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Ecommerce is NUTS right now. 

Shopify is now the second largest competitor to Amazon.

So what's going on here? 

Simple, powerful tools are now being made available to lean entrepreneurs making it easier than ever to compete with the big boys.

You can build, launch, and automate your entire ecommerce business with almost no technical experience or even employees. 

Enter ActiveCampaign for your ecommerce store.

Marketing automation is the gasoline you can pour on the fire of your ecommerce store to help you acquire leads cheaper, retain customers, and create an incredible customer experience.

In fact, a study by VB Insight shows that 80% of businesses generate quality leads using marketing automation and 77% of the same businesses got an increase in conversions.

If you're wondering if ActiveCampaign is the best marketing automation solution for ecommerce stores to help you compete, you’re in the right place.

We’ll take a look at ActiveCampaign's features for e-commerce businesses, pricing plans, how well it connects with your online store platforms, and more.

At the end of this post, you’ll have a solid view of whether or not ActiveCampaign is a perfect fit for your ecommerce store.

Let’s jump right in!

ActiveCampaign For Ecommerce Stores - Why Should Ecommerce Stores Be Using It?

ActiveCampaign For Ecommerce [Review]

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that provides tools for ecommerce business owners to create an engaging customer experience with email campaigns. Its features and integrations allow you to reach, engage, and delight your target audience.

If you run an ecommerce business, ActiveCampaign is an excellent marketing and automation solution.

The platform integrates seamlessly with 850+ third-party apps including the top e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, and more) which you already use.

Abandoned carts are a major issue that plagues e-commerce businesses. According to a report by sales cycle, 75% of e-commerce shopping carts get abandoned.

Why ActiveCampaign Is Awesome For Ecommerce Businesses

  1. ActiveCampaign helps you decrease cart abandomment rates by sending automated abandoned cart reminders to customers.
  2. ActiveCampaign can also be instrumental to your e-commerce business if you have customers that haven’t made a purchase in a while. The platform helps you run automated win-back campaigns to keep your customers coming back to shop for more products.
  3. You can also showcase your products in your emails or automation. This is where the Product Block feature in ActiveCampaign comes in. This feature allows you to upload products directly from your store and showcase them to your customers in their email inboxes.
  4. ActiveCampaign also helps you educate customers about your products. If a customer buys one of your products, for instance, you could send them an automated series on how to use it.
  5. A great benefit of ActiveCampaign for ecommerce businesses is its segmentation feature. This helps you to organize your contact list according to metrics and behavior. When you segment your audience, you can target the right people, get better conversions and higher revenue.
  6. With ActiveCampaign CRM features, you’re able to track and manage order fulfillment automatically. You can create deal records, create tasks and move shipments between stages.

If all these benefits interest you, you should waste no time trying out ActiveCampaign for your ecommerce business.

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Pricing

ActiveCampaign is priced based on the size of your email list. The more contacts you have, the more it costs, however, you can get a free trial with all plans.

The platform has four pricing plans as listed below (500 contacts max):

  • Lite Plan starting at $15/month
  • Plus Plan starting at $70/month
  • Professional Plan starting at $159/month
  • Enterprise Plan starting at $279/month

The Lite plan comes with no advanced features to manage your online ecommerce store.

The Plus plan and above is where you can integrate with your ecommerce platform and get tools to run your ecommerce business.

On the Plus plan, you get access to all features in the Lite plan along with an ecommerce dashboard, landing page templates, deals reporting dashboard, custom order management, advanced reporting, and more for up to 25 users.

With the Professional Plan, for $125/month, you get the same features as in the Plus Plan (such as features that allow you to set up automated tasks) and a few more like predictive content and conversion reporting.

The Enterprise plan, which is suited for large organizations, gets you all the features in the Professional plan along with custom domain, custom sales reporting, unlimited users, and a dedicated account rep.

For clarity, check out my ActiveCampaign pricing review to see a breakdown of all plans and determine which one’s a fit for your business.

You can check out ActiveCampaigns pricing plans here and their migration tool here.

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Features

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Features

ActiveCampaign comes bundled with tools to meet your marketing and automation needs for your ecommerce store.

Here are the features you get to run your online store:

  • Email marketing - Showcase your products and run marketing campaigns with targeted emails.
  • Marketing automation - Run automated email campaigns and target the right segment of your audience automatically.
  • CRM - Follow-up on your prospects and manage your order fulfillment processes.
  • Site tracking - Monitor what your audience is doing in your store and follow up with targeted offers.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences - Run automated Facebook ads based on how your audience interacts with your business.
  • Segmentation - Organize your contacts based on metrics and behaviors that matter to your business.
  • Reporting - See real analytics from your campaigns and offers and find the ones that get the best results.
  • Attribution - Track where your best customers come from so you can know the best-performing channels for your store.

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Automations

ActiveCampaign has a built-in powerful automation system that engages your audience and converts them automatically.

This automation can be deployed in several ways for your e-commerce business to get more sales.

Let's go through some of the most common ecommerce email automations.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns

First, abandoned carts are a common occurrence with e-commerce businesses.

ActiveCampaign can step in and help you create and send automated reminder emails to your audience about products abandoned in the shopping cart.

These automated abandoned cart emails will help you bring customers back to your site and increase sales.

Another application of ActiveCampaign automations for ecommerce is running Win-back campaigns.

Win-Back Campaigns

Win-back campaigns are campaigns to bring back customers that haven’t bought from you in a long while.

If you have customers that haven’t purchased from your store in 90 days, for instance, you can send them a reminder, showcase new products you just added or even give them a special offer.

These automated win-back campaigns will help you increase sales while doing less work.

ActiveCampaigns lets you showcase your products in your emails or automation.

The Product Block feature uploads your product details directly from your store into your email campaigns and automation. Your customers would be able to see what they’re most likely to buy from their inbox.

Discounts & Special Offer Campaigns

If you want to reward your best customers with special discounts and offers, ActiveCampaign lets you sort your audience to see those who have bought a lot from you.

For instance, you can deliver a 50% discount to customers that have spent a minimum of $1,000 on your store using the total value of purchase metric.

This special offer will encourage your best customers to spend more and keep on buying from you.

Welcome Series & Educational Drip Campaigns

Has your customer ever been stuck with how to use your product?

ActiveCampaign can help you deliver an automated welcome email series to educate your customers on how to use your product and answer their common questions.

For instance, if a customer visits your store and buys a USB microphone, you could send an automated series of emails educating them on how to set up the microphone.

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Segmentation

ActiveCampaign ecommerce segmentation helps you target your audience better and boost sales.

You’re able to segment your audience according to various metrics and behaviors including:

  • Number of orders
  • Abandoned carts
  • Items purchased
  • Average order value
  • The total value of purchases ($)
  • And much more

For instance, when you segment your audience by abandoned carts, you’ll see a list of your contacts that have abandoned their carts.

And you could easily send email reminders to this audience segment about their abandoned products.

This feature is an essential one that would lead to higher conversion rates in your campaigns and higher revenue eventually.

Check out all ActiveCampaign Features here.

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Integrations

ActiveCampaign Ecommerce Integrations

ActiveCampaign connects to 850+ third-party apps. And you can seamlessly run ecommerce integrations with the popular ecommerce platforms you likely already use to drive better conversions.


ActiveCampaign lets you integrate with Shopify Plus so you can share purchase data and abandoned cart data. This will help you run targeted email automations and get more conversions and revenue. The integration is available only on the Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

To integrate, you need to connect your Shopify account to your ActiveCampaign account and then authorize the connection in your Shopify account.

Feel free to check out this doc to learn how to setup the deep data integration for both platforms.

WooCommerce & WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user, you can integrate ActiveCampaign with WooCommerce to send purchase and abandoned cart data, run targeted email automation, and get more sales. This integration is available on the Plus and above plans.

To set up the Deep Data integration with WooCommerce, you’ll need to connect your ActiveCampaign account with your WordPress account using the ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

Check out this documentation for more info on how to integrate both platforms.


ActiveCampaign lets you connect with your Salesforce account so you can grow your business and delight your customers.

You’ll be able to share and leverage your CRM data. This will eventually help you automatically manage your customers, follow up on prospects, and turn leads into repeat customers.


Bigcommerce is an e-commerce solution for managing an online store to sell physical goods.

ActiveCampaign lets you connect with BigCommerce so you can engage your existing audience, get new customers and boost sales. This integration is only possible on the Plus and above plans.

Integrating both platforms lets you send your customer data right into your ActiveCampaign contact records and automation.

Check out this documentation to learn more and see all ActiveCampaign integrations here.

Marketing Automation Alternatives To ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a great marketing automation platform for running your ecommerce store.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied or your budget doesn’t match the price point, here are some alternatives to ActiveCampaign:

  • HubSpot
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • Marketo
  • Klaviyo
  • Kevy
  • Omnisend
  • Bronto
  • MailChimp

We've compared ActiveCampaign with some competitors, take a look below: 


Does ActiveCampaign have ecommerce?

ActiveCampaign supports e-commerce businesses and was built to be the go-to marketing automation software to get more sales for your store. You can integrate ActiveCampaign with the top ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, and others).

Does ActiveCampaign integrate with Shopify?

ActiveCampaign lets you integrate with Shopify. When you connect your online store, you’ll be able to run email automations, send abandoned cart campaigns, share purchased data and get more sales.

How do you automate ecommerce marketing?

You can automate ecommerce marketing for your online store by using a platform like ActiveCampaign to create high-converting emails, run automated campaigns, segment your audience, nurture your leads, recover revenue with abandoned cart emails, win-back customers, and track email engagement.

How does WooCommerce integrate ActiveCampaign?

You can integrate your ActiveCampaign account with WooCommerce if you run your store on WordPress. To do this, you’ll need to install the ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce WordPress plugin and connect it with your ActiveCampaign account.

Final Thoughts - Is ActiveCampaign Best For Ecommerce?

ActiveCampaign is self-described as being like, "hiring someone to manage marketing and sales for your online store (without needing an extra desk)".

I believe it ticks all boxes for what a marketing automation solution for ecommerce should be.

The platform gives you tools for email marketing, automation, CRM, site tracking, segmentation, reporting, and more.

You get all the automation tools you need to grow and manage your ecommerce store.

If you want to deliver an amazing customer experience for your ecommerce business, ActiveCampaign is unarguably the go-to tool.

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