Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review Summary

In this full Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review I’m going to pull back the curtains on everything you need to know about the latest version of Spencer’s flagship course, Affiliate Secrets. I’m going to cover pricing, what you’ll learn, who should buy AS 3.0, and if it’s worth purchasing. I’ll also show you how to get my exclusive bonuses worth $3,725 when you sign up via my link. 

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“One million dollars from ONE affiliate program? And... they gave him a car!?” 

I was shocked when a friend told me that Spencer Mecham - a humble dude I’d been seeing contributing in various marketing Facebook groups - had actually made over $1,000,000 in commissions from the ClickFunnels affiliate program... and won the coveted Dream Car Award multiple times. 

I didn’t believe it at first, but I went down the rabbit hole and did some investigating and the hype was true. Spencer is a beast, a true super affiliate doing $100K+ months across multiple offers... 

... but he’s also known for something else: his much-loved course, Affiliate Secrets (where he gives away all of his strategies and secrets to crush affiliate marketing).

And in this Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review I’m going to break down everything you need to know about Spencer Mecham’s flagship course including what you’re going to learn, pricing, pros and cons, FAQs, and more. 

So buckle up, let’s go down the rabbit hole together.

Full Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review - Plus Bonuses

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Here's the highlights

  • Affiliate Secrets 3.0 helps entrepreneurs validate, start, and grow profitable affiliate marketing businesses
  • You'll get actionable advice from successful entrepreneur Spencer Mecham
  • You'll get case studies of Spencer's own business portfolio
  • Previous customers of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 get automatic access to 3.0

And if you’re looking to buy the course now and get access to all of my bonuses, you can do so here.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in my review of Spencer’s new version of Affiliate Secrets: 

Who Is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is a ClickFunnels Dream Car winner, super affiliate, and the first to reach over $1,000,000 in commissions with ClickFunnels (he was their top affiliate for some time). 

As a ClickFunnels Dream Car winner (multiple times over), ClickFunnels pays for the lease on Spencer’s car as a prize for referring over 100 active users to their core product, ClicKFunnels. Let’s just say when it comes to affiliate marketing he knows what he’s talking about... and that’s pretty refreshing compared to many other course owners and guru’s. 

I’m a regular in his excellent Facebook Group, Automation Nation, and have chatted with him on several occasions and followed his work for a couple years now, and honestly he’s one of my favorite affiliates to follow and learn from.  

He has a fantastic YouTube channel, blogs at, and absolutely crushes it on TikTok. 

He’s easily one of the best content creators in the affiliate space, but takes a different approach than many of the SEO affiliates out there like Adam Enfroy and Matt Diggity.  

From what I can tell, Spencer grew his business primarily through organic social media channels, YouTube, paid traffic, email marketing, and funnels, and that’s what the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course centers around, too.  

So let’s dive in deeper. 

What Exactly Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0? 

So what is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 and is it the best affiliate marketing course

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is Spencer Mecham’s latest iteration of his flagship affiliate marketing course, Affiliate Secrets. 

In Affiliate Secrets 3.0, Spencer covers everything you need to know to start and grow your own profitable affiliate marketing business using a variety of different tactics including SEO and blogging, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media strategies, paid traffic, free traffic (organic), and a ton more.

With 500+ students earning an accumulative $1,000,000+ in commissions and 15 student Dream Car Winners, there’s no doubt that Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a course that delivers. 

affiliate secrets student success

So what’s the difference between the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course and 2.0? 

For one, the new version of Affiliate Secrets has been completely redone. Spencer reshot all the videos, refreshed the strategies, and provided new training on emerging strategies and channels (TikTok for example). 

How Much Is Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0? 

So how much does Affiliate Secrets 3.0 cost? 

Currently there are two options to purchase Affiliate Secrets 3.0, a one-time payment option of $1,497.00, and a payment plan of $600 per month for three months ($1,800 total). 

It’s not cheap, and if you’re on a budget it might be prohibitive, but it’s priced inline with many other in-depth, high-value courses (Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine, for example).

On the checkout page you can only pay via credit card, with no PayPal option available, but I asked if it was an option and apparently you can arrange payment via PayPal by sending them payment and then emailing support for course access. 

affiliate secrest pricing - how much does affiliate secrest cost?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Pricing  

So let’s cover everything you need to know about Affiliate Secrets 3.0 pricing... and if anything changes, I’ll update my review. 

Here are the options: 

Pay Once ($1,497.00)

  • Cost: $1,497 (one time payment)
  • What’s included: Everything, you get access to the full course, which includes full courses on YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, TikTok, and more. You get 14 total modules with tons of videos (60+ just in the blogging module). 
  • You also get: A bunch of bonuses from Spencer, as well as all of my bonuses for Affiliate Secrets. Course bonuses include additional training and resources including Spencer’s DFY email sequences, one-click landing page imports, outsourcing secrets, JV Launch Secrets so you can win every JV content you participate in, 30-day Fast Track, and Adwords Millionaire (how to dominate Google ads any program with one single ad).

3 Monthly Payments of $600.00 ($1,800.00 Total)

  • Cost: $1800 (three monthly payments of $600)
  • What’s included: Everything, you get access to the full course, which includes full courses on YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, TikTok, and more. You get 14 total modules with tons of videos (60+ just in the blogging module). 
  • You also get: A bunch of bonuses from Spencer, as well as all of my bonuses for Affiliate Secrets. Course bonuses include additional training and resources including Spencer’s DFY email sequences, one-click landing page imports, outsourcing secrets, JV Launch Secrets so you can win every JV content you participate in, 30-day Fast Track, and Adwords Millionaire (how to dominate Google ads any program with one single ad).  

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Discount

During the recent relaunch of Affiliate Secrets there was a launch discount, but as of this writing there are no discounts available. I reached out to Spencer’s team via his chat widget to ask about discounts, but no luck. 

Refund Policy

You get a 15 day guarantee (of sorts) when you purchase Affiliate Secrets. Refunds are granted only if at least 50% of the course has been attempted. At that stage, if you still feel the course doesn’t deliver, you can reach out to Buildapreneur (Spencer’s company) and ask for a refund, however it’s granted only at their discretion. 

What Will You Learn & Accomplish During Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Course? 

Now that we’ve covered the basics like pricing, let’s dive into the details. 

What will you actually learn and accomplish if you buy the course? 

It’s a massive course, packed with videos and content, so if you’re already sold, at this stage you might want to check out the sales page, check out my bonuses, or watch Spencer’s excellent webinar to further educate yourself. 

Let’s do this!

Overview - What Exactly Will You Learn In Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing in 2021 and is taught by Spencer Mecham as well as a few other subject matter experts (Nate Mcallister of teaches the blogging section, for example).  

From a high level, here’s what’s included in Affiliate Secrets 3.0: 

  1. How to find wildly profitable niches with zero competition
  2. How to find high-profit products to promote 
  3. In-depth training on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Blogging
  4. How to get leads to your affiliate system with 100% free traffic
  5. How to create email automation funnels to get sales on autopilot
  6. How to create landing pages and funnels that convert visitors into leads and sales
  7. And so much more! 

Let’s go deep now...

affiliate secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham

There are two main phases of this course, Part 1 and Part 2. 

Part 1 is focused on getting beginners established in their new affiliate business. 

Part 2 goes deeper into specific channels and strategies like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook Groups.

Click here to skip to Part 2.

Part 1 - Setting Up Your Business 

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets

In Part 1, you’ll watch over Spencer’s shoulder as he goes through niche selection, finding great offers, and building your automated affiliate funnels. 

Beginners should start here and take it step by step so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

You’ll learn to create lead magnets and create landing pages, set up email funnels, and more.  

Take a look at each module below: 

Module 1 - Niche Selection

The first decision in your affiliate marketing journey - and arguably the most important one you’ll make - is choosing your niche. 

In Module 1 of Affiliate Secrets 3.0, which includes 1 video lesson, Spencer takes you deep on niche selection. 

You’ll learn: 

  1. How to pick your niche
  2. Evergreen niches that make money
  3. How to niche down and become the authority in your new niche

(Learn more here).

Module 2 - Products To Promote

If you’ve successfully figured out your niche, now you need to join some affiliate programs so you can drive traffic to your affiliate links! 

This is where Module 2 of Affiliate Secrets comes in. 

Spencer guides you through finding the right products to promote; from recurring affiliate products, to high-ticket products, and everything in between, in this section you’ll figure out what you’re selling. 

There’s only one video in this section and it gives you everything you need to be strategic and pick the right products for your business. 

Module 3 - Lead Magnets For Affiliates

What the heck is a lead magnet? 

A “Lead Magnet” is a marketing funnel that helps you get leads into your sales process (funnel) by giving away something of value for free, so you can continue to market to them via your email marketing software. 

It usually takes the form of a download or free course: checklists, PDFs, eBooks... all are fair game to use to generate leads. 

Once you have the lead on your email list you can continue to send them offers indefinitely (until they unsubscribe). 

Spencer will take you deep in this section so you can quickly set up your lead magnets to sell your affiliate products and create your own business asset in the form of an email list so you always have potential customers to send your offers to

Honestly, I love that Spencer takes you deep into the world of sales funnels and lead magnets.  

This really shows his expertise and background. Most affiliate marketing courses will walk you through creating your website and basically spamming your offers on social media, but Spencer takes an opposite approach and helps you build true business assets.

Module 4 - Landing Pages For Affiliates

In module 4 you're going to go deeper into the world of marketing and learn all about landing pages.

There are a ton of landing page builders out there, including ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels, Kartra and Thrive Themes (and many more). 

...but which one should you choose?

Across five different videos you're going to learn everything you need to know about popular landing page builders, what makes a great landing page, and deep-dive into things like affiliate landing pages and split testing. 

Then you’re going to get into the meat of actually building affiliate bridge pages and more. 

This module comes with one assignment that you'll have to complete.

Ready to check out the sales page? Click here now.

Module 5 - Email Marketing For Affiliates

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you've probably heard how important it is to build an email list. 

An email list is one of the only true assets that you can own as an affiliate marketer since you're not the product owner and don't own the checkout process for the products you promote. 

If you're only promoting on places like Facebook and social media, then It will be hard for you to scale your business because you're building on top of someone else's business. 

Module 5 takes you deep into the world of email marketing, and as someone on Spencer Mecham’s email list, I can tell you that he is an expert email marketer, so you'll be learning from one of the best. 

This is one of the longest modules in the course and includes at least 16 video lessons that go into everything from introducing you to email marketing, to setting up your email systems and building out the email automations that will help you sell your affiliate products.

Module 6 - Selling More With Bonuses

One way affiliate marketers can get more affiliate commissions is by using bonuses.

Bonuses are products that you give away to anyone who uses your affiliate link to purchase a product, and helps incentivize the sale.

Take a look at my bonuses for Affiliate Secrets, as an example. 

In Module 6, Spencer shows you how to craft amazing bonus offers across 3 videos. You’ll learn: 

  1. How - and when - you should be using bonuses
  2. The best kinds of bonuses to use to get more commissions
  3. All about bonus landing pages 
  4. (Plus there’s some helpful resources in this lesson) 

Module 7 - Affiliate JV Launches

Are you on any big affiliate's email lists? Ever see them promoting a big product launch?

If so, you're probably witnessing a JV launch

JV’s (Joint Venture Partners) are affiliates that typically partner with the product owner during the launch phase of a product launch to help drive traffic. 

They might get priority access as an affiliate for a product launch due to the size of their email list or their influence online, either way, it’s a highly profitable affiliate marketing strategy. 

Spencer is no stranger to the JV launch and he’ll walk you through everything you need to know to drive traffic as a JV and start making money from other people’s product launches. 

Module 8 - Personal Access (To You) 

Module 8 is more like a bonus module and breaks down what Spencer feels is an important advantage that you can create for your affiliate marketing business, and that is personal access to you, the affiliate marketer.

Spencer shows you in this module how giving personal access to his own time to his customers has helped him grow his business exponentially faster via networking and sales.

Module 9 - AdWords For Affiliates 

No affiliate marketing course would be complete without a section on paid ads, and Spencer delivers in this section on Google AdWords (Now Google Ads). 

In Module 9, Spencer teaches you how to run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads across 11 different lessons. 

You’re going to learn: 

  1. Overview and everything you need to know about Google Ads
  2. Keyword research, campaigns, and ad groups 
  3. Setting up your campaign properly and launching your ads
  4. Advanced reporting and techniques 

Part 2 - Social Media Strategies

Part 2 is a mix of new and refreshed content from Affiliate Secrets 2.0, and goes deep on specific channels like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Let’s dive in. 

Module 1 - Facebook Organic Strategies 

Selling affiliate offers over Facebook has become pretty hot lately, and it’s arguably one of the fastest ways to start making money online.

By creating valuable content and interacting with Facebook groups and communities, you can reach a wide audience to pitch your affiliate products to.

Module 1 of Part 2 gets you started down the path of becoming a Facebook organic marketer. 

You'll learn all the tactics that you need to generate traffic and pitch your products over Facebook Messenger. 

You can also take these skills to LinkedIn and other channels like Twitter to generate more affiliate sales. 

Module 2 - YouTube for Affiliates

Spencer excels at YouTube and has been highly successful at monetizing YT for his affiliate marketing business. 

If you haven’t checked out his YouTube channel, take a look here and see what I mean. 

In this module, Spencer gives you his exact formula for growing and monetizing a YouTube channel as an affiliate marketer. 

Across 23 video lessons you’re going to learn: 

  1. The big picture and why YouTube and search are so important
  2. The content and types of videos you should be creating 
  3. Tools he uses, video SEO, and a ton more. 

This section is exhaustive as Spencer has a wealth of knowledge on the YouTube algorithm and tactics to be successful. 

Module 3 - TikTok for Affiliate Marketers 

Spencer Mecham TikTok

TikTok is crushing it for a ton of affiliates I know recently, and I’ve just begun to dip my toes in there... 

But Spencer has turned TikTok into a major traffic channel for his business racking up millions of views and 100’s of thousands of followers. 

In this module he’ll teach you the fine art of growing and monetizing a TikTok channel as an affiliate across 10 different videos. 

Module 4 - Facebook Groups For Affiliate Marketing

Facebook Groups are another favorite channel for Spencer, as he’s been able to crush it with his own group, Automation Nation

Facebook Groups let savvy affiliates create communities and build trust and authority in their personal brands with unique content, allowing them to nurture leads and get more sales. 

Another huge module, this section is packed with over 10 videos, giving you the formula for growing and monetizing a FB group to over 10,000 members. 

Module 5 - Blogging and SEO Affiliate Marketing 

The blogging and SEO affiliate marketing section is taught by Nate McCallister, an affiliate and entrepreneur that’s managed to scale his blogs to over 6 figures in profit, so he knows his stuff. 

This is a huge section with over 50 video lessons showing you everything you need to know about building and growing an affiliate blog with SEO. 

Personally, while the content is killer in this section, I think it distracts from some of the other tactics in Affiliate Secrets, and if your goal is to build an affiliate blog with SEO, there are more focused courses out there that can help you get the job done with less distractions. 

Here’s some of my recommendations; 

  1. Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy 
  2. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity
  3. TASS by Authority Hackers

Who Is Affiliate Secrets For? 

So, who should buy AS 3.0? 

This course is definitely for you, if:

  1. You have a decent budget already for getting started (the course is $1497)
  2. You want to learn from an expert with proven success 
  3. You want to create a personal brand around your affiliate business
  4. You want to learn social media tactics working right now
  5. You want to go beyond the usual SEO blogging courses 
  6. You’re a beginner who wants a solid foundation, or;
  7. You’re an advanced affiliate who wants to level up with new tactics 
  8. You’re 100% certain affiliate marketing is what you want to learn

This course is not for you, if: 

  1. You’re low on startup cash and don’t have income coming in already
  2. You’re a shiny object chaser that collects expensive courses
  3. You’re going to refund after a week because it’s “not for you”

What I Like & Don’t Like About Affiliate Secrets 3.0 By Spencer Mecham (Pros and Cons) 


  • Spencer is the real deal. You’re learning from one of the absolute best in the affiliate space, and he leaves no stone unturned in this exhaustive course. 
  • Great if you’re interested in learning email marketing, funnels, social media.
  • Great for beginners. Spencer will give you a solid foundation to build your business that you can’t find anywhere else. 


  • Relies heavily on paid traffic and social media strategies. Check out Blog Growth Engine or The Affiliate Lab if you’re looking for SEO and blogging training.
  • Expensive. AS 3.0 is definitely on the more expensive end of affiliate marketing courses. But, as with anything, you get what you pay for, and this course is definitely worth the money if you have the budget. 
  • Self paced. I don’t know if there’s a good work around for this, but self-paced courses can be difficult to stay motivated, and if you’re not good at motivating yourself, you’ll probably give up eventually. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 FAQs

Who is Rahul Mannan?

Rahul Mannan is an internet marketer who has a course called Affiliate Secrets 3.0, which should not be confused with Spencer Mecham’s course Affiliate Secrets 3.0. Spencer’s course is the original of the two. 

What is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners? 

It depends on what style of affiliate marketing you want to learn. If you want to learn affiliate SEO, the best affiliate marketing course for beginners is probably Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine, or The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity. If you want to learn social media, funnels, email marketing, or other tactics, go with Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham. 

How does affiliate marketing work? 

Affiliate Marketers are given a unique referral link by companies they are affiliated with. When someone clicks on their link and purchases the product, the affiliate gets a commission. 

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

affiliate secrets 3.0 review

Now you know this course means business. 

But should you buy it?

Here’s my thoughts: 

If you are interested in Spencer’s methods of affiliate marketing (social media, YouTube, funnels, etc.) and building a personal brand around your affiliate business, this course is for you. 

Buy it, there’s no better course out there.

If on the other hand you’re more interested in SEO and blogging, then you should grab a course like Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine. AS 3.0. Is amazing, but for SEO there are better ones out there that will keep you more focused. 

My Bonuses Worth $3,725.00 

I've included $3,725 worth of bonuses when you purchase Affiliate Secrets 3.0 via my link. 

Along with 1 month personal Facebook Messenger access to me for help with the course, I've included a ton of other awesome bonuses. 

Take a look here!

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