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I’m sitting in my office pondering a question I see online a lot from new marketers, affiliates, and bloggers in forums and Facebook groups that still surprises me...

“Can you make money with ClickFunnels?” 

Yes, you can make money with ClickFunnels. As with anything it takes hard work and effort. Most people make money using ClickFunnels by creating online sales funnels that automate and speed up the buying process for website visitors or by becoming an affiliate of their product and referring new customers. 

You can use the app to create sales funnels, webinar funnels, eCommerce funnels and more to sell digital and physical goods (just a few of the common use cases for the product.)

Because there are so many people promoting ClickFunnels, and competition is fierce, resulting in a few bad-apple affiliates using scammy messaging tactics to get people to click on their links, it leaves people with the impression that the product itself is not legit, but this is simply false. 

ClickFunnels is actually a great product developed by some of the best digital marketers and funnel builders out there, including Russell Brunson. 

What Exactly IS ClickFunnels (Simplified Explanation) 

ClickFunnels popularized the idea of “done for you” sales funnels.

There’s nothing new about the idea of a sales funnel, but being able to create one for your website with just a few clicks, or even better, import a pre-made funnel directly into your account with the share funnel feature is a revolutionary tool in the marketing SaaS landscape. 

With ClickFunnels you can quickly create high-converting marketing and sales funnels fast using a variety of templates and done-for-you funnels.

You can create webinar funnels, evergreen webinar funnels, eCommerce funnels like the infamous “Free + Shipping” funnel, book selling funnels, opt-in / lead magnet funnels, and virtually anything you can think of. 

The revolutionary thing about ClickFunnels was approaching building landing pages from the perspective of “sales funnels”, working on them as a whole and creating an experience for your visitors that solves their problems and reduces friction in their buying process.

ClickFunnels let’s marketers get away from gluing together a disparate marketing stack of landing page builders, etc. and focus their efforts on rapidly building and deploying sales funnels. 

How Do You Make Money With ClickFunnels? 

Right now, the best way to make money with ClickFunnels is by selling your own products via your own funnels.

ClickFunnels is ultimately designed to help you deliver your own products to market faster. 

If you're looking for a way to get started building funnels with ClickFunnels and selling your own products, the best place you can start is with the One Funnel Away Challenge, a 30 day challenge to get your first funnel up, live, and getting traffic. 

Check out the One Funnel Away Challenge Here (plus you'll get all my OFA bonuses worth over $6K when you buy through me). 

ClickFunnels is just a tool. A tool to make selling anything online faster and easier, but a tool nonetheless, meaning the results you get out of it are directly related to your experience and expertise in its use.

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ClickFunnels helps you get your products and offers to market quickly and gives you the technical foundation to get sales online, but you’ve still got to have a great product or offer to make money with ClickFunnels and an understanding of how to sell to your audience. 

You make money with ClickFunnels by selling digital or physical products via sales funnels, or even selling affiliate products.

A sales funnel is nothing more than a strategic series of steps that you’ve created to take your visitors through the buying process, reduce friction in the purchasing environment, and increase buying pressure. 

Most people fail to make money with ClickFunnels because they fail to create an offer that anyone wants to buy, or can’t get traffic to their sales pages, or simply never get started. 

Here’s 10 Ways To Make Money With ClickFunnels.

  1. Build your email list through opt-in funnels and sell digital/physical products to your subscribers.
  2. Create affiliate funnels and get people to buy affiliate products you are selling.
  3. Create a webinar funnel and sell a high-ticket service or product.
  4. Create local marketing lead generation funnels for your company (or clients) and get local services leads.
  5. Create eCommerce funnels and sell physical products on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  6. Create digital courses and sell access to your membership areas (CF has a membership area).
  7. Sell other digital products like eBooks, video training, etc.
  8. Become a ClickFunnels affiliate and earn commissions by referring people to the software.
  9. Use the ClickFunnels email software Actionetics to nurture leads and sell more.
  10. Sell access to local events via an event funnel.

ClickFunnels can help almost any business make money by giving them smarter online tools to help them convert visitors and traffic better. 

How To Make Money As A ClickFunnels Affiliate

The ClickFunnels affiliate program has gotten a lot of attention online and in the marketing world lately. You automatically become an affiliate when you sign up for a free trial and account, although you will only get access to promote their entry products as a new affiliate.

If you’re wondering if ClickFunnels is a scam or a pyramid scheme, check out this article

With the ClickFunnels affiliate program you make money by referring new customers to the software or through a variety of different offers the company has created.

ClickFunnels has multiple affiliate offers to promote including Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book, the Expert Secrets Book, One Funnel Away Challenge, and many more. 

Affiliates earn 40% of any sale referred to the company and 40% recurring revenue for the lifetime of the customer.

So if you refer one customer to ClickFunnels at the $97 per month tier, you will earn approximately $40 per month. 

This is an incredibly lucrative and generous payout structure, more so than most we’ve seen online. Recurring revenue is the holy grail of making money online. 

They’ve created further incentive for their affiliates with the so called “Dream Car” bonus, where the company will pay for the lease on your dream car (up to $500 monthly) after you’ve referred 100 customers to them, and if you refer 200 customers they pay for a lease up to $1000 monthly. 

ClickFunnels Pricing, What You Need to Know

“Is ClickFunnels worth it for the money?”

That depends. Are you the type to take action? Do you have a winning product or offer already? Are you the type to give up easily? If you’re ready to scale current sales, build an email list, and have a solid understanding of internet marketing and sales funnels already, it’s definitely well worth the money.

As with anything ClickFunnels isn’t a magic bullet. It takes time and effort to make it work, but if you’ve grit and hustle and understand selling online, ClickFunnels can definitely help you make more money, sell more products, and decrease the sales cycle on your websites. 

That said it’s important to note that even though ClickFunnels main value proposition is to make it easy for you create high-converting funnels and ditch most of your current marketing stack, it’s not necessarily the easiest thing for a complete beginner to find success with.

ClickFunnels has two main customer tiers:

The ClickFunnels Start Up plan (Basic Package) costs $97 per month and limits the amount of funnels, funnel pages, and visitors for your account, and also doesn’t include access to Actionetics and Backpack (complimentary apps within the product.)

Clickfunnels Platinum is their top tier with unlimited access to the product, plus access to Actionetics (their email marketing software), and Backpack (their affiliate software), and costs $297 per month. This is a great package for anyone with a budget and the need for scale and volume, but not a great place for a new user to start.

Note: You can get a free 14-day trial of either packages here plus access to all my bonuses worth $12K+ (more on this at the bottom of the post).

Check out this ClickFunnels pricing comparison chart if you have lingering questions about the differences between the Etison plan and the Startup Plan (It’s a big image, article continues below):

clickfunnels pricing vs leadpages pricing

Conclusion: Is ClickFunnels Right For You?

I hope this article has cleared up some confusion around ClickFunnels. It’s a great app, but it’s not necessarily for everyone, and maybe not for you. 

If all you need is landing pages and list building tools you can go with something like LeadPages, which gives you an awesome suite of landing page templates that you can quickly edit and deploy on your site, and has a lower entry level price.

Check out my article, LeadPages Vs. ClickFunnels here for the full side-by-side breakdown.

If you’re a blogger or have built your business on WordPress you might take a look at something like Thrive Themes,  a complete marketing suite of list building tools and landing page templates designed specifically for WordPress (in fact it’s what we use for our blog and blog list building strategies in conjunction with ClickFunnels for our more involved sales funnels). 

My complete side-by-side review of ClickFunnels Vs. Thrive Themes is here.  

If you’re on a budget and just starting out and have no previous knowledge of sales funnels and online marketing, it might be tough for you to get started, but fortunately they’ve put together a fantastic suite of complementary training courses and products to help you get up to speed fast.

If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, you can join the ClickFunnels free Affiliate Boot Camp here, which is a 100 day plan and training course for becoming a successful ClickFunnels Affiliate fast.

The training walks you through the entire process and gives you everything you need to get started. I suggest getting a free ClickFunnels trial here, then getting access to my Viral Affiliate Business In A Box Funnel (more on that funnel here), and using that funnel to quickly get results with the boot camp.

If you have $100 to spend their absolute best training to get up to speed fast (including done-for-you funnels and live coaching from their top funnel builders), I highly suggest checking out the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is a 30-day challenge that gives you the exact blueprint and process to get a winning funnel up fast. If it's closed right now, sign up for the wait list for next months challenge.

I recently completed the One Funnel Away Challenge, and my full video review plus all my bonuses for joining the challenge is here:

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the product and the opportunity, if you’re ready to start a trial, don’t leave this page before checking out all my ClickFunnels bonuses below and how you can claim them.

Let me know in the comments what your plan of attack with CF is!

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