February 6th (red arrow below). Since then, I've uploaded 23 videos, had two get rejected, so I have 21 live videos right now and I've earned $382.12. 

anonymous influencer results

This system works and I genuinely believe it's one of the easiest ways for anyone to get started making money online. You don't need a website, email list, or any other real infrastructure. Keep in mind this will become recurring income for me. Every month these videos will continue to produce for me. The price of the course is worth it, the community is fantastic and helpful, the team behind it is super helpful. 

Truthfully, this was only a small test. 22 videos is nothing compared to some of the people in the program: some have 500+ videos on their channel and are getting sponsorship requests from product owners who want to pay them to make videos for them. 

Anonymous Influencer Alternatives

Currently we are unaware of any Anonymous Influencer alternatives or competitors. While there are other courses out there showing you how to create an Amazon Associates business, we don't know of any with this unique angle on approaching Amazon affiliate marketing.

For more courses on how to make money online, you can check out this page here.

Verdict - Is Anonymous Influencer Worth The Price & Legit?

Anonymous Influencer Review

Here's our verdict: Anonymous Influencer is a legit course and worth the money and as you can see from our results you definitely can turn this into a nice side income, but you'll need to decide for yourself if it's right for you. With hours of content spread across 30 videos, the program leaves no stone untouched and gives you a complete system for launching an anonymous Amazon influencer side business. The pricing is on par with many other affiliate marketing courses we've reviewed, but still expensive. 

With that said, most people will need 100s of Amazon review videos live on your Influencer page in order to turn this into a game-changing side hustle. 

Assuming you have previously purchased 50 - 100 products on Amazon, and can create 20 - 30 videos to get started, it's reasonable to expect a trickle of commissions to come in, but to scale up and earn thousands, you'll need to be consistently buying and reviewing products.  

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