123 Affiliate Marketing Review

123 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn of SPI helps advanced affiliates monetize their audience.

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123 Affiliate Marketing Review Summary

123 Affiliate Marketing is an in-depth affiliate marketing course made by Pat Flynn from SPI (Smart Passive Income). In our review, we found that the course name is a bit misleading since 123 Affiliate Marketing is aimed for advanced marketers and not beginners. For the price, the course could be more comprehensive. We gave this course 3.5 stars.

Course Creator: Patt Flynn

Price: $599

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Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars






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About The Course Creator

Patt Flynn

Pat Flynn is the man behind smartpassiveincome.com who's famous for posting his actual income reports right on his site. He’s been active for almost two decades and is currently doing his best to teach people to make money on his own site, on YouTube as well as through his various courses.

Who is This course for?

As we mentioned before, the name of the course is a bit misleading and implies that you're getting a "start to finish" training system, but in fact this course is definitely not for beginners. 123 Affiliate Marketing is more suited for advanced internet marketers who have already built an audience and want to improve how well they sell products or offers. If you already have traffic and an audience and have offers running and want to scale up your affiliate business, this course might be for you.

If you're a complete beginner we suggest starting with a more beginner-friendly course. One of the best courses on the market, The Authority Site System by Authority Hackers, is a beginner-friendly approach to building SEO affiliate sites and is a comparable price to 123 Affiliate Marketing.

What you'll learn

Here's what you're going to learn at a high level in 123 Affiliate Marketing:

➡ How to choose the best product to sell and promote.
➡ How to promote your affiliate offers effectively.
➡ How to passively promote products and offers.
➡ How to actively promote products and offers.
➡ “The Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book” is available only from Pat Flynn.

123 affiliate marketing review

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