CommentFunnels Review: Is It Worth It? Plus Huge Sign Up Bonuses

by Sam 

November 2, 2019

Updated: November 2nd, 2019

NOTE: early bird pricing for lifetime access to CommentFunnels is closed, but you can start a free trial for 14 days via my link on this page

If you’re on this page you’re probably looking for a CommentFunnels review, and you won’t be disappointed because I’ve got all the details on this Facebook commenting software launched by my friend, Zeky Ahmed. 

Zeky built CommentFunnels to help him monetize his FB group audience by creating automatic replies to his thousands of followers and group members. 

He had a huge problem: every promotional FB post would generate 100s of replies requiring his response, and he was tired of paying thousands of dollars yearly to his virtual assistants and replying manually and leaving tons of money on the table by not following up promptly.

So let's dive into the review...

CommentFunnels Review: Everything You Need To Know

In this CommentFunnels review we're going to be going over the details of the software, who it's for, features, pricing, and more.

If you’re a business owner, marketer, or Facebook group/page owner with a manual process for replying to FB comment this is perfect for you. 

This Facebook commenting software lets you create libraries of automatic replies for your FB promotional posts so you can say goodbye to endless manual copy/paste replies and start monetizing your posts automatically with a single click. 

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CommentFunnels Pricing: How much Does CommentFunnels cost?

So how much does CommentFunnels cost?

There’s several options to choose from: 

#1 - Free CommentFunnels Trial - You can start using the software for free for 14 days.

#2 - CommentFunnels annual or monthly subscription: after the trial you have the option to purchase an annual subscription ($197/year) or a monthly subscription for $27/month. 

#3 - CommentFunnels lifetime access: there's an upsell after you choose your subscription plan to buy a lifetime license to the software for $497 (one time cost), if you choose this offer you will replace your subscription and be billed only once. 

Ready To Get CommentFunnels Plus My $2,672 Bonuses?

This is what you're getting when you purchase the lifetime subscription: 

CommentFunnels Pricing and CommentFunnels Bonuses

As you can see, Zeky is giving out almost $3,000 worth of extra value and bonuses just for becoming an early adopter of the software.

Add in the exclusive bonuses I’m giving worth $2,672 for joining via my link and I believe this is the best CommentFunnels bonus offer available (see bottom of post for full bonus details). 

So if you’re monetizing Facebook and looking for a Facebook comments app, this is probably one of the best deals out there. 

BONUSES UPDATE: I’m including a specially designed CommentFunnels Follow Up Funnel as part of my bonuses that you can send people to directly from the app and comment threads. You can use this funnel to promote any offer or affiliate link. All you need is a ClickFunnels account and you can plug this funnel (worth $497) into your account with one click 🙂

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Does CommentFunnels Have A Money Back Guarantee?  

Yes, according to the sales page, CommentFunnels has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, making your initial investment risk free while you trial the software. Buy the software now and if it’s not what you want in 30 days after they send you the installation link, just let them know via their support email and they will refund your money no questions asked. 

What Is CommentFunnels And Who Is The Software For? 

CommentFunnels is a Facebook auto comment generator Chrome extension that lets you create libraries of automatic replies for your FB promotional posts so you can say goodbye to endless manual copy/paste replies and start monetizing your posts and replying to your Facebook leads and comments with a single click. 

Do you use promotional threads and ask people to comment for details in order to boost post engagement and looking for a Facebook comments app?

If so, CommentFunnels will be your new best friend. 

What is CommentFunnels

CommentFunnels is for: Business owners, Marketers, Facebook Group owners, Facebook Group Moderators/Admins, Affiliate Marketers Monetizing FB, Facebook Page Owners, anyone who’s promoting anything via Facebook, etc.

You can checkout CommentFunnels here to start a free trial, plus you get all my bonuses listed below for going through my link.

What Does CommentFunnels Do? 

Here’s some of the available CommentFunnels features as of this time of writing, but essentially it's a Facebook auto reply script and comments manager. 

  1. Facebook page comment moderation and auto replies: Helps Facebook group/page owners with too many replies save hours every day and stop losing leads and sales.
  2. Comment Funnels lets you automate facebook replies to comments on your FB promo posts by clicking a single button.
  3. Faecbook coments manager: Create multiple replies for a single FB post comment thread so they’re not all the same.
  4. Get more leads and more sales from Facebook posts with less effort.
  5. Save time while making more money from Facebook groups and pages.

How Does CommentFunnels Software Work? 

Comment Funnels is a Google Chrome Extension that runs in your Chrome browser and interacts with Facebook. You need an up to date version of Chrome to run the extension. Once installed, you can create lists of replies and comments to automate your FB commenting on your promotional posts. 

Step 1: Start your free trial of CommentFunnels and Install the CommentFunnels Chrome Extension.

Zeky’s team will then send you a link in your email to install the CommentFunnels™ extension. Click the link provided, install the extension, and login with the email you purchased the software with.

Step 2: Start asking people to comment on your posts to get your offer or engage with the post.

Start sharing Facebook promotional posts as you normally do, encourage people to comment if they want to get the link to your offer or whatever the point of the post is.

Step 3: Create custom CommentFunnels automated replies.

CommentFunnels™ let’s you create custom automated replies in a library, and even create multiple responses so your replies feel unique within the thread. It only take minutes to create your replies and be ready to start automating your comments.

Step 4: Click the “start commenting” button and let the app do the rest.

CommentFunnels™ will automatically reply (as you) to all the comments from your audience. Apparently there’s a "Stay Out Of Jail" feature which let’s you specify a timed delay between comments and the maximum number of replies to submit at a time to make sure you don't get into any trouble with Facebook's algorithms. 

That's it! 

IMPORTANT SOFTWARE UPDATE:  Zeky tells me that in an upcoming software update release the app will be able to run by itself, automatically replying to your leads as you, completely in the background! 🙂

Go here to sign up for a free trial plus get all my bonuses.

How Can I Make Money With CommentFunnels?

When you launch promotional posts on Facebook, typically you’re asking your followers to comment to receive the offer or link to your product. That boosts engagement as the more people comment, the more FB boosts the post in the newsfeed. 

commentfunnels testimonial

CommentFunnels saves you time replying to all these comments so you can send them your offers and links faster and keeps you out of “Facebook Jail” by timing the replies. 

BONUSES UPDATE: I’m including a specially designed CommentFunnels Follow Up Funnel as part of my bonuses that you can send people to directly from the app and comment threads. You can use this funnel to promote any offer or affiliate link. All you need is a ClickFunnels account and you can plug this funnel (worth $497) into your account with one click 🙂

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​​​​Conclusion - Is CommentFunnels Worth It?

If you’re managing large Facebook audiences via pages or groups and monetizing them via offers and promotional threads, this software will save you potentially hours every single day. 

That’s tons of money and time back in your pocket if you’re paying virtual assistants or doing the work yourself. 

If you believe getting back an hour per day (or more or less depending on your workload) every day all year long is worth $197, then absolutely buy this beast of a software because it will save that time for you.

If you don’t have a FB audience to monetize, this software will probably not be for you, as it doesn’t yet have a wide use case beyond monetizing FB groups, FB promotional threads, etc. 

Keep reading to check out my massive bonuses I’m giving out for purchasing via my link

Best CommentFunnels Bonuses Worth $2,672

Best CommentFunnels Bonuses

On top of Zeky’s bonuses (above image), I’ve got what I believe to be the best CommentFunnels bonuses listed below. 

IMPORTANT: To get my bonuses absolutely FREE, all you have to do is sign up for CommentFunnels via my link anywhere on this page, purchase the software, and send proof of payment to me via my contact page or email me at sam [@]

Bonus # 2 - CommentFunnel Follow Up Funnel Specially Designed for FB - Share funnel for ClickFunnels (capture leads and sales from your FB promotional posts with lead magnets using ClickFunnels, just customize and BOOM! Grow your list and sales fast): $497 value

Bonus # 3 - ClickFunnels share funnel list: 45+ Million Dollar Swipeable Funnels In Every Niche, use these to build fully monetizable funnels for your FB groups and pages:  $497 value

Bonus # 4 - GroupConvert FB Group Management Software (NOTE: This bonus is available only after 30 days of CommentFunnels usage): This Chrome extension manages, automates list building, and helps you track everyone that comes into your Facebook Group. $47/monthly value and a whopping ($564 annual value)

Bonus # 5 - My Spreadsheet of 100+ Holy Grail High-paying Recurring Affiliate Programs you can use to monetize your FB groups: $497 value

Bonus # 6 - Million Dollar Facebook Ad Swipe Library from 40+ Top Entrepreneurs and Funnel Masters - $497 Value

Bonus # 7 - Invitation To My Private Facebook Group Mastermind: $9.99/month value ($120 yearly value)

Total bonus value you get when you purchase CommentFunnels today through my link below: $2,672 annual value.

Ready To Get CommentFunnels Plus My $2,672 Bonuses?

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